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End Of The Age Study Guide (Student/Study Guide)


There seems to be a particular urgency in the prophetic doom-saying of our modern world . . . a greater sense of somberness. Perhaps this is because end-of-the-world scenarios have gone from Hollywood fodder to real life. Rather than feeling farfetched, the end of the world now seems almost a given for most people. A matter of when rather than if.

In The End of the Age, New York Times bestselling author and pastor John Hagee uses Scripture as a guide to count down the prophetic events that must occur before that moment when every person must face God on Judgment Day. The pages of God’s Word offer a window into the end of history–what Scripture calls the end of the age (Matthew 13:49).

The goal of this study is to look through that window together–not necessarily to make specific predictions about people and places, but to gain wisdom and perspective from the Author of history. In the process, we will see what God has in store for the future so that we can remain ready, speak boldly, and live faithfully to the end.


1. 11:50 PM: The End of the Age
2. 11:51 PM: Messiah the Prince Enters Jerusalem
3. 11:52 PM: And Knowledge Shall Increase
4. 11:53 PM: The Great Escape
5. 11:54 PM: Russia Invades Israel
6. 11:55 PM: The Time of Tribulation Begins
7. 11:56 PM: For Then Shall Come Great Tribulation
8. 11:57 PM: Inching Toward Armageddon
9. 11:58 PM: The Millennium Dawns
10. 11:59 PM: The Earth’s Final Conflict
11. MIDNIGHT: Great White Throne
12. ETERNITY: Heaven and Earth Reborn!

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SKU (ISBN): 9780310140276
ISBN10: 0310140277
John Hagee
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: February 2022
Publisher: HarperChristian Resources


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