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  • Sermones Actuales Sobre Pedro – (Spanish)


    El Apostol Pedro, mas conocido como el apostol sanguineo, fue el primero de los discipulos en hacer una confesion mesianica del Seor Jesucristo, cuando le dijo: Tu eres el Cristo, el Hijo del Dios viviente (Mt. 16:16). En otras palabras, le expreso Tu eres el Mesias y eres Hijo del Dios que vive. Y Jesus lo tuvo que alabar: Bienaventurado eres, Simon hijo de Jonas, porque no te lo revelo carne ni sangre, sino mi Padre que esta en los cielos (Mt. 16:17).

    Pedro se parece a muchos de nosotros. En el nos vemos identificados en nuestras ligerezas, nuestras fallas, nuestras oportunidades; y sobre todo en el deseo de querer agradar a nuestro Seor Jesucristo. !Es todo un personaje en el colegio apostolico! Uno con el cual reimos y tambien lloramos.

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  • Sermones Actuales Sobre Pablo – (Spanish)


    Despues de Jesucristo, el “autor y consumador de la fe”, Pablo de Tarso, es el desarrollador de la fe cristiana. Aun los criticos seculares ven a Saulo de Tarso como “El teologo del cristianismo”. Fue defensor de la inclusion de los gentiles a la fe cristiana, abogando a favor de estos para que fueran parte de la iglesia sin pasar por los rituales judios. De esa manera libro a los gentiles de judaizarse. Este libro presenta una serie de sermones expositivos-textuales que combinan la exegesis contextual, la exegesis historica y la exegesis linguistica, con la aplicacion practica y devocional.

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  • Sermones Actuales Sobre La Mue – (Spanish)


    Un libro de sermones para predicar de forma tematica, sobre la muerte y el luto en la Biblia. El proposito del libro es ayudar al predicador a tratar un tema delicado como es la muerte. Para los creyentes ha sido tema de ensayo. Desde el pulpito, el pastor nos recuerda que debemos estar preparados para ese dia, cuando la muerte sera una cita con la eternidad. Obra escrita con un lenguaje y estilo actual que nos ayuda a aprender, educarnos e inspirarnos con la Palabra de Dios.

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  • Amor El Cumplimiento De La Ley – (Spanish)


    Part 1 Significance Of Love
    Chapter 1 Significance Of Love
    Chapter 2 Fleshly Love

    Part 2 Love As In The Love Chapter
    Chapter 1 The Kind Of Love That God Desires
    Chapter 2 Characteristics Of Love
    Chapter 3 Perfect Love

    Part 3 Love Is The Fulfillment Of The Law
    Chapter 1 The Love Of God
    Chapter 2 The Love Of The Christ

    Additional Info
    “Love does no wrong to a neighbor; therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.” (Romans 13:10)

    This work Love: Fulfillment of the Law will be teaching us about the spiritual love.
    In Part 1 “Significance of Love,” it looks into various forms of love that are found between husband and wife, parents and children, and among friends and neighbors, thereby giving us an idea of the difference between fleshly love and spiritual love. Part 2 “Love as in the Love Chapter,” categorizes 1 Corinthians 13 into three parts. The first part, ‘The Kind of Love that God Desires’ (1 Corinthians 13:1-3), is the introduction to the chapter that puts an emphasis on importance of spiritual love. The second part, ‘Characteristics of Love’ (1 Corinthians 13:4-7), is the main part of Love Chapter, and it tells us the 15 characteristics of spiritual love. The third part, ‘Perfect Love’, is the conclusion of the Love Chapter, which lets us know that faith and hope are needed temporarily while we are marching towards the kingdom of heaven during our lives on this earth, while love lasts eternally even in the kingdom of heaven.
    Part 3, ‘Love is Fulfillment of the Law’, explains what it is to fulfill the Law with love.

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  • Hombre En Busqueda De La Bendi – (Spanish)


    Chapter 1: The First Blessing Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit, For Theirs Is The Kingdom Of Heaven

    Chapter 2: The Second Blessing Blessed Are Those Who Mourn, For They Shall Be Comforted

    Chapter 3: The Third Blessing Blessed Are The Gentle, For They Shall Inherit The Earth

    Chapter 4: The Fourth Blessing Blessed Are Those Who Hunger And Thirst For Righteousness, For They Shall Be Satisfied

    Chapter 5: The Fifth Blessing Blessed Are The Merciful, For They Shall Receive Mercy

    Chapter 6: The Sixth Blessing Blessed Are The Pure In Heart, For They Shall See God

    Chapter 7: The Seventh Blessing Blessed Are The Peacemakers, For They Shall Be Called Sons Of God

    Chapter 8: The Eighth Blessing Blessed Are Those Who Have Been Persecuted For The Sake Of Righteousness, For Theirs Is The Kingdom Of Heaven

    Additional Info
    “Most people think being rich is blessing. But, God says the poor in heart are blessed. People think just being always happy is blessing. But, God says those who mourn are blessed. God says those who are hungry and thirsty for righteousness and who are meek are blessed.”

    Jesus delivered the Words of “Beatitudes” to great multitudes at Mt. Beatitudes, overlooking the Galilee beach. You can see the scene and hear the voice of the Lord who wants everyone to have salvation and receive eternal blessings by realizing what true blessing is. He also taught them to become the light and salt of the world, to fulfill the Law with love, and to accomplish the Beatitudes. If we accomplish the words in the Beatitudes, we will not only enjoy all the blessings of this world such as wealth, health, fame, authority, and peace in the family, but we will also possess New Jerusalem among a few different heavenly kingdoms.

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  • Estudio De 1 Corintios II – (Spanish)


    Chapter 8. Things Sacrificed To Idols
    1. What Are The Things Sacrificed To Idols?
    2. Spiritual Meaning Of ‘Not Eating Things Sacrificed To Idols’
    3. All Things Are Of God
    4. If We Keep Committing Sins Knowing It Is Sin…
    5. What Should Be Done With Things Sacrificed To Idols?

    Chapter 9. The Way Of The Apostle
    1. He Did Not Make Use Of The Rights Of An Apostle
    2. He Offered The Gospel Without Charge
    3. He Made Himself A Slave To All
    4. To Win, Run Like The Apostle!

    Chapter 10. Do Everything For The Glory Of God
    1. Be Baptized In The Clouds And In The Sea
    2. The Sons Of Israel Were Destroyed For Acting Evil
    3. God Provides The Way Of Escape For Every Test
    4. Flee From Idolatry
    5. The Literal Meaning Of Idolatry
    6. Do Everything For The Glory Of God

    Chapter 11. Concerning Spiritual Order
    1. Be Imitators Of Me
    2. Concerning Spiritual Order
    3. Women Don’t Have To Cover Their Head
    4. The Reason Why Contentions And Strife Arise
    5. True Meaning Of Holy Communion

    Chapter 12. Gifts Of The Holy Spirit
    1. The Holy Spirit Lets Us Know The Lord Jesus
    2. Various Gifts Of The Holy Spirit
    3. We Are The Body Of The Christ
    4. The Order In The Church

    Chapter 13. Spiritual Love
    1. Spiritual Love And Fleshly Love
    2. Even With Great Power And Faith
    3. Spiritual Love
    4. What We Need In Heaven Forever Is Love

    Chapter 14. Prophecy And Tongues
    1. You Have To Have Love Before You Can Receive Spiritual Gifts
    2. Praying In Tongues, The Language Of Spiritual Prayer
    3. Comparisons Of Tongues And Prophecy
    4. Do Everything For The Purpose Of Edification
    5. The Spiritual Meaning Of Women Having To ‘Keep Quiet In The Church’
    6. All Things Must Be Done Properly And In An Orderly Manner

    Chapter 15. Resurrection
    1. The Resurrected Christ
    2. What I Am Is By The Grace Of God
    3. To Say That There Was No Resurrection
    4. Christ Is The First Fruits
    5. Baptism For The Dead
    6. Each One’s Glory Is Different In The Kingdom Of Heaven
    7. Resurrection Of The Dead
    8. We Will All Be Changed At The Last Trumpet

    Chapter 16. The Attitude Of Mature Christians
    1. How Offerings Are To Be Given
    2. Obeying The Guidance Of The Holy Spirit
    3. Be In Subjection To Everyone Who Helps In The Work And Labors

    Additional Info
    The believers in the church of Corinth had many conflicts and problems in leading a life in faith because Corinth at the time of Paul was a busy city with many people from various cultures and diverse ethnic backgrounds and the population worshipped a number of different gods. To help them lead a mature Christian life, the apostle Paul gave them biblical answers to such questions and problems.
    This book explains how modern believers should understand and practice the matters related with strife, evangelism, marriage, idolatry, and the spiritual gifts.

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  • Estudio De 1 Corintios – (Spanish)


    Chapter 1. Paul Became An Apostle In The Providence Of God
    1. An Apostle And A Servant Of God
    2. Salvation Through God The Trinity
    3. For All To Agree
    4. Christ Is The Wisdom And Power Of God
    5. Boast In The Lord

    Chapter 2. God’s Wisdom
    1. The Manifestation Of Power Through The Spirit
    2. The Way Of The Cross, The Wisdom Of God
    3. God’s Grace Understood Through The Holy Spirit
    4. Spiritual Things Are Discerned Through The Spirit

    Chapter 3. We Are God’s Temple
    1. The Corinthian Church Belonged To The Flesh
    2. God Causes The Growth
    3. A Wise Master Builder
    4. Each One’s Work
    5. Destroying The Temple Of God
    6. Worldly Wisdom Is Foolish

    Chapter 4. Be Imitators Of Me
    1. Requirements Of Servants Who Are Stewards
    2. How Is A Man Justified?
    3. Do Not Exceed The Word
    4. Be Imitators Of Me
    5. Power And Ability Through The Kingdom Of God

    Chapter 5. Lessons On Adultery
    1. How To Deal With Sexual Immorality
    2. Get Rid Of Old Leaven
    3. Don’t Associate With Immoral People

    Chapter 6. Lawsuits Among Believers
    1. Problems Among The Church Members
    2. Saints Will Judge The World
    3. To Their Shame
    4. Sins Leading To Death
    5. What Should We Live For?
    6. Spiritual Meaning Of Prostitute

    Chapter 7. Marriage
    1. Desirable Marriage Life
    2. Spiritual Meaning Of ‘Depriving’
    3. “I Wish That All Men Were Even As I Myself Am”
    4. Divorce
    5. According To The Measure Of Faith
    6. The Difference Between “Outward Deeds”and “Keeping The Commandments”
    7. It Is Good For A Man To Remain As He Is
    8. The Circumstances Of Parents Of A Virgin Daughter Or For Widows And Widowers

    Additional Info
    “We may sometimes commit sins while we think we are living in the truth. Then, we will have difficulties and some kinds of uncomfortable feelings in us. It is because the Holy Spirit is groaning in us for He has to dwell in filth.”

    Corinth at the time of Paul was a busy city with many people from various cultures and diverse ethnic backgrounds. There were definitive social classes and the population worshipped a number of different gods.
    There was also a great deal of moral corruption. Living under such conditions, the believers in the church of Corinth had many conflicts and problems.
    Furthermore, since the church was newly established, they had difficulties in leading a life in faith. To help them lead a mature Christian life, the apostle Paul gave them biblical answers to many such questions and problems. In today’s complex society it is important that we carefully learn and understand its content.
    This book explains how to understand and practice the matters related with strife, evangelism, marriage, idolatry, and the spiritual gifts.

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  • Contra Tales Cosas No Hay Le – (Spanish)


    Chapter 1. To Bear The Fruit Of The Spirit
    Chapter 2. Love
    Chapter 3. Joy
    Chapter 4. Peace
    Chapter 5. Patience
    Chapter 6. Kindness
    Chapter 7. Goodness
    Chapter 8. Faithfulness
    Chapter 9. Gentleness
    Chapter 10. Self-control
    Chapter 11. Against Such Things There Is No Law

    Additional Info
    This work Against Such Things There Is No Law lets you easily understand the spiritual meanings of the nine fruits of the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) along with specific examples.
    Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.
    The nine fruits of the Holy Spirit are like a signpost in our journey of faith and a standard to check the extent to which we have cultivated the heart of God. Our inner being will be renewed and we will enjoy true freedom in the truth as we bear each of the fruit of the Spirit.

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  • Tierra Que Fluye Leche Y Miel – (Spanish)


    Chapter 1. “Bring My People Up From The Land”
    God Calls Moses

    Chapter 2. “I Will Make You As God”
    Ten Plagues

    Chapter 3. “You Shall Know That I Am The LORD Your God”
    The Exodus

    Chapter 4. “If The LORD Is Pleased With Us”
    Confession Of Joshua And Caleb

    Chapter 5. “The LORD Your God Is With You”
    The Successor To Moses

    Chapter 6. They Cross The Jordan On Dry Ground

    Jordan River Stops

    Chapter 7. “The LORD Has Given You The City”
    The Conquest Of Jericho

    Chapter 8. “They Have Transgressed My Covenant”
    The Sin Of Achan

    Chapter 9. The Sun And The Moon Stand Still
    Victory Of The Battle Of Gibeon

    Chapter 10. “Give Me This Hill Country”

    Devotion Of Caleb

    Chapter 11. “It Shall Be Yours”
    Distribution Of The Canaan Land

    Chapter 12. “As For Me And My House, We Will Serve The LORD”
    The Last Will Of Joshua

    Additional Info
    “The process of the Exodus, the forty years in the wilderness, crossing the Jordan River and conquering the city of Jericho and then the Land of Canaan symbolize the life’s journey of receiving salvation and marching towards the kingdom of heaven.”

    God chose the people of Israel and made them a model of human cultivation. Especially, the records about the conquest of the Canaan Land written in the five books of Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, and Joshua contain the endless love of God and His earnest desire for us to become holy and sanctified.
    This book The Land Flowing with Milk and Honey retraces the steps of Moses and Joshua, as they marched on with only faith and belief in the promise of God. Through the history of the Israelites who were marching toward the Blessed Land of Canaan, this book helps the reader realize deep in his heart how the trivial things that he is likely to neglect can change the courses of his life. The readers will believe all the promises of God, conquer the Canaan Land flowing with milk and honey, and by force take hold of the city of New Jerusalem, the best dwelling place of the heavenly kingdom.

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  • Siete Igesias – (Spanish)



    Chapter 1. The Church Of Ephesus
    Rebuked For Forsaking Their First Love

    Chapter 2. The Church Of Smyrna
    Overcoming Trials Of Faith

    Chapter 3. The Church Of Pergamum
    Lukewarm And Stained With Heretical Theory

    Chapter 4. The Church Of Thyatira
    Compromising With The World And Eating Things Sacrificed To Idols

    Chapter 5. The Church Of Sardis
    A Small Church With A Name That They Were Alive But Dead

    Chapter 6. The Church Of Philadelphia
    Receiving Only Commendation For Acting With Faith

    Chapter 7. The Church Of Laodicea
    A Big Church That Was Neither Hot Nor Cold


    Additional Info
    “The letter to the seven churches of the Lord in the book of Revelation is for all the churches that have existed up until now. It is like a signpost for them and a summary of all the words of God in both Old and New Testaments.”

    Apostle John was exiled to Patmos Island and received many revelations about the last days which includes the messages for the seven churches. It gives a great lesson to the churches and believers of today also, and helps us understand the most ideal type of church that can be praised by God. It’s because the churches represent all the churches of this world: the church of Ephesus, rebuked for forsaking their first love; the church of Smyrna, overcoming trials of faith; the church of Pergamum, lukewarm and stained with heretical theory; the church of Thyatira, compromising with the world and eating things sacrificed to idols; the church of Sardis, a small church with a name that they were alive but dead; the church of Philadelphia, receiving only commendation for acting with faith; and the church of Laodicea, a big church that was neither hot nor cold.

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  • Hombre Carnal Hombre Espiritua – (Spanish)


    Chapter 21. Job Misunderstands God Blesses The Evil
    1. The Heart Wanting Evil People To Be Punished
    2. We Have To Find The Evil In Us
    3. Job Has Become A Judge And Teaches God
    4. Job Destroys His Friends’ Word
    5. Job Does Not Understand Spiritual World

    Chapter 22. Eliphaz Continues To Teach Job
    1. Eliphaz Takes The Name Of The LORD God In Vain
    2. Fleshly Wisdom And Spiritual Wisdom
    3. Men’s Hearts Turn Against Things Not Beneficial To Them
    4. Because Eliphaz Lived In Darkness
    5. Having The Knowledge Of God, But Not Knowing Him
    6. Eliphaz Tries Teaching Job Without Understanding His Heart
    7. What Is The Sin Leading To Death?

    Chapter 23. How Can We Meet God?
    1. Job’s Search For Where God Is
    2. Meeting God
    3. Job Says God Is Incompetent
    4. Fleshly Sacrifice And Spiritual Sacrifice
    5. Job Thinks Of God As A Dictator

    Chapter 24. From A Twisted Heart Job Argues God Is Bad
    1. Job Prepares To Blame God
    2. Job Says God Overlooks The Unrighteousness Of The Wicked
    3. Job Became The Judge
    4. Job Thinks Evil People Receive God’s Protection

    Chapter 25. Bildad’s Understanding Of Man’s Sense Of Values
    1. Bildad Suppresses Job’s Words
    2. Bildad Speaks Contrary To The Truth

    Chapter 26. Job Heard Voice Of Spirit
    1. Job’s Twisting Sarcasm
    2. Voice Of Spirit
    3. God’s Sovereignty Coming From Goodness
    4. Job Calls God A Dictator
    5. Ill-feelings And Exaggerations

    Chapter 27. Who Is Truly Righteous?
    1. There Was No Righteousness In Job’s Heart
    2. Righteousness Is To Believe And Act
    3. Job Emphasizes His Integrity
    4. Job’s Fleshly Guiltlessness
    5. The Heart Of A Vengeful Man
    6. Job Is Teaching In The Position Of The Almighty
    7. Unforgiving Minds

    Chapter 28. Job’s Metaphorical Discourse Of Nature To Explain God’s Wisdom
    1. The Difference Between Spiritual And Physical Inquiry
    2. Burning Fire Under The Ground
    3. Job’s Purpose In Talking About The Origin Of Wisdom And Understanding
    4. Job Argues For His Innocence

    Additional Info
    “Today, there are so many people who judge and condemn others even without observing something themselves and not knowing about it completely. The believers in Christ should not spread other people’s faults or wish for things to go badly for someone else.”

    The book of Job teaches us about the evilness hidden deep in our nature. We could realize that God revealed many kinds of untruthful heart and minds in people’s nature through the illustrations of Job and his three friends.
    Man of Flesh, Man of Spirit II: Lecture on the Book of Job rediscovers God through the illness, physical hardships, and the recovery of Job, giving a new insight on the man Job who had the awakening to the hope for the kingdom of heaven. It is because the work of salvation of God is rising like a rainbow beyond Job’s sickness, sufferings, and healing and recovery.

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  • Mi Padre OS Dara En Mi Nombre – (Spanish)


    Chapter 1. Ways To Receive God’s Answers

    Chapter 2. We Still Need To Ask Him

    Chapter 3. The Spiritual Law On God’s Answers

    Chapter 4. Destroy The Wall Of Sin

    Chapter 5. You Reap What You Have Sowed

    Chapter 6. Elijah Receives God’s Answer By Fire

    Chapter 7. How To Fulfill The Desires Of Your Heart

    Additional Info
    “No amount or degree of man’s effort based on his thoughts, methods, fame, and knowledge will ever bring him God’s answers. Because God is a righteous Judge, hears our prayer, and answers it, He requires of us a befitting sum in exchange for His answers.”

    This work My Father Will Give to You in My Name is a compilation of messages that were preached in the past for all believers, especially those who beyond doubt believe in the almighty God and desire to lead lives full of God’s answers.
    This book will enable the reader to understand the law of the spiritual realm on receiving answers from God, who has promised to give us whatever we ask for in prayer, by testifying to His faithfulness.

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  • Hombre Carnal Hombre Espiritua – (Spanish)


    Chapter 1. Job Was Blameless And Upright
    1. Job Was Blameless In Deeds
    2. The Origin Of Satan
    3. Satan Accuses According To The Law Of The Spiritual Realm
    4. Job Passes The First Test Of Satan

    Chapter 2. Job Complains Against God
    1. Satan’s Second Test
    2. Job Misunderstands God Gives Blessings And Curses Without Reason
    3. The Appearing Of Job’s Three Friends

    Chapter 3. Job’s Resentment And Lamentation
    1. Job Curses The Day Of His Birth
    2. Job Offered A Fleshly Sacrifice

    Chapter 4. Eliphaz The Temanite’s Rebuttal
    1. Eliphaz Condemns Job As An Evil Man
    2. Eliphaz’ Spiritual Status And Pride

    Chapter 5. The Anger And Jealousy Of Foolish Men
    1. Through Spiritual Arrogance Eliphaz Wrongfully Discusses The Word Of God
    2. Difference Between Fleshly Viewpoint And Spiritual Viewpoint
    3. Eliphaz’ Different Words And Actions

    Chapter 6. Job’s Debate
    1. Job Expresses His Feelings In Twisted Sarcasm
    2. Job Misunderstands That God Is A Fearful God
    3. Job Disappoints God With His Words
    4. Job Becomes Weaker
    5. Fleshly Love Changes
    6. Let’s Not Argue
    7. Job’s Evils He Did Not Know Of Are Revealed

    Chapter 7. Throw Off The Maggots Of Heart
    1. Job’s Tedious And Painful Daily Life
    2. A Heart Dirty With Maggots
    3. Job Gives Up On Himself
    4. Concerning Sheol (the Grave) In The Bible
    5. What Is The Judgment Of Conscience?
    6. Job Misunderstands That It Is God Who Tortures Him

    Chapter 8. The Wise Counsel Of Bildad The Shuhite
    1. Bildad Explains Retribution For Sin
    2. How To Solve The Problems And Receive Answers
    3. Bildad Tries To Use Parables To Make Job Understand
    4. Bildad Advises Job To Recover By Living In The Truth

    Chapter 9. Job’s Ignorance
    1. Job Misunderstands That Whatever God Wants To Do He Does
    2. Job Misunderstands That God Predestines Everything
    3. Helpers Of Rahab And Spiritual Blessings
    4. Job Misunderstands God As A Fearful Judge
    5. Double Mindedness
    6. The Reason Why God Said Job Was Upright
    7. Job Blames God As Being A Bad God

    Chapter 10. Job’s Evil In His Deep Heart Is Revealed
    1. Arrogance
    2. Mistaking God For The One Who Loves Evil Men
    3. Mistaking God For A Hunter Of The Righteous
    4. Self-abandonment Of Job

    Chapter 11. Zophar The Naamathite’s Opening Argument
    1. The Importance Of Words
    2. Rebuking Job By Explaining The Truth
    3. Let Us Not Become False Men
    4. Blessings Of Leaving Unrighteousness And Obeying The Word Of God

    Chapter 12. The Emotionally Scarred Job’s Response
    1. Job’s

    Additional Info
    “Because Job thinks that his horn is being trampled by God and his friends, that pain was greater than losing all his possessions and children and the pain of boils. In order for us to become perfect children of God, we have to break our horns.”

    The Book of Job scrutinizes the heart of men very deeply and tells us about the evil and our true nature in the depths of our heart, thereby letting us realize ourselves. Ultimately, through this book Man of Flesh, Man of Spirit I, we can find out whether we are men of flesh or men of spirit, and it also gives us the methodology on how to change into men of spirit. ‘Flesh’ means something that changes, untruths, and darkness, and ‘spirit’ means the truth, unchanging and eternal things, and world of light.

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  • Velad Y Orad – (Spanish)


    A Message On Publication

    Chapter 1. Ask, Seek, And Knock
    Chapter 2. Believe That You Have Received Them
    Chapter 3. The Kind Of Prayer With Which God Is Pleased
    Chapter 4. That You May Not Enter Into Temptation
    Chapter 5. The Prayer Of A Righteous Man
    Chapter 6. If Two Of You Agree On Earth
    Chapter 7. You Must Pray And Not Lose Heart

    Additional Info
    “Prayer is not only our spiritual breath but a channel of dialogue between God and His children, which must always remain open.”

    Our almighty God is a caring Father who knows and understands us the best, pays closest attention to us at all times, and desires for us to speak to Him time and again.
    For all believers, therefore, prayer is a key to knock and unlock the door to the heart of the almighty God and a weapon that transcends time and space. We can see and hear of countless Christians whose lives have been transformed and the direction of world history’s having been altered because of powerful prayer.
    As we humbly ask for the aid of the Holy Spirit when we pray, God will fill us with the Holy Spirit, allow us to more lucidly understand His will and live by it, and enable us to defeat the enemy devil and be victorious in this world.

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  • Dios El Sanador – (Spanish)


    A Message On Publication

    Chapter 1. The Origin Of Disease And The Ray Of Healing

    Chapter 2. Do You Want To Get Well?

    Chapter 3. God The Healer

    Chapter 4. By His Scourging We Are Healed

    Chapter 5. Power To Heal Infirmities

    Chapter 6. Ways To Heal The Demon-possessed

    Chapter 7. Naaman The Leper’s Faith And Obedience

    Additional Info
    “Through the Bible, we learn that even disease is under the sovereignty of God, that He protects those who revere Him from disease, and that disease will infiltrate those who sin because He will turn His face away from such individuals.”

    In order to receive fundamental healing and lead a healthy life, each of us must comprehend from where an illness has originated and how we can receive healing. God has plainly promised blessing for those who obey and live by His commands, while He has also recorded in detail of the curse and all types of disease that will be inflicted on those who disobey His commands (Deuteronomy 28:1-68). By reminding unbelievers and even some believers who overlook the word of God of principles in receiving healing, this work seeks to place such individuals on the right path to freedom from sickness and disease.

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  • Fortaleciendo Nuestra Fe – (Spanish)


    Fortaleciendo Nuestra Fe es otra herramienta Biblica que la Escuela De Predicacion Do Brown Trail presenta para beneficio de la hermandad. Gracias le damos a nuestro Padre Celestial por la oportunidad de proclamar Su Palabra por medio de libros como este. Deseamos que nuestro Dios bendiga a todos los oradores que han contribuido uno leccion en este libro de las conferencias y a todos aquellos que tomaran el tiempo para examinar cuidadosamente el material escrito. Le animamos a que comparta este material escrito con amigos y familiares a Dios sea la honra y la gloria.

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  • Santidad Desde El Pulpito 2 – (Spanish)


    Esta excelente y cuidadosa coleccion de mas de 150 sermones de santidad, presentada por el Dr. Jose Rodriguez, define, explica y plantea las demandas practicas de la principal doctrina de la Biblia, la santidad Cristiana. Como quiera que se la considere, la doctrina de la santidad es parte fundamental de la tradicion del cristianismo desde su fundacion hasta nuestros dias.

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  • Santidad Desde El Pulpito 1 – (Spanish)


    Esta excelente y cuidadosa coleccion de mas de 150 sermones de santidad, presentada por el Dr. Jose Rodriguez, define, explica y plantea las demandas practicas de la principal doctrina de la Biblia, la santidad Cristiana. Como quiera que se la considere, la doctrina de la santidad es parte fundamental de la tradicion del cristianismo desde su fundacion hasta nuestros dias.

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  • Pulpito – (Spanish)


    Only book available that addresses the distinctive issues and character of preacing in Hispanic congregations. The authors discuss important historical, theoretical, and methodological issues in Hispanic homiletics. Includes ten sermons.

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