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  • Beyond The Scars


    Can Faith Be Restored?

    The weight of pain, resentment, and anger can easily overwhelm you. In Beyond the Scars, Amy K. Collier shares her story of depression, mental and physical abuse, and multiple suicide attempts. But the worst part was that she felt abandoned and punished by God.

    Amy’s inspiring transformation didn’t happen overnight. She struggled on her road to recovery with fear, doubt, and loneliness. Until God revealed that she had never been alone. That turning point put her on a path to healing, and she now runs a successful business and is a prominent person in her community.

    We all carry scars. We all have broken parts. And we all have a chance at redemption and a new life. Just like Amy.

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  • Gift Of Joy And Hope


    God is joyful. And He wants us to be full of joy, too.

    The past few years have been extremely challenging, but even in dark times, the light of joy can shine bright.

    True joy, says Pope Francis, is not a fleeting sentiment or a short-term solution to suffering; it springs from a solid hope that nothing and no one can take away.

    A Gift of Joy and Hope is an invitation to embrace authentic beauty and a reminder to be open to encountering God, even in the midst of challenges. In this inspiring collection, Pope Francis encourages readers to change attitudes that exclude others; to reveal the deep dissatisfaction we all hide; and to overcome life’s challenges with courage and faith. He also challenges readers to hope without pessimism or doubt, to hope even in the midst of anxiety, to recognize the beauty all around us, and to let God show us how to deal with your doubts and fears.

    This book aims to encourage readers to look outside themselves and believe that hope is still possible and that joy always has the last word.

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  • Finding Grace : The Inspiring True Story Of Therapy Dogs Bringing Comfort,


    A powerful true story of what God can do through a willing heart and a wagging tail

    After a devastating series of personal losses, Larry Randolph finally had things under control. Then one morning while praying, he felt God speak two simple words to his heart: “Therapy dogs.”

    There was only one problem. Larry didn’t have a dog, and hadn’t since the loss of his beloved basset hound, Gus. Why would God say that? Could Larry even open himself up to loving a dog again? He had far more questions than answers.

    But then came Grace.

    Together, Larry and his beloved yellow lab Gracie brought hope and healing to hundreds of sick and lonely people. But when Larry’s own life takes a shocking and terrifying turn, it’s up to Gracie to rescue Larry and his family too.

    *Perfect for those looking for gifts for dog lovers and fans of animal stories
    *Told with humor and heart
    *Full of life lessons
    *Includes photo gallery

    Written by Jennifer Marshall Bleakley (Joey and Pawverbs) and Larry Randolph, Finding Grace is the inspiring true story of a man willing to take a leap of faith and the four-legged companions by his side.

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  • Our Daily Bread 2024 Inspirational Wall Calendar


    Life is full, but pause to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation through this calendar’s full-color photos from around the world and monthly verses from God’s Word.

    Each page provides ample space to record appointments, significant milestones, and special memories, along with a daily Bible reading plan. Prayer prompts remind you to pray for God’s people all over the world.

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  • Chicken Soup For The Soul Angels And The Miraculous


    These true personal stories of angels, miracles, answered prayers, and the unexplainable will deepen your faith and strengthen your hope.

    Miracles happen every day, to people just like you. And angels are all around us – we just need to keep our eyes and hearts open to them. You’ll be inspired, awed and comforted by these 101 true stories from people who’ve been visited by angels and blessed by miracles. And this book will serve as a reminder that these visitations and blessings can happen for you!

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  • Lucky Girl : Lessons On Overcoming Odds And Building A Limitless Future


    Sprinter, long jumper, and Paralympian Scout Bassett shares the lessons she’s learned battling the toughest challenges facing young women today.

    As an infant in China, Scout Bassett was the victim of a fire, causing her to lose her right leg. She spent the next seven years in an orphanage before being adopted and whisked away to the United States, where she felt foreign in every way.

    Though she defied the odds and became a gold medalist and world-record holder, Scout fought against adversity her entire life-and mostly off the track. As a disabled person, a minority, and a woman in America, she’s struggled in a culture that can make anyone-no matter who you are-feel like an outsider-an other.

    In Lucky Girl Scout shares ten lessons she’s learned to help readers overcome some of the most difficult challenges in life today. With vulnerability, humor, and warmth, she addresses issues of identity, loneliness, image, purpose, and high expectations, among others, and offers advice for how to face them.

    Scout began her journey to embrace who she is-past and all-by never forgetting where she comes from or who she is. With this guidebook on adversity and life, learn how to make peace with your past, own your identity, and create your own luck.

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  • Finding Grace : The Inspiring True Story Of Therapy Dogs Bringing Comfort,


    A powerful true story of what God can do through a willing heart and a wagging tail

    After a devastating series of personal losses, Larry Randolph finally had things under control. Then one morning while praying, he felt God speak two simple words to his heart: “Therapy dogs.”

    There was only one problem. Larry didn’t have a dog, and hadn’t since the loss of his beloved basset hound, Gus. Why would God say that? Could Larry even open himself up to loving a dog again? He had far more questions than answers.

    But then came Grace.

    Together, Larry and his beloved yellow lab Gracie brought hope and healing to hundreds of sick and lonely people. But when Larry’s own life takes a shocking and terrifying turn, it’s up to Gracie to rescue Larry and his family too.

    *Perfect for those looking for gifts for dog lovers and fans of animal stories
    *Told with humor and heart
    *Full of life lessons
    *Includes photo gallery

    Written by Jennifer Marshall Bleakley (Joey and Pawverbs) and Larry Randolph, Finding Grace is the inspiring true story of a man willing to take a leap of faith and the four-legged companions by his side.

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  • 6 : The Untold Story Of America’s First Women Astronauts


    In the bestselling tradition of Hidden Figures and Code Girls, the remarkable true story of America’s first women astronauts-six extraordinary women, each making history going to orbit aboard NASA’s Space Shuttle.

    When NASA sent astronauts to the moon in the 1960s and 1970s the agency excluded women from the corps, arguing that only military test pilots-a group then made up exclusively of men-had the right stuff. It was an era in which women were steered away from jobs in science and deemed unqualified for space flight. Eventually, though, NASA recognized its blunder and opened the application process to a wider array of hopefuls, regardless of race or gender. From a candidate pool of 8,000 six elite women were selected in 1978-Sally Ride, Judy Resnik, Anna Fisher, Kathy Sullivan, Shannon Lucid, and Rhea Seddon.

    In The Six, acclaimed journalist Loren Grush shows these brilliant and courageous women enduring claustrophobic-and sometimes deeply sexist-media attention, undergoing rigorous survival training, and preparing for years to take multi-million-dollar payloads into orbit. Together, the Six helped build the tools that made the space program run. One of the group, Judy Resnik, sacrificed her life when the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded at 46,000 feet. Everyone knows of Sally Ride’s history-making first space ride, but each of the Six would make their mark.

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  • Geared For Life


    After a tiring day of the same old routine you catch yourself mindlessly scrolling through social media yet again. Frustrated, you can’t help but think “Is this really all there is to life?” Monster Jam driver and motivational speaker Bryce Kenny has been there. In his new book, Geared for Life: Making the Shift Into Your Full Potential, he aims to help others uncover their dreams and dare to be brave.

    The pressure to succeed can be overwhelming, yet sometimes it paralyzes us into settling for less. Kenny is here to help you rise up to the challenge and make the impact you’ve always wanted. He presents specific principles that he’s developed in his own life that will help you find direction and shape your future. Whether you’re entering the job market or going into a new business venture, you need the courage to give it your all.

    Through personal stories, lessons, and proven results, Kenny provides you with the inspiration you need to change your mindset and turn your life around. Geared for Life will teach you how to:

    *Gain new perspectives and strategies to get through difficult situations
    *Develop foundational beliefs that will result in more productive actions toward your goals
    *Learn skills to overcome fear and gain confidence in your abilities
    *Identify your life’s purpose
    *Develop the mindset of a winner and defeat any challenge

    A well-written guide for anyone seeking to reject a life of monotony and overcome the fear of failure, Geared for Life is a motivating and energetic guide that will equip you to fight for a life of purpose and accomplish your wildest dreams. You are a warrior and you have what it takes to be great!

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  • UnPHILtered : The Way I See It


    The beloved patriarch of A&E’s(R) Duck Dynasty(R) series, Phil Robertson, shares his thoughtful–and opinionated–philosophy on life.

    In Phil Robertson’s #1 New York Times bestseller, Happy, Happy, Happy, we learned about Phil’s colorful past and the wild road to becoming the beloved patriarch of A&E’s smash hit show, Duck Dynasty. Now, he returns to share his philosophy on life, which can be summed up in five short words. Love God, love your neighbor.

    In this inspirational and entertaining book, you will learn what makes Phil Robertson tick. Robertson shares his views on faith–and how it has totally changed his way of life and how he treats others; family–how he raised his kids and is raising grandkids while teaching them the life principles he lives by; ducks–and the business principles that started the Duck Commander empire; marriage–including what he’s learned from his own marriage; and of course, his opinions on controversial topics like gun control, taxes, prayer in school, and the government.

    unPHILtered is the ultimate guide to everything Phil Robertson believes in. Balancing his sometimes off-the-wall comments with his strong focus on home and family life, it is sure to spark discussion, laughs, and a sincere appreciation for Phil’s unique approach to life.

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  • White And Faded


    The only thing more beautiful than home transformation is personal transformation. Bring new life into your home and your soul through the gorgeous photography, inspiring story, and creative design ideas from Janet Parrella-Van Den Berg, founder of popular UK brand White & Faded. Journey through these hope-filled pages, and discover the hidden beauty in your own home and life.

    In White & Faded, Janet Parrella-Van Den Berg takes you on a stunning photographic tour through her restored English homes as she invites you into her personal journey of restoring her own sense of value and purpose–and reveals how you can do the same.

    So what is White & Faded? As Janet explains, she loves white things as a culmination of all colors and a representation of new mercies. And she loves faded things, such as cast-aside furniture, as a reminder that even what is painful or imperfect can be repurposed to reveal hidden beauty. Janet gives insights into both the literal and metaphorical aspects of white and faded as she draws on her decades of experience to offer:

    *Full-color photography of restored English country homes, including a 1767 Georgian rectory in Kent and a home originally built in 1500

    *Practical restoration tips–from large-scale homes to smaller antiques

    *Fresh decorative ideas you can adapt to your own style, home, and season of life

    *Fun inspiration–from antique to modern–ideal for fans of HGTV and Magnolia Network

    *Inspiration to incorporate a touch of seasonal charm throughout the year

    *How to make white work with kids and pets

    *Janet’s own remarkable story of trauma, love, and rediscovered identity

    How will you create a place in your life where you feel loved, find healing, and discover new treasures? Sometimes seeing the past through new eyes gives hope for the future–and looking ahead can be a beautiful way to come home.

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  • Best Of You


    How would your life change if you could show up as your true self?

    Do you sometimes feel so stuck in an endless cycle of meeting everyone else’s needs and expectations that you lose sight of your own? You want to give the best of yourself to others. But what happens when people hurt or take advantage of you? What happens when life doesn’t go your way, despite your best efforts?

    The Best of You reveals breakthrough strategies to discover your true self, find your voice, set wise limits, and still be a loving person. For over twenty years, Dr. Alison Cook has brought together faith and psychology to help thousands of women reclaim their confidence, find their purpose, and develop the authentic connections they crave. Her unique wisdom will help you answer these tough questions:

    *How do I put a stop to painful patterns that keep recurring in my life?
    *How do I find my voice and speak up for myself?
    *What if other people respond with anger, blame, or a guilt trip?
    *How do I trust myself to make wise decisions even in difficult circumstances?

    You don’t have to stay stuck, overwhelmed, or defeated. The Best of You gives you the path to the life and relationships that God designed for you to enjoy.

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  • Every Step Is Home


    Globetrotting travel writer Lori Erickson has long searched for the sacred in locations and cultures far from home as well as in her beloved Iowa. But when the pandemic put both air travel and in-person worship off-limits, Lori and her husband hit the road with a camper in tow to discover spiritual sites and experiences in their own home country.

    From the Serpent Mound of Ohio to the Redwoods of California-and, ultimately, by air to see natural wonders in Alaska and Hawaii-Erickson uncovers deep connections both to the lands that now make up the United States and to the elements that have had sacred meaning to people throughout history and across the globe. Through her profound, informative, and witty reflections on the power of stone, water, light, fire, and more, readers will discover new destinations in North America while deepening their own connection to spirit. Whether exploring national parks or visiting holy sites, this book makes for the perfect spiritual companion and guide.

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  • Crazy Faith : It’s Only Crazy Until It Happens


    From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Relationship Goals . . . Will you be remembered as a person who claimed to follow God but liked to play it safe? Or as a person who lived your life out on the limb and trusted God enough to live in crazy faith?
    Noah looked crazy when he started building the ark . . . until it started raining. It was crazy for Moses to lead a nation of people into the desert away from Egypt . . . until the Red Sea parted. It was crazy to believe that a fourteen-year-old virgin would give birth to the Son of God . . . until Mary held Jesus in her arms.

    There are many things that seem normal or average today that at one point in time seemed absolutely crazy. Smartphones, Wi-Fi, and even the electric light bulb were all groundbreaking, history-making inventions that started out as crazy ideas. Our see-it-to-believe-it generation tends to have a hard time exercising true faith–one that steps out, takes action, and sees mountain-moving results. Many of us would rather play it safe and stand on the sidelines, but it’s crazy faith that helps us see God move and reveals His promises.

    In Crazy Faith, Pastor Michael Todd shows us how to step out in faith and dive into the purposeful life of trusting God for the impossible. Even if you have to start with baby faith or maybe faith, you can become empowered to let go of your lazy faith, trust God through your hazy faith, and learn to live a lifestyle of crazy faith. With powerful stories of modern-day faith warriors who take their cues from biblical heroes, Michael Todd equips you to:

    – believe for the impossible
    – choose hope over fear
    – be alert to the voice of God
    – cope with loss and doubt
    – develop a deeper level of trust in God
    – speak faith-filled declarations
    – inspire crazy faith in others

    God’s not looking for somebody to give Him all the reasons why His plans can’t happen. He’s looking for somebody to believe they will happen. In fact, He has so much He wants to do through you. The question is, Are you crazy enough to believe it?

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  • Forever Home : Moving Beyond Brokenness To Build A Strong And Beautiful Lif


    From the creator of The Abundant Life Devotional Journal and the popular YouTube channel Girl and The Word, Anh Lin’s unique blend of biblical teaching and personal storytelling helps you build the strong, peaceful, abundant life you’ve always dreamed of–inside and out.

    Many of us long for lasting peace and stability, whether we are healing from painful memories, grieving a recent loss, or simply trying to find a quiet path in a chaotic world. In Forever Home, you can get to the root of “why does this keep happening to me?” by learning the truth behind your thoughts and the role they play in your current reality. As Anh vulnerably shares how she rebuilt her own “safe house” after the trauma of her early life, you will discover the five powerful steps to rebuilding your forever home:

    *How to remove the unsafe patterns of your past
    *How to renew the foundation of your life
    *How to rebuild the framework of your resilience
    *How to reinforce the integrity of your boundaries
    *How to restore the beauty that God promised you

    It’s time to uproot the things from your past, live free from the pain that’s holding you back, and experience the abundant life that God designed just for you. Welcome home.

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  • Morning Has Broken


    A soothing and creative way to meditate on God’s magnificent creation, this exquisitely designed adult coloring book features 45 unique illustrations and accompanying quotes and Scripture to quiet your mind, fill your spirit, and exercise your creativity.

    In a world that can feel confining and dark, we long for light and space. Morning Has Broken from artist Jennifer Tucker invites you to immerse yourself in nature. This latest addition to the Coloring Faith line features:

    *Inspiring Bible verses and encouraging quotes imaginatively illustrated and accented with metallic ink

    *Single-sided perforated pages, making gifting finished illustrations a breeze

    *Inspiring patterns, designs, and full-page images for coloring

    *High-quality paper that resists colors from bleeding through

    *Convenient lay-flat binding

    As you calm your anxiety through the research-based benefits of coloring, you’ll create unique pieces of art that you can give away or display as decorative reminders of God’s love. Color your way to a calmer state of being.

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  • Holy Hot Mess


    Mary Katherine Backstrom shares heart-breaking and hilarious stories of how God uses each “mess” in our lives to bring us closer to Him. She shows readers that it’s okay to celebrate exactly where they are right now-holy, hot mess and all.

    A lot of people struggle with the concept of being holy. But the fact is, even the hottest of messes are being shaped–right now–into Jesus’ likeness. In this book, Mary Katherine shares the sometimes–hidden evidence of God’s work in her life and shows you that it’s okay to embrace the hot messes.

    Holy Hot Mess is separated into three parts:
    *You Are Messy (Identity and Parenting)
    *They Are All a Mess (Love and Friendship)
    *Being a Hot, Holy Mess (Faith)

    The book will cover all of the topics that plague our hearts every day with raw honest truth with a side of laughter. Mary Katherine invites you into her story as a friend, encouraging you to embrace the hot messes in your life because you are the person God created you to be.

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  • Bamboozled By Jesus


    Thriving stand-up comic and actress Yvonne Orji–best known as Issa Rae’s BFF on the HBO series, Insecure–shares the secrets to living the life of your dreams.

    Yvonne Orji has never shied away from being unapologetically herself, and that includes being outspoken about her faith. Known for interpreting Biblical stories and metaphors to fit current times, her humorous and accessible approach to faith leaves even non-believers inspired and wanting more.

    The way Yvonne sees it, God is a Sovereign Prankster, punking folks long before Ashton Kutcher made it cool. When she meditates on her own life–complete with unforeseen blessings and unanticipated roadblocks–she realizes it’s one big testimony to how God tricked her into living out her wildest dreams. And she wants us to join in on getting bamboozled. This is not a Self-Help book–it’s a Get Yours book!

    In Bamboozled by Jesus, a frank and fresh advice book, Orji takes readers on a journey through twenty-five life lessons, gleaned from her own experiences and her favorite source of inspiration: the Bible. But this ain’t your mama’s Bible study. Yvonne infuses wit and heart in sharing pointers like why the way up is sometimes down, and how fear is synonymous to food poisoning. Her joyful, confident approach to God will inspire everyone to catapult themselves out of the mundane and into the magnificent.

    With bold authenticity and practical relatability, Orji is exactly the kind of cultural leader we need in these chaotic times. And her journey through being Bamboozled by Jesus paints a powerful picture of what it means to say “yes” to a life you never could’ve imagined–if it wasn’t your own.

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  • Crowned With Glory


    America was founded on the concept of the innate and inalienable rights of humankind. Many Christians see an echo of the imago Dei–that every human being carries the image of God–within those ideals. Yet these rights were systemically withheld from the Black and enslaved residents of this country for centuries. Through it all, Black people have proclaimed the truth of their dignity and personhood in powerful and profound ways.

    Crowned with Glory collects many of the writings of these men and women, both familiar and lesser-known, to shine a light on what has always been there: an enormous movement of Black Americans demanding the liberty they were promised and deserved. With moving and insightful reflections on these oft-forgotten or suppressed voices, author Jasmine L. Holmes offers a hopeful and encouraging testament to the power of unrelenting cries for justice that will strike a chord with anyone looking for a robust Christian history of resistance.

    If you want to understand how we got here, read this book. If you want to know where we go from here, read it again.

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  • All Hope Is Found


    Hope is not a wish waiting to come true. It’s not an external desire waiting to be realized. Hope is an ever-present reality regardless of how dire a situation may seem.

    Undoubtedly, there are moments when hope is obscure. That’s because hope has many hiding places. It hides behind heartbreak, camouflages in stress, and disguises itself in grief. It only takes a few disappointments before our expectations are hijacked by doubt and disbelief. Hope is easy to lose and hard to find, but there is never a season when hope is out of reach.

    All Hope is Found, by bestselling author of Woman Evolve Sarah Jakes Roberts, will show

    *Hope can be broken.
    *Hope can be reframed.
    *Hope can be put to work.
    *Hope can spread.

    Inspiring you towards the pursuit of hope with a lens of compassion, Sarah serves as a guide who exposes the hidden hope that awaits you each day. Sarah is not shaking up your life with renewed expectation and the epic pursuit of hope for you to go back to your norm. She wants you to get out of your comfort zone and into your go zone–the space where the abnormal eventually becomes comfortable because you refused to give up.

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  • Farmers Wife : My Life In Days


    An honest portrait of rural life and an authentic exploration of both the hard work and reward of keeping a home and raising a family.

    Helen Rebanks’s beautifully written memoir takes place across a single day on her working farm in the Lake District of England. Weaving past and present, through a journey of self-discovery, the book takes us from the farmhouse table of her Grandmother, and into the home she now shares with her husband, four kids and an abundance of animals.

    Helen shares, with rare truthfulness, her life in days, sometimes a wonder and a joy but others a grind to be survived. It’s a story about food and love; the need we all have for simple, honest, nourishing dishes and relationships. A heartfelt, unvarnished meditation on the power of domestic life, the book includes recipes, lists and gentle wisdom to help us get through our days, whatever they throw at us.

    Along with her husband, farmer/author James Rebanks (The Shepherd’s Life), Helen and her family work as a tight-knit team. Their farm has become globally important through their nature-friendly farming practices. They host events regularly at the farm to share their expertise and encourage others to farm sustainably.

    This is Helen Rebanks’s debut.

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  • Independence Day : What I Learned About Retirement From Some Who’ve Done It


    Four-time Pulitzer Prize finalist and longtime Los Angeles Times columnist Steve Lopez explores the meaning of work and how it defines us in this captivating book that combines memoir, investigatory interviews, and practical application.

    Grappling with his own decision of whether to retire, Lopez uses his reporter skills not only to look inward but also to interview experts and peers to collect a variety of perspectives as he examines the true nature of a person’s time, identity, and ultimate life satisfaction.

    In Independence Day, Lopez talks to those who have chosen to extend their working life to its (il)logical extreme–people like Mel Brooks, still working at 94–those who have happily retired and reinvented themselves outside of the constraints of work, and those who would like to retire but can’t because of financial constraints. He also turns to professionals on the matter, like two aging scientists, a geriatric specialist, and a psychiatrist, to understand the research-based reasons to retire.

    With his trademark poignancy, wisdom, and humor, Lopez establishes a useful polemic for himself and others in planning ahead, as he also evaluates questions of identity, financial limitations, and ultimately what to do with your life when the obituary pages are no longer filled with strangers.

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  • When Shift Happens


    When circumstances in our life change, many of us are left feeling uncertain and uneasy. From pandemics to natural disasters, from personal traumas to workplace issues, we often find ourselves at a crossroads–hurting, blindsided, and confused about what to do.

    Michelle McKinney Hammond knows all about life’s curveballs. She’s caught plenty of them. But when she was visiting England for some speaking engagements and the world suddenly went into lockdown mode because of the COVID-19 pandemic, she was taken by surprise along with the rest of us. It was time for her to shift gears. Again.

    Like a dear friend who’s been where you are now, Michelle offers a calming voice of reason in When Shift Happens: Say Yes to Your Next! Weaving stories from Scripture with tales from her own life, she offers heartfelt lessons, prayers, and reflection questions to help you embrace your next.

    When Shift Happens will:

    *Provide practical tools for navigating change
    *Give you solid spiritual principles for dealing with life’s shifts
    *Enable you to consider the value of mistakes
    *Help you embrace change as opportunity
    *Shift your perspective to expect the best as God redirects

    “Mindset is everything when confronted with unanticipated change,” Michelle notes. “You are never out of options unless you choose to be. Emerging cycles all point to one thing–whether you are ready or not, shift happens. It’s not the end. There’s always a next!”

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  • Our Daily Bread 2024 Daily Planner


    Make time for faith in your schedule. This lightweight, spiral-bound planner includes month-at-a-glance views, weekly calendar spreads, and pages for contact information and shopping lists.

    And for spiritual encouragement, take advantage of its one-year Bible reading plan and monthly meditations.

    Perfect for your busiest days, this planner provides you with space to map out life’s activities and reflect on the One who invites you to find rest in Him.

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  • Romanticize Your Life


    Romanticize Your Life invites you to reclaim the sweet moments of wonder that often get lost amid the hustle and the bustle, the worries, the what-ifs, and regrets. Tucked within every day are simple opportunities to live with greater mindfulness and joy every season, 365 days a year.

    Through engaging illustrations and dated, daily inspirations for every season, Romanticize Your Life offers creative ideas for infusing magnificence into ordinary moments. Perhaps this week you will . . .

    *Rearrange the furniture in your bedroom to create an entirely new vibe.
    *Wake up earlier than usual and enjoy your morning coffee with the sunrise.
    *Take yourself on a solo date to a movie. (Yes, you would like popcorn, thank you!)
    *Revisit a favorite book from childhood.
    *Cook dinner by candlelight and invite friends over to share in the ambiance.
    *Handwrite a letter to someone you haven’t connected with in a while.
    *And so much more!

    Big or small, every moment of your experience matters. You can approach your days with purpose because you are the main character in your unique and fabulous story. As it turns out, embracing those ordinary opportunities with an intentional mindset frees you to discover that they were extraordinary all along. . . why not fall in love with it?

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  • Worried Whippet : A Book Of Bravery


    There’s so much to be anxious about in this world: meeting new people, unfamiliar sounds, and worst of all, the seagulls that try to steal your chips. Worried Whippet counters that anxiety with humor and heartfelt inspiration.

    Worried Whippet is a whimsically illustrated book that inspires you to take a cue from one anxious little dog, to muster up your courage, and step out into the world with hope. Follow along as one fearful little whippet named Jess, made popular on TikTok and Instagram, journeys out of her cozy bed to join her friends and conquer all the things that scare her most.

    In these pages, you fill find:

    *Simple, yet profound, short stories on bravery, featuring Jess and her friends
    *Inspiration for overcoming anxiety and becoming a little braver every day
    *Musings on friendship, love, and happiness
    *Whimsical illustrations featuring English beaches, pubs, and countryside scenes

    This is a fantastic gift to give for graduations, birthdays, holidays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, National Dog Day, National Brave Day, pet adoptions, as a gift of encouragement, or for anyone who loves dogs.

    Keep Calm and Whippet On.

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  • Mission Possible : Go Create A Life That Counts


    The New York Times bestselling author and athlete encourages you that it’s possible to find your God-given mission and create a bolder, brighter, more fulfilling life.

    Tim Tebow believes that the secret to a truly meaningful life is not more comfort or ease, but recognizing the clear, unique mission that God has set before you. Having a focused sense of your personal, God-given significance will bring you a lasting sense of purpose. That’s why Mission Possible will help you:

    – Identify your priorities
    – Align your responsibilities
    – Elevate convictions over emotions
    – Make decisive, wise, and impactful choices
    – Fuel your drive and passion
    – Set your sights on eternity

    Let this book ignite a new spark in your life. Wherever you are, whatever your work, you can find God’s purpose for your life. Accomplish the mission that you have already been called to and equipped for. It’s never too early and it’s never too late to start living a mission possible life.

    Find your mission, pursue your purpose, and go create a life that counts.

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  • So Long As Its Wild


    From the New York Times bestselling coauthor of The Walk West comes Barbara Jenkins’s long-awaited tale of her walk across America, an adventure that once captured the national media spotlight. From the untold narrative of her impoverished hillbilly upbringing, to the crushing aftermath of her walk toward newfound courage and strength, So Long as It’s Wild is her story.

    As a child growing up in the wild beauty of the Ozarks, Barbara often spent her days exploring outside and daydreaming of faraway places to escape the realities of poverty. She longed to trade her homemade clothes and outdoor toilet for spectacular adventures around the world. That chance came in the form of a young wild-eyed, long-haired “viking” man named Peter.

    After an exciting courtship and a wedding on a dime, the young couple departed on foot from New Orleans on July 5, 1976, heading toward the Pacific Coast. News of the couple’s expedition spread like wildfire, landing them on the cover of National Geographic Magazine and countless other publications. Soon after beginning their nearly three-year journey, Barbara realized the funny, adventure-seeking, charismatic man she married was not the loving partner she thought. Despite this realization, she continued the difficult journey, and whether she faced aggressive renegades, a life-threatening fall from Engineer Pass, or a devastating heartbreak that caused her to feel lost and alone, Jenkins pushed through it all with grit and determination.

    Despite the newfound fame and the bestsellers she coauthored, The Walk West and The Road Unseen, Barbara’s side of the story of the infamous walk that later left her in the shadows. She said of that time, “We appeared on magazine covers, were guests on radio and television programs and appeared in newspapers everywhere. International fame and good fortune followed until it evaporated into a trail of heartbreak, a thousand deaths, and my disappearance.” Now Jenkins is telling the rest of the story, sharing her perspective on what took place from the bayous of Louisiana to the Pacific Ocean, and beyond.

    With lyrical, transportive prose, So Long as It’s Wild: Standing Strong After My Famous Walk Across America is one woman’s tale, stepping out from behind the man she had married, to find her voice and claim her story.

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  • Are We There Yet


    Comedic and Inspirational memoir from the stand-up comic who coined the phrase “Happy Wife, Happy Life”.

    Leave it to a comedian to find God through the Bible’s most depressing book.
    For years, one of the funniest men in America was crying on the inside. Jeff Allen was a comedian with the lead role in a tragedy.

    Born into a tough working-class Chicago family, Allen fell into substance abuse at an early age, and his problems didn’t magically go away when he got married. In fact, with the arrival of two children, they intensified. The sense that his life was meaningless made his family life as dark and biting as his comedy.

    But in his darkest moment, an unlikely encounter with the gloomiest book of the Bible set him on the path to salvation. The opening line of Ecclesiastes– “Meaningless, meaningless, all in life is meaningless”–resonated with him.

    So he kept reading, and soon he discovered the Source of meaning. Eventually, Allen found himself with a revitalized marriage and a repurposed career.

    If you have struggled to find meaning in your life, this book is for you.

    With his trademark humor and unflinching honesty, Allen will point you to the only One who can answer the question, “Are we there yet?” You’ll know when you’ve arrived.

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  • Everything Is Not Fine


    Sometimes the world knocks us flat on our butt.

    We feel stretched further than we ever thought physically, emotionally, or spiritually possible. And though we are torn up inside, we feel like we need to keep our chin up and put a good face on things. So we pretend that everything is fine, even though it’s not.

    Even in the hardest times, strength from God rises from deep in our soul to keep us going. In this honest, inspirational, and humorous book, Katie Schnack goes deep into the hard stuff of life with no sugar coating or toxic positivity to find sustenance she could not imagine. Faced with a child’s medical challenges in the midst of a global pandemic, having strength to get up in the morning and actually enjoy the day was so unlikely that she knew it had to come from God. Schnack’s plucky authenticity shows us how when life is complicated, self-compassion and humor can bring healing and life.

    Everything Is (Not) Fine looks at the hard realities of life, but also gently reminds us of the good. Even in dark times, we can get glimpses of light.

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  • No Need To Run


    Have you ever stopped long enough to ask yourself why? This book has found its way into your hand because your soul’s cry has been heard, not by man, but by the Spirit. It wants you to stop running! Your soul is crying out for rest. Peace be still! Even champions must face the truth that one day, it’s time to slow the pace and remove themselves from the race and refrain from the constant activity.

    Resting is not just the simple activity of slowing down, sitting, or lying down. True rest is trust!

    Who do you trust? What do you have faith in? When do you find yourself on the brink of self-doubt? Where are you emotionally and mentally in times of great trials and stressful moments? Why do you react the way you do?

    Please don’t walk away from this or put this book down until you have examined the first few pages of its content. If these words do not speak to your inner man, put it back on the shelf and keep running. But if you find these inspired words tugging at your core, you must follow this path until you cross the finish line with your whole soul intact, at rest, and at peace.

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  • God Sense For Everyday Living


    A Trilogy Christian Publishing Title


    Does your faith in God need refreshing? Do you need to read your Bible but struggle to apply it to your daily life? As you move through the pages of this book, you will find encouragement, valuable reminders, and hope to remind you why you first believed in Jesus Christ. You will renew your relationship with God and be inspired again and again. You will find joy in your salvation and the true purpose of your life.

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  • Known : An Inspirational Journal For Self-Discovery


    An inspirational journal focused on helping readers discover who God made them to be. There are plenty of books and journals out there about “finding yourself” and “discovering who you really are.” Few of them point to the truth of Who made us and what He says about us. In Known: An Inspirational Journal for Self-Discovery, author Brittney Moses offers readers the chance to discover their true identity from a Christ-centered point of view. It’s so easy to get caught up in codependency or placing their value in their roles in life. But when everything else fades away, they don’t have to feel lost or get stuck in disillusionment. Moses guides readers to the grace-filled truth, inspiring them with prompts and helping them uncover their God-given uniqueness along the way.

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  • Generous Lap : A Spirituality Of Grandparenting


    In this charming and inspiring work, Kathy Coffey reflects on the spiritual dimensions of grandparenting–how this stage of life may expand our hearts, enlarge our humanity, put us in touch with fundamental aspects of our selves, and allow opportunities for a more generous and fruitful life.

    She notes: “God uses this period in human life to transform us. The most cantankerous, self-absorbed jerks suddenly discover a sweeter side. The stern start spoiling relentlessly. The introverts pull out the photos, cute sayings, and stories. Those who thought their physical ailments were paralyzing sprint after the toddler heading for the street or hoist aging bodies up the jungle gym when a grandchild quails at the terrifying steepness of the slide. As ‘the child grows in wisdom, age, and grace, ‘ we get to marvel, and gradually grow into God’s loving self.

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  • Like A River


    Like a River, a triumphant story of new life birthed out of tragedy, will teach readers how to face their failures, confront their pain, and connect with God–the true source of life.

    On June 4th, 2019, country music singer Granger Smith was enjoying a final evening with his kids before heading to Nashville for the CMT Music Awards and his next tour. While helping his daughter London with her gymnastics, his youngest son fell into their pool. Granger did everything he could to get to him, but he was too late. River drowned, and Granger’s world shattered.

    The days, weeks, and months that followed River’s death sent Granger on a dark and painful journey. Every time he closed his eyes, he replayed the horrific event in his mind, and every time he opened his computer, he was bombarded by the critique and criticism of people who blamed him for the accident.

    Despite his best effort to get back on stage with a smile and song, it was all a faade. On the inside he was dying. Fortunately, that’s not how his story ended. And now he is compelled to help people all around the world find strength, peace, and hope on the other side of tragedy.

    *Like a River, life is full of twists and turns.
    *Like a River, people pollute our world with their critique and criticism.
    *Like a River, tragic events keep us dammed up.
    *But like a river, we can find the courage to keep moving downstream.

    Rivers don’t run on their own strength; they flow from their source. When we try to keep going on our own, we won’t make it, but when we connect to the greater source, we will find the strength and the faith to keep living after loss. This triumphant story of new life birthed out of death will inspire every reader to live Like a River.

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  • Prayers To Share 100 Pass Along Notes Of Good News


    Are you ready to share some good news?

    Prayers to Share: 100 Pass-Along Notes of Good News gives you 100 opportunities to remind the people in your life of the best news ever known to mankind?news about our everlasting, loving God who has it all under control, has great plans for us, and cares deeply about every detail of our lives. Each uplifting prayer note includes a short, meaningful prayer, select Scriptures and encouraging quotes. An excellent way to inspire the world around you. The pages make it easy?just tear and share a prayer!

    Prayers to Share Features and benefits:

    *100 opportunities to encourage, comfort, and inspire the people in your life with kindness and God’s unfailing love! Everyone could use a little reminder that they are loved. There are so many ways to spread God’s joy, hope and love to others.

    *Each perforated easy tear-out note features a heartfelt prayer, a meaningful Bible verse, and an inspirational quote with cheerful modern artwork to inspire the world around you. If you wish there is also space on the back of your prayer note for your own personal handwritten note. An encouraging note is an excellent way to brighten someone’s day.

    *Slip these prayer to share notes into your purse, bag or console of your car and you’ll be equipped to offer encouragement on any occasion, everywhere you go.

    *Fun ways to share your prayer notes: Hand-deliver it with flowers, tape it to the bathroom mirror, pop it into a loved one’s bag or briefcase, place it in a student’s backpack, insert it in a child’s lunch box, slip it under their door, leave it (along with a tip) for your server, tuck it under a windshield wiper, drop it in the mail for a friend who is far away, slide it into a locker at the gym, share it with a neighbor or co-worker.

    *DaySpring offers Christian Cards and gifts for All Occasions?Birthday, Christmas, Encouragement, Sympathy, and More?Cards to Help Encourage, Celebrate, and Connect with Others!

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  • How Sweet It Is


    The first Black woman elected to statewide office in Virginia reveals in her memoir how her Christian faith, unwavering patriotism, and fervent commitment to conservative principles propelled her to serve and sacrifice for her country and a better future.

    Winsome Earle-Sears sent shock waves across Virginia and the country at large when she pulled off her stunning upset victory in November 2021 and became the first woman lieutenant governor of Virginia and the first Black woman, the first naturalized female citizen, and first female veteran elected to statewide office. She earned intense national coverage because of her unwavering support for Second Amendment rights and her strong commitment to education opportunity for all students. Now in her memoir, How Sweet It Is, Winsome will tell her story and explain how she arrived at that historic moment in time.

    A devout Christian, Winsome is also a true believer in the promise of the American Dream. Her father was approved to immigrate to the U.S.A. and left Jamaica, arriving in America on August 11, 1963, with only $1.75 in his pocket. Winsome joined him when she was just six years old, and ever since she has never ceased enthusiastically bucking conventions, defying expectations, and charging straight toward challenges.

    Winsome’s remarkable story is one of faith and family, personal loss and perseverance, philanthropy and patriotism, service and sacrifice. But through it all, her Christian faith sustained her, drove her, and compelled her to give back to her community and her country. Her unyielding belief in the fundamental righteousness of America stands in stark opposition to the increasingly pervasive ideologies that are dividing the country. In How Sweet It Is, Winsome encourages Americans to never stop fighting for their country and shows them how to chart a new path forward.

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  • You Gotta Get Up


    Pastor and popular social media influencer Kimberly Jones, known by millions as Real Talk Kim, shows readers how to break free from feeling stuck, seek God’s healing, and boldly live out their abundant purpose.

    Real Talk Kim knows that pain can hold us captive. Our past mistakes tell us to blame others or to turn to a temporary fix that often becomes a permanent solution. Eventually, we feel trapped and stuck, and Satan persuades us to dress it up and call it home. When our emotional pain becomes our new normal, we confuse our current circumstances with God’s good. But He is ready and waiting to miraculously redeem us if we reach for it.

    In You Gotta Get Up, Real Talk Kim shows us how to define what needs to change in our lives and then shows us how to bring Him our broken pieces. She unpacks the faulty thinking patterns that keep us stuck and replaces them with God’s truth. With a new mindset and the compassion of the Holy Spirit, we can build resilient strength and live in freedom. God wants to give us healing by His grace, lead us into forgiveness, and guide us into an abundant life.

    Through her years pastoring, mothering, and living, Real Talk Kim has witnessed the freedom God brought when she took responsibility for her own healing. Even though getting unstuck takes a crazy amount of willpower, she knows we’re only stuck if we’ve stopped moving. Through our faith in God, we can boldly tell Satan to “Shut up and move out of the way!” Real Talk Kim proclaims, “It’s not too late. You’re not too far gone. Hope is not too far away–you gotta get up and get it!”

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  • Dogwinks : True Godwink Stories Of Dogs And The Blessings They Bring


    Includes the story Rescued by Ruby–now on Netflix!

    The bestselling and beloved Godwink series returns with a charming, dog-focused collection of “joyful” (The Washington Post) stories, all of which provide plenty of hope, encouragement, and laughter.

    With delightfully uplifting stories and enthralling prose, DogWinks is the perfect gift for dog lovers of all backgrounds. Featuring several never-before-published and true stories about coincidences and divine intervention, DogWinks is an inspirational and entertaining book that illustrates the overwhelming power of faith and how miracles can change our lives and those of our canine companions.

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  • You Can Live The Dream


    What if you could start living the life of your dreams today?

    Everyone has dreams. Usually, they look like a set of achievements: a dream house, a dream job, a dream family, a dream vacation… However, in pursuing them, we often become disgruntled and disheartened as challenges, setbacks, and opposition come our way. We get stuck focusing on what we don’t have and where we want to be.

    Nick Nilson, Associate Pastor at Lakewood Church, offers a different approach to overcome these challenges: a change of perspective. What if we stopped focusing on what we lack, and instead focused on what we do have, and the possibilities our life currently offers us? What would change if you truly believed that God was in the middle of your troubles, disappointment and heartache and actually working all things out for your good!? Imagine if your dream wasn’t a destination you chased, but a mindset you chose?

    You Can Live the Dream outlines how readers can harness the power of perspective in every aspect of their lives. Recognizing that you don’t have to wait to live the dream, you can live your dream now.

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  • Prayers To Share 100 Pass Along Notes To Cultivate Kindness


    Dr. Tony Evans’ invites you to show kindness to the world around you through this new addition to DaySpring’s best-selling Prayers to Share series.

    Prayers to Share: 100 Pass-Along Notes to Cultivate Kindness gives you 100 opportunities to be kind to others by letting them know you are lifting them up t o God, the One who cares for them, loves them unconditionally, and longs to have a personal relationship with them. An excellent way to start changing hearts and minds through acts of radical kindness. Each share a prayer card include select Scriptures, inspirational quotes, and a QR Code that leads to an inspiring video message from Dr. Tony Evans himself. If you wish, there’s ample space on the back of each kindness note to write a personal handwritten note. These pages make it easy?just tear and share a prayer!

    Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ also has forgiven you. EPHESIANS 4:32 NASB

    Prayers to Share Features and benefits:

    *100 opportunities to encourage, comfort, and inspire the people in your life with kindness and God’s unfailing love! Everyone could use a little reminder that they are loved. There are so many ways to spread God’s joy, hope and love to others.

    *Each perforated easy tear-out note features a heartfelt prayer, a meaningful Bible verse, and an inspirational quote with cheerful modern artwork to inspire the world around you. If you wish there is also space on the back of your prayer note for your own personal handwritten note. An encouraging note is an excellent way to brighten someone’s day.

    *Slip these prayer to share notes into your purse, bag or console of your car and you’ll be equipped to offer encouragement on any occasion, everywhere you go.

    *Fun ways to share your prayer notes: Hand-deliver it with flowers, tape it to the bathroom mirror, pop it into a loved one’s bag or briefcase, place it in a student’s backpack, insert it in a child’s lunch box, slip it under their door, leave it (along with a tip) for your server, tuck it under a windshield wiper, drop it in the mail for a friend who is far away, slide it into a locker at the gym, share it with a neighbor or co-worker.

    *DaySpring offers Christian Cards and gifts for All Occasions?Birthday, Christmas, Encouragement, Sympathy, and More?Cards to Help Encourage, Celebrate, and Connect with Others!

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  • Simply Home 2 In 1


    Home decorator extraordinaire Melissa Michaels, creator of the award-winning blog The Inspired Room, shares over 600 of her best organizing and decorating tips to help you bring more order and beauty to your home.

    Your home should be a sanctuary, a place where your family feels welcomed, comfortable, and loved. How do your transform your spaces into places that inspire? Organizing and decorating are great places to start.

    Simply Home is a unique 2-in-1 resource that offers you hundreds of affordable, achievable ideas on how to declutter, optimize your space, embrace your style, and make a home that works for your family. Start with Melissa’s tips on organizing and then flip the book over for help with decorating your newly organized spaces.

    Start creating your sanctuary today.

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  • Find Your People


    The New York Times bestselling author of Get Out of Your Head offers practical solutions for creating true community, the kind that’s crucial to our mental and spiritual health.

    In a world that’s both more connected and more isolating than ever before, we’re often tempted to do life alone, whether because we’re so busy or because relationships feel risky and hard. But science confirms that consistent, meaningful connection with others has a powerful impact on our well-being. We are meant to live known and loved. But so many are hiding behind emotional walls that we’re experiencing an epidemic of loneliness.
    In Find Your People, bestselling author Jennie Allen draws on fascinating insights from science and history, timeless biblical truth, and vulnerable stories from her own life to help you:

    – overcome the barriers to making new friends and learn to initiate with easy-to-follow steps
    – find simple ways to press through awkward to get to authentic in conversations
    – understand how conflict can strengthen relationships rather than destroy them
    – identify the type of friend you are and the types of friends you need
    – learn the five practical ingredients you need to have the type of friends you’ve always longed for

    You were created to play, engage, adventure, and explore–with others. In Find Your People, you’ll discover exactly how to dive into the deep end and experience the full wonder of community. Because while the ache of loneliness is real, it doesn’t have to be your reality.

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  • Saad Truth About Happiness


    The Quest for Happiness Is a Universal Fact.

    It is a scientific fact, which means we can measure happiness, we can assess it, and we can devise strategies to make ourselves happy and fulfilled human beings.

    So says Professor Gad Saad, the author of the sensational bestseller The Parasitic Mind and the irrepressible host of The Saad Truth podcast. In this provocative, entertaining, and life-changing new book, he roams through the scientific studies, culls the wisdom of ancient philosophy and religion, and draws on his extraordinary personal experience as a refugee from war-torn Lebanon turned academic celebrity.

    In The Saad Truth about Happiness you’ll learn the secrets to living the good life, including:

    * How to live the life you want-not necessarily the life expected of you
    * Why resilience is a key to happiness
    * Why your career needs to have a higher purpose than a paycheck
    * Why variety truly can be the spice of life
    * Why choosing the right spouse is so important
    * Why Aristotle had it right when he preached moderation
    * Why you should take a hint from your dog and realize that playfulness equals happiness

    The Saad Truth about Happiness is as lively, stimulating, and captivating as its author, who has become a “de facto global therapist” to an ever-growing audience of hundreds of thousands of people. Read this book and you’ll see why so many seek his counsel.

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  • Daring To Live


    When her husband, Mannard, unexpectedly passed away at just 50 years of age, Sheri Hunter was devastated. With her whole world falling down around her, she turned to her friends. Years before, she and these Dare Divas had gone on a whitewater rafting trip. Now they sought out other adventures–zip-lining, skydiving, mountain climbing, and more. Through these death-defying activities and the unwavering support of her friends, Sheri slowly found the strength to move forward in life.

    More than just a memoir, this empowering female travelogue pairs emotionally resonant, confessional storytelling with spiritual takeaways, challenging readers to engage fully in their own lives, surround themselves with friends who will support them, and face life’s challenges with courage and faith.

    If you’ve ever experienced a sudden loss or upheaval in life, Sheri’s story will reassure you that even if life as you knew it is over, the future God has for you is always full of new adventures.

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  • Glow : 90 Days To Create Your Vibrant Life From Within


    Transform your health with morning and evening meditations grounded in Dr. Stacie Stephenson’s holistic approach to physical and mental wellness that centers around a VIBRANT lifestyle.

    No matter where you are in your pursuit of a healthier life, in just minutes each day, you can shine like never before! In this powerful book of meditations, inspirations, and motivations, functional medicine expert and bestselling author Dr. Stacie Stephenson provides an accessible and exciting plan to incorporate mindfulness practices into your mornings and evenings that can enhance your mindset, health, nutrition, and quality of life.

    Each day of the week in Glow focuses on one area of Dr. Stacie’s VIBRANT strategy:

    *Voice: how you talk to others and express yourself
    *Intuition: how you listen to your inner voice
    *Balance: how you juggle your many responsibilities
    *Rejuvenation: how to slow down and find restoration
    *Abundance: how to fill your life with good things
    *Nurturing: how to love others well
    *Thoughtfulness: how you can more mindfully embrace gratitude, kindness, and joy

    You’ll also find weekly themes to help you develop a clear mindset and renewed sense of well-being in core areas of your life, including self-care, relationships, rest, communication, creativity, and nature.

    As Dr. Stacie has seen in her own life and in her years as a healthcare practitioner and nutritionist specializing in integrative medicine, the small things we do over time create life-changing shifts. Wherever your starting point, Glow helps you launch your journey to a more joyful, fulfilled, and luminous you.

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  • Be Still Journal Psalm 46:10 Pink Butterfly


    Express your heart on the pages of the Pink Be Still Butterfly Hardcover Journal, and find solace in the knowledge that God’s power surpasses any challenges you might encounter.

    The delicate sheen of the pearlescent hardcover journal, with its mottled pink backdrop, sets the stage for a stunning floral exhibition. Perched atop the flowers is an embossed depiction of a splendid Common Blue butterfly, lending a unique tactile element to the experience of handling the journal. Cleverly tucked within the butterfly’s thorax lies a lock, a playful detail that invites the eye to seek out the two concealed keys within the design. The ensemble is elegantly accented by gold-foiled filigree scrollwork, which beautifully harmonizes with the gold-foiled title.

    Be still
    Psalm 46:10

    The journal’s hardcovers are adorned with sleek, metallic corners, which not only serve a protective purpose but also add an elegant touch to its overall design. The back cover, while keeping with the mottled pink color scheme, stands out with the full verse grandly displayed in gold-foiled capital letters.

    Be still, and know that I am God.
    I will be exalted among the nations,
    I will be exalted in the earth!
    Psalm 46:10

    The journal opens up to a customizable presentation page, ready to be personalized for a unique touch, making it a cherished keepsake. As you leaf through the lined pages, you’ll encounter pages bordered with a faded floral design that evokes a sense of nostalgia. Not just that, each page holds a handpicked Scripture verse, inviting you to delve deeper into journaling or prayer, guiding your thoughts and reflections.

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  • Grace Journal Ephesians 2:8 Orange Butterfly


    Discover the purposeful elegance of the Grace Butterfly Hardcover Journal, designed to guide women on a journey towards finding peace with God. Within its pages, blank slates await, inviting contemplation of the mysteries that unfold when faith is placed in Christ. Drawing inspiration from the Bible’s promise of a peace that surpasses all understanding, this journal becomes a conduit for study and prayer, nurturing a profound connection with Christ.

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  • How To Talk With God


    ?In her straightforward and profound style beloved by millions worldwide, best-selling author and Bible teacher Joyce Meyer reveals the incredible force that comes through the simple act of prayer.

    Prayer transforms lives every day. But for those who pray, how many truly understand its power?

    In How to Talk With God, a compact digest derived from The Power of Simple Prayer, Joyce Meyer explains the keys to unanswered prayers, the hindrances to prayer’s effectiveness, and the Bible’s role in prayer. She gives readers a new perspective on how best to communicate with God, and reveals that through prayerful conversation comes the ability to be successful in life, strong at heart, and sincere with others. Simple prayer, powerful results.

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  • 101 Blessings Delight Your Heart Box Of Blessings


    The To Delight Your Heart Box of Blessings gives you a beautiful way to start or end your day with uplifting quotes and Scripture verses. Each card will offer a hopeful reminder and encouraging truth that God is with you no matter what.

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  • Women Of The Bible Large Print Word Search (Large Type)


    Discover some of the many women who are part of biblical history in Women of the Bible Large Print Word Search.

    With more than 150 easy-to-read, large print word searches that are sure to inspire your faith, you will discover heroines such as Ruth and Esther, prophets like Moses’s sister Miriam, the Shunammite woman who provided a place for Elisha to stay, Samuel’s mother Hannah, and many more.

    Word search puzzles are a fun, relaxing way to pass the time, whether you are waiting for a friend or just need some stress relief. Searching for words from some of the stories that have come down through the ages about biblical heroines and women who shaped history can be thought-provoking and edifying. Word searches can also improve your vocabulary and spelling, develop pattern recognition skills, and keep your memory sharp.

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  • Precious Moments My Bible Songbook


    Remember your sweet childhood moments singing “Jesus Loves Me” and “This Little Light of Mine” as you share your favorite songs and lullabies with your own little ones. You’ll love singing together about Bible heroes, God’s miracles, and the joy of praising the Lord with Precious Moments: My Bible Songbook.

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  • Hope Is The First Dose


    A practicing neurosurgeon and award-winning author shares his roadmap to finding hope and even happiness when the worst happens–by placing trust in God–in this powerful memoir of personal tragedy, grief, and recovery.

    The question isn’t whether you will face the hardest thing. It’s what to do when it’s staring you in the face.

    Because whether in your past, present, or future, trauma will reconfigure your life. And it will do so as your massive thing: someone left, someone cheated, the biopsy was bad, the baby didn’t have a heartbeat, a loved one died, you suffered abuse, or your dreams ended abruptly. The devastation is both immediate and ongoing, leaving a wake of emotional, spiritual, and even physical pain.

    Dr. Lee Warren, a neurosurgeon and former combat surgeon in Iraq, knows this firsthand. A medical doctor with more than twenty years’ experience wrestling with the tensions between faith and science, he faced unspeakable tragedy in losing his nineteen-year-old son.

    In Hope Is the First Dose, Dr. Warren offers tender empathy and hard-won insights to give you tangible hope. No matter what you’re facing, it doesn’t have to be the end of you. Let Dr. Warren help you find your way back to a new season of hope, faith, peace–and even happiness.

    The first dose is hope–and it comes in the form of grace from the skilled hands of the Great Physician.

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  • Morning And Evening Devotional On Peace And Comfort Large Print Word Search


    Enjoy 100 easy-to-read, large print word searches from “the Prince of Preachers”!
    Morning & Evening Devotional on Peace and Comfort Large Print Word Search features the inspirational words of Charles H. Spurgeon from his classic devotional.

    In the 1800s, Spurgeon’s compelling sermons and lively preaching style drew multitudes of people, resulting in many coming to Christ. He preached to an estimated ten million people throughout his life and at one point, his sermons sold 25,000 copies every week! Morning & Evening remains one of his most popular works today.

    These selections from Spurgeon’s classic devotional are sure to bring a calming balm to your heart as you discover more about God and His promises.

    Word search puzzles are a fun, relaxing way to pass the time, whether you are waiting for a friend or just need some stress relief. Word searches can also improve your vocabulary and spelling, develop pattern recognition skills, and keep your memory sharp.

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  • Life He Saved Us For


    In the Fall of 2021 Joelaan, her husband Devin, and their pup Enya were hit by street racers in a head on collision. While this book offers a play by play through the lens and eyes of that awful night; there’s so much more that God allowed to take place both before and after that evening.

    This book isn’t just about the accident.

    If you are walking through grief, physical pain, disability, or a war with mental health; A Christ follower or a skeptic; if you’ve lost someone, or are lonely and need hope, this book it for you.

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  • Focus Journal : 52 Weeks To A More Intentional Life


    A 52-week journal that provides readers with the opportunity to let go of perfectionism anxiety. The Focus Journal: 52 Weeks to a More Intentional Life gives readers the chance to focus on one important word each week. Why one word? Because trying to focus on too many things at once, even spiritual things, can cause increased anxiety in our lives. Attempting to live out every spiritual principle and practice we’ve learned can frequently feel overwhelming. To help solve this problem, The Focus Journal offers a short devotion, a prayer prompt, and space for readers to reflect on their experiences with each word, allowing them to release stress and overcome perfectionism anxiety so they can experience genuine, ongoing spiritual transformation.

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  • Body Revelation : Physical And Spiritual Practices To Metabolize Pain Banis


    Do you sometimes feel as though your body is a problem to solve? Discover how to make it part of the solution instead. It’s now known that the emotional and relational pain we’ve lived through has a profound negative physical effect on our bodies. Alisa Keeton, popular fitness professional, proposes that the reverse is also true: What we do with our bodies can have a dramatic positive effect on our emotions, relationships, and our connection with God. In The Body Revelation, she shows us how to use our bodies as a means of healing past pain and promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

    Too often, people of faith are taught to ignore, avoid, or forget our bodies, but Alisa reminds us that God calls our bodies good and cares about our pain. Offering a variety of physical and spiritual practices as well as stories from her own journey, Alisa:

    *walks us through six steps for metabolizing personal pain;

    *shows us how understanding the mind/body/soul connection can help us make healthier choices;

    *teaches us how to achieve well-being and live for more than a number on a scale, and more!

    Other features of this book include:

    *adverse childhood experiences questionnaire for helping you process past pain
    *movement calendar
    *food journal template

    You can enrich your life, celebrate your body, and find holistic wellness. Journey alongside Alisa, and discover scientifically based, biblically-sound mind-body tools to forever change how you process pain so that you can experience emotional freedom, physical renewal, and spiritual transformation.

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  • Relentless Joy : Finding Freedom, Passion, And Happiness – Even When You Ha


    Finding Joy Even When You Have to Fight for It

    Do you feel like life’s kind of kicking you around a bit? Do you feel yourself sinking, trying to get back to the surface but weighed down by regret, frustration, or grief? This book is for you. Or maybe life is great–the job, the kids, the house, the partner–but you want more. You know there is more joy, more abundance, more peace. This book is for you too!

    Award-winning storyteller and former national sportscaster Rachel Joy Baribeau is the friendly hand reaching for you right now. She knows what those dark moments are like. And she knows the profound joy of healing and finding happiness again. With gut-level honesty, she shares her own story of changing the narrative of her life from stuck, overwhelmed, and anxious to confident in her identity and joyful in her life’s purpose. Then she helps you do the same with your one precious life.

    Inspired by Rachel’s contagiously indomitable spirit, you’ll be encouraged and equipped in your journey to finding joy, peace, and inspiration in your own new narrative. Because your story’s not done yet–and the best parts are yet to come.

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  • Relentless Joy : Finding Freedom, Passion, And Happiness – Even When You Ha


    Finding Joy Even When You Have to Fight for It

    Do you feel like life’s kind of kicking you around a bit? Do you feel yourself sinking, trying to get back to the surface but weighed down by regret, frustration, or grief? This book is for you. Or maybe life is great–the job, the kids, the house, the partner–but you want more. You know there is more joy, more abundance, more peace. This book is for you too!

    Award-winning storyteller and former national sportscaster Rachel Joy Baribeau is the friendly hand reaching for you right now. She knows what those dark moments are like. And she knows the profound joy of healing and finding happiness again. With gut-level honesty, she shares her own story of changing the narrative of her life from stuck, overwhelmed, and anxious to confident in her identity and joyful in her life’s purpose. Then she helps you do the same with your one precious life.

    Inspired by Rachel’s contagiously indomitable spirit, you’ll be encouraged and equipped in your journey to finding joy, peace, and inspiration in your own new narrative. Because your story’s not done yet–and the best parts are yet to come.

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  • Journals Of Jim Elliot


    Uncover the spiritual riches of the personal journals of missionary and martyr Jim Elliot

    Jim Elliot arrived in Ecuador as a missionary at age twenty-five. Three years later, he would become a martyr at the hands of the Auca, the indigenous people to whom he was witnessing. He left behind a young wife, a baby daughter, and an incredible legacy of faith.

    Jim’s volumes of personal journals, written over many years, reveal the inner struggles and victories that he experienced before his untimely death in 1956. In The Journals of Jim Elliot, you’ll come to know this intelligent and articulate man who yearned to know God’s plan for his life, detailed his fascinating missions work, and revealed his love for Elisabeth–first as a single man, then as a happily married one.

    Edited by his wife, Elisabeth, Jim’s personal yet universal musings about faith, love, and work will show you how to apply the Bible to the situations you face every day. They will inspire you to lead a life of obedience, regardless of the cost, and delight you with an amazing story of courage and determination.

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  • Trade Your Cares For Calm Prayer Cards


    Are you ready to worry less and trust more? The path to peace is paved with prayer. New York Times bestselling author Max Lucado understands what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by anxiety. The Trade Your Cares for Calm card deck includes 30 cards with 60 inspirational messages–Scripture and comforting quotes from Max.

    These beautiful double-sided cards are:

    *Packaged in a sturdy, lidded box.
    *Quick reminders to exchange the cares of this world for the peace God has promised.
    *Visuals that can be displayed on your desk, bedside table, mantel, or nearby your favorite chair.

    Trade Your Cares for Calm card deck is a great gift for any occasion and fits perfectly in a gift basket. You can also leave little notes of encouragement to your loved ones by leaving a card on your spouse’s mirror, in a card to a loved one, or on your coworker’s desk.

    Rather than react to circumstances with clenched hands, reach out to the Father with outstretched arms. He’s waiting to catch you, take hold of your anxieties, and in the process, trade your cares for calm.

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  • You Were Made For This Moment


    Are you weary? Worn out by the bills that keep stacking, a virus that keeps raging, or a heart that keeps aching? If so, the book of Esther brings welcome news: Relief will come!

    To be clear, you didn’t ask for this struggle. You want to get past it. You don’t know how much longer you can hold up. But what if God is with you in this difficult season? When life seems off the rails, remember this truth: the minute you bow your head to pray is the moment God lifts his hand to help.

    Queen Esther learned this truth firsthand. When confronted with a royal decree that would annihilate her people, she had to make some tough choices. Would she remain silent in the face of this challenge, or would she speak up? Would she blend in, or would she stand out? But after Esther spent three days in prayer and fasting, God gave her the courage to speak up. God used her to save the nation. And God can do the same with you.

    In You Were Made for This Moment, pastor and New York Times bestselling author Max Lucado will help you:

    *put your hope in the God of grand reversals, trusting that God will right every wrong

    *cultivate courage for your challenging times by leaning on the God who redeems and restores

    *discover your role in God’s story by exploring how God can use your experiences and circumstances to join him in his holy work

    God never promised us a life without trials, but he does promise to be with us as we walk through them. Trust that he can redeem your struggles for a mighty purpose. You, friend, were made for this moment.

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  • Elisabeth Elliot : A Life


    Follow the faith-filled journey of Elisabeth Elliot, who was born to missionary parents, married to Jim, and ministered to the Ecuadorian Waorani tribe after they killed her husband. Austen shares the moving life-story of one woman’s obedience to Christ that will strengthen your devotion—and challenge you to ponder what it really means to follow Jesus.

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  • Love Is Never Lost


    Grief is an intimate, personal pain that is often hard to discuss, even years after loss. For some of us, grief begins before a loved one passes as we watch their health deteriorate before our eyes.

    For Tori Parris, grief grew in waves that hit suddenly and hard. It began with a little nagging feeling that something was wrong one evening when her daddy didn’t finish his spaghetti, his favorite meal. His strawberry cheesecake sat untouched. He reassured Tori that he was fine, that he just didn’t have much of an appetite, but over the next few weeks, he hardly ate a thing. Her momma finally demanded that they go to the doctor’s office.

    After some tests, they heard the dreaded “c” word. Pancreatic cancer. And it had spread to other organs.

    In Love Is Never Lost: Standing Strong in Faith While Grieving, Tori shares her profound journey of holding on to faith while dealing with loss. “My faith was challenged, deconstructed, and rebuilt stronger,” she says.

    Tori offers words of comfort to those who are preparing for a loss, experiencing loss, or seeking to better understand the pain a loved one is going through. She provides suggestions for coping with grief as well as prayers that guide one spiritually through the grieving process.

    “One day, we will all come face to face with the certainty of our mortality,” Tori writes. “It is my sincerest hope that by reading the pages of this book, you receive hope for the journey.”

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  • Love Holds You


    From the introduction by Christine Valters Paintner

    Most of these poems were written during the time of pandemic. The call to compassionate retreating came naturally for my strong hermit side. I found myself, rather then getting bored with home, falling more in love with the mundane aspects of my life. The boxes on our patio growing herbs, the way my favorite chair has shaped itself to my body, my dog’s daily eagerness for walks and cuddles. As I lingered more than usual I found deep appreciation for the radical ordinariness of my days.

    In the heart of a season filled with anxieties around personal health and well-being, around economic impact, around tremendous collective grief and loss, I found that there was one thing I wanted to remember daily. My prayers were calling me back to the ground of love that I believe undergirds us all. This isn’t always easy to remember, and sometimes reading the news I question whether it is even true. Writing poems about love became an act of cultivating trust. The moments that trust dissolved, I would pick up my pen and try and remember what I loved or how love had been made visible to me that day.

    Most of these poems are not directly about the pandemic per se. They are love poems that arose out of a desire to pay close attention when things seemed to be falling apart and to name what it was that endures. Many of the poems are dreamlike settings, where a new reality erupts into the everyday.

    Love doesn’t make our struggles vanish. It doesn’t mean carrying perpetual optimism into our days or even having to believe that everything will be okay. Those things are not seductive for me in a world when so many have so much to grieve. It does mean that I believe Love is the foundation of everything and holds us in our sorrow as well as our delight. This is in large part why I write poems, to hold this tension of living in a world that can be so devastating and also so staggeringly beautiful.

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  • Sistering : The Art Of Holding Close And Letting Go


    “I don’t know how my life would be different if I never had my sister, but I do know that the steadiness in how I stand in the world is in large part because she exists.”

    With honesty, laughter, adoration, and a few choice swear words, author-sisters Danielle Neff and Jessica Dickey look together at their lives and the love that makes it all worthwhile.

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  • Revolutionary Heroes : True Stories Of Courage From America’s Fight For Ind


    Introduce Young Readers to Inspiring Figures from Early American History

    We live in scary and unpredictable times, and times of crisis call for heroes. Despite our recent obsession with all things superhero, real heroes are just regular people who rise to the challenge when the going gets tough–like the people who won the American Revolutionary War.

    Some famous, some obscure, but all models of courage under fire, these ordinary people followed their convictions, took tremendous risks, and faced dire consequences should they fail. Yet they stuck to their principles, winning the most unlikely of victories and not only shaping a new country but reshaping the world. Now Pat Williams brings their stories to vivid life for children ages 9-12.

    These engaging stories of men, women, and even kids who showed courage despite overwhelming odds during America’s fight for freedom will inspire young readers to face their fears, take calculated risks, and imagine a better future for themselves and their country.

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  • Look For Me There


    Embark on an exploration of finding oneself and one’s place in the world in the face of crushing expectations and grief.

    In 2016, eight years into a highly successful television career as a political reporter, Luke Russert realized he had no good answer to the question of why he was following in the footsteps of his famous father. As the son of the late broadcast news legend Tim Russert and journalist Maureen Orth, he knew much was expected of him. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t fully connect with the memory of his dad and the incredible relationship they’d had before his death.

    Determined to find answers, Luke chose a new path. What began as a short stint away from work turned into nearly three years on the road, traveling the world, reconnecting to his father, and discovering himself for the first time.

    Look for Me There is the narrative of that journey with stories from stops in far-flung places around the globe, both exotic and quotidian. At its center, you’ll find:

    *the story of a young man taking agency of his life
    *the story of a man understanding his mother as human being, and
    *the story of a son finally grieving his larger-than-life father who died too young and left him with outsized expectations.

    For anyone uncertain about the direction of their life or unsure of how to move forward after a loss, Look for Me There is a poignant reflection that offers encouragement to examine our choices, take risks, and discover our truest selves.

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  • Song And A Prayer


    Breathe new life into your prayer time with musically inspired devotionals from country star Loretta Lynn that bring together song, reflection, and the beauty of God’s Word.

    It’s been over sixty years since Loretta Lynn first rose to stardom, transforming from a coal miner’s daughter to the Queen of Country Music. Toward the end of her long and storied life, she felt led to write this book as parting words to her fans inviting them to draw close to God.

    In A Song and A Prayer, she joins award-winning songwriter Kim McLean to share Bible verses and lyrics from their songwriting sessions that will help you experience and maintain an intimate, one-on-one relationship with God. These 30 devotionals, which include Loretta’s hit “Coal Miner’s Daughter” and traditional hymns such as “It Is Well,” will remind you of the depths of God’s love and the joy that comes from worshipping with music.

    Share in Loretta and Kim’s passion for spending quality time with God with this month-long celebration of God’s love.

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  • Big Bible Book Of Games


    Challenges and Games from All Books of the Bible

    Ready to test your knowledge of Scripture and learn more of God’s Word? Then you’re ready for The Big Bible Book of Games!

    From Guinness World Records Puzzle Master Timothy E. Parker, this brand-new collection of puzzles, trivia, and brain teasers is sure to provide hours of entertainment. The hundreds of games include

    – word searches
    – sudoku
    – mazes
    – true or false
    – word scrambles
    – anagrams
    – fill-in-the-blank
    – and more

    There’s no better way to combine fun, relaxation, and education than with games.

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  • 100 Days Of Cultivating Kindness


    A 100-day guide to becoming contagiously kind in order to change the world. Do you know what happens when you fight fire with fire? You get more fire. Violence breeds violence, and contempt breeds contempt… so what does kindness breed? In 100 Days of Cultivating Kindness, Dr. Tony Evans lays out a case for turning the world upside down by cultivating and expressing contagious kindness. He invites readers to develop a passion for this simple fruit of the Spirit and observe its life-changing power. Readers will learn that while paradigms and perspectives only become more entrenched through opposition, they can break the mold with an open hand and a courageous heart… and take an active part in shaping the future of their communities, their country, and the world.

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  • Serenity In The Storm


    Kayleigh McEnany brings to life the key cultural and political issues of our time, from the fall of Afghanistan to the Supreme Court’s abortion decision, analyzing world events through the lens of faith and providing readers with Serenity in the Storm.

    Our world, without question, is experiencing aberrational times. The ravages and life-altering realities of COVID-19 that I worked through as White House press secretary were just the start of it. What followed was a series of history-defining events. From the fall of Afghanistan to the nationwide crime wave, we’ve all endured painful images of death, destruction, and chaos.

    Meanwhile, radical teachings on gender and race have infiltrated our nation’s schools, poisoning the minds of our children–all at a time when our country feels more divided than ever before. Along with these twenty-first century realities can come a feeling of despair and discouragement. Indeed, I hear it all the time as I crisscross the country: Americans feel disheartened and seek hope.

    Serenity in the Storm provides that hope. Despite the challenges we face, there is cause for great optimism for men and women of faith. In Afghanistan, the underground church is thriving. On the key issues of life and liberty, the Supreme Court of the United States has delivered enormous and consequential victories. In our schools, voters have spoken unmistakably against the insidious doctrines of critical race and gender theory. There is no doubt that God is at work as He hears the prayers of the faithful!

    Taking a similar format to my New York Times bestselling book, For Such a Time as This, I analyze our domestic and international challenges through the lens of faith. Though we have lived through dark times and unsettled waters, the storms we face have prompted many great leaders to rise to the moment and have left a yearning in the human heart for a Savior, Jesus Christ, who is walking alongside us every step of the way.

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  • Eloquence Of Silence


    A 30-year bestselling author and teacher makes a provocative and compelling case for an easier, lighter way of moving through life and the world by embracing the peace, calm, and spaciousness of emptiness

    Emptiness tends to get a bad rap, often connoting lack. But revered author Thomas Moore learned a different lesson about emptiness when he first went on a book tour to promote his Care of the Soul. The book went on to become a classic bestseller, but at first Moore was often met by empty bookstores, devoid of the hundreds who would soon crowd his appearances. Moore learned a lesson in what is known in Indian philosophy as sunyata, a way of observing and even embracing emptiness. Of course we’d all prefer immediate praise and recognition. But life does not work that way. As Moore eloquently expresses, drawing on spiritual traditions, folktales, literature, and his own life, spaces of emptiness or lack are often our greatest teachers. The blank spaces in a work of art or piece of music, or the arid bits of a landscape, are every bit as eloquent as the more crowded.

    Moore gently prods us to consider that our constant multitasking may not be getting us anywhere. Listening to a podcast while taking a walk, or scanning an email while pushing a baby stroller, may mean missing the heart and soul of what is all around us, available to us anytime, no matter our circumstances. The awareness and embrace of the ubiquitous emptiness in our world and in our own lives, the daily recognition of quiet spaciousness, is not a retreat from reality but a rich and full welcome to all that is most meaningful and real.

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  • Chicken Scratch : Lessons On Living Creatively From A Flock Of Hens


    Creativity comes into play in just about any field. Looking at situations from different perspectives, finding new uses for old things, combining disparate ideas or ingredients or even colors–all are creative endeavors. And when writer Ann Byle became a chicken owner, she began to look at her hens with new interest and the keen eye of an artist. Even though chicken-tending proved to have its own challenges, Byle discovered that her feathered friends offered surprising lessons and inspiration for her own work, lessons on living creatively.

    With Chicken Scratch, Ann Byle brings us good fun and meaning-making at the intersection of creative living and our egg-laying friends. She mixes quotes, stories from all kinds of creatives, and practical advice to help all of us invested in living more creatively. Drawing inspiration from her flock of hens, Byle explores curiosity and courage, embracing your creative self and letting go of what holds you back, and living well in the creative life. Each chapter includes questions for journaling, next-steps-in-creativity exercises, and a sidebar from “The Left-Brain Chicken,” putting solid process-related steps to each chapter.

    The creative life can be profound, but also funny, exasperating, and downright weird–much like living with a flock of hens. If we take the time to notice, we have much to learn from our beloved chickens, things like the value of curiosity, how we might welcome challenges in our lives, and even when to let go of perfectionism. It’s time to name our creative impulses, to claim them, and to squawk them from the rooftops!

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  • Rise Up Postcard Book


    Celebrate Black voices, culture, and history–and be inspired to stand boldly against injustice–with twenty-four colorable postcards to send to friends and family (or enjoy yourself!), from the creators of the Rise Up coloring book.

    Featuring inspirational quotes and beautiful artwork, this set of twenty-four detachable, colorable postcards invites you to draw strength, courage, and hope from a variety of inspiring quotes, including historical and contemporary Black voices, the Bible, and hymns. Quotes are from well-known voices like Martin Luther King Jr., John Lewis, Maya Angelou, and Sojourner Truth; current leading antiracism educators and authors like Latasha Morrison and Jemar Tisby; Black spirituals and hymns; and Bible verses that uplift and encourage.

    Each card has a splash of metallic ink, so they are pretty enough to send as they are. That way, you can color them yourself or let the recipient have all the fun. You might even decide to keep them yourself to display in your home! Featuring illustrations by Black artists, these postcards are an exquisite celebration of Black culture, experience, and excellence.

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  • Everybody Come Alive


    Dazzling essays on faith, family, and being a Black woman in America that explore what we do with the legacies we inherit, the faith that shapes our responses, and how we rebuild our stories for those who come after us–from the author of the popular blog Black Coffee with White Friends

    On her blog, Marcie Alvis-Walker creates spaces for conversations about cultural norms, race, faith, and womanhood that encourage readers to unburden themselves of misconceptions they’ve inherited about the nature of God and their own identities.

    Now, in Everybody Come Alive, a deeply intimate and illuminating collection of lyrical essays, Alvis-Walker invites readers into stories and personal histories from her own life. She tells candidly of her experience as a curious daughter raised under the watchful eye of the matriarchs who came before her. Readers are transported into stories of family, loyalty, and ambition; of assimilation, self-preservation, and risk; of creativity and the exercise of freedom. These essays reveal a journey of both inheritance and creation-a grappling of the things we are given, the things we must carry, and the ways we co-create life anew for ourselves and our communities.

    “Let us rejoice let us rejoice let us rejoice,” Alvis-Walker writes. “On the bad days when no one speaks for us let us rejoice. On the long days when all seems to speak against us let us rejoice, and on the empty days when no one can see us let us rejoice let us rejoice.” Alvis-Walker’s unforgettable writing challenges readers to hold the contradictions that become inevitable and essential to every moment we encounter-moments that ultimately comprise the whole of our lives.

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  • Embrace Your Almost


    Not quite where you expected to be? You’re in good company. Now the bestselling author of Own Your Everyday helps you navigate unmet expectations, waiting, and uncertainty with confidence and clarity.

    Jordan Lee Dooley knows firsthand how frustrating it can be when you almost achieve a goal, almost reach a dream, and almost get to where you want to be, only to land just short of the finish line or watch it all fall apart at the last minute.

    Unmet expectations have a way of making us rethink everything. But perhaps rethinking dreams is not always the worst thing. Why? Because it’s in those moments, when you’re not where you expected to be, that you have a chance to pause and consider what matters most to you as well as redefine what success looks like for you in a world that’s constantly telling you what you should want or should do.

    Believe it or not, it is possible to cultivate a life you really like–and one where you can succeed–in the tension of the middle, between where you started and where you hoped to be. Discover:

    – practical steps to move forward when your plans don’t go according to plan
    – how to clarify which goals are right for you to pursue
    – what to do when dreams seem to come true for everyone but you
    – the unexpected gains that can arise from unwanted pain
    – how to know when it’s time to let go of a dream–and what to do with the space left behind

    Life is filled with unmet expectations, disrupted dreams, uncertainty, and in-between seasons. As hard as those experiences may be, they also offer a unique invitation to align your dreams and goals with what matters most. Learn how you can gain greater clarity about what you truly want, why you want it, and how to begin pursuing it.

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  • Overcoming Every Problem


    New York Times bestselling author Joyce Meyer guides you through 40 promises in the Bible so that no matter what problem you face, you have God’s ultimate wisdom to overcome it!

    Everyone has problems. They may be issues in our relationships, finances, mental and emotional health, physical sickness, and the list goes on. But throughout more than 45 years of studying God’s Word, she has learned how to find the answer for every problem you face in the Bible, and she wants to share it with you.

    In Overcoming Every Problem, Joyce takes you through 40 promises in God’s Word that can give you the ultimate wisdom you need when challenges or difficulties come your way. No matter how big or how deep the pain of your situation may be or how long it’s been affecting you, you’ll be encouraged and inspired to trust God for better days ahead.

    Join Joyce on your journey to discover and put God’s promises to work in your life, so you can overcome every problem you must face!

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  • Vibes You Feel


    This inspiring book for teens and young women explores what it means to listen to God’s voice, better understand the “vibes” and intuition the Spirit uses as guidance, and live a life that proclaims your heavenly truth. Filled with personal lessons from author and Grammy-nominated artist Kierra “Kiki” Sheard-Kelly and empowering scriptural promises, you’ll grow stronger in your faith as well as your God-given purpose.

    Each day, we are under attack–by people who want to keep us down or who doubt our gifts, as well as by spiritual forces who want to knock us off our God-given path and into the darkness. In The Vibes You Feel, Kierra “Kiki” Sheard-Kelly invites you to uncover what it means to have the Holy Spirit in your life, and how listening to the vibes we sense in certain situations can help steer us toward the future God intends.

    Inside The Vibes You Feel, you’ll find:

    *encouragement and support for navigating today’s world

    *solid biblical truths and scriptural promises that arm you for the tough decisions and battles in your life

    *Kierra’s own personal stories and experiences with difficult situations, and the spiritual nudges that helped her through

    *Advice and guidance with actionable steps

    In addition, The Vibes You Feel:

    *is an ideal gift for birthdays, Christmas, Easter, or graduations
    *helps you grow closer to God and understand the signals he sends
    *is perfect for those looking for motivation and biblical guidance

    Also check out Kierra Sheard-Kelly’s bestselling and inspirational book, Big, Bold, and Beautiful.

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  • It Was An Ugly Couch Anyway


    A collection of refreshingly honest and hilarious essays from Southern Living columnist Elizabeth Passarella about navigating change–whether emotional or logistical–and staying sane during life’s unexpected twists and turns.

    After Elizabeth Passarella and her husband finally decided that it was time to sell their two-bedroom apartment in Manhattan, she found herself wondering, Is there a proper technique for skinning a couch? The couch in question was a beloved hand-me-down from her father–who had recently passed away–and she was surprisingly reluctant to let the nine-foot, plaid, velour-covered piece of furniture go. So, out came the scissors. She kept the fabric and tossed the couch.

    We’ve all had to make decisions in our lives about what to keep and what to toss–habits, attitudes, friends, even homes. In this new collection of essays, Elizabeth explores the ups and downs of moving forward–both emotionally and logistically–with her welcome candor and sense of humor that readers have come to love. She enters into a remarkable (and strange) relationship with an elderly neighbor whose apartment she hopes to buy, examines her own stubborn stances on motherhood and therapy, and tries to come to terms with a family health crisis that brings more questions than answers. Along the way Elizabeth reminds readers that when they feel stuck or their load feels heavy, there is always light breaking in somewhere.

    It Was an Ugly Couch Anyway will make readers laugh, cry, and feel a little less alone as they navigate their own lives that are filled with uncertainty, change, and things beyond their control.

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  • Building A Resilient Life


    Even if you’re walking through a difficult season or feeling overwhelmed with the chaos of life, you can build a peace-filled resilience that equips you with strength for today–and for every day ahead.

    Life is hard for all kinds of reasons. It’s tempting to try to move past the pain as quickly as possible. Instead, what if we embraced our struggles to develop the strength of resilience not dependent on circumstances?

    Writing as a friend who has also walked through difficult times, Rebekah Lyons–the bestselling author of Rhythms of Renewal and the popular host of the Rhythms for Life podcast–reminds us of adversity that always comes with a choice: will discouragement, stress, and fear cause you to crumble, or will you embrace the strength you’ve already been given?

    In Building a Resilient Life, Rebekah offers five practical, life-changing rules that help you live into God’s unshakable peace in a world that seems more uncertain every day. Through Rebekah’s unique blend of story, psychology, theology, and biblical teaching, you will:

    *Discover five rules of resilience to thrive in difficult times
    *Experience adversity as a friend rather than an enemy
    *Reset triggers of overwhelm with a fortified faith
    *Cultivate strong community to rally in stressful seasons
    *Overcome temporary setbacks without giving up

    As you use these rules to build your own resilient life, you’ll encounter the God who offers you a peace beyond understanding, a hope beyond today, and a strength and joy you never even knew you had.

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  • Stuff Id Only Tell God


    Welcome to your own little confession booth.

    What would you say if you were completely honest with yourself and with God? It’s time to find out.

    With daring questions, provocative lists, and quirky charts and illustrations, this journal is a place to record all the stuff you’d only tell God: ideas, beliefs, secrets, memories, wonderings, and wishes–things that might seem outlandish or outrageous to anyone else but are what make you you. You’ll find the space, the courage, and the help you need to unearth the real you, the you that is sometimes buried deep beneath a layer of self-protection.

    Where to begin? With your beautifully ruthless honesty.

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  • More Than I Imagined


    An award-winning journalist tells the story of his quest to reconcile with his white mother and the family he’d never met–and how faith brought them all together.

    John Blake grew up in a notorious Black neighborhood in inner-city Baltimore that became the setting for the HBO series The Wire. There he became a self-described “closeted biracial person,” hostile toward white people while hiding the truth of his mother’s race. The son of a Black man and a white woman who met when interracial marriage was still illegal, Blake knew this much about his mother: She vanished from his life not long after his birth, and her family rejected him because of his race.

    But at the age of seventeen, Blake had a surprise encounter that uncovered a disturbing family secret. This launched him on a quest to reconcile with his white family. His search centered on two questions: “Where is my mother?” and “Where do I belong?” More Than I Imagined is Blake’s propulsive true story about how he answered those questions with the help of an interracial church, a loving caregiver’s sacrifice, and an inexplicable childhood encounter that taught him the importance of forgiveness.

    Blake covered some of the biggest stories about race in America for twenty-five years before realizing that “facts don’t change people, relationships do.” He owes this discovery to “radical integration,” which was the only way forward for him and his family–and is the only way forward for America as a multiracial democracy. More Than I Imagined is a hopeful story for our difficult times.

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  • I Take My Coffee Black


    Tyler Merritt’s video “Before You Call the Cops” has been viewed more than 60 million times. The viral video’s main point-the more you know someone, the more empathy, understanding, and compassion you have for that person-is the springboard for this book. By sharing his highs and exposing his lows, Tyler welcomes us into his world, allowing us to get to know him and helping bridge the divides that seem to grow wider every day.

    In I Take My Coffee Black, Tyler tells hilarious stories from his own life as a black man in America. He talks about his multi-cultural childhood in Las Vegas that didn’t necessarily prepare him for life in the South, his passion for rap music and musical theater, how Jesus barged in uninvited and changed his life forever (it all started with a Triple F.A.T. Goose jacket) and the shocking events that occurred after his video went viral that no one has heard. Throughout his stories, he also seamlessly weaves in lessons about privilege, the legacy of lynching and sharecropping, and why you don’t cross black mamas, teaching readers about the history of encoded racism that still undergirds our society today.

    By turns witty, insightful, touching, and laugh-out-loud funny, I Take My Coffee Black not only paints a portrait of one man’s experience of being Black in America, but also expresses the valuable connections we miss when we do not take the time to learn about others’ lives and experiences. This book enlightens, illuminates, and entertains-ultimately building the kind of empathy that might just be the antidote against the racial injustice in our society.

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  • God In My Corner


    Everyone needs a second chance, even if your name is George Foreman.

    “My second chance arrived unexpectedly in a Puerto Rican dressing room after a heavyweight boxing match. What happened to me in that room is so incredibly bizarre, it’s unlikely you’ve ever before read anything like it. Simply stated, I died and went to the other side. The experience impacted me so profoundly that three decades later I can’t go a single day without thinking about it.”

    A childhood in grinding poverty. Two heavyweight boxing championships – twenty years apart. A life-changing encounter with God. A new life devoted to ministry. An inspiring comeback and then astounding success as an entrepreneur and trusted product pitchman.

    For the first time, George Foreman tells the whole story of his remarkable life. With the frankness, warmth, and humor you expect from Foreman, he shares the faith journey that has shaped his life, offering many life lessons along the way.

    *What are the secrets to George Foreman’s inspiring success?
    *Why is he always smiling?
    *Why did he name all five of his sons George?

    There is no one quiet like George Foreman. God in My Corner explains why. More importantly, it will open your eyes to the reality that God is there in your corner, just as He’s been there for George all these years.

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  • Israel : Beauty, Light, And Luxury


    Come discover the land of Jesus. It will transform the way you read your Bible.

    Israel abounds with beauty. It is vibrant and thriving, stacked with delicacies and flooded with light. The desert is blooming and people are flourishing–just as Scripture promised. To the surprise of many, Israel is far more than deserts and ruins.

    Pairing rich devotionals with gorgeous photos of Israel today, Tara-Leigh Cobble, creator of The Bible Recap, takes you on an unforgettable journey through the Holy Land. Since 2014, she has led boutique teaching tours of the country, learning its landscapes and stories. Glimpse Israel’s features, flora, and people, all while making deeper connections with its biblical stories and truth.

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  • Traveling Light : Releasing The Burdens You Were Never Intended To Bear


    We’re all weighed down by loads we were never intended to carry. With New York Times bestselling author and pastor Max Lucado as your guide, Traveling Light invites you to release some of those heavy burdens and experience true rest.

    We’ve all seen weary travelers–everything they own crammed into their luggage, staggering through terminals and hotel lobbies with overstuffed suitcases, trunks, duffels, and backpacks. Backs ache. Feet burn. Eyelids droop. We can all be people like that–if not with our physical luggage, then at least with our spiritual load of guilt, discontentment, doubt, or loneliness.

    Centered around the comforting, uplifting words of Psalm 23, Traveling Light will give you the encouragement and the tools you need to release the burdens of:


    There are certain weights in life that we simply aren’t designed to carry, and Max reminds us that the Lord is asking you to set them down and trust him. He is the father at the baggage claim. When a dad sees his five-year-old son trying to drag the family trunk off the carousel, what does he say? The father will say to his son what God is saying to you.

    “Set it down, child. I’ll carry that one.”

    What if we took God up on his offer? We just might find ourselves traveling a little lighter.

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  • Brushstrokes Of Life


    Here’s a secret: God has deposited a gift inside of you. Acclaimed angel artist Anne Neilson wants to help you find yours as she shares her personal story of passion and purpose and how faith radiates from every canvas of her life. The Brushstrokes of Life will help you see there are no coincidences with God.

    Anne Neilson believes that each of us begins our life as a blank canvas: clean and fresh and ready to find texture in our experiences. Each trial, each joy, each heartache, and each hope leaves an explosion of color and sweeping brushstrokes that shape us. When we allow God to take over as the Master artist, we will find that He carefully adds dimension and highlights to create a beautiful masterpiece in us. Often, though, it’s hard to find the beauty when we are wading through mess.

    In this beautiful memoir, Anne shares personal stories about why her faith is so important to her and resonates in all her work. In The Brushstrokes of Life, you will learn how to:

    *Open your hands to God’s possibilities
    *Connect your trials from today into hope for tomorrow
    *Trust God’s role in your story

    Including a photo insert with several angel paintings never-before-seen in a book, Anne’s stories will be a beautiful reminder that God is both our Creator and the fulfiller of His promises. He is the artist of our life. Creations are messy, but the divine artist never fails to reveal a masterpiece.

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  • New Mercies I See


    We live in an ever-increasingly complex world, but refreshment waits for you within these pages. Escape the anxiety–the let-downs, the distractions, the chaos–and color your way toward a quiet soul.

    Escape the stress of daily life and color your way toward quietness and strength. Even in our hectic world, God’s mercy and faithfulness are available. Slow down with this attractive, Bible-based adult coloring book and let God’s mercy and goodness renew your soul.

    With more than 90 pages of unique patterns and inspiring selections of Scripture and quotations alongside original illustrations from author and artist Jennifer Tucker, New Mercies I See invites you to turn down the volume, be still, and relax in God’s goodness. A beautiful way to relieve anxiety and treat yourself to the vital practice of self-care, this exquisitely designed adult coloring book features:

    *96 single-sided pages of art and inspiring text

    *A large format with 10×10 pages

    *A strikingly lovely cover with gold accents

    *High-quality paper that doesn’t bleed through

    *Convenient lay-flat binding

    *Reflective Bible verses and inspirational quotes, all accompanied by beautiful designs and accented with metallic ink

    *Detailed illustrations suitable for all skill levels

    New Mercies I See invites you to:

    *Reflect on God’s goodness and generosity as you read calming and reassuring Bible verses

    *Create unique pieces of art that you can give away or display as decorative reminders of God’s love

    *Take a break from your busy schedule to find moments for rest and replenishment

    This relaxing and beautifully designed adult coloring book is perfect for anyone who:

    *Welcomes a respite from the noise, distraction, and busyness of life

    *Longs to meditate on Bible verses and uplifting thoughts

    *Needs a stress-relieving activity, but doesn’t have much time

    *Looks for ways to bless a loved one with an encouraging gift for special occasions or just because

    *Wants to experience a decrease in anxiety through the research-based benefits of coloring

    New Mercies I See is a beautiful invitation to enjoy the peace and serenity that the Lord offers. Whatever season of life you’re in, pick up your favorite art supplies and find rest for your soul as you color your way toward a more peaceful and contented state of being.

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  • Healing Path : A Memoir And An Invitation


    This is a contemplative reflection on the spirituality of healing, the fruit of the author’s lifetime in conducting spiritual direction and psychotherapy, drawing on his lessons from Thomas Merton and study of the mystical path. It is largely written in the form of a memoir of his own recovery from the traumatic wounds of his early life (abusive father, abuse by his confessor in the monastery, a dysfunctional marriage, and his road to healing and wholeness. But it is not just about his story–it is an invitation to the reader to reflect and resonate with the lessons that apply to their own stories.

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  • Be Uncommon : 40 Ways To Leave Average Behind


    God created you to be you, not someone else. So why do we so often settle for less? Why do we bow to the pressure to conform to others’ expectations of us rather than boldly being the person we were meant to be? Why do we pretend to be satisfied with average, ordinary . . . common? What would it be like if we actually believed God desires to do something extraordinary with our lives?

    In this inspiring new book from the bestselling author of An Enemy Called Average, you’ll find the motivation and encouragement you need to stop settling and start stretching toward the goal of being you in the way only you can! In short, punchy chapters, John Mason shows you how to face down fear, doubt, criticism, and apathy with enthusiasm, decisiveness, persistence, and honesty. He shows you how to seek God’s direction, develop wisdom, manage your time and energy, and take risks.

    Outside of your comfort zone is where you’ll find true fulfillment and contentment as you develop into the exceptional, extraordinary, uncommon person you were always meant to be. So what are you waiting for?

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  • Triumph Over Trauma


    Traumatic experiences happen to nearly everyone, at some time, in some form. The aftereffects–depression, anxiety, addiction, panic attacks, insomnia, and more–can affect us for years or even a lifetime. But the brokenness following a traumatic event is never a life sentence. We are all changed by trauma, but we do not have to be defined by it.

    Drawing on cutting-edge research, Triumph over Trauma empowers you to find relief and hope once and for all. Rather than offering a one-size-fits-all solution, this whole-person treatment approach recognizes you as a unique constellation of emotional, physical, intellectual, relational, and spiritual dimensions. This book explains how trauma affects your emotions, body, brain, relationships, soul, and dreams. Then it shows you how to create a personalized plan to find your way back to wholeness, joy, and peace.

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  • Fish Out Of Water


    What Happens When One of America’s Most Beloved Biographers Writes His Own Biography?

    For five-time New York Times bestselling author Eric Metaxas, the answer is Fish Out of Water: A Search for the Meaning of Life–a soaring, lyrical, and often mischievous account of his early years, in which the astute Queens-born son of Greek and German immigrants struggles to make sense of a world in which he never quite seems to fit.

    While millions know Metaxas as a celebrated author, the witty host of Socrates in the City, and a nationally syndicated radio personality, here he reveals a personal story few have known. The scion of two families with very different traditions, he enjoyed their affection and support through his riotous but successful years at Yale, yet later felt abandoned as he drifted toward an abyss of meaninglessness from which he barely escaped.

    Along the way, Metaxas introduces us to an unforgettable troupe of Runyonesque characters who join this quintessentially first-generation American boy on his odyssey, underscoring how simultaneously funny, serious, happy, sad, and meaningful life can be.

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  • Gather The Fragments


    In this memoir, Maureen O’Brien reflects on the gospel story of the miracle of the loaves and fishes and what she learns about herself, the people around her, and a fragmented but still beautiful world. While she’s sharing her story of finding God’s love, she’s also sharing the stories of so many others, known and cherished by God even when the world leaves them shattered, finding their way through the world and feasting on the fragments of grace that are always in abundance if we learn to look, to see, to accept, to share.

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  • My Sunday Best


    After posting selfies in her Sunday best for fifty-two consecutive weeks during the pandemic, octogenarian Dr. La Verne Ford Wimberly became a viral sensation during Easter 2021, appearing everywhere from the Washington Post to CNN to Fox News.

    After posting selfies in her Sunday best for fifty-two consecutive weeks during the pandemic, octogenarian Dr. La Verne Ford Wimberly became a viral sensation during Easter 2021, appearing everywhere from the Washington Post to CNN to Fox News.

    People from all over the world have said my Sunday selfies and words of encouragement have blessed and inspired them. Who would have thought photos of an eighty-two-year-old church lady in a hat and Bible verses could do such a thing?

    On March 29, 2020, when her church switched to online services because of coronavirus, Dr. La Verne Ford Wimberly couldn’t imagine watching the service in her robe. So, she did what she’s always done; she put on a beautiful outfit, matching hat, and accessories and got ready for church. Dr. Wimberly, a self-declared social media junkie, thought it would be fun to snap a selfie and post it on Facebook with a scripture verse and an inspirational message.

    I’d let folks know I was ready for worship and encourage them to do the same. This was my way to brighten their spirits–and mine–and stay connected during a time of sudden isolation and despair for many people.Underneath her crown and church finery is a wise, warm, and witty octogenarian who’s still committed to the same values she learned in childhood:

    *faith in God and country,
    *devotion to family,
    *keeping a positive attitude,
    *a life of service,
    *thinking before you act,
    *living life to the fullest, and
    *the golden rule.

    As a career educator who faithfully and lovingly served students, their families, and her community for decades, encouraging and uplifting others is part of Dr. Wimberly’s DNA. In My Sunday Best, you’ll be cheered by the stories and lessons from a life well-lived and find yourself asking, How can I inspire someone today and encourage myself too?

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  • Be Uncommon : 40 Ways To Leave Average Behind


    God created you to be you, not someone else. So why do we so often settle for less? Why do we bow to the pressure to conform to others’ expectations of us rather than boldly being the person we were meant to be? Why do we pretend to be satisfied with average, ordinary . . . common? What would it be like if we actually believed God desires to do something extraordinary with our lives?

    In this inspiring new book from the bestselling author of An Enemy Called Average, you’ll find the motivation and encouragement you need to stop settling and start stretching toward the goal of being you in the way only you can! In short, punchy chapters, John Mason shows you how to face down fear, doubt, criticism, and apathy with enthusiasm, decisiveness, persistence, and honesty. He shows you how to seek God’s direction, develop wisdom, manage your time and energy, and take risks.

    Outside of your comfort zone is where you’ll find true fulfillment and contentment as you develop into the exceptional, extraordinary, uncommon person you were always meant to be. So what are you waiting for?

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  • Who Do I Think I Am


    This hilarious and thoughtful memoir from comedy legend Anjelah Johnson explores questions of identity, belonging, and her two dreams as a kid: to be an actress and to be a chola.

    You may know Anjelah Johnson for her viral sketch “Nail Salon” (over 100 million views globally) or her beloved ghetto-fabulous MadTV character Bon Qui Qui, but it’s her clean humor and hilarious storytelling that make her one of the most successful stand-up comedians and actresses today.

    With her razor-sharp wit, Anjelah recounts funny stories from her journey–from growing up caught between two worlds (do chips and salsa go with potato salad?) to unexpectedly embracing faith (“I love Jesus, but I will punch a ‘ho”) to her many adventures in dating (she may or may not have accepted dates simply for the food). Through it all, Anjelah transforms from a suburban-adjacent kid with Aquanet-drenched hair into a devoted Christian who abstains from drinking and premarital sex, into a mall-famous Oakland Raiders cheerleader, and then an actually famous comedian traveling the world and meeting people from all-walks of life, including Oprah. No biggie. (Huge biggie.) As she travels the world, Anjelah has eye-opening experiences, and she morphs from square, rigid Anjelah into “Funjelah,” and learns that she can still ride with Jesus without squashing the other parts of her personality.

    Anjelah’s stories explore subjects such as navigating your racial identity, finding your place in the world, chasing your crazy dreams, embracing the messiness of an evolving faith, and searching for belonging and meaning. Through her journey, Anjelah gets closer to discovering her true identity and encourages readers to have the audacity to dream big.

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  • Courage Dear Heart


    A coloring book based on the empowering words of inspirational women throughout history, from the team behind the bestselling and award-winning Whatever Is Lovely and Choose Joy

    With beautiful illustrations, inspirational quotes, and brief biographies, Courage, Dear Heart invites women to find strength in their community and discover courage by stepping into the calling God has uniquely ordained for them. The empowering coloring pages feature original designs from talented female artists and quotes from inspiring women in both the past and the present.

    Too often, women are made to believe they are “less than” when it comes to importance, worth, beauty, or ability. But this was never the message God intended them to receive. Rather, God has appointed us to purpose and strength and whispers words of courage and reassurance over us. We can be community-builders like Eve, warriors like Deborah, rescuers like Rahab, prophecy-fulfillers like Ruth, leaders like Esther, believers like Mary, teachers like Priscilla, prophetesses like Anna, and members of the great cloud of witnesses like so many of the women quoted in these pages.

    Features include:

    *Large format 9.75″ x 9.75″ (25x25cm) perforated pages

    *45 single-sided coloring pages

    *Quotes from the Bible, hymns, and a variety of inspirational women and speakers, such as Francine Rivers, Grace Cho, Julian of Norwich, Jennie Allen, Rosa Parks, Ruth Chou Simons, Corrie Ten Boom, and more

    *Illustrations by Holly Camp, Jennifer Tucker, Ann-Margret Hovsepian, Laura Marshall, and Bridget Hurley-all featured in Whatever Is Lovely and Choose Joy-as well as new artist Shannon Contreras

    Through the words in this coloring book, women will feel called to fulfill their own incredible purpose and mission-one of lifting their voices to make God’s kingdom known on earth, one of loving and encouraging their communities well, and one of empowering those around them to do the same.

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  • Safe All Along


    In a world constantly pulling us toward fear and anxiety, discover how to live with a steady confidence that you are never beyond the reach of God’s loving hand, from the bestselling author of Kisses from Katie.

    As a missionary, wife, and mom of fifteen, Katie Davis Majors knows how hard it can be to hold on to peace through the stress-inducing waves of life. As our outward circumstances seem increasingly less stable, less peaceful, and less certain, rates of anxiety, worry, and stress continue to climb. The good news is that we serve a God who has promised us an inner peace that transcends all understanding.

    In Safe All Along Katie offers practical ways to stay connected to God and His peace in the midst of tumultuous times, including trust and thanksgiving, prayer and presence, rest and remembrance. As you learn to surrender the illusion of control and lean more fully into God’s love, you’ll find comfort in knowing that He sees every bend and twist in your life’s journey and He will never let you go.

    Along with guidance for how to handle the challenges of social media, busyness, distraction, ingratitude, and other threats to our personal calm, Katie reveals how loving and serving our neighbors transforms our perspective and leads to deeper peace. Most of all, she reminds us, through Bible teaching and personal stories, that our circumstances cannot rob us of peace if we intentionally place our confidence in the One who is unshakable.

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  • Saving Grace : Speak Your Truth, Stay Centered, And Learn To Coexist With P


    For years, New York Times bestselling author Kirsten Powers has been center stage for many of our nation’s most searing political and cultural battles as a columnist, TV analyst, and one-time participant in the thunderdome of Twitter. On a good day, there will be civil disagreement. On a bad day, it’s all-out trench warfare–nothing but a cycle of outrage and self-righteousness. More and more, Powers finds herself wondering, along with countless Americans: How are we to cope with this non-stop madness?

    In Saving Grace, Powers writes with wit and insight about our country’s poisonous political discourse, chronicling the efforts she’s made to stay grounded and preserve her sanity in a post-truth era that has driven many of us to the edge. She draws on lessons offered by faith leaders, therapists, theologians, social scientists, and activists working for change today. She dismantles the widespread misconception that grace means being nice, letting people get away with harmful behavior, or choosing neutrality in the name of peace. Grace, she argues, is anything but an act of surrender; instead, it is a kinetic and transformative force.

    Saving Grace offers a template for a different kind of America, one where we can engage with people who hold opposing views without sacrificing our values or our passionate beliefs in the causes we care about. It’s a culture that embraces repentance and repair, a process through which those who have caused harm can take responsibility and work toward righting the wrongs in which they have participated. It’s a place where we’re empowered to see the possibility in other people, even people who are driving us nuts.

    Provocative, original, and filled with deep wisdom, Saving Grace is an essential read for anyone engaged in the struggle to live compassionately in an era of relentless demonization and division.

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