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  • Nuevo San Jose Catecismo De Pr – (Spanish)


    New and modern format and design
    Explains Catholic doctrine with the aid of many exclusive features.
    Combines modern outlook and language with a solid time-tested exposition of the teaching of the Church.

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  • Introduccion A La Ultima Cena – (Spanish)


    Eliseo Perez con gran creatividad va tejiendo su libro a partir del campo semantico de la ultima cena; y asi como el menu es tan minucioso, asi tambien el libro de Perez esta lleno de datos y estadisticas de todo tipo, interesantisimos. En torno a la comida, el autor hila el presente y el pasado geopolitico, economico, cultural y ecologico. Todo el menu esta cargado de historias sagradas y profanas con sus respectivos datos socioculturales.

    With great creativity, Eliseo Perez weaves through the semantic field of the Last Supper. The Last Supper is filled with details, full of fascinating data and statistics – this book is meticulous in covering all of them. Closely examining this meal, the author parallels the present with the ecological, cultural, economic, and geopolitical past, and offers a look at the meal’s histories, both sacred and worldly with its respective sociocultural data.

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  • Misterio De La Fe – (Spanish)


    This profound book will encourage you to live the Eucharist.

    First appearing in its original Polish in late 2007, this book has quickly sold out of six printings in Poland. Now available in England, and soon to be published in German, Russian, and Lithuanian, The Mystery of Faith is impacting Catholic spirituality all over the world.

    The Eucharist is-for most of us-the undiscovered land, the unknown world. We want to live the Eucharist, not just go to Mass, and now comes a clear and compassionate voice of encouragement:

    “Set your foot on the undiscovered land, take the first, second and third step and He’ll lead you on. He, your God, who by rising from the dead has overcome all obstacles, now wants to introduce you to this stunning truth that’s regularly occurring on our altars.”

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  • Comed De Mi Carne Bebed De Mi – (Spanish)


    This book is filled with the live, fresh revelation of the inheritance of Jesus through communion. The Lord revealed His profound work powerfully to Ana. What we do as a ritual today is without life. The Lord clearly intended this act to release the most powerful and victorious manifestations in the lives of every believer. This book will unlock the key to your moving in power and knowledge like never before.

    Este libro es una revelacion viva y fresca del sacramento de la Santa Cena.

    Uno de los temas mas malentendidos por la iglesia tradicional y por ende la Iglesia contemporanea.

    Nuestro Seor se revela poderosamente a la autora de esta obra, para manifestarle la mas poderosa herencia que El nos dejo a traves de comer de su carne y de beber de su sangre.

    Lo que hoy tenemos como un ritual sin vida, el Seor lo torna en una revelacion que revolucionaa la vida espiritual de la iglesia del hoy.

    Entender este tema llevara a sus lectores a la mas eficaz manifestacion del poder de Dios en sus vidas y les abrira la puerta a las revelaciones mas extraordinarias de Dios.

    Descubrira en estas paginas dimensiones de la sangre y del cuerpo de Jesus que jamas habian pasado por su mente.

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