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  • Alaska Saga : 3 Best-Loved Historical Romances


    Living in the Wilderness Challenges Three Generations in Faith and Love
    Journey to Alaska with bestselling author Tracie Peterson.

    Surviving the rugged frontier of Alaska is a daunting task. But even in that hostile wilderness God allows the tender flower of love to bloom. Follow the adventures and romances of Julie, Beth, and Rita, women of different generations who share a common home.

    Nurse Julie Eriksson cares for the victims of the 1925 diphtheria epidemic while Sam waits quietly, willing to give anything to see her save their own struggling relationship. Where is hope when they need it most?

    Beth Hogan loses her beloved husband in World War II and returns to Alaska with her two sons only to find their remote village overrun by soldiers and civilians coming to build the Alcan Highway. Will she find a second chance at love when she meets August Eriksson?

    Confident, independent Rita Eriksson travels to her hometown of Tok, Alaska, to enter the dogsled race. Her coach, Mark, hopes and prays against all odds that he’ll become part of her dreams too. Can their relationship survive the Iditarod race?

    Each must surmount the obstacles in her life, and perhaps, with God’s help, find true love as well.

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  • Quilt For Christmas


    Christmas should be celebrated with family. But for Vera Swanson, that’s not an option this year. Widowed and recently relocated, she is lonely in her condo-for-one–until little Fiona Albright knocks on her door needing help. With her mother seriously ill and her father out of town, Fiona enlists Vera’s help, and when she finds out her new neighbor is a quilter, she has a special request–a Christmas quilt for Mama.

    Vera will have to get a ragtag group of women together in order to fulfill the request. Between free-spirited artist Tasha, chatty empty nester Beverly, retired therapist Eleanor, and herself, Vera has hopes that Christmas for the Albright family will be merry, after all–and she may find herself a new family of friends along the way.

    Bestselling and award-winning author Melody Carlson invites you to cuddle up this holiday season with this cozy story of giving, forgiving, and a little bit of romance.

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  • Orchard


    For generations, Ellie Hostetler’s family has tended their Lancaster County orchard, a tradition her twin brother, Evan, will someday continue. Yet when Evan’s draft number is called up in the lottery for the Vietnam War, the family is shocked to learn he has not sought conscientious objector status, despite their Old Order Amish belief in nonresistance. The faraway war that has caused so much turmoil and grief among their Englisher neighbors threatens to touch much too close to home.

    As Evan departs for boot camp, Ellie finds herself confiding her disappointment in Sol Bontrager, the brother of her best friend and cousin to her new beau, Menno. In contrast to Evan, Sol is a conscientious objector, and despite Ellie’s attraction to Menno, she finds herself drawn to Sol’s steady presence as they work together in the orchard. Suddenly, it feels as if everything in Ellie’s world is shifting, and the plans she has held so dear seem increasingly uncertain. Can she and her family find the courage to face a future unlike any they could have imagined?

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  • Time To Bloom


    The Nielsen sisters have accomplished much in the past year, traveling west and settling in Nebraska. They are on their way to rebuilding their mother’s garden, and their excitement only grows when they receive a letter from their brother Anders saying he’s coming to visit with a friend from the war. However, none of that can mask their concern that they are quickly running out of money. Del’s work teaching in town offers hope, not only to support her sisters but also to better her students’ lives. Not all see it that way, though, with the town lagging on rebuilding the schoolhouse and her brightest student’s father demanding he work the farm instead of learn. An invasion of grasshoppers only makes things worse.When Anders arrives with his war-wounded friend RJ, he sees the strength of the sisters’ idea to start a boardinghouse with the train coming to town. He invests in it and suggests RJ build it. Del finds RJ barely polite and wants nothing to do with him. But despite Del and her sisters’ best-laid plans, the future–and RJ–might surprise them all.

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  • Warmth Of Sunshine


    Abigail’s Amish life has always followed a certain path . . . until an Englisch woman disrupts all she’s known to be true.

    Growing up Amish, Abigail Bontrager often felt like a square peg in a round hole. Her pie crusts always turned out tough. Her stitches always ran crooked. She was clumsy. Not ideal for an aspiring Amish wife and mother, but her faith and love of her family, which are so much more important, are solid. Plus, her relationship with the attractive and kindhearted Owen Kurtz is moving in the right direction.

    Owen is part dreamer, part entrepreneur. His friendship with Abigail has gradually blossomed into a sweet and loving courtship. Inspired by the hope of a future with the girl of his dreams, he decides to take the next step in building a business of his own–in the promising new industry of growing sunflowers.

    When an outsider claiming to be Abigail’s birth mother abruptly enters her life, Abigail’s world comes crashing down. Confused and upset, she is determined to discover who she really is. Her journey of discovery leads to the possibilities of a new life waiting for her in the Englisch world. But is this new life really worth giving up everything and everyone she’s known? How can Abigail and Owen follow their hearts–and God’s plan–when these new paths now lead them into the unknown?

    In this second book in the Amish Blessings series, bestselling and award-winning romance novelist Kelly Irvin shares an inspiring story of following your heart while trusting God to lead you into your future.

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  • Ill Be Seeing You


    Generations of secrets unfold as a young college student learns the truth about her great-grandmother ‘s World War II heartbreak and love.

    Brianna Hastings’s life seems dull and full of disappointment until a handsome young man visits her church. She’s instantly smitten by the charming Greg, who leads an exciting, independent life–the kind of life she longs for. But when a college history assignment forces Brianna to interview her great-grandmother about life during World War II, she can’t believe it when Daisy presses her with questions about Greg’s character. “What sort of man is he? Who is he at his core?”

    What could her great-grandmother possibly know about love at first sight?

    The questions take both women back to Boise, Idaho, in the early 1940s, when war emphasized how fragile life could be. Daisy and her older sister pine for the same handsome bomber pilot–until one night of terrible judgment reveals their true characters and drives them apart. Trying to protect the people she loves the most, Daisy condemns herself to live a lie.

    In the years that follow, as Daisy grapples with the consequences, she receives unexpected grace from a man she’s known her whole life but never looked at twice. Could what she learned about love save Brianna from heartache three generations later?

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  • You Make A Difference


    Compassion fatigue is real – and it comes alongside the physical and mental fatigue that our healthcare heroes face each day in the line of duty. You Make a Difference: 50 Devos for Healthcare Heroes is designed to bridge the gap on those days when it feels like no effort seems to matter. It places encouraging words in the hearts and minds of caretakers who need a regular reminder that they can draw on the strength of the One who cares for them. He is there to provide a helping hand and revitalize their spirits even on the toughest days.

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  • Behold : A Guided Advent Journal For Prayer And Meditation


    Let the Holy Family be your light through Advent as you receive the healing power of Christ.

    In this beautiful guided journal for prayer and meditation, Sr. Miriam James Heidland, SOLT–author of the bestselling book Restore–will walk with you as you explore familial wounds with the help of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

    Behold features stunning original art by Josiah Henley of Heart of IESVS. Free weekly companion videos, a downloadable discussion guide, and other resources make this book perfect for parish-wide, individual, and book club use leading up to Christmas.

    Each week of Behold will focus on a different theme that you can connect to your life in a practical way:

    *Week one: Motherhood–Receive Mary as your mother and let her tender love soften your heart toward your earthly mother;

    *Week two: Fatherhood–Adopt Joseph as your father and embrace his loving strength as you seek healing in your relationship with your own father;

    *Week three: Childhood–Become childlike with Jesus and remember the core of who you are as you release your inner joy and playfulness; and

    *Week four: Stable–Restore peace and unity in your family and regain hope.

    Each day you will journey deeper into the meaning of Advent with a meditation, reflection questions, a prayer, and journaling space.

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  • How Our Family Prays Each Day


    Are you looking for an easy way to teach your young children how to talk with Jesus throughout the day?

    How Our Family Prays Each Day is a read-aloud book for children ages 4 to 8 that emphasizes the importance of praying and spending time with God each day.

    This 32-page hardcover book includes charming, full-color illustrations that depict eight-year-old Marty and his family-parents Joseph and Maria, siblings Zelie and Baby Lou, and their pet pelican, Pascha-as they find reasons to pray throughout their day.

    From their first “Good morning, God!” to their final bedtime cuddle, the family will help your children learn an important spiritual lesson: We can talk to God whenever we need him-like before a game or test, or when someone is hurt or struggling-not just during Mass or family prayer time. The book also includes a prayer for your family to say together when you’re done reading.

    How Our Family Prays Each Day was written by psychotherapist Gregory K. Popcak, illustrated by Jacob Flores-Popcak, and developed by the Catholic HOM (Households of Mission) program at the Peyton Institute for Domestic Church Life at Holy Cross Family Ministries.

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  • 5 Minute Prayers Around The Advent Wreath


    Spend just five minutes a day praying around your Advent wreath with popular author Lisa M. Hendey’s heart-felt reflections and you’ll experience the promise, renewal, and hope of the Advent season.

    Hendey-founder of CatholicMom.com-invites you to take up the centuries-old tradition of lighting candles and gathering around an Advent wreath in prayer with family and friends. These scripture-based devotions are perfect for any age and setting, and offer a few minutes of simplicity, focus, and sacred longing as you contemplate and prepare for the great gift of Christ’s birth.Each day includes an opening antiphon and a closing prayer, a scripture reading, a short reflection, and questions to ponder, journal about, or use in conversation.

    The compact size and affordable price make this booklet perfect for homes, classrooms, RCIA, youth groups, adult faith formation, campus ministry, and parish settings.

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  • Gods Plan For Your Marriage


    This life is preparation for eternity, and from the beginning, God created marriage to help married couples become saints. Indeed, God has given to married couples the profound gift of being able to fulfill the purpose of their creation through, with, and in each other. Marriage is a foreshadowing of Heaven, and each married couple must work with God if their marriage is to be a foretaste of eternity.

    In this thought-provoking and uplifting book, Fr. Robert Altier unpacks the theological significance of the Sacrament of Marriage and brilliantly explains how it has been a part of God’s plan from the beginning – and will eventually be fulfilled at the Marriage Banquet of the Lamb in Heaven. Teeming with practical wisdom and clear examples, these pages delve into the surpassing dignity of marriage as a covenant and a sacrament – and a call to holiness.

    You will learn how the graces and virtues that are conferred in the Sacrament of Marriage transform the unity of the couple – not just in the flesh but in the heart and soul. You’ll learn how to predispose yourself to receive this divine power and, best of all, how to love your spouse more deeply. You will also explore the significance of marriage vows and how men are called to be the spiritual leaders and women are called to be the heart of their families.

    Fr. Altier tackles contemporary questions and concerns, such as the real meaning of “being subject to one another in marriage” and those sensitive and controversial issues regarding sexual morality. Arguably one of the most theologically eye-opening books on marriage ever written, this book also explains:

    * The definitive reasons why marriage can exist only between a man and a woman
    * The characteristics of true love and how to love with heroic charity
    * Why you must become vulnerable in love in order to become receptive to love
    * How marriage leads to overcoming sinful tendencies and makes saints

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  • Streams In The Wasteland


    What if our exhaustion, burnout, and pain are an invitation into a more vibrant faith?

    Christianity is fighting for its soul. We’ve enjoyed the benefits of power and privilege for so long that many of us have forgotten the radical way of Jesus.

    But we have been here before. And there is a way through.

    Within a few hundred years after the death and resurrection of Jesus, Christianity emerged as the dominant religion of the Roman Empire. Where once it took courage to be a Christian, now it took courage to be a pagan. The radical way of Jesus was being lost.

    Toward the end of the fourth century, a group of men and women began to withdraw from the halls of privilege and power into the desert to rediscover the essence of Jesus Christ. The stories and examples of these desert fathers and mothers are recorded for us. And their lives still speak.

    By embracing the disciplines of solitude, silence, and prayer; by pursuing humility, generosity, and unity above all things; and by developing a keen eye for wisdom and laying down their rights; the desert fathers and mothers found a way to live radically, humanly, and beautifully. So can we. Streams in the Wasteland is for all those who thirst for a better way–the radical way of Jesus amid the desert of our age.

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  • Pastoral Friendship : The Forgotten Piece In A Persevering Ministry


    Friendship is a need that touches the deepest parts of the human soul. This is especially true in ministry. It is a need that is not simply rooted in enjoyment and companionship, but in the necessity to care well of one’s soul and survive a long-term ministry. This book seeks to persuade every modern pastor of the essential need of friendship. And not just any friendship, but a close, personal, intimate, and sacrificial pastor-to-pastor friendship that regularly turns each other’s gaze to Jesus.

    Friends and pastors, Michael Haykin, Brian Croft and James Carroll examine portraits of friendship in scripture and church history, before exhorting readers to modern pastoral friendships.

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  • Illustrated Westminster Shorter Catechism


    For almost 400 years families have been using The Westminster Shorter Catechism as a guide to understanding the basics of the Christian faith. This new, illustrated edition breathes fresh life into these timeless questions and answers, helping a new generation to learn the primary truths drawn from the Bible and laid out by our fathers in the faith. Ira Miniof’s striking images will help families engage with and meditate on the meaning of each entry.

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  • Washed By God


    Baptism is a subject which has caused confusion amongst Christians for many years. Jesus included it in his final charge to the disciples. It is clearly important, so why do we spend so much time arguing about it? Baptism is a God given sign, not to obscure the gospel, but to make it clearer. Karl Deenick explains not only what baptism is, what it isn’t, and who should be baptised, but he follows the threads of symbolic cleansing through both the Old and New Testaments. He explains and exalts the gospel and shows how the Old Testament foreshadows Jesus and how he fulfils the Old Testament.

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  • Fruit Of The Spirit Bible Study


    Do you think you know the fruit of the Spirit? Think again! In this six-session Bible study, you will rediscover the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, faithfulness, kindness, goodness, self-control, and gentleness. Learn the context around Paul’s writings about the fruit, and hone in on each fruit understand fully what it means to keep in step with the Spirit. Full color visuals, thought-provoking questions, Bible passages for further reflection, and more will offer a deeper look into a familiar topic. Gain new insights as you focus on the power of the Holy Spirit at work in your life.

    *Cover all nine fruits of the Spirit in six sessions
    *Know the meaning and Greek word for each fruit
    *Biblical examples of spiritual fruit-filled lives
    *Fruit of the Spirit vs. acts of the flesh
    *”Fruitful” action steps anyone can do to walk in the Spirit
    *The who, what, where, when and why of Paul’s letter to the Galatians

    Rose Visual Bible Studies are packed with full-color visuals that show key information at a glance! With their easy-to-use format-read it, know it, explore it, and live it-these 6-week inductive studies are perfect for gaining a deeper insight into God’s Word.

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  • Deal : Secrets For Mastering The Art Of Negotiation


    Star of the hit show Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, Josh Flagg has mastered the ability to negotiate the largest deals in real estate. Now, he’s ready to share his secrets to mastering any negotiation in any industry and at any level. This is The Art of the Deal for today’s negotiators.

    Josh Flagg began his real estate career as a student at Beverly Hills High School. He swung big and hit, landing him in the perfect position to take on some of LA’s largest, most exclusive real estate listings and, eventually, a spot on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. Since then, his career has grown over nine seasons on the hit Bravo show.

    Along the way, he has faced off with negotiators of all kinds in deals over the world’s most expensive and sought-after real estate. He has seen and put into practice what works and what doesn’t. Josh has curated ten rules that, when applied to any deal, will significantly increase any your chance of success, and make you the master negotiator your clients need you to be.

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  • Reader In Biblical Greek


    A graduated reader of biblical Koine Greek for students, clergy, and scholars who have completed at least one year of Greek studies.

    This intermediate reader is for students, clergy, and scholars who have completed at least one year of Greek instruction and want to build reading proficiency. Through twenty-nine texts from the New Testament, the Septuagint, and noncanonical early Christian writings, readers will be exposed to a variety of different genres and authors while still being given enough content from each author to become acquainted with that author’s individual style. Notes within each selection gloss low-frequency words and clarify syntactical intricacies, and each new section of texts gradually increases in its level of difficulty, so that lessons can be worked through sequentially or as stand-alone exercises, as needed.

    Wright’s selections are all texts that Christians in the fourth century CE would have read, with intertextual connections between them that will stimulate discussion and reflection on the development of important ideas in the early church. Thus, this useful resource encourages progress both in Koine reading proficiency and in knowledge of Christian tradition.

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  • Box


    A sensitive book about reaching out to a new friend, perfect for fostering social-emotional learning.

    One day a mysterious box arrives in the woods. Bear, Fox, Rabbit, Squirrel, and Owl can all see that something–someone–is hiding inside. But why won’t that someone come out? Maybe the stranger is scared or having a horrible day. Maybe they’ve been hurt in the past and don’t know who to trust anymore. Who is the creature inside the box? How can the animals reassure them and introduce them to their amazing new home?

    Told through playful, pastel-colored illustrations, The Box is a gentle story about meeting others where they are. Kindness, patience, and a little creativity can help us find the most wonderful friends.

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  • Pilgrims Guide To The Camino Ingles


    A Camino Guides Title

    Camino Ingles: This ancient route was popular with pilgrims arriving by sea from England, Ireland and Northern Europe in the medieval period. It all but faded from memory but is quietly coming back to life and now ready to welcome pilgrims seeking a more solitary way along the rugged rias of Northern Galicia. It was previously combined with the route to Finisterre which was described as the road less travelled but that acclaim has now passed to the English way (or Celtic way) that starts in Ferrol or A Corua and now fully merits its own edition.

    Few pilgrims walking the Camino Ingles commence in A Corua which, at less than 100 km, does not entitle the pilgrim to a compostela unless they have walked an extra 25 km in their own country or combine it with the route from Ferrol. This provides an opportunity to visit the only site in Galicia directly linked with the life of Jesus – his first miracle in Cana of Galilee. By combining two distinct starting points we also come to understand the variety of pathways that the caminos de Santiago offer us, inviting further exploration.

    This guidebook also seeks to find a balance between the outer and inner journey, between the practical and spiritual, which is why it is subtitled A Practical & Mystical Manual – that we might find a place to eat and sleep at the end of a hard day’s walk but also, and crucially, that we might find the courage to dive into the mystery of our own soul awakening.

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  • Pilgrims Guide To The Camino Portugues Lisbon Porto Santiago 2022-2023


    2022-2023 edition

    Updated to include newer maps and photos, the latest edition in these comprehensive guidebooks to the Camino de Santiago (Portuguese Way) and its offshoots contains all the information needed by modern-day pilgrims wishing to walk the sacred Way of Saint James from Lisbon via Porto to Santiago. Overview route planners plus all 24 daily stage maps and detailed town plans help sojourners with as much advance preparation as they need. The completely redone maps feature contour guides to help distinguish the terrain that will be crossed each day, while full information on all pilgrim hostels, as well as details for alternative accommodation, allow travelers to plot adequate nightly stopping points. All reference information is accompanied by helpful spiritual guidelines to support the seeker’s inner journey as well as the outer pilgrimage. For travelers who wish to walk the coast of Portugal, this volume now includes a coastal option as well as a spiritual option and the littoral path.

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  • Prepare The Way For The Lord Leader Guide


    Prepare to receive Christ this Advent with the message of John the Baptist and best-selling author and pastor Adam Hamilton in Prepare the Way for the Lord.

    For two thousand years, Christians have turned to the story and message of John the Baptist in the weeks leading up to Christmas. In Prepare the Way for the Lord: Advent and the Message of John the Baptist, best-selling author and pastor Adam Hamilton explores the Advent themes of John’s life and ministry, and how John calls all followers of Jesus to prepare our hearts for his coming.

    In each of the Gospels, the story of Jesus is intertwined with that of his cousin John, the one whom the prophets foretold would come to “prepare the way of the Lord.” When we hear the message of John the Baptist, it makes us and our world ready to receive Christ.

    Chapter topics include:
    1. A People Prepared for the Lord
    2. God Is Gracious
    3. The Fruit of Repentance
    4. Witnesses Testifying to the Light

    Components for the four-week Advent study include a book, comprehensive Leader Guide, DVD/Video sessions featuring Adam Hamilton.

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  • Prepare The Way For The Lord Large Print


    Prepare to receive Christ this Advent with the message of John the Baptist and best-selling author and pastor Adam Hamilton in Prepare the Way for the Lord.

    For two thousand years, Christians have turned to the story and message of John the Baptist in the weeks leading up to Christmas. In Prepare the Way for the Lord: Advent and the Message of John the Baptist, best-selling author and pastor Adam Hamilton explores the Advent themes of John’s life and ministry, and how John calls all followers of Jesus to prepare our hearts for his coming.

    In each of the Gospels, the story of Jesus is intertwined with that of his cousin John, the one whom the prophets foretold would come to “prepare the way of the Lord.” When we hear the message of John the Baptist, it makes us and our world ready to receive Christ.

    Chapter topics include:
    1. A People Prepared for the Lord
    2. God Is Gracious
    3. The Fruit of Repentance
    4. Witnesses Testifying to the Light

    Components for the four-week Advent study include a book, comprehensive Leader Guide, DVD/Video sessions featuring Adam Hamilton.

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  • Day Off : A Story About Love


    Join the Cheeky Pandas – CJ, Lulu, Benji, Rory, and Milo – for a fun, action-packed everyday adventure at their treehouse music studio. They have a day off from recording to do something they love. Lulu just wants some peace and quiet, but the other Cheeky Pandas have all found noisy things to do. It’s ‘panda-monium’! Lulu shows her love to the others by being patient. Will the other Cheeky Pandas show love by being kind to her?

    Based on the free online animation, Cheeky Pandas(R) The Day Off encourages children to think about what it means to love and how this can be shown to others. Find out more about Cheeky Pandas(R) at https: //cheekypandas.com/

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  • Unshakable Hope Devotional Study Guide


    Unshakable Hope

    What kind of life are you building?

    Do you want to be unshakable in a shaky world?

    You can build your life on the enduring promises of God.

    If you have a problem, God has a promise. These promises stand the test of time, and they weather life’s biggest storms. In this special companion devotional based on the teaching series, Unshakable Hope by Max Lucado, Max will guide you through the powerful promises found in God’s word and show you how to make them your own. You can go from knowing God’s promises to believing God’s promises.

    In this life, we will face trials and storms, but it is in our toughest moments that God’s promises prove themselves true. Because God’s promises are unbreakable, our hope can be unshakable. We have an airtight, holy contract with Him. When the world rages around you, you can stand with Unshakable Hope.

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  • General And The Genius


    Historian James Kunetka examines the unlikely collaboration between rock-ribbed military engineer and project manager Leslie Richard Groves and unstable-but-brilliant communist sympathizer Robert Oppenheimer to bring the Manhattan Project to fruition, beat the Nazis to the atomic bomb, save the world, and–for better or worse–define the fraught existential condition of our modern age.

    Two ambitious men. One historic mission.

    With a blinding flash in the New Mexico desert in the summer of 1945, the world was changed forever. The bomb that ushered in the atomic age was the product of one of history’s most improbable partnerships. The General and the Genius reveals how two extraordinary men pulled off the greatest scientific feat of the twentieth century. Leslie Richard Groves of the Army Corps of Engineers, who had made his name by building the Pentagon in record time and under budget, was made overlord of the impossibly vast scientific enterprise known as the Manhattan Project. His mission: to beat the Nazis to the atomic bomb. So he turned to the nation’s preeminent theoretical physicist, J. Robert Oppenheimer–the chain-smoking, martini-quaffing son of wealthy Jewish immigrants, whose background was riddled with communist associations–Groves’s opposite in nearly every respect. In their three-year collaboration, the iron-willed general and the visionary scientist led a brilliant team in a secret mountaintop lab and built the fearsome weapons that ended the war but introduced the human race to unimaginable new terrors. And at the heart of this most momentous work of World War II is the story of two extraordinary men–the general and the genius.

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  • Masculinity Manifesto : How A Man Establishes Influence, Credibility And Au


    Men are not the enemy, and masculinity, contrary to what much of popular culture would have you believe, is the solution to what plagues individuals, families, and society as a whole.

    Men have a moral obligation to lead themselves and others well. Unfortunately, much of society has bought into and perpetuated the misguided idea that men have become the enemy of all that is right and good in a virtuous and thriving society. In short, even the concept of a Patriarch (which is simply the male leader of a home, organization, or community) has become taboo, and masculinity itself has been written off as a toxic and destructive force.

    In The Masculinity Manifesto, author and podcaster Ryan Michler focuses on how a man can wield his power and lead others well with influence, credibility, and authority. Ryan refuses to accept the gradual and intentional decay of masculinity, instead he chooses to tackle the questions others are afraid to address. The Masculinity Manifesto empowers men to find true purpose and fulfillment by taking responsibility for their lives and serving others.

    A man who exercises his responsibility to lead himself and others well is not to be feared, undermined, or rejected but embraced, respected, and honored. Men, after all, aren’t the enemy, and masculinity, contrary to what much of what popular culture would have you believe, is the solution to what plagues individuals, families, and society as a whole.

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  • Marys Miracles : A Traveler’s Guide To Catholic America


    You don’t have to travel overseas to discover our Blessed Mother’s miraculous love for her children. Mary’s Miracles: A Traveler’s Guide to Catholic America takes you to more than 50 Marian shrines, chapels, and statues, right here in the United States, each with a riveting story to tell. Stories about:

    *The United States’ only Church-approved Marian apparition (Champion, Wisconsin)

    *A family’s safe passage to America after invoking the intercession of the Star of the Sea, and the chapel they built in thanksgiving (Cheektowaga, New York)

    *The Grotto, the fulfillment of a boyhood vow to build a “great work” for the Blessed Mother (Portland, Oregon)

    *An old Spanish shrine to Our Lady of La Leche, the powerhouse of answered prayers for babies (St. Augustine, Florida)

    *A priest who looked like Dean Martin, sang like Bing Crosby — and commissioned a statue as big as his love for Mary (Santa Clara, California)

    Written by the author of the blockbuster Monuments, Marvels, and Miracles (OSV, 2021), this book is another must-have for all Catholic travelers. Organized by region and state, Mary’s Miracles can help you easily plan your next vacation or pilgrimage and find Marian sites you haven’t yet discovered. Additional features include color photos, miracle stories, and an explanation of site-specific Marian titles and devotions. Websites, phone numbers, addresses, and other information are included to help you plan your visit.

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  • Faith Hope And A Sense Of Humor


    Catholic parishes are staffed by dedicated, passionate members of the laity who are underpaid and overworked but nevertheless continue to labor in the vineyard of the Lord. Whether you are on staff or a volunteer, faith, hope, and a sense of humor are crucial to surviving and thriving in parish ministry.

    Down-to-earth, candid, and funny, author Karen Baker has served for over a decade on the front lines of her parish, and she can empathize and commiserate with the day-to-day struggles, like when the toilets back up during Sunday Mass. This little book intends to offer a ray of hope and humor by reminding parish leaders that developing holy habits and clothing themselves in Christ can help them navigate the challenging and changing world of ministry.

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  • Counterculture : Answering A Woke Culture With Love Light And Life


    God has called YOU to be an agent of cultural change!

    America is experiencing a cultural revolution. Against the onslaught of conflicting political agendas, powerful media pressures, and radical ideologies, what should Christians think? How should we respond?

    In Counterculture, Pastor Duane Sheriff reveals how the woke movement has a form of godliness but denies the power of the cross. Instead of aligning with the dominant cultural trends, believers must rise up and forge a Kingdom culture, countering critical race theory with “critical grace theory” the truth and power of the Gospel.Sheriff offers insight and guidance, equipping you to…

    *Ground yourself in moral absolutes: righteousness, love, decency, and justice
    *Get on your knees, then stand up and speak out in loving opposition
    *Refuse to let the Church be silenced by political correctness, government, or media
    *Uproot dark seeds of Socialism and Marxism being sown in America
    *Recognize that the saving power of Jesus is the only thing that can transform our nation

    God has called you as an agent of change! And change happens one heart at a time, one good deed at a time, and one vote at a time. Begin now!

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  • Stay The Course


    There are no secrets to success, it is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. -Colin Powell

    Dr. Verna Harvey understands navigating the challenges students face like no other, and she’s on a mission to help students of all ages understand the importance of education and then to assist them in achieving their educational dreams.

    While in high school, Verna’s dream was to attend college. But during her junior year, a school boycott, in which students participated, torpedoed that dream. Consequently, she dropped out, married her high school sweetheart, and then began traveling with him and supporting him in his military career. However, Verna never gave up on her goal of finishing her education. As a student, perhaps you can relate on some level.

    Now Dr. Harvey, having completed multiple college degrees, including a doctorate, seeks to help students like you achieve your own scholastic ambitions. Through personal experience and influential quotes from public figures, Harvey encourages students to S.T.O.P.:

    Stay in school

    Think through and plan for your future in short increments

    Obtain guidance and facts from credible as well as impartial resources

    Pursue your calling

    Part memoir, part guidebook, Stay the Course: Help for students needing help .?. . this world needs your best YOU! lays the academic foundation for students at any level. Thought-provoking questions will guide you in charting your course, and the tips for developing practical habits will assist in helping you reach your goals with shining success. With this resource in hand, you won’t be alone.

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  • Exorcism Files : True Stories Of Demonic Possession


    Drawing from his extensive experience in assisting with cases of demonic oppression and possession, in The Exorcism Files, Adam Blai presents readers with enlightening true stories and traces their causation. Whether people provided a gateway through Ouija boards, tarot cards, Reiki, Yoga, or martial arts, Blai reports from firsthand observation how they were lured into the occult.

    Blai also recounts shocking cases of participation in covens and cults under the guise of knowledge, empowerment, and liberation. This is sometimes accompanied by crimes and hauntings, which Blai also documents. An essential guide for our time, The Exorcism Files reveals numerous striking truths about the supernatural, including:

    *The key signs of diabolic possession – and how they differ from those of oppression

    *How dabbling in the occult opens the door to evil

    *Why the devil most intently attacks priestly and religious vocations

    *How evil can manifest itself in physical objects or symptoms

    *Why only priests, with their bishops’ permission, should perform the old solemn rite of exorcism

    *How engaging in mind control and ghost hunting is flirting with evil

    Blai demonstrates that there is a supernatural enemy in this world who is trying to destroy us. Our defenses are the Precious Blood of Jesus, the sacraments of the Catholic Church, Holy Scripture, and Church Tradition.

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  • Next American Economy


    One of America’s greatest success stories is its economy. For over a century, it has been the envy of the world. The opportunity it generates has inspired millions of people to want to become American.

    Today, however, America’s economy is at a crossroads. Many have lost confidence in the country’s commitment to economic liberty. Across the political spectrum, many want the government to play an even greater role in the economy via protectionism, industrial policy, stakeholder capitalism, or even quasi-socialist policies. Numerous American political and business leaders are embracing these ideas, and traditional defenders of markets have struggled to respond to these challenges in fresh ways. Then there is a resurgent China bent on eclipsing the United States’s place in the world. At stake is not only the future of the world’s biggest economy, but the economic liberty that remains central to America’s identity as a nation.

    But managed decline and creeping statism do not have to be America’s only choices, let alone its destiny. For this book insists that there is an alternative. And that is a vibrant market economy grounded on entrepreneurship, competition, and trade openness, but embedded in what America’s founding generation envisaged as the United States’s future: a dynamic Commercial Republic that takes freedom, commerce, and the common good of all Americans seriously, and allows America as a sovereign-nation to pursue and defend its interests in a dangerous world without compromising its belief in the power of economic freedom.

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  • 3 Wise Women


    Three very wise women lie at the heart of the First Christmas events: Mary (Jesus’ blessed mother), Elizabeth (mother of John the Baptist), and Anna the Prophetess (who waited her whole adult life in the temple, expecting to see the Messiah). In this devotional, covering Advent to Epiphany, each daily devotional is written from the viewpoint of one of the women, beginning with the Scriptural account. Then, steeped in biblical culture and what we know about the women from the Bible, the reader can delve deeper into what these amazing, real-life women may have been experiencing, or pondering, as they journeyed toward the Day of Christ’s Birth and beyond. The struggles and joys of Mary, Elizabeth, and Anna should connect with what most readers experience at Christmas and perhaps, every day. Devotions focus on: Patience, Hope, Faith, Trust, Persistence, Sacrifice, Joy, Grace, Love, Unselfishness, and so on, addressing women’s needs that cross generations . . . and centuries.

    The Story of Jesus through the eyes of the three wise women unfolds chronologically, narrated by Mary, Elizabeth, and Anna. When these women connect–Elizabeth in her sixth month of pregnancy, and Mary, newly pregnant by the Holy Spirit–unselfish love and honor lead the women to glorify God and praise him for his age-old plan of salvation. Later, when Anna sees Mary enter the temple for the dedication of Jesus, the Messiah, she realizes the King of Kings is before her. And she knows this is the fulfillment of the prophecies, including “the sword” that will pierce Mary’s heart.

    “Pondering” questions invite personal reflection on each woman and on the reader’s own life, and questions provide ample discussion for Bible study groups.

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  • Foldout Anatomy : An Interactive Look Inside Humans And Animals


    Uncover the secrets inside animals and humans with 14 full-length foldouts, over 50 animals, and over 160 color illustrations!

    “Anatomy titles for this age group are usually focused on the human body or specific body parts. The comparative approach makes this one stand out. An appealing and enlightening, hands-on, full-bodied approach.”?Kirkus Reviews

    Humans and animals: are we similar? Different? Do we all have blood? Do we all smell and taste and think? How is it that birds can fly, fish can breathe underwater, but humans can’t do either? Explore the amazing diversity of the animal kingdom and compare the body systems of over fifty animal species with those inside of you! Fourteen tall, page-length foldouts open to reveal animal inner workings and provide extra details about these fascinating curiosities of the animal kingdom.

    The book includes dozens of illustrated explanations of the human skeletal, muscular, digestive, circulatory, respiratory, nervous, and reproductive systems. It then explores those same systems in animals like the great white shark, the hooded crow, the bottlenose dolphin, the snail, the goldfish, and dozens more with over 100 more color illustrations!

    Thick pages, interactive foldouts, and a sturdy binding ensure hours of enteraining learning.

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  • Inside The 10 Foot Line


    Sophomore high school student Lorali Mathews has one goal: win a scholars hip to play volleyball at a Division One school. The only thing standing in her way? A losing streak. A toxic teammate. A murderous man. A distracting boy. Yucky kale chips …. oh yeah, and about four inches in height. And it doesn’t help that her aunt– who inspired her love for volleyball– passed away in an unfortunate accident. What good will Lorali do to her aunt’s legacy if she doesn’t take her dreams all the way to college? But with a teammate harboring a dangerous secret, one that could endanger that teammate’s life. Lorali may have to learn to put aside her dreams for now to help her get to safety. And with a murderous man on the loose, the two of them may lose far more than a chance at a scholarship, or even, a second chance at life.

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  • Return Of The Gods


    The Return of the Gods, Cahn takes the reader on a journey from an ancient parable, the ancient inscriptions in Sumer, Assyria, and Babylonia that become the puzzle pieces behind what is taking place in our world to this day, specifically in America.

    The mystery involves the gods. Who are they? What are they? And is it possible that these beings, whose origins are from ancient times, are the unseen catalysts of modern culture?

    Is it possible that these gods lie behind the most pivotal events, forces, and movements taking place in our nation and around the world at this very moment? Are the gods at this very moment transforming our culture, our children, our lives, and America itself?

    Could this mystery have even determined the exact days on which Supreme Court decisions had to be handed down?

    What is the Dark Trinity? Is it possible that what we in the modern world take as nothing more than ancient mythology could actually possess a reality beyond our fathoming?

    Who is the Possessor? The Enchanter? The Destroyer? And the Sorceress? Could a sign that has appeared all over America and the world be linked to the gods of Mesopotamia? And if so, what does it actually mean?

    Could the gods have returned to New York City and an ancient mythology played out on the streets in real time? Is it possible that the gods lie behind everything from what appears on our computer monitors, our televisions and movie screens; to the lessons given in our classrooms; to the breakdown of the family; to wokism; to the occult; to our addictions; to the Supreme Court; to cancel culture; to children?s cartoons; to every force and factor that has transformed the parameters of gender; to that which appears in our stores, on our T-shirts, and on our coffee mugs—to that which is, at this very moment, transforming America and much of the world? Is it possible that behind all these things are ancient mysteries that go back to the Middle East and ancient Mesopotamia? This and so much more, most of which we can?t even reveal in this description, will be uncovered.

    Is it possible that the gods are even affecting your life right now? How can you recognize it? And what can you do about it?

    The Return of the Gods is not only one of the most explosive books you?ll ever read but also one of the most profound. It will reveal the most stunning secrets and truths behind what is happening before your eyes in America and the nations. You will see things, even in your world, in

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  • Home Of God


    We live in the midst of a crisis of home. It is evident in the massive uprooting and migration of millions across the globe, in the anxious nationalism awaiting immigrants in their destinations, in the unhoused populations in wealthy cities, in the fractured households of families, and in the worldwide destruction of habitats and international struggles for dominance. It is evident, perhaps more quietly but just as truly, in the aching sense that there is nowhere we truly belong.

    In this moment, the Christian faith has been disappointingly inept in its response. We need a better witness to the God who created, loves, and reconciles this world, who comes to dwell among us.

    This book tells the “story of everything” in which God creates the world as the home for humans and for God in communion with God’s creatures. The authors render the story of creation, redemption, and consummation through the lens of God’s homemaking work and show the theological fruit of telling the story this way. The result is a vision that can inspire creative Christian living in our various homes today in faithfulness to God’s ongoing work.

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  • Grassroots Ecumenism : The Way Of Local Christian Reunion


    The quest for Christian unity has traditionally been initiated at the international level between official leaders of Christian denominations, with the effects of their dialogue expected to trickle down to local Christian communities. In Grassroots Ecumenism, Karen Petersen Finch upends this process, proposing an approach to Christian unity that begins in your neighborhood. She draws directly from her experience equipping everyday Christians to know their own Christian tradition more thoroughly and to engage thoughtfully with separated Christians down the street and around the corner.

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  • Gift Of Joy And Hope


    God is joyful. And He wants us to be full of joy, too.

    The past few years have been extremely challenging, but even in dark times, the light of joy can shine bright.

    True joy, says Pope Francis, is not a fleeting sentiment or a short-term solution to suffering; it springs from a solid hope that nothing and no one can take away.

    A Gift of Joy and Hope is an invitation to embrace authentic beauty and a reminder to be open to encountering God, even in the midst of challenges. In this inspiring collection, Pope Francis encourages readers to change attitudes that exclude others; to reveal the deep dissatisfaction we all hide; and to overcome life’s challenges with courage and faith. He also challenges readers to hope without pessimism or doubt, to hope even in the midst of anxiety, to recognize the beauty all around us, and to let God show us how to deal with your doubts and fears.

    This book aims to encourage readers to look outside themselves and believe that hope is still possible and that joy always has the last word.

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  • Interpreting Your World


    Whether we interpret Scripture or culture, it matters what we do, not just what we think or feel. How do we live with our interpretation, and how do we live it out? This book helps us understand how culture forms us as political actors, moves us aesthetically, shapes the rhythms of our lives, and connects (or disconnects) us from God and neighbors we are called to love. The goal is to be equipped to engage culture with greater fluency and fidelity in response to the triune God.

    This short, accessible introduction to the conversation between theology and culture offers a patient, thoughtful, and theologically attuned approach to cultural discernment. It helps us grow our interpretive skill by training our intuition and giving us a slower, more deliberate approach that accounts for as much of the complexity of culture as possible. The book explores 5 dimensions of culture–meaning, power, morality, religion, and aesthetic–and shows how each needs the others and all need theology. Each chapter includes distinctive practices for spiritual formation and practical application. Foreword by Kevin J. Vanhoozer.

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  • Let The Nations Be Glad


    John Piper’s bestselling book on missions (more than 300,000 copies sold) draws on key biblical texts to demonstrate that worship is the ultimate goal of the church and that proper worship fuels missionary outreach. Piper offers a biblical defense of God’s supremacy in all things, providing readers with a sound theological foundation for missions.

    This 30th anniversary edition of a contemporary classic incorporates insight from the author’s refined thinking over the past 10 years. Used extensively as a textbook for missions courses and a resource for ministries, Let the Nations Be Glad! provides a passionate plea for God-centeredness in the whole enterprise of world evangelization and explores the role of prayer and spiritual warfare. The book is essential reading for those involved in or preparing for missions work. It also offers enlightenment for students, pastors, youth workers, campus ministers, and all who want to connect their labors to God’s global purposes. The 30th anniversary edition features a deluxe hardcover binding.

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  • Gods Rascal : The Jacob Narrative In Genesis 25-35


    Beloved author Dale Ralph Davis looks at one of the most fascinating characters in the Bible, and the God who was faithful to him.

    The character of Jacob that we meet in chapters 25-35 of Genesis is a fascinating one. A kaleidoscopic blend of deviousness and doggedness, of trickery and tenacity, of folly and faith. As readers we can’t help being drawn into his story. With his trademark wit and perceptive comments Dale Ralph Davis guides us through the story of this rogue and traces the evidence of grace, providence, blessing throughout his life.

    Taking us chapter by chapter through this fundamental section of scripture, Davis highlights not only the character of Jacob, but the character of the God who cared for him and faithfully kept his promises to him.

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  • Just Mission : Laying Down Power And Embracing Mutuality


    Why do American Christians travel overseas to reach people in distant lands, but neglect ministering to people who immigrate from those lands to their home communities?

    Why does Western missions funding depend on narratives that marginalize indigenous leadership?

    Why are diaspora Christians from the Global South not seen as legitimate missionaries to the West?

    Western mission often still centers the senders, without as much understanding of the experiences of the receivers. Mekdes Haddis, an Ethiopian now living in the United States, provides a postcolonial critique of Western mission, upending the white savior complex and arguing for a more globally just approach. A Just Mission examines evangelical mission from the perspective of the receiver, highlighting areas of weakness and naming injustices.

    Unveiling the negative impact of Western mission on the global church, Haddis addresses how white supremacy infiltrates and subverts mission organizations’ good intentions, disrupting grassroots missions and local leadership development. Weaving together theology and Scripture with stories from people of color and diaspora groups, A Just Mission offers hope that the mission and message of Jesus can indeed become good news for all.

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  • Holy And The Hybrid


    The digital reformation began Friday, March 13, 2020, when the President declared a national emergency due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Church leaders quickly cobbled together virtual worship services, assuming faith communities would be apart for only a few weeks. As weeks stretched into months, however, leaders began to acknowledge that there was no going back to a previous normal, to a time of mostly in-person faith communities.

    In The Holy and the Hybrid: Navigating the Church’s Digital Reformation, Ryan M. Panzer helps church leaders develop hybrid ministries through aligning the shared mission of the church with the collective values of our tech-shaped culture. The goal of the book is to help build communities that serve as the hands and feet of Christ simultaneously online and offline.

    Church will be at its best, Panzer argues, when we begin our conversations on technology not with apps or IT infrastructure but with values. The more we embrace the value of collaboration in particular, the more missional our faith communities will become and the more effectively we will equip communities for faithful service.

    We take up this work, says Panzer, not for the sake of relevance or trendiness but for the sake of the gospel, not to promote institutional vitality but to form disciples. With his guidance, church leaders will feel confident coaching their communities through this time of great change.

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  • Kingdom Among Us


    Despite perennial attraction to his teachings, Dallas Willard’s theology has not been easy for his readers and colleagues to figure out or piece together. His approach to theology was an odd one. His five bestselling books on the Christian life were a side job to his quiet career as a professional philosopher.

    To what, if not to his profession, can one attribute the lasting attraction of his books? On one hand, it is Willard’s rhetorical skill and his cross-disciplinary knowledge–philosophical, psychological, biblical–regarding the central issues of human life. But more importantly, his books all proclaim a gospel which in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries can be especially hard to hear. Willard spoke of this gospel in biblical terms, the gospel of the kingdom, a gospel of spiritual living.

    The Kingdom among Us presents a comprehensive account of that gospel. But it is much more than mere interpretation. By examining both Willard’s writings and hundreds of hours of audio recordings, Michael Steward Robb both recovers and expands Willard’s theological vision.

    The book will help long time readers of Willard’s books make sense of his position in professional theology and philosophy. Robb’s reconstruction of a gospel of spiritual living will help scholars, theologians, and philosophers make sense of Willard’s side job. But all readers will encounter in these pages the most complete picture available of one of the giants of modern Christian spirituality.

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  • Confronting Jesus Book Study Guide And DVD


    Set of 3 Confronting Jesus Study Resources from Award-Winning Author Rebecca McLaughlin

    In Confronting Jesus: 9 Encounters with the Hero of the Gospels, Rebecca McLaughlin dives into the 4 New Testament biographies of Jesus. Providing biblical and historical context, she points to Jesus as a Jewish man, the Son of God, the promised King, a mighty healer, the greatest teacher, a lover of sinners, a suffering servant, a perfect sacrifice, and the universal Lord.

    This Confronting Jesus set equips small groups and Sunday school classes to explore these biblical truths together. Along with a copy of the book Confronting Jesus, the set comes with a companion study guide and DVD, hosted by McLaughlin, which features a 10-12 minute video lesson for every chapter of the book. The discussion questions in the study guide correspond to the video segments.

    Winsome and Informative: Mixes thorough research with an approachable writing style and cultural references to help readers grasp biblical truths

    *Approachable: McLaughlin’s explanation of the 4 Gospels is accessible to a wide range of audiences

    *Great for Apologetics and Evangelism: Presents the message of the gospel clearly and invites readers to study with a friend

    *Follow-Up to Rebecca McLaughlin’s Confronting Christianity: This set offers readers a next step and a helping hand as they explore who Jesus is

    *Published in partnership with the Gospel Coalition

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  • Confronting Jesus Study Guide And DVD


    Explore Who Jesus Really Is with Study Resources from Award-Winning Author Rebecca McLaughlin

    In her book Confronting Jesus: 9 Encounters with the Hero of the Gospels, Rebecca McLaughlin dives into the 4 New Testament biographies of Jesus. Providing biblical and historical context, she points to Jesus as a Jewish man, the Son of God, the promised King, a mighty healer, the greatest teacher, a lover of sinners, a suffering servant, a perfect sacrifice, and the universal Lord.

    This Confronting Jesus study guide and DVD set equips small groups and Sunday school classes to explore these biblical truths together. In the Confronting Jesus Video Study, McLaughlin hosts one 7-10 minute teaching segment for each of the book’s 9 chapters, as well as an introduction and conclusion. Each of these lessons corresponds to discussion questions in the Confronting Jesus Study Guide.

    *Approachable: McLaughlin’s explanation of the 4 Gospels is accessible to a wide range of audiences

    *Great for Apologetics and Evangelism: Presents the message of the gospel clearly and invites readers to study with a friend

    *Part of the Confronting Jesus Product Suite: Can be used in conjunction with the Confronting Jesus book

    *Follow-Up to Rebecca McLaughlin’s Confronting Christianity: This set offers readers a next step and a helping hand as they explore who Jesus is

    *Published in partnership with the Gospel Coalition

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  • Confronting Jesus Book And Study Guide


    Go Deeper into the Gospels with Study Resources from Award-Winning Author Rebecca McLaughlin

    In Confronting Jesus: 9 Encounters with the Hero of the Gospels, Rebecca McLaughlin dives into the 4 New Testament biographies of Jesus. Providing biblical and historical context, she points to Jesus as a Jewish man, the Son of God, the promised King, a mighty healer, the greatest teacher, a lover of sinners, a suffering servant, a perfect sacrifice, and the universal Lord.

    This Confronting Jesus book and study guide set is ideal for small groups and individuals looking to read the book and reflect further on the person and work of Christ. The study guide features discussion questions organized into 9 lessons, with each lesson covering a chapter from the book. This set can also be used in conjunction with the Confronting Jesus Video Study, sold separately.

    *Winsome and Informative: Mixes thorough research with an approachable writing style and cultural references to help readers grasp biblical truths

    *Approachable: McLaughlin’s explanation of the 4 Gospels is accessible to a wide range of audiences

    *Great for Apologetics and Evangelism: Presents the message of the gospel clearly and invites readers to study with a friend

    *Part of the Confronting Jesus Product Suite: Can be used in conjunction with the Confronting Jesus Video Study

    *Follow-Up to Rebecca McLaughlin’s Confronting Christianity: This set offers readers a next step and a helping hand as they explore who Jesus is

    *Published in partnership with the Gospel Coalition

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  • King For Christmas


    Laney King had been in a relationship with Michael Elliot since they were in high school. Everyone in Galveston assumed they were destined to be together. Michael wasn’t true to her, but he never thought she’d find out he had been unfaithful while he was out of town. Things didn’t turn out like Michael planned. Laney had an unexpected hero looking out for her. Though James barely knew her, he felt compelled to set things straight. He just couldn’t sit back and watch Michael mistreat her. James took matters into his own hands and taught Michael a lesson he’d never forget. Laney knew she was thankful to him. She knew she owed him a debt of gratitude. But she had no idea that she was about to fall in love. As their unlikely friendship turns into a romance, James turns out to be Laney’s unexpected Christmas gift. This Christmas novella is full of emotions that will leave you smiling as you fall in love and catch up with the rest of the Bank Street crew. A King for Christmas is a short, feel-good romance that proves chivalry is still alive.

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  • Exceptional Service Exceptional Profit


    Customer service experts Leonardo Inghilleri and Micah Solomon’s anticipatory customer service approach was first developed at The Ritz-Carlton as well as at Solomon’s company Oasis, and has since proven itself in countless companies around the globe–from luxury giant BVLGARI to value-sensitive auto parts leader Carquest and everywhere in between. Their experience shows that the most powerful growth engine in a tight market–and best protection from competitive inroads–is to put everything you can into cultivating true customer loyalty. Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit takes the techniques that minted money for these brands and reveals how you can apply them to your own business to provide the kind of exceptional service that nearly guarantees loyalty. Soon, you’ll be reaping the benefits of loyal customers who are less sensitive to price competition, more forgiving of small glitches, and, ultimately, who are “walking billboards” happily promoting your brand. Filled with detailed, behind-the-scenes examples, this award-winning book unlocks a new level of customer relationship that leaves your competitors in the dust, your customers coming back day after day, and your bottom line looking better than it ever has before.

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  • Mama Sing My Song


    Amanda Seibert, founder of Mama Sing My Song, the popular company that creates personalized songs for parents to gift to their children, knows that the words we speak over our little ones can shape them for years to come. Mama, Sing My Song is a beautiful children’s book about God’s big love, giving families affirming words to shower on their kids, revealing the bright joy, deep care, and unending love they have in their hearts.

    When we look at our children, we see those one-in-a-million grins, their crinkled noses, and sweet eyes looking back at us, which soften our hearts. God designed those babies uniquely, and Mama, Sing My Song is a celebration of all that is lovely and true about your child. Let your little ones know they are safe, loved, and cherished in your family.

    This affirming picture book for 4- to 8-year-olds:

    *celebrates the love between parent and child
    *encourages kids to embrace God’s love for them
    *provides kids the security and love they’re seeking
    *highlights all that is good in our little ones

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  • My Advent Nativity Press Out And Play Book


    Explore the real meaning of Advent and Christmas with your kids as they hear, learn, engage, and play with My Advent Nativity Press-Out-and-Play Book. This Advent activity for families presents people, animals, and stable features that actually press out of the book and is built into a three-dimensional scene.

    Counting down to Christmas with Advent calendars has become a popular tradition among families. In this board book, parents and children can read the short, easy-to-understand story of the first Christmas and learn how, just like Mary and Joseph were waiting for Jesus to come, we too can prepare our hearts in anticipation and celebration of the nativity of Jesus.

    This interactive, pop-out board book will:

    *help parents teach young children about Advent and the nativity
    *engage kids with interactive elements of play
    *improve young children’s fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and visual thinking
    *share the true meaning of Christmas, helping kids look forward to the best gift of all–Jesus

    This Christmas, help tiny hearts discover God’s love for us through the celebration of Jesus’ birth.

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  • Fearless Finances : A Timeless Guide To Building Wealth


    Cassandra Cummings has taught financial literacy to countless women. She will teach women how to grow their wealth portfolio by investing in the stock market and other ways to grow their net worth.

    Cassandra Cummings is the fearless founder of The Stocks & Stilettos Society, a community of more than 92,000 sister investors at various stages of their investing journey. Cassandra grew up on welfare, watching her mother clutch every dollar with everything she had. She knew there had to be a better way, so she built the courage to master her financial future and learned to see money without the apprehension and fear she grew up with.

    Cassandra was once ashamed of her beginnings, with an illiterate teenage mother and a father who lost his life after turning to the streets to provide for his family and community. Now that she’s overcome the embarrassment, she has been able to kick down the doors of limiting beliefs about money and show others how to do the same, while creating generational wealth.

    Fearless Finances is not just about being rich. Fearless finances are about being in control, courageous, and no longer living in lack. Fearless finances are about being free, on your terms–free to do what you want, free to pivot from unfulfilling experiences, free to throw up the middle finger at money stress and turn it into success.

    Fearless finances are about reprogramming your energy around money to make it possible to receive a winning blueprint rooted in a “buy-and-hold strategy.” By investing in the stock market, you’ll be able to attract more bills with the blue strips into your life. In Fearless Finances Cassandra provides the ingredients women need to use in a recipe for living the way they deserve–financially free.

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  • Fully Human Fully Divine


    Fully Human, Fully Divine is an invitation to an embodied Advent. Over the course of four weeks, it encourages us to embrace the experience of the Advent season fully, with our whole selves and remember that Jesus showed us what it meant to be both fully human and fully divine. It challenges us to live right here, right now as we await the birth of the Christ Child, the embodiment of God’s presence in our midst.

    During a season that can often become stressful and overwhelming, we are rarely permitted time to be present in our own bodies. We forget that our bodies are blessed and consecrated. God did not create the body to bring us doubt or shame, instead, God created us as living, breathing human beings who have the ability to live wholly-body and spirit together.

    In this book, the author, Whitney Simpson, suggests practices that will help us focus on the body God created and embrace what it means to be fully human. By letting go of external demands and giving ourselves permission to be present as we listen for God in our lives, we can learn what it looks like to notice and pay attention to our bodies.

    Each chapter covers one week of Advent and each week focuses on one of the following themes: Slow Down and Hope, Simplify for Peace, Sit with Joy, and Savor God’s Love. Within each week are a rotation of daily practices including breath prayer, mindful movement, lectio divina, visio divina (which utilizes beautiful, colorful works of art each week), Christian meditation, creative contemplation, and practicing presence.

    The book also includes tips on contemplation beyond Christmas, suggestions for small groups and small-group leaders, and advice on creating safe sacred space for small groups.

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  • Upper Room Disciplines 2023 Enlarged Print Edition


    Strength for Your Spiritual Journey

    Center your heart and mind on God each day with The Upper Room Disciplines. Readings in this year-long devotional will awaken and strengthen your awareness of God’s presence in your daily life. Each week a different Christian thought leader offers daily meditations, scripture readings, and prayers that will help you engage God’s Word.

    Based on the Revised Common Lectionary, a three-year cycle of Sunday scripture readings, Disciplines features: a focal scripture passage for each day, short daily meditations from 53 thought leaders from diverse Christian traditions, a reflection or prayer to carry with you each day, weekly scripture overviews, an index of scripture readings, and a guide to daily prayer.

    Among the writers for the 2023 edition of Disciplines are Hannah Adair Bonner, Tex Sample, Barbara Brown Taylor, Elizabeth Corrie, Bishop Karen Oliveto, Richard Morgan, Chanequa Walker-Barnes, and Peter Wallace.

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  • Hold That Thought


    You’re not good enough.

    You need to try harder.

    Everything’s fine!

    These are the sorts of voices that we all have in our heads, and they often push us to act in ways that are both unhelpful and unsustainable. How do we quiet these narratives? More importantly, amid the chatter, how do we hear the voice of God?

    Gem Fadling helps us identify the competing voices and shows how they hinder our personal transformation. Drawing on years of spiritual direction and leadership at Unhurried Living, she shares her wisdom of how we make sense of inner voices and settle down enough to find our true voice.

    Using the discussion guide in the back of the book, groups can discuss the competing voices that they experience within their own souls and learn to notice, discern, and respond to the movement of God in their lives. When we find our true voice, we can let go of the striving and people-pleasing and rest in the presence of God and his plan for our lives.

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  • O Little Town


    In the sleepy small town of Mapleview, Michigan, Christmas is always something special. In this charming collection of romance novellas, join three generations of Mapleview residents longing for love-and finding it-on the most wonderful night of the year.

    In “Hopes and Fears” by Amanda Wen, Emma Trowbridge is determined to give her students the Christmas pageant of a lifetime. The last person she expected, or wanted, to encounter in her two-room classroom is her childhood rival, Frederick Oberstein. Frederick would rather be far away himself. He wants no part of cheer, Christmas or otherwise. Can they learn to see each other in a new light-and embrace a new season of hope together?

    In “While Mortals Sleep” by Janyre Tromp, while World War II rages overseas, news reporter Eleanor Sweers returns home to Mapleview to face the repercussions of the death of her sister and her nightmare of Christmases past. But the homefront isn’t as far from the war as she thought: Japanese bombs have landed in the middle of the U.S. Now Eleanor and family friend Gideon Braum may have to choose between the scoop of a lifetime and the love of a lifetime.

    In “The Wondrous Gift” by Deborah Raney, high school football coach Caleb Janssen and music teacher Rachel Hamblin bond when they both lose their jobs at a private Christian school. But when they discover their plans for the future are mutually exclusive, the fallout threatens to tear them apart. How can they find their way back to each other?

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  • Venus Sings The Blues


    What if you could change your life and write your own story? What if you could make your dreams come true?

    To say Bones isn’t thrilled with his dead-end job at the Venus Motel would be an understatement. But when you’re fifteen with no family, expecting any prospects for your future feels pretty pointless. You just have to roll with the whims of the powers that be. And the motel owner, Calico Foster, can’t keep herself afloat, much less rescue a lost kid. A job is all she can offer.

    Why Jimmy La Roux chooses the Venus to land at when he rolls out of the desert and into the parking lot is more than anyone knows. But with a rattle of Harley pipes and a cloud of dissipating dust, he roars in, fresh from blasting through the cosmos, ready to change all of their lives. Complete with jeans, boots, hair and muttonchops swept back from cosmic winds, and muscles like ropes, he looks like he could take on any sorrow and wrestle it into submission. And he’s wielding a magic box that makes anything that goes into it disappear forever…

    Welcome to the Venus Motel, where a million stars dance above the neon and things are almost never what they seem.

    With a cast of characters including a blues-playing magician biker, a broken singer running away from her past, a couple of down-and-out crooks, a lovelorn cowboy, and a famous author drowning his demons in a bottle of rum, Venus Sings the Blues is vivid, quirky ride into the desert Southwest. Like all of Buck Storm’s stories, it’s full of humor and depth, and takes a lyrical look at God’s love and his pursuit of man in a style reminiscent of an engaging blend of Jimmy Buffet and Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

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  • Teresa Of Calcutta


    Most human beings living in the last quarter of the twentieth century knew Mother Teresa by name and appearance. They could also identify her as the saint of the gutters of Calcutta. Two years after her death, she was still recognized as “the most admired person of the century.” So, what is there still to say about her? Quite a bit, as it turns out. The story of both her public and private lives remain little known, and we continue to grapple with the extraordinary things she did, as well as the way that she interpreted the vocation of any would-be follower of Jesus.

    This biography also shows Mother Teresa as the first great saint of television. We came to know her on the screen, and, as such, we felt we knew her in a way that we could not have known the saints before her. Organized in three parts, this biography looks at The Preparation, The Call, and The Legacy of the extraordinary woman whom Pope Francis named St. Teresa of Calcutta in 2016.

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  • Christ Among Us


    No single figure has been featured with greater frequency in Western art than Jesus Christ. Sculptures, particularly-though they have received less notice than paintings-provide some of the most moving representations in their capacity to show Christ alongside us in three-dimensional space.

    In this “catalogue for an imagined exhibition,” two prominent art historians-one from the Roman Catholic tradition, one from the Protestant tradition-offer a guided tour of fifty-two sculptures of Jesus Christ from throughout the Western world. The chronological scope of the selection ranges from the third century to the present, with the work of well-known sculptors featured alongside the work of less familiar sculptors that deserve more attention.

    Along with lush, high-resolution photographs, each piece is accompanied by an essay that places it in context and brings it to life, so readers can experience the sculpture almost as vividly as they would in person. Those interested in devotional as well as artistic significance will find inspiration in the striking representations of Christ in his many forms: healer, sage, sovereign, and savior, from his humble yet majestic birth to his harrowing death and miraculous resurrection.

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  • Amazing Pocket Bible Trivia


    Created by a Guinness World Records Puzzle Master, this trivia collection contains not only hundreds of challenging questions but also these entertaining bonus materials:

    – Some of the most difficult Bible trivia questions of all time
    – “Did You Know” facts
    – Bible crosswords
    – Bible word challenges

    Designed to teach, challenge, enlighten, and entertain, this compendium of trivia guarantees hours of fun for all ages.

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  • Loving Your Husband Well


    Imagine if, at the end of the year, despite your busy schedules and all the demands on your time and attention, you and your husband were more in sync, more connected, and more in love than ever before. Sounds amazing, right?

    That kind of marriage is what is waiting for you as you read through the 52 weekly devotions in Loving Your Husband Well. Each entry includes a specific theme, related Scripture, a powerful devotion, a prayer, thoughts for further reflection, and practical ideas, all designed to help you love, cherish, and serve the man who shares life’s journey with you.

    Perfect when read alongside your husband’s Loving Your Wife Well, this devotional will still transform your relationship even if you work through it on your own.

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  • Loving Your Wife Well


    Imagine if, at the end of the year, despite your busy schedules and all the demands on your time and attention, you and your wife were more in sync, more connected, and more in love than ever before. Sounds amazing, right?

    That kind of marriage is what is waiting for you as you read through the 52 weekly devotions in Loving Your Wife Well. Each entry includes a specific theme, related Scripture, a powerful devotion, a prayer, thoughts for further reflection, and practical ideas, all designed to help you love, cherish, and serve the woman who shares life’s journey with you.

    Perfect when read alongside your wife’s Loving Your Husband Well, this devotional will still transform your relationship even if you work through it on your own.

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  • Monsoon Diaries : A Doctor’s Journey Of Hope And Healing From The ER Frontl


    The Monsoon Diaries is the firsthand account of Dr. Calvin Sun, an emergency room doctor who worked tirelessly on the front lines in multiple hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Drawing upon the lessons he learned from his adventures traveling to more than 190 countries in ten years, as well as from the grief he experienced as a teen when his father died, Dr. Sun shares his journey, from growing up as a young Asian American in New York to his calling first to medical school and then to the open road.

    He believes that the fight for a better world creates meaning when all feels meaningless, and he hopes that telling his story will help readers reframe this tragic moment in our lifetimes into possibility, with the goal of building a more empathetic society.

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  • Me And Paul


    “I’ve got this song that begs to be a book and a book that begs to read like a song–a long, romping ballad of sweetness and scandal bridging seven decades of friendship . . .”

    Immortalized in Willie Nelson’s road song Me and Paul, Paul English was the towering figure who for 70 years acted as Willie’s drummer, bodyguard, accountant, partner in crime, and right-hand man.

    Together, the two men roamed the country, putting on shows, getting into a few scrapes, raising money for good causes, and bringing the joy of their music to fans worldwide. Stories of Willie and Paul’s misadventures became legendary, but many have gone untold–until now.

    Set against the backdrop of the exploding Americana music scene and told in Willie’s inimitable, colorful style, Me and Paul follows the two performers through their decades-long careers.

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  • Courageous And Bold Bible Heroes


    This colorful book introduces children to 50 ordinary men and women who God gifted with extraordinary courage to accomplish incredible things.

    Hannah kept a promise. Daniel remained faithful to God in difficult times. Peter repented. And Joseph of Arimathea was kind and generous. What do these and the other Bible heroes featured in this book have in common? They weren’t perfect, but they were courageous and bold, each in their own way.

    Each short, easy-to-read chapter profiles a different Bible hero and shows how they exhibited bravery and overcame their own weakness and seemingly impossible challenges to achieve amazing things. This kind of epic courage can only be found when we place our faith in God.

    As boys and girls read these captivating accounts, they will learn to love God more intentionally, and they will begin to believe that the Lord will equip them with courage when they need it the most.

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  • Grace Filled Homestead


    These charming snapshots of life on the farm invite readers to incorporate the heart of homesteading–slower living rooted firmly in faith and family–into their everyday lives.

    For nearly two decades, Lana Stenner and her family have been living their version of the simple life on their small Midwest farmstead–following God, chasing goats, and tending gardens. Join Lana as she shares heartwarming stories, hearty recipes, and some of the valuable lessons she’s learned in her homesteading journey, including:

    *Chase your dreams over, under, or through that fence. Persevere.
    *Intentional living brings joy. Laser focus on what’s important.
    *Hard work is holy work. No job is beneath you.

    Though you may not be ready to pack up and move into a 120-year-old farmhouse like Lana, you can experience more grace and authenticity right where you are when you learn to seek beauty in your surroundings, cultivate bonds with those you love, and work hand in hand with God.

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  • All The Colors Of Christmas


    The bestselling author of When God Made You and When I Pray for You captures the wonder of Christmas and the joy of Jesus’ birth in a lyrical exploration of what makes the season so colorful, magical, and personal.

    In his trademark style, Matthew Paul Turner celebrates the Christmas season, particularly the colors that infuse the holiday and all the memorable sensations and experiences–including a festive market, sledding, and nativity scene–connected to those bright hues. Matthew draws his readers into a whirling ribbon of the familiar reds and greens of Christmas, as well as other festive hues, including white, gold, blue, and brown.

    Christmas is RED.
    It’s a bright shiny sled.
    It’s candy canes,
    and toy store lanes.
    It’s sprinkles on sweet bread.
    Christmas is BROWN
    It’s pinecones scattered round…
    It’s a cradle soft with hay
    And a donkey’s gentle bray.

    It’s God within
    a baby’s skin
    on that very first Christmas Day.

    All the colors come together when readers are reminded that Christmas is YOU– you’re a part of the story, the joy and the glory! Matthew shows us again and again that the holidays are nothing without being with the people we love, celebrating treasured traditions, and making new memories–all in vivid color.

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  • Standing In The Need Of Prayer


    From an award-winning author and critically acclaimed artist comes a stunning and deeply moving picture book based on the popular spiritual Standing in the Need of Prayer. The classic lyrics have been reworked to chronicle the milestones, struggles, tragedies, and triumphs of African American history. A perfect gift or timeless keepsake!

    This inspirational book encapsulates African American history and invites conversations at all levels. Carole Boston Weatherford’s riveting text and Frank Morrison’s evocative and detailed paintings are informative reminders of yesterday, hopeful images for today, and aspirational dreams of tomorrow.

    Starting from 1619 and stretching more than four hundred years, this book features such pivotal moments in history as the arrival of enslaved people in Jamestown, Virginia; Nat Turner’s rebellion; the integration of the US military; the Selma to Montgomery marches; and peaceful present-day protests. It also celebrates the feats of African American musicians and athletes, such as Duke Ellington and Florence Griffith Joyner.

    At the end of the book, readers will find descriptions of the people, places, and events that are featured, along with a note from Carole Boston Weatherford.

    Visually stunning and incredibly timely, this book reckons with a painful history while serving as a testament to the human spirit’s ability to persevere in even the most hopeless of circumstances. Its universal message of faith, strength, and resilience will resonate with readers of all ages.

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  • Stop Waiting For Permission Study Guide


    Make the breakthroughs you need to sustain your God-given greatness with the perfect companion to Stephen Chandler’s guide to unlocking your unique genius, Stop Waiting for Permission.

    Pastor Stephen Chandler believes with all his heart that God designed you for a purpose and filled you with potential. The Stop Waiting for Permission Study Guide is your road map to the journey of a lifetime, one that requires your active participation.

    Each of the ten sessions aligns with chapters from his book, Stop Waiting for Permission. Ideal for group or individual settings, this guide offers ample space to reflect on key questions and insights through four key sections:

    – Soak It In with a key biblical passage
    – Reflect on It through thought-provoking questions
    – Live into It with activities and prompts that make it real
    – Pray It Out by wrapping it up with focused prayer

    From the pastor of one of America’s fastest-growing churches comes this bold, inspiring manifesto about how to dream, plan, and ultimately achieve your great calling in life. The time to act is now! Stop waiting for permission.

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  • Stop Waiting For Permission


    A bold and inspiring invitation to dream, plan, and ultimately overcome the obstacles blocking you from your greatest purpose in life–whatever it is!–from the pastor of one of America’s fastest-growing churches.

    Pastor Stephen Chandler believes that each of us has a specific, life-giving purpose in this world. Sadly, many people never discover the unique genius that has been embedded within them by the Creator of the universe. But that doesn’t have to be the case!

    Stop Waiting for Permission offers a four-step process to unlocking your unique calling and activating your innate, God-given strengths. Chandler provides the tools you need to:

    *Identify What Is Holding You Back
    *Discover Your Unique Genius
    *Maximize Your God-Given Greatness
    *Live In Your Purpose with Perseverance

    Stop Waiting For Permission is a biblical boost of encouragement filled with original insights to help those seeking to scale the heights of their calling, map out the territory of their purpose, and discover their unique and personal area of genius.

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  • More Than A White Mans Religion


    Though many today accuse Christianity of being a white, imperialistic religion, it is actually the source for cherished Western ideals of racial and gender equality. In More Than a White Man’s Religion, author and speaker Abdu Murray shares stories from the Bible and his own experiences as a global apologist, a member of an ethnic minority, a son of immigrants, and a former Muslim to show that the gospel message provides dignity and liberty to non-whites and women.

    More Than a White Man’s Religion reveals:

    *The ethnically diverse roots of biblical stories and passages that inspired some of the greatest social reforms in history

    *How challenging and sometimes confusing Bible passages and stories can be best understood to champion equality for ethnically diverse people and women

    *Ways believers can bring real and lasting change to our culture’s pervasive racial, ethnic, and gender equality issues by following Jesus’ and his followers’ examples

    Without overlooking the places where Christianity has failed to live up to its own ideals, Murray challenges the myth that Christianity is an oppressive, Western religion and shows believers how to better fulfill their God-given mandate to uphold the dignity of every human being.

    Tackling head-on one of the most serious challenges to the Christian faith in our multicultural age, More Than a White Man’s Religion demonstrates how the gospel can inspire positive change for modern culture.

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  • Killing Comparison : Reject The Lie You Aren’t Good Enough And Live Confide


    Leave behind the discontent of comparison and discover a free and joyful life.

    Nearly all of us deal with the struggle of comparison and finding ourselves lacking. But there is a way to break free from internal and external messages communicating a lack of self-worth. It starts with identifying the basis of your urge to compare and ends with securing your identity to the unchanging confidence of God’s love for you.

    Pastor Nona Jones knows this journey all too well. Throughout her life and in her career–most recently as an executive for the world’s largest social media company–Nona discovered that despite professional success, true confidence can only be achieved by defeating toxic comparison and securing our identity to God’s approval alone.

    Killing Comparison provides a fresh, biblically rooted perspective on an age-old human dilemma–the pressure to compare oneself to others–that the era of social media has exacerbated and heightened. This timely and necessary guide will help you:

    *Determine your true source of self-worth
    *Develop practical ways to conquer daily comparison
    *Learn how to control social media instead of letting it control you
    *Discover how to accomplish your dreams without comparing yourself at every turn
    *Identify the root cause leading you to compare your life to others

    Through practical insight and down-to-earth encouragement, Nona helps you avoid the despair of comparison and pursue a free, joyful life.

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  • John Study Guide Plus Streaming Video


    John 20:31 But these are written the stories about Jesus and the statements from Jesus of John, that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.

    The book of John is foundational to our relationship with Jesus. This eight-session study through the Gospel of John will uncover who Jesus is, His love for us, and invite us to respond. And, as we respond to the reality of God’s grace as demonstrated through the finished work of Jesus, we will find ourselves being shaped more into the likeness of Jesus, through the work of the Holy Spirit, in the community of faith, for the sake of the world.

    This study guide includes:

    *Individual access to eight streaming video sessions
    *Video teaching notes and group discussion questions
    *Personal study of Scripture and context
    *Scripture memory cards and coloring pages

    Designed for use with John Video Study (sold separately).

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  • Colossians Study Guide With DVD


    The 40 Days through the Book series has been designed to help believers more actively engage with God’s Word. Each study encourages participants to read through one book in the New Testament at least once during the course of 40 days (approximately 6 weeks of meetings) and will provide them with (1) a clear understanding of the background and culture in which the book was written, (2) insights into key passages of Scripture, and (3) clear applications and takeaways from the particular book that participants can apply to their lives. Each study will be recorded in the author’s place of residence and will highlight stories and applications that are relevant to his or her ministry in that area.

    In 40 Days through Colossians, author and pastor Jay Kim guides small-group members through Paul’s letter to the believers in Colossae, revealing what his words meant to his original readers . . . and how they apply to us today. Participants will be encouraged as they listen to Jay’s teachings and, though the accompanying study guide, challenged to read Colossians on their own during the forty days in the study.

    Sessions and run times include:

    1. The True Center (Colossians 1:1-29) (20:00)
    2. Broken Gauges (Colossians 2:1-15) (20:00)
    3. A Greater Reality (Colossians 2:16-23) (22:30)
    4. Constant Dissonance (Colossians 3:1-11) (20:30)
    5. The Right Attire (Colossians 3:12-4:1) (23:00)
    6. God Alone (Colossians 4:2-18) (21:00)

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  • Nelsons Preachers Sourcebook Apologetics Edition


    Plan a full year of sermons with Nelson’s Preacher’s Sourcebook.

    Inspiration doesn’t always have to come from the mountain top. God can just as easily use a resource like Nelson’s Preacher’s Sourcebook to give you fresh and new ideas for your sermons, small group meetings, and seasonal gatherings. With suggestions for creative outlines, scripture text, preaching techniques and historical notes, use this sourcebook as a jumping off point when talking to God about the message He wants you to deliver.

    This Apologetics Edition of Nelson’s Preacher’s Sourcebook has an emphasis on evangelism and includes a sermon series focusing on apologetics.

    Features include:

    *Sermons, creative outlines, illustrations, and quotes for every Sunday of the year
    *Special articles focusing on evangelism
    *Worship helps, including hymns, prayers, and Scripture text
    *Inspirational thoughts and preaching techniques
    *Sermons of special occasions and holidays
    *Sermons and register pages for weddings and funerals

    With Nelson’s Preacher’s Sourcebook, you’ll have engaging content for every Sunday of the year that your congregation will not just listen to, but truly hear.

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  • Fan The Flame


    Churches across the country are floundering and many pastors are deeply discouraged. They work hard and with great sincerity but their efforts don’t seem to be helping their churches to flourish. Their congregations are split over political issues. Their faith is low. Finances are tight. Many leaders want to love their flocks, but find themselves in endless arguments with people they are trying to serve.

    The pressing need of our time, especially for leaders, is not to focus on transforming the culture, but on reviving the church. Yet sadly, when it comes to the work of ministry, few pastors turn to Scripture. Instead, they follow the latest church growth trends based on business models rather than the New Testament, and they become frustrated and disheartened when these fail.

    The first Christians had no money and no leverage. The Roman government opposed them at every turn. The Jewish establishment persecuted them. They had no buildings and no New Testament. Yet the church exploded, proving that the Gospel is built for the hardest of times.

    In Fan the Flame, New York Times best-selling author and pastor Jim Cymbala looks at the pressing need for spiritual leadership by focusing our attention on Acts 20–Paul’s farewell address to the Ephesian church. He examines how Paul led the church–so that we can follow his lead. Along the way, Jim includes stories from his own experience at The Brooklyn Tabernacle, a church he has led for more than forty years. He offers ground-level, faith-driven, nitty-gritty, biblically-wise advice that will encourage, inspire, and equip leaders in the church, wherever God has planted them.

    When leaders begin to understand and practice true spiritual leadership, they will find that their lives are transformed and they discover fresh energy and peace as God leads the way in building his kingdom. Filled with practical insights on developing a practice of prayer and leading others into the presence of God, Fan the Flame will help you to become the kind of leader God can use to reignite revival in today’s church.

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  • Help Is Here Study Guide With DVD


    The Holy Spirit is a mystery to many of us today. We understand the nature and character of God the Father. We have no problem comprehending Jesus as the Son. But the Holy Spirit? We tend to hem, haw, and search for words when trying to describe him and the work he does in our lives. Perhaps some of the challenge is found in the terms. We understand God as a Father. Jesus as a Son. But God as Spirit? The word itself is mystical.

    In this five-session video Bible study, bestselling author Max Lucado pulls back the curtain on the third member of Trinity. He shows how Jesus promised to send the Holy Spirit to his disciples because they needed to be equipped for the work he had in store for them. As he said to them, You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all of Judea, and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8 NKJV). Jesus knew they needed the Holy Spirit’s power–to make good choices, keep promises, silence voices of fear, and get on with life. Jesus promised to provide this power to his followers. He still promises to provide this power today.

    The Bible reveals that the Holy Spirit–far from being an impersonal force–is always close, always active, and always at work within our lives. He is our helper, teacher, empowerer, intercessor, peace-bringer, guider, anointer, convicter, and diviner giver of gifts. God has not left us vulnerable and defenseless. Rather, his vision for us includes a Companion with resilient strength. So no more walking this path alone! No more carrying weight we were not intended to bear! It’s time to enjoy the presence of the Holy Spirit and experience the life he offers. It’s time to tap into his power… and realize that help is here.

    This pack contains one study guide and one DVD.

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  • When Women Lead


    Much of what men and women both think about women, gender differences, and cultural norms is remarkably under-processed. Without the benefit of intentional conversation about the barriers women face, most women are left to enter the world of leadership with inadequate awareness and resources. The acknowledgement of a woman’s right to leadership is only the first step. We have not yet addressed the very common barriers women face when they enter the leadership arena, nor have we explored practical solutions to help them navigate those barriers so they can lead effectively.

    Women need to know that unrealistic optimism is a recipe for failure. Simply by acknowledging constraints to success, then exploring strategies to enhance leadership skills, we can help women take greater authority over their call to live out of a God-given identity and giftedness.

    When Women Lead is for men and women who advocate for female leadership within the Church. When women are educated about the challenges they face and are given resources to navigate beyond those challenges, their opportunity for success in ministry increases dramatically. The purpose of this book is to describe those challenges, explore practical solutions, and equip women to lead successfully and hopefully.

    While it is an excellent resource for women ready to enter leadership with more confidence and authority, it’s also perfect for denominational leaders charged with raising up women called to leadership roles, for lay leaders who want to better understand the dynamics at work when the pastor is a woman, and for husbands, parents, and friends who desperately want to support women in their life who are living out what God has given them to do.

    What if the Kingdom of God is straining toward the day when all God’s people are deployed in the work of the Great Commission? Women are already leading powerful movements around the world. The evangelistic explosion being documented in many closed countries is largely due to the leadership of women. Missionaries tell of the critical role of women in introducing the gospel to new groups. This book can help to equip a new generation of women to rise up with tools in hand to welcome and advance God’s Kingdom on earth.

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  • On Our Knees


    Rediscover the joy, power, and intimacy of prayer in On Our Knees, a forty-day devotional that illuminates the power of being with God-inspired by Dove Award-winning worship music artist Phil Wickham’s hit song “Battle Belongs.”

    Phil Wickham’s On Our Knees: 40 Days to Living Boldly in Prayer explores biblical stories from Genesis to Revelation to learn about prayer from the heroes of our faith, including Moses, King David, and many more. How did these “heroes of the faith” pray? How did Jesus teach us to pray? Each entry in On Our Knees helps readers establish their own daily prayer routines, ultimately encouraging the lifelong practice of prayer as a means of connecting with and better understanding God. The devotional includes a suggested passage of scripture and Phil’s reflections on the reading, a daily prayer and prayer practice to encourage spiritual growth, and a set of reflection questions to help the reader go deeper in his or her prayer journey.

    This devotional highlights:

    *Jesus’s teachings on prayer
    *Prayer as the foundation for faith
    *Finding intimacy with God
    *Following God’s path for our lives
    *Praying with boldness and courage, while also in humility and honesty
    *Letting go of anxiety and fear

    On Our Knees brings readers into a deeper intimacy with Jesus, encouraging a habit of prayer that can last a lifetime and cultivate a closer relationship with God.

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  • Christmas Company


    She’s out to save her town from a real-life Scrooge…

    The small town of Miller’s Point is known across the country for their annual Dickensian Christmas festival. When the celebration is threatened by Clark Woodward, a miserly, big-city businessman, Kate Buckner steps up to save her hometown, their traditions, and her favorite holiday. But, along the way, she realizes that the man she’s trying to protect her town from might need some rescuing of his own.

    With a lot of heart and a little Christmas magic, Kate is convinced she can teach Clark to love her favorite holiday. But can such different people learn to open up and love each other?

    This heartwarming romance includes a free Hallmark original recipe for Sweet Potato Biscuits with Country Ham.

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  • Twas The Night


    Twas The Night The Art and History of the Classic Christmas Poem is the first cultural history to be published of the highly-celebrated poem A Visit from St. Nicholas, also known as Twas The Night Before Christmas.

    The artwork and literary references presented in this publication were selected to demonstrate the way in which “The Poet of Christmas Eve” drew upon two centuries of winter cultural traditions and customs, as well as elements from the spiritual and secular sectors, in the creation of the work. Dozens of vintage illustrations were carefully chosen for this publication from the thousands of editions published over years, along with examples of works by both commercial illustrators and fine artist who were drawn to the poem’s enchanting imagery.

    Over two hundred images are presented in the book including artwork by Jessie Willcox Smith, N.C. Wyeth, Norman Rockwell, Andy Warhol, N.C. Wyeth, F.O.C. Darley, and the incomparable Thomas Nast. In 2022 and 2023 the poem marks two bi-centennial milestones; first read aloud by Clement Clarke Moore of New York on Christmas Eve 1822, with its print debut appearing in the Troy Sentinel newspapers of Troy, New York for December 23, 1823.

    The poem has been referred to as: ” a little masterpiece of juvenile fiction” “one of the best poems for children ever written,” “the most-published, most-read, most-memorized, and most-collected book in all of Christmas literature.” This book is a celebration of the poem’s brilliance and its phenomenon and enduring popularity.

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  • Dont Look Back


    Hope and help for pastors and congregations who are asking, What now? And What’s next?

    Some pastors and congregations have managed remarkable innovation, creation of new ministries, courageous pruning of old programs, and rediscovery of core Wesleyan convictions in recent years. Others have experienced a long, slow-motion, downward cycle of loss.

    We might be tempted to ‘sit down’ wherever we are, looking back at all that’s happened, shaking our heads in disbelief. But it’s time to stand up, to move forward. Will Willimon shows what that could look like. He spent a year committed to asking questions and careful listening in conversations with clergy, organizational leaders, and parishioners across the U.S. What’s next for Methodist church folk?

    As you read, join in the process of asking and listening. The honesty, wisdom, and inspiration you find here may point you in new directions. What do you think God is up to in the present moment? What should we stop doing and begin doing, responding to God’s call now? What are the biblical texts, stories from our past, and core Wesleyan convictions that might guide us from this point?

    And are we at Good Friday or at Easter?

    As Willimon writes in his Introduction, “Let’s have a decent burial for yesterday’s good intentions and then partner with the Holy Spirit in creating tomorrow’s church.” This is a book to read and reflect on with colleagues, congregants, and Methodist friends.

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  • Prepare The Way For The Lord


    Prepare to receive Christ this Advent with the message of John the Baptist and best-selling author and pastor Adam Hamilton in Prepare the Way for the Lord.

    For two thousand years, Christians have turned to the story and message of John the Baptist in the weeks leading up to Christmas. In Prepare the Way for the Lord: Advent and the Message of John the Baptist, best-selling author and pastor Adam Hamilton explores the Advent themes of John’s life and ministry, and how John calls all followers of Jesus to prepare our hearts for his coming.

    In each of the Gospels, the story of Jesus is intertwined with that of his cousin John, the one whom the prophets foretold would come to “prepare the way of the Lord.” When we hear the message of John the Baptist, it makes us and our world ready to receive Christ.

    Chapter topics include:
    1. A People Prepared for the Lord
    2. God Is Gracious
    3. The Fruit of Repentance
    4. Witnesses Testifying to the Light

    Components for the four-week Advent study include a book, comprehensive Leader Guide, DVD/Video sessions featuring Adam Hamilton.

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  • Into His Presence


    This collection of eighty theologically rich and beautifully written prayers and meditations, adapted from Puritan prayers and prose, will enrich and deepen your prayer life.

    While retaining the dignity and beauty of the original language, Tim Chester has updated key words and phrases, making the book accessible to modern readers.

    Each prayer combines beautiful words with profound truths. Read during personal devotions or use to lead rich and deep corporate prayers to give weight and majesty to gathered times of worship.

    Includes rich and glorious prayers from John Owen, Thomas Watson, Anne Bradstreet, Richard Baxter and more.

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  • All About Christmas


    Bursting with colorful photography, this essential reference guide helps curious young minds check out the facts behind the very first Christmas, as well as enjoy fun stories about the way Christmas is celebrated around the world.

    Inside the pages of All about Christmas, you’ll find:

    – engaging content suitable for ages 7-10

    – colorful photography with clear text in bite-sized “fact file” chunks of information to encourage and inform even reluctant readers

    – punchy facts providing at-a-glance information

    – hardback format, making it the perfect gift

    Go back in time and explore fascinating facts about the Roman civilization at the time of Jesus’ birth, what the life of a shepherd was like, and how far Mary and Joseph traveled to get to Bethlehem. Plus, have fun checking out why Germans hide pickles and why Icelandic children leave their shoes on the window sill on Christmas Eve!

    Children will learn that the Christmas story is rooted in real places, real people and real historic events, so they can be confident that it is fact, not fiction.

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  • Explore Oct-Dec 2022


    Dated and numbered daily Bible readings for adults, October to December 2022.

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  • Shift : Repositioning God’s People For Revival


    There’s a SHIFT coming to the Body of Christ, to America, the world . . . and to your life. The Church in many corridors has become prevalent, but not powerful. We are recognized behind our four walls, but not much outside of them. As the culture drifts from biblical values, it is time to shift to eternal perspectives. It’s time for a shift . . . it’s time for REVIVAL.

    In Shift, Ron McIntosh has captured the principles, presence, power, and perspective that make up revival. This is a book that will prepare you for the current and coming move of the Spirit.

    This book answers the questions about revival that makes it well worth reading. But if offers so much more… it answers the question we should be asking. What is beyond revival?

    Mario Murillo Author, Vessels of Fire and Glory

    Shift will cause readers to prayerfully consider everything we have embraced packaged as “modern Christianity” and measure it next to the surefire standard of Scripture and the template of Pentecost. Larry Sparks Author, Pentecostal Fire Publisher, Destiny Image

    Shift explains, in the simplest terms, one of the most important mysteries for the person who truly desires to see and know God as He is.

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  • Overture Of Hope


    Schindler’s List meets The Sound of Music as best-selling New York Post investigative journalist Isabel Vincent delves into pre-World-War-II history to recover the amazing story of two British spinsters who masterminded a plan to spirit dozens of Jewish stars and personnel of the German and Austrian opera to England and save them from a terrible fate under the Third Reich. Will resonate with readers of The Nazi Officer’s Wife and The Dressmakers of Auschwitz.

    A Secret Aria of Courage and Suspense

    Europe, 1937. Two British sisters, one a dowdy typist, the other a soon-to-be famous romance novelist. One shared passion for opera. With prospects for marriage and families of their own cut down by the scythe of World War I, the Cook sisters have thrown themselves into their love of music, with frequent pilgrimages to Germany and Austria to see their favorite opera stars perform. But now with war clouds gathering and harassment increasing, the stars of Continental opera, many of whom are Jewish, face dark futures under the boot heel of the Nazis.

    What can two middle-aged British spinsters do about such matters? They can form a secret cabal right under Hitler’s nose and get to work saving lives. Along with Austrian conductor Clemens Krauss (a favorite of Hitler, but quietly working with the Cooks) the sisters conspire to bring together worldwide opera aficionados and insiders in an international operation to rescue Jews in the opera from the horrific fate that everyone intuits is coming. By the time war does arrive, the Cooks and their operatives have plucked over two dozen Jewish men and women from the looming maw of the Holocaust and spirited them to safety in England.

    Packed with original research and vividly told with suspense, hope, and wonder by award-winning New York Post investigative journalist Isabel Vincent, author of nationally best-selling memoir Dinner with Edward, this singular tale reveals many new details of the seemingly naive and oblivious Cook sisters’ surreptitious bravery, daring, and passionate commitment as the two mount a successful rescue mission that saves dozens of lives and preserves the opera they love for another generation.

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  • Winning At Home


    Combining the expertise of credentialed counselors, coaches, and pastors, Winning at Home offers clarity in the midst of chaos on hard-hitting topics like mental health, technology, sexuality, and identity, for parents who are trying to raise children from a faith-based perspective.

    Winning at Home tackles the tough topics that are rarely addressed from the church pulpit. Understanding that parents need tools to help them navigate the pressures of raising children in the twenty-first century, this book will look at parenting children with mental health concerns, sexual identity issues, and substance abuse issues, as well as discussing how to handle technology well. In addition to tackling difficult topics, this book also encourages parents to set boundaries and launch children into adulthood well. It is designed as a manual that lets parents flip straight to the section that addresses a current need, making it a valuable resource for those who want to raise children who will honor God in the midst of challenging situations and a toxic culture.

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  • Armstrong And The Mexican Mystery


    Fans of Harry Turtledove and Eric Flint will rejoice at this third entry in the rip-roaring alternate history Custer of the West series from an award winning author and historian. Watch out for shades of “The Wild, Wild West,” as George Armstrong Custer unearths a remnant of the lost city of Atlantis in the Old West– and battles a cabal of Atlantans for the fate of America itself! A great place to enter the Custer of the West series!

    Armstrong is back! In the rip-roaring third book in the “Custer of the West” series, General Armstong Custer–traveling incognito as Marshall Armstrong Armstrong since his supposed death during the Battle of Little Bighorn–finds an unlikely ally in Kirk Callahan, a former mercenary for the Austrian Emperor of Mexico, Maximillian.

    On a mission for vengeance against the Juaristas who attempted to lynch Callahan, the two travel South, battling with bloodthirsty bandits in pursuit of a rumored treasure guarded by the living descendants of the lost city of Atlantis. Upon their arrival, however, the heroes uncover a horrifying underworld fueled by kidnappings, forced labor, and deadly dealings that threaten to destroy an entire population to keep the Atlantians alive. Will Armstrong foil the Atlantians plot before it’s too late.

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  • My Daily Visitor Advent 2022


    Reflect, pray, and live this Advent season with My Daily Visitor .This handy resource helps you to begin each day with quick and easy Scripture-focused reflection, prayer, and achievable actions to prepare for the coming of Christ.

    For each day, Aleteia editor-in-chief Fr. Patrick Briscoe, OP, offers a brief reflection based on the daily Mass readings, a prayer, and a suggestion for how to live Advent well. This approachable booklet will help you set aside time for daily prayer and grow closer to Christ amid life’s busyness during the holiday season.

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  • Come To Marys House


    Friendship with Mary is possible. She is real, accessible, and relatable. She is our companion in the life of prayer and in our whole life with Jesus.

    Filled with reflections and brief imaginative sequences, Come to Mary’s House invites you to imagine you are with the Blessed Virgin – visiting in her living room, working in her garden, or catching up over coffee. The goal is to encourage your encounter with Mary as a friend, sister, and mother – in a comfortable, gentle way. By developing a personal relationship with her, you’ll let her lead you closer to Jesus.

    This book is for all who long for Mary and want to live in spiritual companionship with her. If you want to pray more deeply, love Jesus more, and serve authentically from the heart, you couldn’t choose a better master of the spiritual life than Our Lady.

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  • Golden Rainbow Day


    Based on an episode of the hit preschool show from Fred Rogers Productions Donkey Hodie, this whimsical board book featuring a pop-up finale follows Donkey Hodie and Purple Panda to the end of the rainbow!

    Donkey Hodie and her best friend, Purple Panda, follow a rainbow to find a mythical bowl of Golden Crunchdoodles!

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  • Welcoming The Christ Child With Padre Pio


    St. Pius of Peitrelcina had a deep devotion to the Christ Child. The man more commonly known as Padre Pio also possessed extraordinary and unique mystical gifts: Jesus often came to him in the form of a little child.

    In Welcoming the Christ Child with Padre Pio, stories about the saint known for his stigmata and ability to bilocate are woven with scripture and prayer to help you experience Advent-Padre Pio’s favorite season-with greater hope and joy.

    Each day of Advent you will read an account from someone who knew Padre Pio, including:

    *his Capuchin brothers’ amazement as they witnessed Padre Pio walking the halls of the monastery, cradling an apparition of the Christ Child;

    *the miraculous healing of Vera Marie Calandra, who was blessed by the Franciscan monk as an infant and whose parents later founded the National Centre for Padre Pio; and

    *examples of the extraordinary spiritual gifts of this holy confessor, including his stigmata, his ability to bilocate and read hearts, and the healing gifts that flowed from his fervent devotion to the Holy Family.

    This book contains daily readings for Advent as well as special entries for moveable feasts celebrated by Catholics around the world. Each day includes a quotation from Padre Pio, a short story about the saint, a scripture reflection, and prayer to help you follow this extraordinary saint’s example and welcome the Christ Child into your home and heart during Advent.

    An appendix includes additional resources and prayers to learn more about Padre Pio.

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  • Be Healed : A Guide To Encountering The Powerful Love Of Jesus In Your Life


    First published almost ten years ago and now available in hardcover, the bestselling book Be Healed has established itself as the classic guide to spiritual healing.

    Based on retired Catholic therapist Bob Schuchts’s popular program at the John Paul II Healing Center, the bestselling book offers hope in the healing power of God through the Holy Spirit and the sacraments and incorporates elements of charismatic spirituality while being steeped in scripture and the wisdom of the Church.

    “Somewhere deep inside each one of us is a burning desire to finally become the person God created us to be.”

    Do you suffer from spiritual or emotional wounds that are keeping you from reaching that goal?

    Schuchts’s trusted process for finding inner peace and healing is boldly Christ-centered, maintaining focus on the person of Jesus as “the life-giving and ever-present physician of our souls.” Schuchts will help you recognize your brokenness and find your hope and healing in the risen Christ. Schuchts shares his own journey of healing after enduring a series of betrayals in high school–his father’s infidelity, his parents’ divorce, his older brother’s drug addiction–and his subsequent periods of struggle with God and faith.

    The book includes helpful tools such as charts, tables, lists, reflection questions, and personal challenges to guide you on your own healing. Be Healed is lauded as life-changing by such Catholic leaders as Sr. Miriam James Heidland, SOLT, Scott Hahn, Tom Corcoran, and Patrick Lencioni.

    This durable hardcover edition includes a new preface from the author. It is perfect for use by group leaders, individuals, and therapists and makes a great keepsake edition for gift-giving.

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  • Love Him Ever More


    Fr. Joe Laramie, North American director of the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network, offers a nine-day retreat that draws on the wisdom of Ignatian spirituality and the Sacred Heart devotion to help you know God’s love and desires for you.

    Love Him Ever More is a powerful encounter with the Sacred Heart of Jesus that will help you encounter Christ in the world today deepen your personal relationship with him.

    Laramie leads you to reflect on your own heart, your wounds, and God’s healing mercy. He takes you on a journey of reflection on the Incarnation, the ministry of Jesus, and God’s call for each of us today. This personal retreat allows you to engage in Ignatian contemplation by using your imagination and five senses to encounter Jesus in the gospels and reflecting on your heart, the heart of Christ, and all hearts.

    Each day begins with a quotation from the Spiritual Exercises and a grace to pray for, a personal story from Laramie, and contemplation on a gospel scene, and ends with reflection questions and a prayer.

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  • Healing The System


    As a healthcare provider, do you feel frustrated and fatigued with an impersonal, administrative-heavy system where you don’t feel your opinion matters? Do you feel powerless to effect change? You’re not alone! Provider burnout is rampant due to bureaucratic overload, long work hours, and the lack of community, respect, and autonomy at work. But these issues can be addressed without significant expense or a major system overhaul. Dr. John McB. Hodgson’s approach to healthcare change re-empowers healthcare providers to do what they love to do-care for patients, solve problems, and influence the delivery system.

    In Healing the System, Dr. Hodgson draws on his experience as a seasoned cardiologist to suggest easy-to-implement changes that healthcare providers and administrators can make to combat the increasingly dysfunctional environment typical of current practice. These simple changes can bring a sense of fulfillment, joy, and satisfaction back to the practice of medicine, and the entire system will be energized. Hodgson’s solutions include:

    *getting back to missional purpose, rather than focusing solely on the numbers;
    *empowering teams and community;
    *encouraging equity in the place where providers practice;
    *involving providers in administrative functions and decision making; and
    *honoring one another, no matter the position or the department.

    The message in this book encourages physicians and other healthcare delivery professionals to create an environment and culture in which everyone can thrive.

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  • Up From The Ashes


    Dinah Hodgson looks like she has it all-perfect husband, three great kids, ??fulfilling volunteer work. But behind the American-dream persona, Dinah carries dark secrets in her subconscious, ready to spill out.

    How is your here-and-now? Are you struggling with issues that are overwhelming, with no end in sight? Are you, like Dinah, pressing on, fully cognizant that even the most “perfect” life doesn’t always feel so perfect?

    In Up from the Ashes, Dinah recounts her journey of reclaiming her destiny as God brings her through restoration. Surprisingly, He leads her to reexamine her tumultuous childhood. Delving into her story, Dinah describes not only how she received healing from her dysfunctional background and recovered her destiny, but provides valuable insights into how others can be healed and reclaim their stolen destinies too. Using Scripture, Dinah offers key principles to uncover and dismantle spiritual and emotional captivity so individuals can experience the life Christ secured for them.

    God can do the unimaginable in your life if you’re willing to let Him. If you allow Christ to redeem the territories of your heart, you too can be led up from the ashes into a life of abundant blessing. Let this insightful book be a roadmap for your journey.

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