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  • I Hope This Email Finds You Never


    Ahhh, the modern workplace: a cauldron of stress and anxiety. From the moment we accept a new role, we’re thrown into a world of competing personalities, shifting protocols, and an endless stream of emails, Slack messages, and Zoom calls, all of which serve to distract us from the things we truly want to be doing, like eating Thai food and sleeping until noon.

    I Hope This Email Finds You Never puts aside the motivational screeds, productivity hacks, and pop-science, and focuses instead on those things in the workplace that truly cause us grief–like a coworker eating an apple during a video call–in a lighthearted, entertaining, and (most importantly) cynical way.

    Some things you’ll learn:

    *How long you can get away with being “new” until you’re held accountable
    *How to make it look like you’re sorry without giving up any power
    *How to find a workplace friend and make a workplace enemy
    *Camera position: how to set up your laptop for maximum dominance
    *Organizing your calendar while leaving time to cry
    *The rules of the kitchen (stealing someone’s yogurt is literally a crime)
    *Writing a letter of resignation when you’ve already been resigned from day one

    From Orientation (The Descent), Workplace Etiquette (No Eye Contact Before 11 AM), Working Remotely (Wink Wink), Coworkers (Getting Along with your fellow inmates), and everything in between, I Hope This Email Finds You Never is your must-have guide to surviving (thriving is not realistic) in the modern workplace.

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  • Accountability Advantage : Design A Sustainable High-performance Culture To


    Does culture connect to your bottom line? Absolutely!

    At the end of the day, there are two kinds of leaders: those who do not get why it is vitally important to build and sustain an accountable culture and those who do. This book makes a compelling case for investing in an accountable workplace culture … and offers a clear, five-step action plan for making it happen in your organization.

    Silverstein lays out the evidence that creating an inspired workplace culture based on accountability makes it possible for your organization to deliver steady, sustainable organizational growth in all the metrics that matter, including revenue. Powerful case studies confirm the real-world results in every one of these areas:

    This book is for you if you lead a company, a team, or any kind of professional alliance that can benefit from creating, sustaining, and protecting a strong workplace culture. It is for you if you want to:

    *Attract and retain the very best people in your industry
    *Enhance customer service
    *Outperform your competition during good times and bad
    *Promote the highest levels of innovation and creativity within the organization
    *Significantly increase employee engagement
    *Create better collaboration across work groups
    *Foster dramatic improvements in communication and teamwork
    *Sustainably grow your bottom line

    The Accountability Advantage shares a powerful, proven, five-step process for improving team culture. Those five steps are:

    *Define the culture. Make yours a culture by design, not a culture by default.

    *Model the culture. Show people what accountability looks like in action.

    *Teach the culture. Evangelize, share, and discuss the culture in an ongoing and empowering way. Use instances of behavior that do and do not align with the culture as teaching moments.

    *Protect the culture. Learn how to build and support relationships that create a working environment your best people want to stay in–and protect!

    *Celebrate the culture. Make sure to celebrate all cultural victories, big and small. Keep reinforcing the successes your culture produces.

    There really is a recipe for creating a positive workplace culture that delivers measurable, sustainable improvements to your bottom line. This book gives you that recipe. Use it, share it, and implement it … to make accountability your competitive advantage.

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  • Deal : Secrets For Mastering The Art Of Negotiation


    Star of the hit show Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, Josh Flagg has mastered the ability to negotiate the largest deals in real estate. Now, he’s ready to share his secrets to mastering any negotiation in any industry and at any level. This is The Art of the Deal for today’s negotiators.

    Josh Flagg began his real estate career as a student at Beverly Hills High School. He swung big and hit, landing him in the perfect position to take on some of LA’s largest, most exclusive real estate listings and, eventually, a spot on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. Since then, his career has grown over nine seasons on the hit Bravo show.

    Along the way, he has faced off with negotiators of all kinds in deals over the world’s most expensive and sought-after real estate. He has seen and put into practice what works and what doesn’t. Josh has curated ten rules that, when applied to any deal, will significantly increase any your chance of success, and make you the master negotiator your clients need you to be.

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  • Next American Economy


    One of America’s greatest success stories is its economy. For over a century, it has been the envy of the world. The opportunity it generates has inspired millions of people to want to become American.

    Today, however, America’s economy is at a crossroads. Many have lost confidence in the country’s commitment to economic liberty. Across the political spectrum, many want the government to play an even greater role in the economy via protectionism, industrial policy, stakeholder capitalism, or even quasi-socialist policies. Numerous American political and business leaders are embracing these ideas, and traditional defenders of markets have struggled to respond to these challenges in fresh ways. Then there is a resurgent China bent on eclipsing the United States’s place in the world. At stake is not only the future of the world’s biggest economy, but the economic liberty that remains central to America’s identity as a nation.

    But managed decline and creeping statism do not have to be America’s only choices, let alone its destiny. For this book insists that there is an alternative. And that is a vibrant market economy grounded on entrepreneurship, competition, and trade openness, but embedded in what America’s founding generation envisaged as the United States’s future: a dynamic Commercial Republic that takes freedom, commerce, and the common good of all Americans seriously, and allows America as a sovereign-nation to pursue and defend its interests in a dangerous world without compromising its belief in the power of economic freedom.

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  • Exceptional Service Exceptional Profit


    Customer service experts Leonardo Inghilleri and Micah Solomon’s anticipatory customer service approach was first developed at The Ritz-Carlton as well as at Solomon’s company Oasis, and has since proven itself in countless companies around the globe–from luxury giant BVLGARI to value-sensitive auto parts leader Carquest and everywhere in between. Their experience shows that the most powerful growth engine in a tight market–and best protection from competitive inroads–is to put everything you can into cultivating true customer loyalty. Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit takes the techniques that minted money for these brands and reveals how you can apply them to your own business to provide the kind of exceptional service that nearly guarantees loyalty. Soon, you’ll be reaping the benefits of loyal customers who are less sensitive to price competition, more forgiving of small glitches, and, ultimately, who are “walking billboards” happily promoting your brand. Filled with detailed, behind-the-scenes examples, this award-winning book unlocks a new level of customer relationship that leaves your competitors in the dust, your customers coming back day after day, and your bottom line looking better than it ever has before.

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  • Fearless Finances : A Timeless Guide To Building Wealth


    Cassandra Cummings has taught financial literacy to countless women. She will teach women how to grow their wealth portfolio by investing in the stock market and other ways to grow their net worth.

    Cassandra Cummings is the fearless founder of The Stocks & Stilettos Society, a community of more than 92,000 sister investors at various stages of their investing journey. Cassandra grew up on welfare, watching her mother clutch every dollar with everything she had. She knew there had to be a better way, so she built the courage to master her financial future and learned to see money without the apprehension and fear she grew up with.

    Cassandra was once ashamed of her beginnings, with an illiterate teenage mother and a father who lost his life after turning to the streets to provide for his family and community. Now that she’s overcome the embarrassment, she has been able to kick down the doors of limiting beliefs about money and show others how to do the same, while creating generational wealth.

    Fearless Finances is not just about being rich. Fearless finances are about being in control, courageous, and no longer living in lack. Fearless finances are about being free, on your terms–free to do what you want, free to pivot from unfulfilling experiences, free to throw up the middle finger at money stress and turn it into success.

    Fearless finances are about reprogramming your energy around money to make it possible to receive a winning blueprint rooted in a “buy-and-hold strategy.” By investing in the stock market, you’ll be able to attract more bills with the blue strips into your life. In Fearless Finances Cassandra provides the ingredients women need to use in a recipe for living the way they deserve–financially free.

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  • Microsoft Story : How The Tech Giant Rebooted Its Culture, Upgraded Its Str


    Imagine if you could see the playbook that returned a struggling tech empire to the top of the tech leaderboard. The Microsoft Story will help you understand and adopt the competitive strategies, workplace culture, and daily business practices that enabled the tech company to once again become a leading tech innovator.

    It wasn’t so long ago that Microsoft and its Windows operating system dominated the tech industry so much so that they faced antitrust charges for what was perceived by many to be predatory, monopolistic practices. Less than a decade later, the tide had turned and Microsoft lost its dominance in the personal tech marketplace amidst the launch of the iPhone, the rise of Google, and the cloud computing phenomenon.
    But, now, Microsoft is back on top. The company’s value is soaring and once again Microsoft is being recognized as a tech leader once again. What changed?

    Since Satya Nadella took over as CEO, the company has gone through significant changes. The company culture has become one of creativity and innovation, no longer requiring that all products revolve around Windows. The company has reevaluated their business lines, getting rid of underperforming initiatives such as smartphones, and focused on the area of growth where the company excelled: the cloud.

    Through the story of Microsoft, you’ll learn:

    *How to build a nimble company culture that supports innovation and growth.

    *How to return a forgotten brand to the spotlight.

    *How to recognize and build upon successful business lines, while letting go of underperforming initiatives.

    *When to change the entire way you do business.

    *And much, much more.

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  • Target Story : How The Iconic Big Box Store Hit The Bullseye And Created An


    Imagine if you could be a fly on the wall as a family enterprise becomes one of the most successful companies in the world. The Target Story will help you understand and adopt the competitive strategies, workplace culture, and daily business practices that enabled the big box store to become the retail giant it is today.

    In an industry that has seen constant disruption over the last two decades, Target has experienced tremendous growth. Establishing a strong eCommerce business and cultivating a sought-after in-store experience has kept this iconic brand at the top of the retail game. From same-day fulfillment to brand partnerships, Target has successfully fought the domination of online marketplaces by thinking outside the big box.

    The growth, prosperity, and expansion strategies that can be gleaned from the history of the Target Corporation amounts to a masterclass in business. Yet, the Target story has never been adequately presented. Until now.

    Through the story of Target, you’ll learn:

    *How to remain nimble in times of tremendous change.
    *How to reinvent a six-decade-old iconic brand.
    *How to know when to build it yourself or bring in the experts.
    *When to change the entire way you do business.
    *And much, much more.

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  • Dominos Story : How The Innovative Pizza Giant Used Technology To Deliver A


    Imagine if you were there, taking notes, as a small pizza joint became one of the most successful restaurants in the world. The Domino’s Story will help you understand and adopt the competitive strategies, workplace culture, and business practices that made the iconic pizza chain the innovative restaurant and e-commerce leader it is today.

    As one of the most technologically advanced fast-food chains in the market, Domino’s has cemented their reputation for innovation, paved in industry-leading profits. In February 2018, according to Ad Age, Domino’s unseated Pizza Hut to become the largest pizza seller worldwide in terms of sales.

    Rather than just tampering with a recipe that was working, they decided to think outside of the pizza box by creating digital tools that emphasized convenience and put the customer first. For the first time, the adaptable strategies behind the rise and dominance of Domino’s are outlined in these pages.

    Through the story of the Domino’s, you’ll learn:

    *How to create meaningful innovation without changing the core of the product that people already love.

    *How to recognize and take advantage of unique opportunities to alleviate your customers’ pain points.

    *How to grow a company by taking a holistic approach to the business.

    *And, the importance of delivering a quality experience that will keep customers calling for more.

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  • Monday Morning Christian


    How Living by Faith in Business Leads to Phenomenal Success!

    The Monday Morning Christian helps believers understand how living out their faith in business every day of the week instead of just on Sunday, not only helps them respond to the trials and tribulations in the rough and tumble business world, but also how leading God’s way leads to a success that outshines what a person can do on their own.

    Many Christian’s feel like they can only display their faith at church. Becoming a “Monday Morning Christian” instead of only a “Sunday Morning” one will unleash your potential to achieve phenomenal performance.

    In this book, Howard Partridge will teach you how to:

    *Understand Your Identity so you can live out of your position instead of your condition
    *Lead others in to a relationship with God instead of a religion about God
    *Have the success in business God wants you to have.
    *Respond to the challenges of business life God’s way, instead of the world’s way
    *Find God’s purpose for your life, and your business
    *Have a tremendous impact in the marketplace today and forever

    Becoming a consistent Monday Morning Christian will help you live out the purpose God has for you, so you can realize your full potential, not just in business, but also in life!

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  • 21 Irrefutable Laws Of Leadership Workbook 25th Anniversary Edition: Follow


    Leadership has become increasingly complex in recent years. The times are difficult, and it can be challenging to get people to work together. Businesses, government, families, communities, and teams are all crying out for good leaders to help them. This is where the principles outlined in The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership can help.

    Based on the revised and updated 25th anniversary edition of the bestselling book, this workbook uses case studies, self-evaluation, and group discussion questions to help you boost your leadership skills. Included are stories and observations from the worlds of business, politics, sports, the military, and non-profits. Each law is like a tool, ready to be picked up and used to help you achieve your dreams and add value to other people.

    Discover how these valuable principles can change your life-follow them and learn to lead-not just for yourself, but for the people who follow you.

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  • Brand Now : How To Stand Out In A Crowded, Distracted World


    Capture their attention-and keep it! With the rise of digital media, you’d think it would be easier than ever to be heard. Yet, most messages fail to cut through the clutter. Consumers are overwhelmed. Ads alone aren’t effective. And you can’t just churn out content and connect on every social network. To stand out today, you need to start with your brand. Brand Now uncovers the new rules of branding in our complex and chaotic world. Written by the author of Get Scrappy, the digital marketing bible for business, this latest book explains how to build brands that resonate both online and off. The book helps you: Create a brand with meaning * Reinforce it with the right touchpoints * Hone your brand’s unique story * Share it through engaging content * Cultivate a sense of community * Craft a coherent experience * Stand out with simplicity and transparency The world may be growing louder, but with Brand Now’s big ideas and practical toolbox, you can break through the noise-and win a place in the hearts and minds of your customers.

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  • Its About Time


    They say time flies, but Brenton Ferris believes the most valuable commodity you have control over is your time. Yet many of us never take hold of it with intentionality. We waste time because we don’t have a plan for our time.

    Ferris turns paradigms upside down in this compelling new look at time and how we use it. He wastes no time reshaping the way you think about time and gives you the tools and techniques you need to transform how you look at the clock. You’ll discover how to get your time working for you rather than against you, and you’ll finally stop feeling like you’re missing out on the best parts of your life.

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  • Art Of The Tale


    Unleash the power of storytelling to transform your talks, speeches, and presentations–whether your audience is a boardroom of executives, a classroom of students, or an auditorium full of eager listeners.

    Everyone, regardless of their background and training, can improve their storytelling abilities. But what is a story? How can you tell it in a way that delights and informs your listeners? Take a journey into the keys to great storytelling with two of the country’s top experts on story presentation and speech writing.

    In The Art of the Tale, expert storytellers Steven James and Tom Morrisey team up and tap into their lifetimes of experience to show you how to prepare stellar presentations, tell stories in your own unique way, adapt your material to different groups of listeners, and gain confidence in your ability as a speaker. In this book, you’ll learn why:

    *practice doesn’t make perfect.
    *you should never tell the same story twice.
    *there is no right way to tell a story.
    *it’s best to avoid memorizing your stories.

    You’ll also find helpful hints on:

    *gaining confidence in your ability as a storyteller.
    *connecting with your audience.
    *matching your expectations with those of your listeners.
    *understanding what makes a good story.
    *drawing truth out of stories you wish to tell.
    *crafting and remembering stories.
    *shaping your memories into inspiring stories.

    Learn how to tell stories more effectively, lead and teach more creatively, and prepare your message in less time by using this unique resource provided by two of the nation’s premier communicators, who tap into their experience to share a lifetime’s worth of insights and expertise.

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  • Take Back Your Power


    You can’t make the world fair, but you can take back your power.

    As a woman in Silicon Valley who worked her way to the top of the corporate ladder–she’s a former VP at Facebook and the current president and CEO of Ancestry–Deborah Liu knows firsthand the challenges and obstacles in the workplace that keep the deck stacked against women in the workplace . . . and the ways to overcome them.

    For every woman who grew up competing on the uneven playing field, who is told she is too aggressive, assertive, dramatic, or emotional, this book is the battle cry you need to learn to thrive within the system that exists today, even if it’s not the one we wish it were.

    Take Back Your Power presents both hard data and Liu’s personal experiences from twenty years as a woman leader in the male-dominated tech industry to help you:

    *Find your voice, learn how to ask, and achieve what you want in a system that isn’t fair and wasn’t created for you

    *Debunk the negative connotations of power and harness it for your own success

    *Discover how to be heard, seen, and taken more seriously at work by getting out of your own way

    *Overcome the lie that success is only achieved alone by finding the four types of allies you need to reach your goals

    *Become a great leader without losing yourself in the process

    You have the power to change the future of work for yourself–and for women everywhere.

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  • Fundamentals Of Project Management Sixth Edition


    For close to three decades, Fundamentals of Project Management has helped people tackle the complexities of the job. Succinct and easy to read, the book simplifies concepts, answers questions, and helps tame the chaos that can erupt as projects move from planning to completion.

    The Sixth Edition of this trusted bestseller offers the practical guidelines and tools project managers have come to expect, along with new information explaining changes to the PMBOK(R) Guide, 7th Edition. Updated tools, techniques, examples, and exercises clearly explain how to:

    *Clarify project goals and objectives
    *Manage stakeholders in the planning process
    *Form a project risk plan
    *Create a communication plan
    *(NEW) Leverage current post-pandemic project trends
    *(NEW) Identify challenges leading virtual project teams
    *Use a work breakdown structure
    *Develop solid estimates
    *(NEW) Leverage different technologies to support virtual work
    *(NEW) Maximize communication in the absence of visual clues
    *Produce a workable schedule
    *Improve procurement management
    *Manage change requests
    *Lead the project team effectively
    *Control and evaluate progress at every stage
    *Close the project and review lessons learned
    *(NEW) Create and sustain trust in a virtual team
    *(NEW) Manage project recovery when crises hit
    *(NEW) Avoid the faulty fix
    *(NEW) Execute the project reset
    *(NEW) Manage the risk of project recovery
    *And more

    Project mishaps are all too common, but often easy to avoid. With its practical, step-by-step approach, this book gets both new and experienced managers up to speed on the fundamentals–the first crucial step for completing projects on time and on budget.

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  • What To Do Next


    If you want to change your career and circumstances but aren’t sure how, this practical guide from business leader Jeff Henderson will help you reevaluate your purpose and determine your next best step.

    Navigating what’s next in life–whether in your career, personal life, or relationships–often brings a level of uncertainty and anxiety and presents more questions than answers. Entrepreneur, speaker, and pastor Jeff Henderson has experienced this firsthand–first when he left his marketing position at Chick-fil-A to start a church and nonprofit, and then again when he left that nonprofit in the middle of a global pandemic to . . . well, he didn’t know. He just knew he needed to make a move.

    This insightful book outlines the process he used to determine the next best step for him and how you, too, can pursue more meaning and purpose in your life and work. Sharing personal stories and best practices he’s learned along the way, he eloquently and practically guides you through the minefield of knowing what’s next by helping you:

    *Take the Career Risk Calculator and discover if you’re ready for change

    *Plan for change–both the changes you want and the changes you can’t see coming

    *Cultivate optimal options in your life that will guide you to better decision-making when the time comes

    *Identify what to do and what not to do when making decisions about what’s next

    *Exchange fear, confusion, and hopelessness for confidence, freedom, and purpose

    The next chapter of your life starts today, with one simple step. And you’ll know how to take that step because you know What to Do Next.

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  • Running Remote : Master The Lessons From The World’s Most Successful Remote


    Learn success secrets from original remote work pioneers on the mindset and strategies they developed to build and grow successful organizations from the ground up.

    With the unprecedented rise in remote work due to the pandemic, many businesses have struggled with how to effectively transition to a distributed format. Meanwhile, companies who had always been remote-first had a unique advantage: a highly scalable set of work processes, a unique communication style, and the proper “async mindset” required to succeed without an office.

    This groundbreaking guide unlocks the secrets and the lessons discovered by those pioneer entrepreneurs and founders who have figured out how to harness the async mindset and grow their businesses remotely in the most the seamless, freeing, and cost-effective ways.

    Once you accept and master some fundamental differences, remote work can fuel higher productivity, eliminate time-wasting meetings and treacherous commutes, and strip away the ugly politics that often undermine the most talented employees. It also leads to great cultural inclusivity and richer cultural exchange.

    Running Remote is for ventures of all stripes–companies small and large, one-person operations, mom-and-pop shops, and global mega-corporations. The lessons herein are as valuable for on-premises organizations as they are for the tech worker.

    Readers will:

    *Master the fundamentals of the async mindset by exploring three overarching principles–deliberate overcommunication, democratized workflow, and detailed metrics.

    *Learn nuts-and-bolts techniques and real-life lessons from remote work trailblazers who built successful all-remote organizations prior to the pandemic.

    *Gain a better understanding of why hiring, on-ramping, and managing in a remote context is totally different–again with methods and first-hand stories from the founders and leaders that did it first.

    Learn how moving to a remote business model impacts traditional management and work processes.

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  • We Should All Be Millionaires


    Dedicated to a reality in which every woman has at least seven zeros in her bank account, author and experienced entrepreneur Rachel Rodgers offers this pull-no-punches guide for women to wield economic power-how real change is created.

    Every single woman should want to be a millionaire. If you agree, this book is for you. If you disagree, this book is definitely for you.

    While women now own 40% of businesses in the U.S., the percentage of revenue brought in by women-owned businesses is only 4.2%. And, while the gender pay gap isn’t quite that extreme, corporate women are making four percent less than their male counterparts, and women hold only 25% of c-suite positions. Now that women are getting a seat at the table, it’s time they demand what they deserve.

    This book:
    *Represents a breakthrough step-by-step guide for women who want to shift their mindset and work their way to seven figures.

    *Reveals the unique hurdles businesswomen face that their male peers do not, both in the office and at home, showing how to leap each and every one.

    *Is a clarion call for all women who are done having their work undervalued, are tired of being sexually harassed in the workplace, and are ready for a revolution that starts with the mindset outlined in these pages.

    If women are going to make demands, they need capital. So, it’s time for women to turn towards their money. To begin to focus on their earning potential and their ability to generate wealth. To begin stepping up into their own leadership, advocacy, and autonomy.

    And if you’re not into dismantling the systems of oppression that exist in the world today, that’s cool. Women can create wealth for no other reason than they deserve it and they want it. Women are allowed to make a million dollars because they want to fly first-class, carry a Chanel bag, and order fancy champagne whenever the hell they want.

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  • Art Of Exceptional Living


    Jim Rohn’s exceptional personal and business solutions culminate in this powerful yet simple and direct book, The Art of Exceptional Living. His more than thirty years of studying human behavior and presenting well-received self-development seminars worldwide resulted in this guidebook on turning ideas into positive action to make every dream a reality.

    Inspirational insights and strategies place readers on the fast track to harnessing the power of personal ambition and innate motivation to achieve the highest levels of success.

    A dozen focused, concise, and practical chapters cover topics such as:

    *Five Essential Abilities
    *Developing Your Personal Philosophy
    *Goal Setting
    *Designing Your Future
    *Living Uniquely
    *How to Start Your Better Life Today

    Throughout The Art of Exceptional Living are energizing questions that will incite readers to uproot routines and habits that may be preventing them from enjoying the lifestyle they desire.

    The author stresses: “The greatest value in life is not what you get–the greatest value in life is what you become.” Personal and sometimes humorous stories prove that statement correct, as lessons and examples are shared that will prompt readers to become more valuable–at home, in the workplace, as a parent, and in every endeavor.

    Every reader who internalizes and acts on the ideas shared in The Art of Exceptional Living will satisfy their lifelong appetite for both wealth and happiness.

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  • Perfect Real Estate Agent Blueprint


    This book is your guide to walk you through whatever you need to find your calling in real estate. As you dive into this blueprint of how to build the perfect real estate business, you get to choose your adventure. If you want to go big, we have you. If you want to stay small but mighty, we have you. Or anywhere in between. We’re going to help you hone in on your purpose and find your plan to best serve your clients, your team, your family, and yourself!

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  • 1st And Only


    First and Only is a guide for every Black woman who has found herself closing the cover on other business leadership books, convinced that something is missing. We are looking for roadmaps to on-the-job success while also acknowledging the unique barriers that Black women face in the workplace: hostile work environments, being perceived as the Angry Black Woman, being asked to do more for less than our white colleagues. But we can heal, fight for our liberation, and succeed in business and in our lives. In these pages, you will find a love letter to Black women that connects our personal growth and inner healing and the fight for liberation.

    Trainer and activist Jennifer R. Farmer offers practical strategies for how to thrive in workplaces that can be ambivalent about Black women’s success, as well as tips and stories from psychologists, activists, and organizational experts that equip us to lead others and heal past wounds. Learn to shed fear and embrace courage and vulnerability. Our path to success includes a commitment to self-care, spiritual growth, and a willingness to push for progress even as we fight for our own liberation. First and Only is not just about how to lean in, or how to discover the irrefutable laws of leadership. It’s also about healing so that we can sustain work for justice and equity. It’s about finding personal and social redemption–and leading other Black women to it, too.

    The paperback edition includes an added preface, a discussion guide, and a Q&A with the author.

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  • Maximized Minutes For Business


    A 90-Day Devotional That Can Revolutionize Your Business or Job…One Minute at a Time

    Each maximized minute takes…

    *30 seconds to read
    *30 seconds to reflect
    *23 hours, 59 minutes to benefit from what you read!

    Maximized Minutes for Business will inspire you each day–whether you are a business owner, a manager, an employee, or a new entrepreneur. These short, memorable statements cut right to the core of a biblical perspective on business. They will stay with you all day–and even for a lifetime.

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  • Lessons From The Edge Of Business Disaster


    “Now it’s my turn to offer what I wish someone had offered me during my crisis.”

    For the entrepreneur, a business crash, or even the prospect of a crash, is one of life’s most stressful scenarios. Sometimes after working tirelessly and staking your life and future on your start-up, you stand at the edge of the cliff staring at bankruptcy or even worse. It’s more than disappointing; it’s a nightmare.

    CEO Vaughn Thurman has been there. His fast-growing technology company was crumbling before his eyes. It took standing on the cliff for him to admit how his own mistakes led to this disaster. In a transparent and inimitable style, he walks you through his business crisis and shows how he survived and executed a turnaround- professionally, personally, and financially.

    Inside the pages of this insightful book, you’ll discover how to:

    – Find and lean on your peers
    – Develop better due diligence during hiring
    – Vigorously defend your profits
    – Find more capital when you need it
    – Identify your bad customers
    – Sacrifice your pride and save your reputation
    – Learn when and how to say no
    – How to invite a higher purpose into your business

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  • Knowledge And Power


    Legendary economist, investor, tech philosopher, and public treasure George Gilder argues that a hard-driving culture of entreprenurial ideas is now in conflict with a growing mindset of government regulation combined with a total surrender of the individual imagination. The winner of this battle may determine a new paradigm of economics and thought for the next century, whether we like it or not.

    Ronald Reagan’s most-quoted living author–George Gilder–is back with an all-new paradigm-shifting theory of capitalism that will upturn conventional wisdom.

    Gilder breaks away from the supply-side model of economics to present a new economic paradigm: the epic conflict between the knowledge of entrepreneurs on one side, and the blunt power of government on the other. The knowledge of entrepreneurs, and their freedom to share and use that knowledge, are the sparks that light up the economy and set its gears in motion. The power of government to regulate, stifle, manipulate, subsidize or suppress knowledge and ideas is the inertia that slows those gears down, or keeps them from turning at all.

    One of the twentieth century’s defining economic minds has returned with a new philosophy to carry us into the twenty-first. Knowledge and Power is a must-read for fiscal conservatives, business owners, CEOs, investors, and anyone interested in propelling America’s economy to future success.

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  • Chasing Failure : How Falling Short Sets You Up For Success


    Now available in trade paper! A USA TODAY Bestseller! Chasing Failure will help you remove every excuse for not pursuing the life you want to live, and that failure may just be the quickest way to success.

    We all have something we’d love to do, but often our fear of failure outweighs the potential of our destiny. But what if we found out that failure could actually help us succeed?

    In Chasing Failure, Ryan Leak shares the science behind why people are afraid to fail, mixing in real-life stories and adding practical steps to help us intentionally chase failure in order to embrace the opportunities that come with it. Everyone fails in life–but if you’re willing to learn, improve, and grow because of your failures, you are already on the road to success.

    As a motivational speaker, whether addressing people in corporations, churches, or youth events, Ryan has a message of hope: failure is right around the corner, so be brave enough to chase it! The good life is on the other side, and as he says, “God promises to be with you always, even through the failure.”

    Packed with wisdom, specific strategies, and a key takeaway included at the end of each chapter, Chasing Failure will help you:

    *Explore whether your dream idea is worth pursuing
    *Count the cost and create an action plan for your idea
    *Learn how to effectively deal with criticism
    *Understand how to embrace failure and learn how it can propel you

    By blending personal stories, get-up-and-go encouragement, and practical step-by-step advice, Ryan Leak will show you how chasing failure could be the quickest way to success.

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  • Get What You Want


    This book is for any woman who doesn’t want to waste one more minute of one more day saying, “I am not enough to achieve that.” Everyone has some level of influence and Julie Solomon, host of The Influencer Podcast, is out to help women find it. ?

    In her time as a top-rated social media marketing podcast host and online business owner, Julie Solomon has learned that everyone has some level of influence. In this book, she teaches readers how to identify that influence and build the confidence needed to use that influence in reaching the life and career goals they set for themselves.

    Whether you want to leave your windowless cubicle for the career you’ve always dreamed of, break out of a mindset that has you feeling stuck and limited, channel your inner entrepreneur to start or grow a business, master your money, launch a global movement, or just create a happier life for yourself, this is the handbook for building, owning, and using your influence to create the life you’ve always wanted.

    Eye-opening, actionable, and genuinely inspiring, Get What You Want shows you how to tap into your innate power and influence so you can start creating the bigger, better, more life you were born to live. Readers will learn to:

    *Set intentional goals they want to achieve.
    *Get unstuck and gain the confidence they need to meet those goals.
    *Pitch themselves for the next opportunity that comes along.
    *Maintain momentum when working toward their goals.
    *Negotiate for better terms.
    *Grow their network.

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  • Sell It Like A Mango


    Stand out from the competition and become a top-performing seller by mastering a proven sales process.

    Imagine you and another street cart vendor in Jamaica are both selling the same exact mango–same source, same price. What can you do to differentiate yourself? You don’t have to sound or dress a certain way; that’s the Hollywood image of the smooth-talking salesperson, not reality. Anyone can thrive in sales and distinguish themselves in a crowded marketplace–if they have a strong desire to succeed, a belief that they can, and an intentional strategy.

    Maybe you’re not selling a mango, but the same principle applies to every sales situation: you have a product or service that can benefit others, and your job is to help buyers persuade themselves by providing them with the necessary education to make a good decision. Sell It Like a Mango shares practical, easy-to-implement principles, tools, and techniques to build value and convert prospects into loyal fans. Transform your sales mindset and close more deals as you learn to:

    *Recognize misconceptions about selling that are holding you back

    *Find your “why” to keep you motivated

    *Ditch phony sales tactics for authentic ones

    *Overcome the fear of rejection and leverage adversity to your advantage

    *Identify opportunities and act on them

    *Pinpoint, attract, and convert the right prospects–and keep them saying “yes” throughout the entire sales process

    *And much more!

    With these strategies, you can sell any product or service like a mango–because it’s not the product or service that makes the difference; it’s the seller.

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  • ReVisionary Thinking : When You Have To Change Your Plans To Reach Your Goa


    How do you get the life you want when things aren’t going your way?

    When things go sideways, most people make one of two mistakes: they either give up on their dreams or they NEVER give up on their dreams, even when those dreams aren’t serving them. You can change your plans and still reach your goals. Scratch that. You HAVE to change your plans to reach your goals.

    That’s the real work of resilience. Resilience isn’t superhuman internal strength. It’s not toxic positivity. It’s not sucking it up to stick it out. True resilience is letting go of the “old way of doing things” and rewriting a script for success that gives you the fastest and best path from where you are to where you’re going.

    Backed by data-driven research, ReVisionary Thinking offers concrete strategies for blazing a new path to achieve your goal when the goalposts move on you. You will learn to acquire resilience through adaptive thinking, a three-part process involving flexibility, creativity, and openness to possibility. Specific principles covered include:

    *How to mourn your path without sacrificing your goal
    *Why your gut instinct fails you in unfamiliar situations-and how to counter it
    *How to create space for more and better choices
    *The benefits of using storytelling to solve problems
    *And much more!

    Success is not determined by how good you plan is (or was), but rather by how willing you are to design a new one when you need to. You may not have chosen where you are, but you get a choice in what comes next. The success of your vision lies in the ReVision.

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  • Uncopyable Sales Secrets


    Make more sales, grow your network, and become a top earner!

    Uncopyable Sales Secrets teaches a foolproof system for creating an Uncopyable Attachment with your prospects and clients so that you can fill your sales pipeline, close more deals, and build a loyal customer base.

    Sales success isn’t the result of being good at selling a product or service…it comes from being good at selling yourself. That’s right–you, not your product or service, are the most valuable asset to the customer. To become a master salesperson, you have to make the relationship with the buyer uniquely valuable. You have to make yourself invaluable and irreplaceable. In short, you have to make yourself and the partnership you’re pitching Uncopyable.

    Learn how to reach buyers before your competition–and become their personal and professional ally–in this breakthrough book on high-performance selling. Kay Miller, a powerhouse sales guru who began her career as one of the first women hired by an industry leader in hardware and went on to become the No. 1 muffler salesperson in the world, shares the proven principles responsible for her sales success. Kay calls it the Uncopyable Sales Strategy, and it involves:

    *Creating a win-win outlook for both you and your customers
    *Stepping beyond fear to consistently expand your comfort zone
    *Getting in the door by making an Uncopyable first impression
    *Trading negotiation and persuasion for mutually profitable relationship-building
    *Leveraging multiple contact platforms to maximize communication effectiveness
    *Securing the order by asking the right questions, listening, and following up
    *And more!

    Uncopyable Sales Secrets equips you with the techniques you need to enhance your prospecting skills, make more sales, grow your network, and become a top earner in your organization. When you execute this process, your customers will see you not only as delivering a superior product or service, but also as part of a high-value relationship they simply cannot get anywhere else.

    Read this book…before your competition does!

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  • Art Of Entrepreneurship


    The comprehensive guide to starting and growing your dream business.

    In this groundbreaking book, bestselling author Jim Stovall shares the practical wisdom gained from his forty-year career as an award-winning entrepreneur alongside the time-tested strategies compiled by Dr. Kevin Schneider through his experience as the Director of the Stovall Center for Entrepreneurship at Oral Roberts University. Few books have offered both pragmatic, real-world examples and proven academic principles, as readers will find in The Art of Entrepreneurship. Transform your natural aptitudes, interests, and resources into a lucrative business as you discover:

    *The key characteristics of an entrepreneur-and whether you possess them.

    *Myths and misconceptions about entrepreneurship-it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, nor is it simply for people who want to work less and not have a boss.

    *How to get started as an entrepreneur-keeping your current job as you turn your side hustle or creative idea into an empire.

    *Why some entrepreneurs succeed when others struggle-it’s not about trading time for money; it’s about creating a money machine.

    *The values of entrepreneurship-first and foremost, service rendered to other people.

    *The path of entrepreneurship from start to finish-learning when to pull the trigger and when to pull the plug.

    *How to build the dream entrepreneur team that will support you in your journey.

    Entrepreneurship is both a science and an art. This book teaches both dimensions-the hard skills and the soft skills, the action steps and the mindset-so that you can seize the opportunities for entrepreneurship in your midst and turn your business idea into a successful start-up that adds value to you, your family, your community, and the larger world.

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  • Stealing Genius : The Seven Levels Of Adaptive Innovation


    Improvement is not innovation…and innovation is essential if your aim is to survive in today’s business environment.

    Stealing Genius lays the foundation for a dramatic, and long-overdue, shift in 21st-century strategic marketing and branding. Most executives and decision-makers are now focused on improving what they already have. They want better versions of the products and services they know about or understand. However, fixating on improvement in today’s world is a dangerous path–one that ultimately leads to commoditization and irrelevance.
    Targeting your time, attention, and resources on innovation, by contrast, means identifying something that does not exist right now in any form–something that will create a powerful, uncopyable experience for your target customer.

    In order to be successful both today and in the future, you need to separate yourself from the competition by practicing the breakthrough principle of Adaptive Innovation–what Steve Miller calls Stealing Genius(TM). How? By delivering an experience that the competition either cannot or will not attempt to copy. This is literally impossible if you stick to what is already familiar to you, because whatever is familiar to you and your customers is likely to be familiar to your competition. You must create a new experience that is unique to you and that fosters a powerful emotional attachment with your target customer.

    Featuring dozens of real-life case studies from a wide range of industries , Stealing Genius outlines Miller’s proven six-step process for creating an uncopyable experience. You’ll learn how to:

    *Do more than think outside the box–you’ll build a new box completely

    *Identify your “Moose,” the distinctive customer/client profile for which you are hunting

    *Leverage insight from daily experience, personal heroes, and organizations outside your industry to better serve your customers

    *Flip the competition by doing the exact opposite of what those in your industry are currently doing

    *Maximize your strategic innovation by bringing in a Stealing Genius(TM) facilitator

    If you are trying to anticipate the crowd’s movement, you might as well be following the crowd. Create a truly original brand experience and start pioneering in your industry by implementing the game-changing process of Stealing Genius(TM).

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  • 21 Irrefutable Laws Of Leadership 25th Anniversary Edition


    If you’ve never read The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, you’ve been missing out on one of the best-selling leadership books of all time. If you have read the original version, then you’ll love this new expanded and updated one.

    Internationally recognized leadership expert, speaker, and author John C. Maxwell has taken this million-seller and made it even better:

    *Every Law of Leadership has been sharpened and updated
    *Seventeen new leadership stories are included
    *Two new Laws of Leadership are introduced
    *New evaluation tool will reveal your leadership strengths-and weaknesses
    *New application exercises in every chapter will help you grow

    Why would Dr. Maxwell make changes to his best-selling book? “A book is a conversation between the author and reader,” says Maxwell. “It’s been ten years since I wrote The 21 Laws of Leadership. I’ve grown a lot since then. I’ve taught these laws in dozens of countries around the world. This new edition gives me the opportunity to share what I’ve learned.”

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  • Disrupting The Game


    Gaming legend and boss level disruptor Reggie Fils-Aime, retired President and Chief Operating Officer of Nintendo of America Inc., shares leadership lessons and inspiring stories from his unlikely rise to the top. He mastered these lessons to build a long and storied career, and you too can leverage these lessons to springboard your own ultimate success and happiness.

    Although he’s best known as Nintendo’s iconic President of the Americas-immortalized for opening Nintendo’s 2004 E3 presentation with, “My name is Reggie, I’m about kicking ass, I’m about taking names, and we’re about making games”-Reggie Fils-Aime’s story is the ultimate gameplan for anyone looking to beat the odds and achieve success.

    Learn from Reggie how to leverage disruptive thinking to pinpoint the life choices that will make you truly happy, conquer negative perceptions from those who underestimate or outright dismiss you, and master the grit, perseverance, and resilience it takes to dominate in the business world and to reach your professional dreams.

    As close to sitting one-on-one with the gaming legend as it gets, you will learn:

    *About the challenges Reggie faced throughout his life and career-from his humble childhood as the son of Haitian immigrants, to becoming one of the most powerful names in the history of the gaming industry.

    *What it takes to reach the top of your own industry, including being brave enough to stand up for your ideas, while also being open to alternative paths to success.

    *How to create vibrant and believable visions for your team and company.

    *How to maintain relentless curiosity and know when to ask questions to shatter the status quo.

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  • Come Back Culture


    Want second looks, return visits, and lifelong customers at your business? These highly sought-after speakers and consultants provide valuable insights and practical ideas on how to create a business driven by hospitality and an environment that keeps people coming back for more.

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  • Administrative Assistants And Secretarys Handbook


    No day is the same. No hour is the same. Not even the boss’s moods are ever the same! The expectations and duties of the modern-day administrative assistant are higher and more stressful than ever before. From managing the phones, coordinating meetings, and preparing presentations to planning events, crafting clear business communications, and deciphering legal documents, administrative assistants need to be everything to everyone, all the time–and all with a smile! They spend all day helping others. Who is going to help them? Long the gold standard for office professionals seeking to improve their performance and enhance their value to employers, The Administrative Assistant’s and Secretary’s Handbook is the definitive source of help for these true jack-of-all-trades, including information on topics such as: – Creating graphics, charts, and presentations – Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and Publisher – Web conferencing – Electronic and paper filing systems – Recordkeeping – Meeting planning and management – Business math – Computer and software troubleshooting – And much more Extensively updated with new information on Windows 8, Microsoft Office 2013, Apple OS, mobile computing, data security, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs, and Microsoft Web Applications, this bestselling guide will help these unsung heroes shine in the eyes of all their coworkers.

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  • Secret Society Of Success


    Tim Schurrer, right-hand man to Donald Miller and vp of talent management and culture at StoryBrand, introduces readers to the Secret Society, a community of people who have learned a new way of defining success–where we stop chasing money, fame, and power and discover meaning and fulfillment in the work we do.

    There’s a message getting a lot of airtime these days. It says to be successful, you have to step into the spotlight, climb the ladder, become the boss, or whatever version of success that’s been dangled in front of you in your career. The problem is, this creates a Spotlight Mindset–or an unhealthy desire for attention and recognition. You work so hard to impress others or chase the next raise or promotion that you end up exhausted, frustrated, and unhappy. But what if there was a different way of defining success?

    In The Secret Society of Success, Tim Schurrer invites us to reevaluate our professional moves and learn a new, freer way to navigate our lives. How do we learn this approach? With the Secret Society as our guides–a community of people who know what it feels like to make a difference, whether they have the spotlight or not. The Secret Society will teach you to:

    *define success for yourself;

    *work hard and contribute to your team without minding who gets the credit;

    *make an impact regardless of the size of your stage or platform;

    *stop chasing money, fame, and power and discover meaning and fulfillment in the work that you do;

    *navigate living in the tension between contentment and striving; and

    *go from feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and restless in your job to being confident in the role you play and the value you bring to the team.

    You can learn a new way to define success that’s counter to what culture is selling. Through stories of people like Alan Mulally, the former CEO of Ford, NBA all-star LeBron James, Fred Rogers of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, and people whose names you’ve never heard of, you will discover that the success you’re looking for is within your reach, wherever you are and whatever your role.

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  • Pivot To Purpose


    Leave the hustle culture behind for good–and learn to create a life and business filled with purpose, impact, and joy.

    You have seen the cute “hustle” merchandise. The T-shirts. The mugs. The daily planners. There seems to be gold-lettered swag everywhere telling you to do more, be more, and “hustle harder.” Hustle has become an everyday word for the modern person who wants more out of life. But as appealing as it is to today’s entrepreneurs and professionals, it inevitably leads to burnout and resentment.

    In Pivot to Purpose, Kristen invites you into the journey of exchanging the hustle cycle for a heart posture of abundance and service. She tackles why the hustle culture is one of the most toxic and detrimental ideologies that is preached today and debunks the myth that it’s the only way to achieve success.

    Kristen shares from her story of when she hit rock bottom from her own hustle and how she pivoted to build a multimillion-dollar company in less than two years by doing things differently than how she saw others doing it. Through heartfelt, relatable lessons on life and business, Kristen explains the key shifts needed to create success that is sustainable and purposeful. She reveals how to:

    *Understand the difference between hard work and hustle
    *Break free from the cycle of scarcity and experience true abundance
    *Reframe your perspective on work from striving to serving and significance
    *Build emotional resilience for rejection, setbacks, disappointment, and failure
    *Liberate yourself from the expectations of others
    *Conquer shame and the constant need to “do more”

    This book empowers you to work your business and live your life differently, without sacrificing the impact you desire to have on the world. Authentic, lasting success requires you to leave the hustle behind–and Pivot to Purpose!

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  • 30 Day Journey To Accelerate Your Success


    Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to earn success in today’s radically diverse, rapidly changing world with 30-Day Journey to Accelerate Your Success.

    This is more than a professional development book; it is a one-month journey to establishing a firm foundation in the principles that enhance performance and drive professional growth. If you commit to intentionally focusing on accelerating your success, over the course of 30 days you will master the then catalysts for high achievement and boost your momentum on your success journey. All you need is a burning desire and willingness to work toward getting better.

    With valuable insights from a boomer and a millennial leader, this book will show you exactly what it takes to succeed in a dynamic, multigenerational business world. Power-packed lessons include the following:

    *How to eradicate negative tendencies and replace them with rewarding habits
    *The best planning strategies to fuel professional growth
    *Why emotional intelligence will help you improve communication and strengthen relationships
    *How to ask for the opportunities you deserve-and then embrace them
    *The secrets of peak performers
    *Strategies for achieving work-life balance so that you can stay grounded in the grind

    The finishing touches required to achieve success might change, but the prerequisites never do. This 30-day success program offers a roadmap for elevating your professional game by explaining the critical qualities, behaviors, and actions you need to accelerate your success.

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  • Who Comes Next


    Leaders leave. It’s inevitable. It might even happen today.

    Are you prepared? Every organization needs a plan for leadership succession, but few leaders know how to start the process. WHO COMES NEXT? solves that problem and easily guides you through the steps of creating a viable succession plan.

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  • Brazen : My Unorthodox Journey From Long Sleeves To Lingerie


    Ever since she was a child, every aspect of Julia Haart’s life–what she wore, what she ate, what she thought–was controlled by the dictates of ultra-Orthodox Judaism. At nineteen, after a lifetime spent caring for her seven younger siblings, she was married off to a man she barely knew. For the next twenty-three years, her marriage would rule her life.
    Eventually, when Haart’s younger daughter, Miriam, started to innocently question why she wasn’t allowed to sing in public, run in shorts, or ride a bike without being covered from neck to knee, Haart reached a breaking point. She knew that if she didn’t find a way to leave, her daughters would be forced into the same unending servitude that had imprisoned her.

    So Haart created a double life. In the ultra-Orthodox world, clothing has one purpose–to cover the body, head to toe–and giving any thought to one’s appearance beyond that is considered sinful, an affront to God. But when no one was looking, Haart would pore over fashion magazines and sketch designs for the clothes she dreamed about wearing in the world beyond her Orthodox suburb. She started preparing for her escape by educating herself and creating a “freedom” fund. At the age of forty-two, she finally mustered the courage to flee the fundamentalist life that was strangling her soul.

    Within a week of her escape, Haart founded a shoe brand, and within nine months, she was at Paris Fashion Week. Just a few years later, she was named creative director of La Perla. Soon she would become co-owner and CEO of Elite World Group, and one of the most powerful people in the fashion industry. Along the way, her four children–Batsheva, Shlomo, Miriam, and Aron–have not only accepted but embraced her transformation.

    Propulsive and unforgettable, Haart’s story is the journey from a world of no to a world of yes, and an inspiration for women everywhere to find their freedom, their purpose, and their voice.

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  • Running With Purpose


    Discover how Brooks Running Company CEO Jim Weber transformed a failing business into a billion-dollar brand in the ultracompetitive global running market.

    This leadership memoir starts with Jim Weber’s seventh-grade dream to run a successful company that delivered something people passionately valued. Fast forward to 2001, Jim Weber became the CEO of Brooks. He was on his way to fulfilling his dream, but he faced strong headwinds. Jim was the struggling brand’s fourth CEO in two years, and the staff betting pool had him lasting four months.

    A lifelong competitor, Jim devised a one-page strategy that he believed would not only save the company but would also lay the foundation for Brooks to become a leading brand in the athletic, fitness, and outdoor categories. To succeed, Jim had to get his team to first believe it was possible and then employ the conviction, fortitude, and constancy of purpose to out-execute much larger brands. Brooks’ success was validated when Warren Buffett made it a standalone Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary in 2012.

    In the pages of Running with Purpose, you will find:

    *The untold David vs. Goliath challenger brand story in which Brooks’s bold strategy and unique brand positioning fueled its move from the back of the pack to lead.

    *The key to building a purpose-driven brand that is oriented around customer obsession, building trust, competing with heart, and having fun along the way.

    *The six clear leadership lessons Jim has learned along his path and applies at Brooks to help managers at all levels develop into authentic leaders.

    *How Berkshire Hathaway’s support and influence provided a tailwind for Brooks’ business and brand to surge.

    *A riveting inside look at the ups and downs of Jim’s personal journey, which led to his conviction that life is too short not to enjoy what you do and the people by your side.

    Running with Purpose is a highly engaging read with insights, inspirational stories, and tangible takeaways for current and aspiring leaders, entrepreneurs, Berkshire Hathaway enthusiasts, and especially the 150+ million runners worldwide and those in the broader running community who continually invest in themselves and put positive energy into the world.

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  • 15 Invaluable Laws Of Growth


    With a new foreword, bestselling author John C. Maxwell uses his tried and true principles for maximum personal growth.

    Are there actually tried and true principles that are always certain to help a person grow? John Maxwell says the answer is yes. He has been passionate about personal development for over 50 years, and in the 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, he teaches everything he has gleaned about what it takes to reach our potential. In his trademark style, Maxwell covers:

    *The Law of the Mirror: You Must See Value in Yourself to Add Value to Yourself
    *The Law of Awareness: You Must Know Yourself to Grow Yourself
    *The Law of Modeling: It’s Hard to Improve When You Have No One But Yourself to Follow
    *The Law of the Rubber Band: Growth Stops When You Lose the Tension Between Where *You are and Where You Could Be
    *The Law of Contribution: Developing Yourself Enables You to Develop Others

    This 10th anniversary edition comes with an updated foreword from John Maxwell. The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth will help you become a lifelong learner whose potential keeps increasing so you can lead others with passion and get results.

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  • Road To Flourishing


    “What makes for a flourishing workplace? With compelling case studies from the Best Christian Workplaces Institute along with enlightening personal anecdotes, Al Lopus demonstrates how companies and ministries can accomplish work that matters by building fantastic teams, cultivating life-giving work, attracting and retaining outstanding talent, and much more”–

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  • Media Matters : How To Leverage The Media To Grow Your Business


    In the ever-evolving world of content creation, social media, videos, TV and radio shows, podcasts, vlogs and blogs, and search engine optimization, new media expert Scott Miller has established himself as an authority on maximizing media usage and exposure. He’s passionate about teaching entrepreneurs how to leverage media to grow their businesses and increase their reach. In this insightful and impactful book, Scott clears the way for business leaders who are confused by the changing media landscape.

    You’ll discover how to:

    – Utilize content marketing
    – Grow your audience
    – Understand media trends
    – Identify effective content outlets
    – Implement digital marketing
    – Establish benchmarks
    – Measure content campaign success

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  • L E T S Lead


    No matter your leadership experience, Robert Anderson, Jr. offers you a way to recognize moments that will catapult your life and career. This book is not a formula but instead a proven framework for developing your personal approach to leadership. Anderson is known for his ability to lead through crisis, distill complex topics into simple concepts, and build teams that execute with integrity and excellence. If you’re having trouble deciding what kind of leader you are, this book will reshape the way you think about building and leading a team. Along the way, you’ll be inspired and entertained with true stories from Anderson’s work in law enforcement, in counterintelligence and espionage at senior levels with the FBI, and as CEO of one of the country’s leading cyber security companies.

    “I cannot teach you how to lead. I cannot give you a formula that will guarantee your success, and I suspect books that do make those promises result in disappointment. But what I can and will do is show you how to recognize the moments in your life which offer an opportunity for you to rise up and lead. These opportunities occur in everyone’s life. It takes acumen and experience to see them. It takes courage and conviction to seize them.”

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  • Sephora Story : The Retail Success You Can’t Make Up


    What can you learn from the most successful companies in the world? The Sephora Story will help you understand and adopt the competitive strategies, workplace culture, and daily business practices that turned the makeup retailer into a paradise for makeup enthusiasts everywhere.

    Sephora is a playground for women, chock full of lipstick, eyeshadows, foundations, blushes, and so much more, just waiting to be experienced. It’s where teens learn to apply foundation and adults learn how to create the perfect smoky eye. It’s the cosmetic birthplace for the iconic Kardashian contour. And it’s a dominant brand, taking home a large portion of the $48.3 billion-dollar makeup industry.

    The Sephora Story teaches readers how Sephora was born in Paris in 1970 and has exploded since it opened its first North American store in 1997. Now, with at least one store in almost every mall, you may find yourself fighting to navigate the store.

    But it’s just makeup, right? Wrong. It’s an experience, and this book will teach entrepreneurs, innovators, marketers, and executives everything they need to know about creating an iconic experience for their customers. Through Sephora’s story, you will learn:
    *How to lead the evolution of a decades old brand and how to relaunch it in a new market.
    *How to create a customer experience that revolutionizes an industry.
    *How to bring together multiple brands under one roof without compromising their identities.
    *And how to reach a younger audience and ignite a passion for your product.

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  • NBA Story : How The Sports League Slam-Dunked Its Way Into A Global Busines


    What can you learn from the most successful companies in the world? The NBA Story will help you understand and adopt the competitive strategies, workplace culture, and daily business practices that enabled the exciting basketball league to become the powerhouse it is today.

    Today’s NBA is filled with larger-than-life figures, like LeBron James, James Harden and Stephen Curry, who effortlessly dominate the courts. But it wasn’t always so glamorous.

    The multi-billion-dollar league has grown from humble roots into a sports powerhouse that is loved around the world due to savvy digital marketing and a global focus. Thanks to the popularity of individual players and team rivalries, the NBA has survived league mergers and financial crisis. Teams have earned the respect of millions of loyal fans who are dedicated to the success of each and every organization within the league.

    Through the story of the NBA, you’ll learn:

    *How to keep a dream alive when it seems like no one wants to see it come true.

    *How a company can find their way out of a financial crisis.

    *How presentation is the secret sauce to the success of any show.

    *And how a company can build a loyal fanbase who will do anything to keep them on top.

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  • Marvel Studios Story


    What can you learn from the world’s most successful companies? The Marvel Studios Story will help you understand and adopt the competitive strategies, workplace culture, and daily business practices that enabled a struggling comic book publisher to parlay the power of myth and storytelling to become one of history’s most successful movie studios.

    Marvel characters have been shaping pop culture for decades and when comic books were no longer keeping the company afloat,

    Marvel Studios was born.Marvel Studios is the multibillion-dollar home to iconic franchises. They are known for creating brilliant multilayered worlds and storylines that allow their audiences to escape into a fantasy and inspire the creative side of every viewer. But, behind those visionaries is a well-oiled storytelling machine dedicated to getting the Hulk’s smash fists in the hands of every child and a sea of Spiderman costumes deployed every Halloween.

    This book educates readers on how one of the largest creative companies in the planetary universe runs their business and keeps their fans and their parent company, Disney, counting the profits. Through the story of Marvel Studios, you’ll learn:

    *How to recognize and pursue additional revenue streams.

    *How a company can successfully balance the creative with business to appease investors and fans alike.

    *And how to keep a decades-old superhero franchise new and exciting without losing sight of its roots.

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  • Spanx Story : What’s Underneath The Incredible Success Of Sara Blakely’s Bi


    What can you learn from the most successful companies in the world? The Spanx Story will help you understand and adopt the competitive strategies, workplace culture, and daily business practices that enabled entrepreneur Sara Blakely to dominate the shapewear industry and become a billionaire.

    Sara Blakely had a problem. She had a beautiful pair of white designer pants hanging in her closet just calling out to her to wear them, even though they accented her least favorite feature: cellulite. After searching high and low for a solution and coming up empty, an idea was born: Spanx.

    The Spanx Story chronicles Sara’s journey from long nights researching patent and trademark law, to years of cold shoulders she received from the titans of the pantyhose industry, to the cold call that led to the shelves of Nieman Marcus. It was a long road of incredible hard work and determination that led Spanx to become the iconic brand it is today.

    This book educates and inspires entrepreneurs and innovators to find the problem for their solutions and persevere through all of the hard work that goes into building a billion-dollar company. Through Sara’s story, you will learn:
    *How to develop an idea and turn it into a business.

    *How to start a company with very little capital by thinking outside of the box and dedicating every spare moment to your goal.

    *How to recognize when it’s better to hire a CEO than to be the CEO.

    *And, how to stay the course and continue to believe in your idea, despite naysayers and going against an industry resistant to innovation.

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  • 30 Days To Sales Success


    In only one month, you can acquire the skills, tools, and techniques that will help you turn more prospects into loyal customers, increase your sales, and derive greater enjoyment from the experience.

    Organized into daily lessons on critical sales strategies, 30 Days to Sales Success is your roadmap to making sales more comfortable, more fulfilling, and more rewarding. Regardless of what you are selling–a product, a service, an idea, or a new direction–you have to understand the value of your offering and share it in a way that convinces people to participate. However, much of the sales advice today centers on the salesperson, not the customer, and entails aggressive cold-calling and upselling techniques. It’s no wonder so many people dislike selling…and why so many people dislike being sold to. Luckily, there is another way–a path to customer-oriented sales, with a focus on value, service, and long-term relationships.

    Named “One of the Top 20 Sales Experts to Follow” by LinkedIn, Meridith Elliott Powell will equip you with critical strategies for sustainable, relationship-oriented sales success. First, you will gain a solid foundation in approaching sales–from preparing to meet your prospect for the first time, to better defining your selling style, to more effectively articulating the value you and your product or service add. Next, you will develop expertise in the sales call, perfecting your message, delivery, and listening skills. Finally, you will master the art of the follow-up, ensuring your customer’s satisfaction, earning more referrals, increasing your offerings, and continuing your discussions.

    By reading the lessons and completing the journaling prompts and action items each day, you will progressively improve your sales savvy so that by the end of the month, you will feel more confident in your abilities and your natural sales style, more passionate about your work, and more empowered to sell with intention and efficacy.

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  • Visible Hand : A Wealth Of Notions On The Miracle Of The Market


    To most people, the word economics sounds like homework. In Visible Hand, Wall Street Journal op-ed editor Matthew Hennessey brings basic economic principles vividly to life in plain English, without resort to numbers, graphs, or jargon. This isn’t Fed policy or the stock market. This is the essential stuff: supply and demand, incentives and tradeoffs, scarcity and innovation, work and leisure. A teenager should be able to discuss these things intelligently. Sadly, too few of us can explain them even in adulthood. Visible Hand equips readers with the essential vocabulary necessary to understand and explain how we make the choices we do. In Hennessey’s hands, economics is far from the dismal science. It’s the sparkling art of decision making. No homework necessary.

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  • How Creativity Rules The World


    There has never been a more crucial time than now to develop your creativity and your ability to innovate. In How Creativity Rules the World, Maria Brito illustrates how creativity is merely a series of habits, actions, and attitudes that anyone can develop-regardless of who you are and what you do.

    How Creativity Rules the World builds the case for creativity as an inexhaustible resource available to everyone and proves that it is the key to thriving in the business world and beyond. Coming up with original ideas of value is today’s most precious resource. Contrary to a myth that has been unfairly perpetuated, creativity can be taught and learned.

    Maria Brito discovered the power of creativity when she transitioned from being a miserable Harvard-trained corporate lawyer in New York City to a thriving entrepreneur and innovator in the art world. She emerged from the most uncreative field and flipped the barrenness around her into becoming one of the most well-known disruptors in the art world.

    After applying all of principles in How Creativity Rules the World to her own business, she started teaching them to hundreds of people, ranging from entrepreneurs to artists to CEOs. Based on empirical evidence as shown by her students’ creative successes, Maria knows that this timeless guide will allow others to strike gold with their ideas.

    With this book, readers will learn:

    *How to dispel myths about creativity and overcome limiting thoughts about creativity

    *How to unleash their creativity through concrete data, historical passages, and examples of modern entrepreneurship

    *The timeless habits, principles, and tools that worked six centuries ago continue to work today

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  • Make Life Beautiful Extended Edition



    *A full-color, sixteen-page insert with photos that capture Syd & Shea’s journey
    *An epilogue about life and business post-pandemic and the success of the hit Netflix show Dream Home Makeover

    Make Life Beautiful is the autobiography from Syd and Shea McGee, which offers fans a new and intimate look into how they built their business.

    Want to live the best version of your life? Read this book and learn how Syd and Shea prioritized their values, defined their goals, and put their dreams into action–going from flat broke to design superstars–all while following their motto to “make life beautiful.” Most importantly, discover how you can do the same!

    For the one million-plus followers who turn to Syd and Shea McGee for advice on building a beautiful home and life, Make Life Beautiful is a behind-the-scenes look into how the couple transformed Shea’s small room of fabric samples and big dream of becoming a designer into one of the most successful and fastest-growing interior design businesses in the country.

    Both longtime and new fans will not only gain insight into how the McGees built such a successful company but also be inspired to build an authentic life by applying design principles such as:
    *Embrace the process
    *Get to the next level
    *Find balance
    *Elevate the everyday

    This is an essential book for:
    *Interior designers
    *Working parents
    *Couples building family and career
    *Anyone chasing their dreams

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  • New Managers : Mastering The Big 3 Principles Of Effective Management–Lead


    An accessible and practical playbook by leading HR expert Paul Falcone to cultivate your most vital resource: having the right people working hard for you.

    Take the guesswork out of one of the most crucial elements for success–selecting the right people and managing and motivating them to success–using the wealth of knowledge contained within this ultimate desk reference.

    Chock full of wisdom and real-life scenarios on leadership, communication, and team building, this book covers topics ranging from basic to sophisticated, including:

    *Identifying the best and brightest talent.
    *Hiring for organizational compatibility.
    *Addressing uncomfortable workplace situations.
    *Creating an environment that motivates.
    *Retaining restless top performers.
    *Delegating in a way that develops your staff.
    *And much, much more.

    Ultimately, this practical playbook is for managers at all levels and is a single, indispensable resource that will help them hire more effectively, exercise healthy communication, and build great teams.

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  • Leadership Defense : Mastering Progressive Discipline And Structuring Termi


    Greatly reduce the stress of managing a team with this quick and reliable information on how to correctly master–both legally and ethically–progressive discipline and structured termination, from the leading voice in HR expertise.

    This resource takes the highly complicated subjects of progressive employee discipline and structured terminations–actions that can be rife with legal issues and paperwork–and breaks down the process for HR professionals and managers to easy-to-understand steps.

    Chock full of wisdom from Paul Falcone, a renowned expert on labor & employment law and business decision-making and problem-solving, this book answers questions ranging from basic to sophisticated, including:

    *Why should I conduct an exit interview?

    *How do I protect my company from negligent hiring claims?

    *How do I terminate a long-term employee with a history of positive performance evaluations?

    *And much, much more.

    Each question is followed by an easy-to-implement solution, making this book perfect both as a concise overview and as a practical reference.

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  • Leadership Offense : Mastering Appraisal, Performance, And Professional Dev


    Ready-to-use words, phrases, descriptions, and action items right at your fingertips to organize and streamline employee reviews, create clear and effective career development plans, and monitor performance year-round, from the leading voice in HR expertise.

    Whether you’re an HR professional or a manager, turn to this great tool for scripts and templates you can apply immediately to your employee reviews.

    Chock full of wisdom from Paul Falcone, a renowned expert on appraisal, motivation, and professional and career development, this book:

    *Provides sample phrasing for key performance areas to drastically reduce the time it takes to complete multiple employee reviews.

    *Offers language to use for both positive and negative evaluations that offer concrete and constructive feedback.

    *Includes many examples of behaviors, strengths, and opportunities to document when writing any type of evaluation or performance appraisal.

    Mid-year, end-of-year, and all appraisals in between, this handy, easy-reference resource helps turn a task many managers dislike and avoid–giving performance reviews–into a much more succinct, positive opportunity that puts your employees on the path to success.

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  • Effective Hiring : Mastering The Interview, Offer, And Onboarding


    Simplify the hiring process and put the right people in place the first time with the help of scripts, templates, and tools you can apply immediately, from the leading voice in HR expertise.

    Part operational field manual, part guiding hand, Paul Falcone, a renowned expert on effective hiring, performance management, and leadership development, walks you through some of the most critical people challenges you’ll face and provides the keys to getting the results you’re looking for during the interviewing, hiring, and onboarding process.

    Chock full of leadership wisdom from Falcone, this book:

    *Examines the most often used interview questions and offers new interpretations when reading candidate responses.

    *Identifies the red flags in the candidate assessment process, such as people who give long inventories of unproven claims that delay getting to the answer to your question.

    *Provides small business owners who often struggle to meet crucial HR demands with simple tools to guide them through effective interviewing, hiring, and onboarding.

    Getting the best employees on board and weeding out the worst–without getting slapped with expensive lawsuits–are two of the most crucial and difficult jobs of human resources professionals and general managers. This book provides quick, reliable information on how to do it right.

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  • Workplace Ethics : Mastering Ethical Leadership And Sustaining A Moral Work


    Quickly understand complex HR concepts surrounding the modern workplace to ensure you–and those you supervise–are practicing leadership principles that sustain an ethical workplace while protecting your company from liability.

    This essential handbook, part of The Paul Falcone Resource Series, is both an operational field manual and guiding hand to walk you through some of the most critical people challenges you’ll face.

    Chock full of leadership wisdom from Paul Falcone, one of the preeminent voices in the HR space for more than two decades, this book is the go-to reference for:

    *Managers in various disciplines who often face ethical challenges in the workplace and need quick pointers to help them navigate those situations.

    *HR leaders who are responsible for ensuring that managers have the tools they need to ethically manage their people and protect the company while doing so.

    *Small business owners who often struggle to meet HR demands and are in need of simple tools to guide them through of workplace ethics.

    Whether you are a first-time manager and need an easy-to-understand resource that will teach you what you need to know in the moment, a senior leader looking to mentor your team members, or fall anywhere in between–this book will help you cement your reputation as a selfless and emotionally intelligent leader who sets high expectations and achieves exceptional results.

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  • Practice Makes Permanent


    In 20 years as a professional soldier and 30 years as a martial artist, studying and training in the art and science of praxis, pursuing excellence, and preparing for the battles of life, spiritually, mentally, and physically, I’ve learned that practice does not make perfect; practice makes permanent. This book will show you how to practice with passion, purpose, and precision. It

    will help you build high-performing cultures around leaders of character and teach you the way of the warrior. You’ll discover how to break the bell curve of mediocrity and become the leader you’ve always desired to be.

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  • Napoleon Hills Positive Influence


    Napoleon Hill spent twenty years of his life interviewing the most successful men in America in order to write the first book on the science of personal achievement. In the course of his studies, he developed seventeen success principles. These teachings explain each of them, In order, they are Definiteness of Purpose, the Master Mind Alliance, Going the Extra Mile, Applied Faith, Self-Discipline and Cosmic Habit Force. Hill often referred to these as the most important of the success principles.

    Hill and his last wife, Annie Lou, established the Napoleon Hill Foundation 1962, and it continues today to publish his books, videos, audios and lectures. These six lectures were transcribed but never before published and only recently found by the Foundation. The Trustees of the Foundation have chosen the title “Napoleon Hill’s Positive Influence” for this book because these lectures deal with many of the influences which help people to become successful, and which drove Hill to achieve his own successes.

    One of Hill’s greatest influences was business tycoon Andrew Carnegie, who commissioned him in 1908 to undertake his twenty-year investigation. During his investigation, he discovered that important positive influences on successful people included having self-discipline, learning from adversity, working in harmony with others, selecting “pace makers”, surrounding oneself with positive books and mottos, being guided by Faith and what Hill called “Infinite Intelligence”, social and physical heredity, and the law of Cosmic Habit force, by which one’s habits become ingrained in one’s personality and character. All of these positive influences are covered in these lectures.

    In addition to Andrew Carnegie, a number of individuals were positive influences in Hill’s life, and they too are discussed in the lectures. Those who he knew personally, and who are referenced in the lectures, include Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Franklin Roosevelt, Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Elmer Gates, Alexander Graham Bell and Edwin Barnes. On a more personal level, he speaks fondly of his step-mother and his wives who helped him with his endeavors. We are fortunate to be able to present an Introduction to the book by Napoleon’s grandson, J.B. Hill, and a Preface by Napoleon Hill Foundation Executive Director Don M. Green, both of which explain the important roles played by these women in bringing positive influences to bear on his life and work.

    We hope you will enjoy and benefit from

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  • Driving Digital : The Leader’s Guide To Business Transformation Through Tec


    Every organization makes plans for updating products, technologies, and business processes. But that’s not enough anymore for the twenty-first-century company. The race is now on for everyone to become a digital enterprise. For those individuals who have been charged with leading their company’s technology-driven change, the pressure is intense while the correct path forward unclear.Help has arrived! In Driving Digital, author Isaac Sacolick shares the lessons he’s learned over the years as he has successfully spearheaded multiple transformations and helped shape digital-business best practices. Readers no longer have to blindly trek through the mine field of their company’s digital transformation. In this thoroughly researched one-stop manual, learn how to: – Formulate a digital strategy- Transform business and IT practices- Align development and operations- Drive culture change- Bolster digital talent- Capture and track ROI- Develop innovative digital practices- Pilot emerging technologies- And more!Your company cannot avoid the digital disruption heading its way. The choice is yours: Will this mean the beginning of the end for your business, or will your digital practices be what catapults you into next-level success?

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  • Click Millionaires : Work Less, Live More With An Internet Business You Lov


    As the founder of the internet business MasterMindsForum.com, e-commerce expert Scott Fox shares tips for starting a successful online business to a worldwide community of aspiring entrepreneurs. Now, in this insightful and practical new book, Scott regales stories of dozens of “regular folks” who have reinvented themselves as Click Millionaires to show readers how to stop dreaming of a better life and start living it. With insights about how to combine outsourcing, software, and automated online marketing to build recurring revenues–while working less–Click Millionaires empowers weary corporate warriors and aspiring entrepreneurs to trade in the 9-5 jobs they hate for rewarding online businesses. You’ll learn how to find a lucrative niche on the internet that matches your interests and skills, choose an online business model, position yourself as an expert, build your audience, and design the lifestyle you want.The rules have changed. The American Dream is no longer the “corner office.” Thanks to the internet, anyone can launch a successful business with little or no start-up capital or technical expertise–run from a home office, the beach, or wherever you desire. Scott encourages you to do whatever it takes, and even includes a free membership to his coaching and training forum for more personalized help–all to help you realize your personal definition of success and the joys of a fulfilling career.

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  • Speak With Impact


    When you know what to say and how to say it, people listen. Find your powerful voice, and step into leadership. Speak with impact.

    Every day, you have an opportunity to use your voice to have a positive impact — at work or in your community. You can inspire and persuade your audience — or you can distract and put them to sleep.

    Presentation styles where leaders are nervous, ramble, and robotic can ruin a talk on even the most critical topics. As your performances become weak, your career prosects start to dim. To get ahead and make an impact, you need to deliver well-crafted messages with confidence and authenticity. You must?sound?as capable as you are.

    Public speaking is a skill, not a talent. With the right guidance, anyone can be a powerful speaker. Written by former opera singer turned CEO and TEDx speaker Allison Shapira, Speak with Impact unravels the mysteries of commanding attention in any setting, professional or personal.

    Whether it’s speaking up at a meeting, presenting to clients, or talking to large groups, this book’s easy-to-use frameworks, examples and exercises will help you:

    *Engage your audience through storytelling and humor
    *Use breathing techniques to overcome stage fright
    *Strengthen and project your voice by banishing filler words/uptalk
    *Use effective body language and build your executive presence
    *Compose a clear message and deliver confident, authentic presentations

    Learn to conquer fear, capture attention, motivate action, and take charge of your career with?Speak with Impact.

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  • Cultures Of Belonging


    Clear, actionable steps for you to build new values, experiences, and perspectives into your organizational culture, infusing it with the diversity, inclusion, and belonging employees need to feel accepted, be their best selves, and do their best work.

    Bypass the faulty processes and communication styles that make change impossible in so many other organizations; access these practical tools and ideas for increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in your company.

    Filled with actionable advice Alida Miranda-Wolff learned through her own struggles being an outsider in a work culture that did not value inclusion, and having since worked with over 60 organizations to prioritize DEI initiatives and all the value and richness it adds to the workplace, this roadmap helps leaders:

    *Learn why creating an environment where everyone feels belonging is the new barometer for employee engagement.

    *Develop an understanding of the key terms around DEI and why they matter.

    *Assess where your organization is today.

    *Define and take the small steps that build new muscle memory into an organizational culture.

    *Increase employee engagement, collaboration, innovation, communication, and sense of belonging.

    *Build confidence in how to solve future DEI-related challenges.

    *Get buy-in from colleagues (and even resisters) who can clearly see how to move forward and why.

    Overcome any limiting work environment and build all new processes and communication priorities that allow your employees to be a part of something greater than themselves while your organization learns to value and embrace the unique experiences and perspective that each employee brings to the company.

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  • Black Faces In High Places


    A timely resource for Black professionals on how to rise to the top of their organizations or industries and, just as importantly, to stay there.

    Black Faces in High Places is the essential guide for Black professionals who are moving up through their organizations or industries but need a roadmap for how to get to the top and stay there. It highlights the experiences of other Black faces in high places who were able to navigate various crossroads, reach the top, and stay there, including insights from President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Cathy Hughes, Bob Johnson, Ursula Burns, David Steward, Angela Glover Blackwell, Ken Chenault, Senator Cory Booker, Geoffrey Canada, and others. This groundbreaking book:

    *Provides a lens into the careers of other prominent figures, across several industries and sectors.

    *Identifies the 10 strategic actions successful Black leaders and executives must take.

    *Empowers readers with models and steps to follow these 10 strategic actions on their own journeys to becoming a prominent leader.

    *Outlines the unique challenges that come with a leadership role and how to overcome them.

    *Walks readers through the changes in mindset, skillset, and toolset required to travel along the success path while helping others at every step along the way.

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  • Courageous Cultures : How To Build Teams Of Micro-Innovators, Problem Solve


    ¡El cielo es real, y te va a encantar! Colton Burpo regresó de su viaje al cielo con un mensaje muy importante: Jesús realmente, realmente ama a los niños. En un esfuerzo por llegar a más familias con esta historia eternamente importante, este libro best seller esta ahora narrado por Colton ¡de niño a niño! Los niños sentirán el mismo bienestar y la seguridad que tantos adultos han recibido del libro El cielo es real. Bellamente ilustrado bajo la dirección de Colton, él comparte sus experiencias en primera persona y hace comentarios que son importantes para los niños. Se incluye una carta a los padres para guiarlos mientras hablan con sus hijos sobre el cielo. También se incluyen en el libro escrituras de la Biblia junto con una sección de preguntas y respuestas.Heaven is for real, and you are going to like it!In an effort to reach even more families with this eternally significant story, this runaway bestseller is now told from Colton-kid to kids! Beautifully illustrated under Colton’s direction, he shares his experiences in first person and comments on things that will be important to kids. A letter to parents is included to guide them as they talk to their children about heaven. Scripture along with a Q&A section with answers from the Bible are also included in the book.

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  • All In : How Obsessive Leaders Achieve The Extraordinary


    What makes great leaders like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk extraordinary? All In shows leaders and aspiring leaders how obsession can fuel the most incredible success, but also take a toll on a leader, his or her family and work colleagues.

    Groundbreaking leaders share a passionate commitment to achieving their vision that borders and sometimes crosses the line into obsession. All In shows how obsession, if properly focused and managed, is both necessary and productive. Advances in any endeavor almost always depend on a small group of individuals who are completely consumed by the goal they’re pursuing. When these leaders and their teams are successful, everyone benefits from their singular focus and relentless drive.

    All In explores the three obsessions underlying the achievements of great leaders:

    *Delighting customers
    *Building great products
    *Creating an enduring company

    By taking you inside the success stories of iconic leaders, including Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Elon Musk of Tesla, and Steve Jobs of Apple, author Robert Bruce Shaw shows the upside of obsession and the practices that support it. Shaw also provides insight into the dark side of obsession and its destructive potential – as illustrated in his case study of Uber during the final years of Travis Kalanick’s leadership tenure. Appealing to any reader of entrepreneurial biographies, All In shows individuals and organizations how to manage obsession’s downsides while realizing the benefits of striving to create something that truly matters.

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  • Art Of Excellent Products


    Italian brands are known to create some of the most premium, sought-after products in the world. Learn to compete in the modern marketplace using the proven business principles that Italian brands have been employing for generations.

    While it is no secret that Italians create superior products that both withstand the threat of ongoing competition and stand the test of time, the specific business principles that have led to such tried and tested successes are shrouded in secrecy … until now.

    Through the age of intense competition from Starbucks and Coffee Bean, the Illy empire has remained at the top of the coffee industry simply by employing key Italian business principles and values. Steeped in businessman Riccardo Illy’s personal experiences using these tried and tested Italian business standards to run his family’s world-renowned coffee company for generations you will:

    *Learn how to approach your research and development process to find ways to add quality to your products and brand.

    *Understand how Italians have created so many brands that have stood the test of time.

    *Learn how to approach the marketplace so that your product stands out as the go-to product.

    By applying those principles to your business, you will ensure your products meet or exceed the level of quality necessary to be ultra-competitive in today’s market, even in an industry in which new companies aggressively challenge your brand daily.

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  • Joe Public 2030


    On the ten-year anniversary of the release of the original Joe Public Doesn’t Care About Your Hospital book, author Chris Bevolo and Revive have set their sights a decade in the future with Joe Public 2030: Five Potent Predictions Reshaping How Consumers Engage Healthcare. The book explores five key ways consumer health engagement may change over the coming decade, covering everything from AI and personal monitoring to consumerism, new competition, the politicization of healthcare, and growing health disparities. The book makes five bold predictions about that future, which range from exciting and promising to ominous and discouraging.

    Based on insights developed by a team of researchers, strategists, and futurists at Revive, the five core predictions are supported by more than 250 resource citations and input from 22 industry experts who were interviewed for the book, including health system CEOs, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and physicians. The purpose of the book is to spark conversation about how the future of health and healthcare in the U.S. might emerge, and how individuals and organizations might want to prepare for–or even change–that future.

    This is Bevolo’s seventh book, and the fourth (and final) installment in the Joe Public series. The book is scheduled for release in January 2022.

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  • Leading With Cultural Intelligence


    Succeeding in today’s global market requires a new set of skills than it did when the pioneers of the twentieth century were making their mark. But don’t let that intimidate you from expanding your business beyond our borders. In order to negotiate with vendors in Japan, it is not necessary to immerse yourself in the Asian culture. To explore potential markets in Africa, you don’t need to take a month-long safari across the jungle to learn what their people are like. The key to taking your business global, and doing so effectively, is all about your CQ–or cultural intelligence. Having done training and consulting for leaders in more than 100 countries, David Livermore, president and partner at the Cultural Intelligence Center, has detailed in Leading with Cultural Intelligence a four-step model for improving your CQ and maximizing your impact in managing across cultures: – Drive–boost your motivation for and confidence in interacting with other cultures – Knowledge–understand the relevance of differences in religion, values, norms, and languages – Strategy–plan ahead for unfamiliar cultural settings, but remain flexible if actual experience differs from expectations – Action–successfully adapt your behavior to each situation Featuring fresh research, case studies, and statistics on the ROI of improving your CQ, this new edition of Leading with Cultural Intelligence with help you thrive in any business environment–whether it’s across the world or in your own backyard.

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  • Miss Independent : A Simple 12-Step Plan To Start Investing And Grow Your O


    The launching point for you–and for ambitious women like you–to build your wealth, cement your financial independence, and secure the net worth you need to create the life you want; all from famed financial correspondent and Millennial money whisperer Nicole Lapin.

    Forget the pie-in-the-sky promises and pipedreams. This is a money-in-the-bank masterclass from one of the top voices in the women’s personal finance community.

    From automating your savings; to easy, no-stress ways of investing; to taking smart risks with your money that compounds your wealth and keeps you out of debt; #1 New York Times bestselling author and renowned money expert Nicole Lapin is ready to start you on your journey toward your ultimate destination: being filthy friggin’ rich.

    In Miss Independent, you will learn:

    *The meanings of the most common (and some less common) financial terms and how to make them work to your advantage.

    *The best method for establishing your number–the amount of wealth you want to accumulate before you retire–and getting it.

    *To rethink how you approach money goals and true financial independence.

    *The pros and cons of various financial decisions, such as buying a house, and the effect they could have on your financial life.

    Miss Independent sweeps away all the fear and misconceptions about saving and investing and achieving financial independence, and then teaches you all the different ways and paths that you can take to become a millionaire.

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  • Life After Google


    The Age of Google, built on big data and machine intelligence, has been an awesome era. But it’s coming to an end. In Life after Google, George Gilder–the peerless visionary of technology and culture–explains why Silicon Valley is suffering a nervous breakdown and what to expect as the post-Google age dawns.

    Google’s astonishing ability to “search and sort” attracts the entire world to its search engine and countless other goodies–videos, maps, email, calendars….And everything it offers is free, or so it seems. Instead of paying directly, users submit to advertising. The system of “aggregate and advertise” works–for a while–if you control an empire of data centers, but a market without prices strangles entrepreneurship and turns the Internet into a wasteland of ads.

    The crisis is not just economic. Even as advances in artificial intelligence induce delusions of omnipotence and transcendence, Silicon Valley has pretty much given up on security. The Internet firewalls supposedly protecting all those passwords and personal information have proved hopelessly permeable.

    The crisis cannot be solved within the current computer and network architecture. The future lies with the “cryptocosm”–the new architecture of the blockchain and its derivatives. Enabling cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ether, NEO and Hashgraph, it will provide the Internet a secure global payments system, ending the aggregate-and-advertise Age of Google.

    Silicon Valley, long dominated by a few giants, faces a “great unbundling,” which will disperse computer power and commerce and transform the economy and the Internet.
    Life after Google is almost here.

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  • Sales Differentiation : 19 Powerful Strategies To Win More Deals At The Pri


    If we don’t drop our price, we will lose the deal.

    That’s the desperate cry from salespeople as they try to win deals in competitive marketplaces. While the easy answer is to lower the price, the company sacrifices margin–oftentimes unnecessarily.

    To win deals at the prices you want, the strategy needed is differentiation. Most executives think marketing is the sole source of differentiation. But what about the sales function of the company? This commonly neglected differentiation opportunity provides a multitude of ways to stand out from the competition. This groundbreaking book teaches you how to develop those strategies.

    In Sales Differentiation, sales management strategist, Lee B. Salz presents nineteen easy-to-implement concepts to help salespeople win deals while protecting margins. These concepts apply to any salesperson in any industry and are based on the foundation that how you sell, not just what you sell, differentiates you.

    The strategies are presented in easy-to-understand stories and can quickly be put into practice. Divided into two sections, the what you sell chapters help salespeople:

    *Recognize that the expression we are the best causes differentiation to backfire.

    *Avoid the introspective question that frustrates salespeople and ask the right question to fire them up.

    *Understand what their true differentiators are and how to effectively position them with buyers.

    *Find differentiators in every nook and cranny of the company using the six components of the Sales Differentiation Universe.

    *Create strategies to position differentiators so buyers see value in them.

    The how you sell section teaches salespeople how to provide meaningful value to buyers and differentiate themselves in every stage of the sales process. This section helps salespeople:

    *Develop strategies to engage buyers and turn buyer objections into sales differentiation opportunities.

    *Shape buyer decision criteria around differentiators.

    *Turn a commoditized Request for Proposal (RFP) process into a differentiation opportunity.

    *Use a buyer request for references as a way to stand out from the competition.

    *Leverage the irrefutable, most powerful differentiator…themselves.

    Whether you’ve been selling for twenty years or are new to sales, the tools you learn in Sales Differentiation will help you knock-out the competition, build profitable new relationships, and win deals at the prices you want.

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  • Ahead Of The Game


    Be inspired to shatter your self-limiting beliefs and dare to pursue your life’s greatest achievements by the story of Delane Parnell, the unlikeliest of CEOs now leading a gaming empire at the center of the booming, multimillion-dollar Esports industry.

    Delane Parnell is not your typical tech entrepreneur. The 27-year-old was raised in the gang-riddled Detroit neighborhood known as 7 Mile & Burgess.

    This makes it all the more astonishing that Delane is founder and CEO of PlayVS, a 100-person company that is forever changing the gaming landscape in America. In April 2018, Esports (playing video games competitively) was added to the official list of sanctioned high school sports, and Parnell’s $400 million company is providing the infrastructure that hosts, compiles the statistics, and streams the matches, playoff tournaments, and state championships.

    Ahead of the Game is more than the incredible story of Delane and the motley group of underdogs and hustlers that helped build his company. Readers will also:

    *Learn how the growing Esports industry is changing the lives of students across the country who were previously not engaged in the high school experience.

    *Get a glimpse into a successful entrepreneur path unlike any other by following the story of how Delane Parnell created PlayVs in spite of the greatest of challenges.

    *Be inspired that there is hope and opportunity available to people who go against conventional paths to realize their dreams.

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  • Balancing Acts : Unleashing The Power Of Creativity In Your Life And Work


    Are you prepared to take the risks necessary to drive innovation and champion an environment of over-the-top invention? Cirque du Soliel CEO Daniel Lamarre shares what it takes for anyone, regardless of position or industry, to embrace the value of creative leadership.

    At the core of Cirque du Soliel’s lavish, multi-million-dollar productions is President and CEO Daniel Lamarre, who has mastered the ability to bring business and creativity together across multiple languages and cultures in a way that has never been seen before. The secrets he shares in Balancing Acts are rooted in tremendous faith in your own creative skills and those of the sharpest minds within your organization.

    Through Daniel’s story triumph and trials, you’ll learn:

    *How to shatter the perceived limitations standing in the way of your ability to think creatively and innovatively;

    *When to step up and when to step back so that your team can create a masterpiece that doesn’t break the bank;

    *How, in using the methods Daniel has uncovered, modern companies with entrenched bureaucracies can bring creativity and business together to foster innovation and boost profits; and

    *How to use creative thinking to lead your organization to new heights.

    Whether you work for one of the most creative organizations on the planet like Cirque du Soleil; in a stuffy corporate job; or somewhere in between–Balancing Acts is filled with principles that can strengthen and accelerate any business on the planet.

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  • 7 Minute Productivity Solution


    Productive days don’t just happen. They’re the result of upending the habits that aren’t working for us and developing ones that will. Using his proven 7-minute framework, productivity expert John Brandon reveals how to radically reduce digital distractions and revamp your routines for better focus, efficiency, and outcomes.

    The 7-Minute Productivity Solution shows you how to:
    – start your day- manage your schedule
    – stop obsessively checking email
    – take effective breaks
    – create compelling presentations
    – and more

    It only takes 7 minutes to transform your days from mindlessly reacting to whatever comes your way to mindfully structuring your time for maximum impact.

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  • 7 Minute Productivity Solution


    Productive days don’t just happen. They’re the result of upending the habits that aren’t working for us and developing ones that will. Using his proven 7-minute framework, productivity expert John Brandon reveals how to radically reduce digital distractions and revamp your routines for better focus, efficiency, and outcomes.

    The 7-Minute Productivity Solution shows you how to:
    – start your day- manage your schedule
    – stop obsessively checking email
    – take effective breaks
    – create compelling presentations
    – and more

    It only takes 7 minutes to transform your days from mindlessly reacting to whatever comes your way to mindfully structuring your time for maximum impact.

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  • Making Things Right At Work


    Workplace conflict is inevitable. When it happens, how can you get back on track?

    Like all relationships, the ones we have at work are subject to stresses–maybe even fractures that can really take a toll on the workplace. Productivity is lost. Time is wasted. Tension mounts. Cooperation is reduced. And the workplace becomes toxic. What’s the solution?

    In Making Things Right at Work, Dr. Gary Chapman, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The 5 Love Languages(R), is joined by business consultants Dr. Jennifer Thomas and Dr. Paul White to offer the strategies you need to restore harmony at work. You’ll learn:

    *How to discern the causes of workplace conflict
    *How to avoid unnecessary disputes
    *How to repair relationships when you’ve messed up
    *How to let go of past hurts and rebuild trust

    Don’t let broken relationships taint your work environment. Take the needed steps to make things right . . . not tomorrow, but today. The success of your career depends on it!

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  • Business Success : Original Classic Edition


    Timeless Business Strategies that will help you to build your successful business and life plan.

    The secrets to how to be successful in business are in these pages. Charles Schwab invested his life to create one of the biggest manufacturers in the world under Andrew Carnegie’s guidance. Dive into Charles Schwab’s guide to finances and business to learn how to change your mindset, gain wealth, and succeed in business.

    This classic text is essential reading if you want to learn how to get promoted, how to be a better leader and excel at your chosen profession. Apply the lessons to build you successful business and life plan!

    In these pages are the essentials for how to become a successful entrepreneur or businessman like John D. Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan, and Thomas Edison. Get an exclusive look at their success habits, methods and business strategies that made them the most successful business professionals in modern history.

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  • 8 Paradoxes Of Great Leadership


    Become a next generation leader–rich in emotional and social intelligence and orchestrating outstanding collaborative results–by mastering these eight status quo-shattering paradoxes.

    The Eight Paradoxes of Great Leadership unpacks the fresh strategies and new mindset required today from a next generation leader.

    Author Dr. Tim Elmore helps leaders of all kinds navigate increasingly complex, rapidly changing environments, as well as manage teams who bring a range of new demands and expectations to the workplace that haven’t been seen even one generation prior.

    After working alongside John C. Maxwell for twenty years, Tim offers counter-intuitive paradoxes that, when practiced, enable today’s leader to differentiate themselves and better connect with their team and customers. The book furnishes ideas that equip leaders to inspire team members in a way a paycheck never could.

    Having trained hundreds of thousands of young professionals to develop into leaders–Dr. Elmore shares the secrets of next generation leaders who have practiced the unique paradoxes outlined in this book and inspired their team members in a way that a paycheck never could.

    In The Eight Paradoxes of Great Leadership, readers will:

    *Learn how today’s team members require a combination of different qualities from their leaders than they did in even the recent past;

    *Grasp the importance of eight key paradoxes that are critical for next generation leaders to put into practice right now;

    *Be inspired by historic and modern-day leaders who lived the eight paradoxes; and

    *Understand how they too can lead with the eight paradoxes, guiding them to emotional and social intelligence that resonates with their teams and leads to outstanding collaborative results.

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  • Earning The Right To Be Heard


    This is your practical, step-by-step guide to selling ideas, building influence, and growing opportunities in the most effective manner possible.

    What causes decision-makers to really listen to what you have to say? It can be very frustrating when the gatekeepers to your personal and professional success seem disinterested in your thoughts and suggestions. You can’t assume that good ideas will yield positive results, nor that a strong desire will enable you to surmount all obstacles and objections. You have to understand the decision-making process–the psychology behind why people say “yes” to some propositions and not others–and use this information to motivate the right people to take action.

    In this book, you will learn how to earn the right to be heard, as well as how to use your newfound influence to get more of what you want. Communication, persuasion, and negotiation do not have to be mysterious processes–all you have to do is package your ideas in a way that ensures key players will not only respond favorably to your advice, but seek it out in the future. Earning the Right to Be Heard offers the time-tested information, tools, and techniques for mastering the art of building influence, including how to:

    *captivate your audience and set the stage for communication success
    *demonstrate your credibility and competence
    *anticipate, and prepare compelling responses to, the questions all decision-makers must *have answered
    *inspire action by convincing others to adopt your perspective
    *maximize your impact through follow-up and results analysis

    Let Earning the Right to Be Heard help you discover the sweet spot of strategic communication so that you can gain respect and authority, attract more professional opportunities, and become a decision-maker yourself.

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  • Diversity Playbook : Recommendations And Guidance For Christian Organizatio


    To come together, we all need the same playbook.

    Diversity Playbook offers a unique opportunity to gain a sneak peek into the world of the other. Michelle R. Loyd-Paige and Michelle D. Williams note that many diversity efforts fail simply because organizations don’t share a common language as they talk about diversity. To address this problem, they offer insights within three key areas for Christian organizations:

    Section One?Wisdom for Diversity Professionals

    Section Two?Guidance for Outliers, Allies, and Co-conspirators

    Section Three?Strengthening Diversity throughout Your Organization

    Building on their years of experience in Christian higher education, Loyd-Page and Williams share pitfalls to avoid and plans that can extend God’s ministry of reconciliation to everyone. Their work will help your organization become better at changing hearts and broadening minds.

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  • Cloud Revolution : How The Convergence Of New Technologies Will Unleash The


    When it comes to predicting how technology changes our near future, there are two camps. One says we live at a time of a “new normal” where we’ve netted all the low-hanging fruit and ordering a ride or food on a smartphone is as good as it’s going to get. The other camp sees lots of changes but mainly in destroying jobs and traditional businesses. They’re both wrong predicts Mark P. Mills.

    History will record the 2020s as one of the rare pivots when technology-driven prosperity goes into high gear. It doesn’t come from any single ‘big’ invention, but from the convergence of radical advances in technologies in three great domains: microprocessors infused into everything; machines used for making and moving everything; and materials, unprecedented and novel ones, from which everything is built. And now the “Cloud,” history’s biggest and newest infrastructure emerging from the building blocks of next generation microprocessors and artificial intelligence, accelerates progress across all those domains.

    We’ve seen this pattern before. The structure of the technological revolution that drove the 20th century’s great economic expansion can be traced to a similar convergence visible in the 1920s: a new information infrastructure (telephony), new machines (cars and power plants), and new materials (plastics and pharmaceuticals). It’s true that we’ve wrung much of the magic out of technologies that fueled the last boom. But last time there was no Cloud. The next boom starts now. And the U.S. is again at the epicenter of these innovations, ones that promise to upend the status quo in manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, education, energy and entertainment.

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  • Jump : Dare To Do What Scares You In Business And Life


    Learn the specific practices and mindset that separates those who overcome the number one hurdle to their success, fear of failure, from those who do not-led by a thought leader who has advised and invested in some of the most innovative executives, entrepreneurs, and leaders in the world.

    Jump doesn’t sugarcoat any of its lessons about mustering the bravery to take huge leaps.

    Instead, technology trailblazer Kim Perell-who was sued, served, and bankrupted before becoming an award-winning entrepreneur, CEO, and multi-millionaire angel investor-teaches readers how to get comfortable being uncomfortable, navigate their fears, and trust themselves to defy the odds and reach unmatched levels of success.

    Outlining the clear, actionable steps that separate those who succeed from those who do not, this book:

    *Empowers aspiring entrepreneurs with the mindsets that move them forward so they can overcome fear, rejection, and failure.

    *Teaches individuals in stagnant jobs looking for a career change how to make a calculated risk that can pay off, and how to make it with confidence.

    *Encourages readers to get out of their comfort zones and take decisive action despite self-doubt.

    Based on the personal experiences she’s had with thousands of entrepreneurs, business professionals, and investors over the last two decades, Kim arms her readers with the knowledge, tactics, and mindset to defy the odds, move forward with confidence, and overcome fear, rejection, and failure on their way to phenomenal success.

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  • Unleashing Your Hero


    Develop, expand, and share your gifts as a leader to inspire others to use their own individual talents in extraordinary ways-from one of the county’s most sought-after motivational speakers with a 30+ year career in franchise development.

    In Unleashing Your Hero, renowned speaker Kevin Brown shares how the heroes who transformed his life are people just like you. People who stepped up and used their talents to make a positive difference within the hectic moments of everyday life. The same person your employees are looking to and trusting in for guidance and support.

    Through his real-life examples and stories, Kevin will:

    *Provide you with a new definition of what it means to be a hero who inspires others to rise above and beyond in extraordinary ways.

    *Unpack the four characteristics of a hero, based on the entertaining and enlightening true stories of heroes who entered and forever enriched his life.

    *Help you recognize the extraordinary gifts within you and learn how to share those gifts to make life better for yourself and those you influence.

    The unconventional yet probable path to business and personal success outlined in Unleashing Your Hero will help you and those you lead build extraordinary, fulfilling, impactful lives-at a time when your employees and your organization need the hero within you more than ever.

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  • unReceptive : A Better Way To Sell, Lead, And Influence


    In sharp contrast to the traditional approach to selling, learn how shifting the focus from crafting the perfect message to creating receptivity to your message will not only help you convert the formerly unwinnable customer but also transform the relationships that matter most.

    Any time we are trying to influence another person, there are two dimensions at play. The first is a person’s willingness to listen; the second is what we say. Unfortunately, most of us have been taught to focus on the second. Which is why sales is an industry with a 98% failure rate. The ability to convert the 80%+ of people who are unreceptive, requires a new mindset and skillset.

    In unReceptive, Tom Stanfill shares his proven methodology that has been road-tested for decades by hundreds of thousands of sales professionals, workshop participants, and industry experts who have used the tools in this book to convert even the most disinterested of prospects and customers.

    Unpacking the same mindset and skillset that has made Tom’s sales training company a successful and sought-after secret weapon in sales conversions, in unReceptive you will learn: ?

    *The one decision you can make before every meeting or call that will drastically improve your ability to convert the unreceptive.

    *How to eliminate resistance and make selling easy and enjoyable, while experiencing a deeper sense of purpose.

    *To master a new approach to navigating the most challenging barriers in sales–opening a “closed” door, uncovering the unfiltered truth, and converting the most jaded customers and prospects.

    *To adopt the tested and true operating system the top 1% of the most persuasive and influential people have that the other 99% do not.

    These are not new gimmicks or sales tricks. unreceptive unleashes the power of a sales method that has worked for hundreds of thousands of salespeople all over the world, shifting the focus from crafting the perfect message to creating receptivity, and flipping the entire art of selling on its head.

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  • Leaders Mind : How Great Leaders Prepare, Perform, And Prevail


    Clear and concise steps to develop the confidence and mental edge that sets you apart as a trailblazing leader-the same approach thousands of professional athletes have used to become champions.

    The Leader’s Mind taps into the same tips and techniques honed by top-tier athletes, such as how to get in a “zone,” thrive on a team, and stay humble, to become a champion at work and the ultimate team player at home.

    Based on high-performance psychology research and Dr. Jim Afremow’s two decades of experience providing mental training services across the globe to athletes and business leaders, The Leader’s Mind will help you master:

    *Valuable leadership lessons through powerful parables and stories from well-known leaders.

    *The actionable steps leaders must take to change their thinking and become the leader they want to be.

    *The necessary mindset to push through the challenges you face and take control of the direction your career and home life are taking.

    *Tips and techniques to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds and challenges in order to excel.

    Stop struggling with the expectations you face at work and at home by fundamentally changing the way you process what’s happening in your life. The mental edge that sets elite athletes apart outlined in this book will help you become the champion leader you want to be.

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  • Overcoming Your Villains


    Whether you’re facing the glass ceiling, a toxic work environment, or anything in between, limit-breaking female founder Heather Monahan’s 3-Step BAK process will help you evaluate and eliminate any outside or self-defeating blockers between where you are now and where you deserve to be.

    If you’ve ever felt alone, down, defeated, or discouraged-this book’s for you.

    If you’ve ever been unsure of your next move or felt your confidence slip just when you
    needed it the most-this book is definitely for you.

    Author and entrepreneur Heather Monahan will help you learn the easy but remarkable steps you can take to overcome the negative people and other challenges we all encounter at work and at home, find real and lasting happiness, and achieve the success you deserve in your career and in your personal life.

    Growing up in poverty, Heather leapfrogged the tremendous obstacles in her life to reach the pinnacle of success in business-only to lose it all when she was fired by the villain who was her new boss. She has seen the worst of the worst when it comes to the destruction a toxic workplace can have on someone’s perception of themselves and their outlook for the future. In these pages, she lights the beacon on your path towards stepping into and then stomping out your fear to reach your full potential-regardless of the level of trauma you’ve experienced or are currently experiencing in your workplace.

    Overcoming Your Villains will help you learn:

    *Heather’s 3-Step BAK process to evaluate your situation and identify a clear path forward.

    *How to deal with (or overcome) a toxic environment, whether that be at work, at home, or in your own head.

    All the options you have to reach your full potential, and how to immediately start pursuing them.

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  • Focused And Free


    In Focused and Free, author John Martin presents a practical, motivating, and concise line of action for overcoming nerve-wracking obstacles and achieving elite levels of success in your personal life and business. Using memorable anecdotes, quotes, and insightful questions that cause you to examine your life in an honest way, he gives you the tools to clearly define, plan, and achieve your goals no matter how big or small they may be.

    Every day we face tough decisions, nagging tasks, and unexpected threats to our success when we are brave enough to challenge ourselves and chase our dreams. Based on many years of research including the trial-and-error method, John Martin offers the keys to freedom and opportunity using the often-untapped resource of focused planning and targeted action including:

    *Picturing your dream of success with pinpoint accuracy.
    *Planning your journey to achievement through critical research and preparation.
    *Overcoming the frustration of indecision and overthinking once and for all.
    *Developing effective strategies for perseverance in the face of failure.
    *Attaining mental and financial freedom faster than you ever dreamed possible.

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  • Skin In The Game


    A journey of discovery to uncover the unique combination of qualities within you that, when combined with the sage advice and proven practices of entrepreneurial visionary Jane Wurwand, will lead you to your true purpose: a meaningful career and a happy life.

    I know I have a bigger purpose, but how can I find it?

    As Dermalogica founder Jane Wurwand helps you peel back the layers from each of your unique traits-including the ones you perceive to be your biggest disadvantages-you’ll finally have unblocked access to the complete range of talents and ideas within you to seize your potential and achieve your best life.

    Jane herself did this very same thing. She used what she learned about herself to build a skincare empire, adopting a business model that was prevalent in the UK but unheard of in the US. She developed a line of skincare products and a system of teaching salon owners how to use them that has evolved into a multi-million-dollar international business.

    Through Jane’s proven practices and real-word experiences building Dermalogica one step at a time and growing it to become the leading professional skin care brand, you will learn:

    *How to discover the work that will fulfill you and infuse your life with meaning and value.
    *How to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges between the life you’re living now and the life you deserve.

    *What work-life balance means to you, not what society tells you it should be.

    Business leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs-you don’t have to feel stuck or frustrated any longer. After applying the lessons in Found, you will be able to look towards a new future, confident in the choices you are making in your life, in your career, and in your impact on the world.

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  • Bet On Yourself


    Earn your place at the top of even the most crowed workplace by applying the crucial lessons in leadership and professional development outlined in these pages-based on the secrets author and Silicon Valley veteran Ann Hiatt learned working alongside three of the world’s most famous tech titans.

    Working in the shadows of Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Google’s Eric Schmidt, and Yahoo’s Marissa Meyer, Ann Hiatt learned to speak up and earn the recognition she worked so hard for. Now, she is here to help others shine in a crowded workplace and master their careers. After applying the crucial lessons in leadership and professional development outlined in these pages, you will have the confidence to cultivate your own professional identity, independent of your team or boss, that will help you get unstuck and lead you to exactly where you want to be in your career.

    Through Ann Hiatt’s guidance and stories being at the right hand of some of the biggest names in tech-Bet on Yourself will teach you:
    *How to define your abilities and speak up so that you can be recognized for the work that you do and the unique capabilities you bring to the table.

    *How to create a career of your own, independent of the people and company where you work.

    *What it takes to build the confidence you need to build your dream career.

    *How to exchange your frustration over not getting the recognition you deserve for praise over the job you’re doing and take control of your professional identity.

    There is no better time than now to stifle the hesitation to voice your ideas out of fear you won’t be taken seriously and to step out of the shadows to cultivate your own professional identity.

    Get the recognition you deserve. Step into the career you’ve always dreamed of.

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  • Self Aware Leader


    What’s the single greatest obstacle leaders face in their development, effectiveness, and advancement?

    Lack of self-awareness!

    When leaders don’t see themselves clearly, understand their strengths and weaknesses, or recognize their negative interactions with their team, they limit their influence and undermine their own effectiveness. What’s the solution? Better self-leadership.

    Dr. John C. Maxwell’s The Self-Aware Leader will help any leader become more self-aware, focused, and confident. In this short yet insightful volume, you can learn:

    *How to Gauge Your Effectiveness as a Leader
    *How to Make Better Choices that Lead to Success
    *How to Discover and Correct Your Own Mistakes
    *How to Improve Your Leadership with the Team
    *How to Make the Right Trades in Your Career

    With fifty years of leading and teaching experience, Maxwell, the most influential leadership expert in the world, can help you become your best leadership self.

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  • Wake Up : The Powerful Guide To Changing Your Mind About What It Means To R


    Why would you settle for an ordinary life when you have an extraordinary mind? Break your good life into six bite-size pieces so you can live a successful life without regret.

    What this world needs now more than ever are women who think differently. Every action taken or decision made is affected by our thoughts, mindset, and beliefs about the world. Our fears, excuses, procrastination, and self-sabotage must change if we want to impact our lives in any meaningful way. So, what is the secret to discovering lasting fulfillment in a culture that wants us sleeping?

    In Wake Up!, Lindsay Teague Moreno explores the six core foundations for a fulfilled life and the mindset shift that can occur when you stop looking at the expectations you put on yourself. Through stories and tough questions, you will emerge more prepared to live the kind of life that feels right, regardless of what other people think of it.

    In the areas of relationships, health, finance, business, and personal and spiritual life, Wake Up! will help you assess what you believe and how that affects your success. Then Moreno walks you through how to burn down the old ways to build the life of your dreams by:

    *Squeezing lessons out of life’s biggest letdowns,
    *Finding fulfillment in the middle of the fire,
    *Shifting your mindset to control your thoughts and make the future happen on purpose, and
    *Living a life with no excuses and nothing to lose.

    “Creating a vision of the life we’d like to live isn’t hard. In fact, it’s pretty fun and satisfying,” says Moreno. “It’s easy to see all the problems we have now and say, ‘If this wasn’t a problem, then I’d be happy.’ But that’s just a lie we tell ourselves to keep ourselves safe and warm in the house and story we’ve built for ourselves.”

    Moreno will also share ways you can change your mindset in each core foundation so that your life works for you, rather than the other way around. Perfect for women who work inside or outside the home, Wake Up! will show you why it’s so important to understand how and why we change our minds and wake up to what we really believe.

    Only you can emit that special energy that comes from being brave enough to live a life you’ll never regret. Whole-life fulfillment is only a mindset shift away.

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  • Change Has Changed


    The Greek philosopher Heraclitus said change is the only constant in life.

    But the world has experienced so much upheaval since January 2020 that change itself has changed! In business, the church, and nonprofits, leaders are being left in the dust as events and challenges speed by in a blur. The pace of change was accelerating before…but the pandemic pressed the pedal to the floor.

    “We’re at an inflection point,” says leadership architect and change strategist Sam Chand. “The way things were isn’t the way things will be.”

    In his new book Change Has Changed, Sam sets out to help leaders understand the evolving nature of change so that they can guide their organizations with wisdom and confidence.

    He examines three major shifts that he likens to three simultaneous earthquakes:

    *Our environment has changed. People are working from home, many businesses may never reopen, and the way we shop, handle health needs, and even go to church has changed.

    *We have changed. We’ve learned to live with rampant uncertainty and a raft full of nagging fears–but our bodies and our souls weren’t meant for this!

    *The people around ushave changed. They are frustrated, isolated, depressed, anxious, and angry. They just don’t feel safe.

    Sam tackles these and related issues head-on by offering lessons that will empower leaders to be ready for the next normal.

    “We used to talk about a new normal as if it’s the end point of change,” Sam explains, “but if we’ve learned anything in the past months, it’s that change is perpetual, and we need to anticipate the next one on the horizon.”

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  • Theory Of Accountability



    You may think you know what this familiar formula means, but until you read Sam Silverstein’s breakthrough book, you will not know its true power or its potential. This is the Accountability Formula(TM), and it forms the heart of the Theory of Accountability(TM).

    Silverstein’s Theory of Accountability has nothing to do with physics, the speed of light, or the relationship between space and time. It has everything to do with personal and organizational growth, and with establishing the kind of leadership in your own life that makes excuses a thing of the past…and inspires true commitment from others.

    The Theory of Accountability states: Our lived EXPERIENCE is the direct result of our MINDSET and our COMMITMENT SQUARED.

    Silverstein’s new book examines each of these critical elements in depth, and shows you how to leverage the power of accountability to create a sustainable high-performance life and organization.

    E stands for Experience. Our experience is the results: the outcomes we achieve in our life, in our business, and everywhere else. It is what we produce. Our experience impacts the lives of everyone we come in contact with. The problem is, all too often, our experience is erratic, random, unplanned, and dysfunctional–with results to match.

    M stands for Mindset. The accountable mindset is based on a conscious decision to embrace possibility rather than fear. When decisions are driven by fear, our experience and the experience of everyone we come in contact with suffers. On the other hand, when decisions are driven by a set of beliefs that are based on valuing people, and on a foundation of abundance rather than scarcity, our experience improves.

    C2 stands for Commitment Squared. How do we ensure that our mindset is driven by possibility and abundance, rather than by fear and scarcity? By focusing on our ability to make, keep, and expand specific commitments. There is truly awesome power in commitment. The quality of the results you achieve is always based on two things: how committed you are to people, and how committed you are to your mindset and your core beliefs. These are the two commitments of the accountable person. When both kinds of commitments are in full play, when you are all in, you are living to your full potential. Such commitments are like compound interest, because they produce increasingly greater results over time.

    Sam’s latest book offers leaders a proven system for taking control of your life and

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  • At Your Best


    An influential podcaster and thought leader provides time, energy, and priority management tactics to help you crush it at work and thrive at home.

    Whether you’re feeling spread too thin in the workplace or feel caught in a constant tug of war between accomplishment and relationship, Carey Nieuwhof wants to help you take control of your calendar so you can build the life you want.

    All too often, we find ourselves stuck in the midst of a Stress Spiral, downward and backward momentum impeding our pursuit of bigger gains and deeper connection. Nieuwhof’s Strive Cycle will help you identify unnecessary stressors, troubleshoot energy vampires, and overcome priority paralysis.

    Do What You’re Best at When You’re at Your Best will provide the coaching you need to:
    *Identify and optimize your personal green zone, that daily segment of peak impact
    *Familiarize yourself with your individualized energy clock
    *Establish a fixed calendar to maximize your output and protect your leisure time

    It’s time to take control of your calendar, invest your energy for the highest possible returns, and get your life back.

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  • Sparked : Discover Your Unique Imprint For Work That Makes You Come Alive


    Is your life everything you want it to be? If not, why not? Uncover your unique mix of motivation, talent, and drive that, when combined, will pinpoint precisely what you are meant to do and exactly how to get started.

    Many of us find ourselves chasing society’s vision of success. Yet, as the national rate of depression continues to rise, it’s clearer than ever that we aren’t meant to chase a uniform vision of success. We are meant to chase our own vision of success. And Sparked will help you pinpoint what your unique vision looks like and how to start your journey to achieve it.

    Jonathan Fields, founder of the Good Life Project, has conducted years of interviews with highly successful leaders in every industry who are doing what they are uniquely meant to do and finding fulfilling success in doing it. In these interviews, he noticed patterns and commonalities along their career paths. Using this information and additional extensive research, he has defined ten distinct Sparketypes: the Maker, the Scientist, the Maven, the Essentialist, the Performer, the Advisor, the Nurturer, the Warrior, the Sage, and the Advocate.

    Sparked is made up of case studies, stories, and real-world applications, creating the comprehensive Sparketype bible to help people discover what they are meant to do and how to get started.

    In this book, Jonathan picks up where his highly popular Sparketype test leaves off to help readers:
    *Evaluate the cause and get to the core of their unhappiness in their profession;
    *Determine their Sparketype and Shadow Sparketype to better understand their strengths and preferences;
    *Identify the action steps they need to take to transform their career and life; and
    *Start the process of professional discovery.

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  • Master Mentors : 30 Transformative Insights From Our Greatest Business Mind


    For busy professionals and lifelong learners seeking practical strategies for reaching new heights, Master Mentors distills 40 essential learnings from Seth Godin, Susan Cain, Doris Kearns Goodwin, General Stanley McChrystal, and other top business minds and thought leaders of our time.

    In Scott Miller’s 23-year career as Executive Vice President of Thought Leadership at personal development powerhouse FranklinCovey, one of the key strengths he credits for helping reach his current position is to learn the habits of those who have made it to the top. This curiosity drove him to create his popular podcast, On Leadership with Scott Miller,where he interviews the leading thinkers of our time, including Seth Godin, Susan Cain, Doris Kearns Goodwin, General Stanley McChrystal, and many others.

    Master Mentors distills one transformative insight from each of 40 of the most powerful interviews conducted on his podcast. In each case, he calls out the key learning that made the greatest impact on his life or career, describes how he currently uses it and the impact it continues to have on him, and then gives readers simple steps to implement it in their own lives.

    Readers will:

    *Experience the incredible impact realized when you leverage key insights from the world’s most brilliant business and leadership thinkers.

    *Understand essential concepts like Seth Godin’s Smallest Viable Market principle or Karen Dillion’s Deliberate vs. Emergent strategy.

    *Reengage with their careers and lives in new, exciting ways, restoring their commitment to growth and leading to greater success.

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  • Brand Aid : A Quick Reference Guide To Solving Your Branding Problems And S


    A catchy business name and a smart logo may get you a few clicks, but to create a sustaining image for your organization and build continual success will require the perfect branding statement. The essence of an organization begins with establishing its brand, therefore it is absolutely essential to get it right. Brand managers, marketers, and executives have long turned to the trusted principles in Brand Aid to troubleshoot their branding problems.

    Written by an acknowledged branding expert with 30 years of experience building world-class brands, this must-have guide covers topics ranging from research and positioning to brand equity management and architecture strategy.

    The latest edition has collected illuminating case studies, best practices, and the latest research in order to offer invaluable advice on every aspect of brand management, including:
    – The 6 most powerful sources of brand differentiation
    – 5 elements that trigger brand insistence
    – Turning brand strategy into advertising
    – Online branding
    – Social responsibility, sustainability, and storytelling
    – 60 nontraditional marketing techniques
    – And more

    An organization cannot afford to get their branding wrong. With the treasure trove of techniques, templates, and rules of thumb found in Brand Aid, it won’t!

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