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This Too Shall Last


Every Christian lives between pain and redemption. Some face suffering more acutely, but we all suffer at times, whether due to health, relational stress, loss, finances, trauma, or any other of a myriad of problems this life presents us. In a culture obsessed with ease, it’s difficult to make sense of our suffering. As Christians, we can sometimes feel betrayed: Why does God allow us to hurt?

Ten years ago chronic illness plunged therapist and writer K.J. Ramsey directly into this paradox. Before her illness, faith made sense. But after pain’s intrusive debut, K.J. had to find a way across the widening canyon that seemed to separate God’s goodness from her excruciating circumstances.

What she discovered was a new place and source of surprising joy. In the midst of suffering she encountered the God who willingly took on broken, human flesh, the God who so united himself to the human experience that he is never far from our pain.

This Too Shall Last offers an antidote to the Western and Christian idolatry of ease. For anyone who suffers or cares about someone who suffers, it points to a surprising comfort, beauty, and joy available in the midst of hard times. Discover afresh the God who stands in solidarity with us and is always enough, whatever challenges we face.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780310107255
ISBN10: 0310107253
K. J. Ramsey
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: May 2020
Publisher: Zondervan

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