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Scott Cairns

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  • Loves Immensity : Mystics On The Endless Life


    One of America’s finest living poets has breathed new life into the early Christian mystics.

    From Saint Paul to Julian of Norwich, the original texts of these mystical fathers and mothers of the Church have been pored over, pressed for further revelation, and set in verse to provide readers with fresh encounters of their wisdom and provocations.

    At the heart of this undertaking is Scott Cairns’ conviction that the words of the mystics sacramentally partake of the Word Himself, and as such are inexhaustible, generative powers. These particular selections cohere in their common claim that Love is the most compelling name of God, and also the most apt attribute of the Holy One in Whom we live and move and have our being. In that spirit, these luminous texts are understood to partake of Love, and concurrently to witness to His presence and His promise that, as “our Courteous Lord” averred to Julian, “All will be well, all will be well, all manner of things will be well.”

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  • Anaphora : New Poems


    Anaphora-the repetition of a word or phrase-is a strategy that assists coherence, and draws attention to the repeated terms. In Eucharistic settings, it also indicates the specific liturgical moment when the bread and wine are consecrated, becoming what we in the Eastern Church are pleased to name the Holy Mysteries. Certain poems in this collection employ overt anaphora; many do not. Still, they invite a sense of words as doing more than naming, more than serving as arrows pointing to prior substance; intermittently, these words may acquire due substance of their own, partaking of more than is apparent, but is nonetheless so, and is present.

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  • Short Trip To The Edge


    Poet and literature professor Scott Cairns ran headlong into his midlife crisis while walking on the beach with his Labrador. His was not a desperate attempt to recapture youth, filled with sports cars and younger women. Instead, Cairns realized his spiritual life was advancing at a snail’s pace and time was running out. Midlife crisis for this Baptist turned Eastern Orthodox manifested as a desperate need to seek out prayer.

    This new, expanded edition of A Short Trip to the Edge is the story of Scott’s spiritual journey to the mystical island of Mt. Athos. With twenty monasteries and thirteen sketes scattered across its sloping terrain, the Holy Mountain was the perfect place for Scott to seek out a prayer father and discover the stillness of the true prayer life. Includes both maps and photographs.

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  • Slow Pilgrim : The Collected Poems Of Scott Cairns


    Scott Cairns has carefully preserved every poem he’s ever published that he cares to preserve. He’s also added previously unpublished work, spanning three decades. A careful introduction by Gregory Wolfe and tribute preface by Richard Howard make this the ultimate collection of Cairns’ work.

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  • Endless Life : Poems Of The Mystics


    SKU (ISBN): 9781612615202Scott CairnsBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 2014Paraclete PoetryPublisher: Paraclete Press Print On Demand Product

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  • Idiot Psalms : New Poems


    A new collection from one of our favorite poets. Fourteen “Idiot Psalms,” surrounded by dozens of other poems, make this his most challenging collection yet.

    “Idiot Psalm 1”
    O God Beloved if obliquely so,
    dimly apprehended in the midst
    of this, the fraught obscuring fog
    of my insufficiently capacious ken,
    Ostensible Lover of our kind–while
    apparently aloof–allow
    that I might glimpse once more
    Your shadow in the land, avail
    for me, a second time, the sense
    of dire Presence in the pulsing
    hollow near the heart.
    Once more, O Lord, from Your Enormity incline
    your Face to shine upon Your servant, shy
    of immolation, if You will.

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  • End Of Suffering


    Can we put our afflictions to good use? Do they have meaning?

    This beautiful, small, book is a thoughtful inquiry through which Scott Cairns hopes to come to terms with what he calls “the puzzlement of our afflictions.” Drawing upon personal experience and a compelling range of early Christian traditions, Cairns offers the fruit of his pondering of suffering-his own, yours, ours.

    In doing so, he assembles witnesses-poets, prophets, and a gathering of wise men and women spanning centuries and cultures. Their insight will challenge and help you to appreciate the radical revision of human experience that Christ has established.

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