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Parenting Study Guide Plus Streaming Video (Student/Study Guide)


For parents there exists a question that is always hovering in the background. Are we doing it right? Then just when we feel like we may be doing it right in one season, the season changes. They outgrow their shoes and their beds and we wonder at times if maybe they’re outgrowing us. Eventually hormones flip the script. The question that hovered in the background for the first eleven or twelve years is suddenly front and center. We no longer have the luxury of wondering if we’re doing it right. There are daily reminders that more than likely we’re not. Eventually our kids assure us we’re doing it wrong because their best friend’s parents are doing it right. And, of course, their best friends are assuring their parents they’re doing it wrong as well.

So, are you doing it right?

It’s a terrifying question. It’s terrifying because while we all come equipped with a rearview mirror, we don’t have a reverse. We can look back and see what we should have done differently, but we can’t back up and do it differently. Our mistakes are a permanent part of our parenting stories. Worse, our mistakes are a permanent part of our children’s childhoods!

In this six-session video study, Andy and Sandra Stanley will actually suggest an it… the it they’re convinced makes all the difference. Because if you don’t hit pause long enough to consider the direction in which you are parenting, you may wake up one day to the realization that you parented in the wrong direction. By wrong I mean, you parented in a direction you would not have chosen to parent had you stopped long enough to choose. The direction we choose, consciously or unconsciously, will in some way determine our children’s destinations–emotionally, relationally, spiritually, as well as academically and professionally. You owe it to them to choose it ahead of time.

Parenting is complicated. You want to get it right. To do what you have to do to determine your it. And that’s what this video study is about.

Designed for use with the Parenting Video Study (sold separately).

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SKU (ISBN): 9780310158417
ISBN10: 0310158419
Andy Stanley | Sandra Stanley
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: January 2023
Publisher: HarperChristian Resources


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