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Chris Tomlin

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  • Chris Tomlin And Friends


    SKU (UPC): 602567427865Artist: Chris TomlinMedia: CDReleased: August 2020Capitol Christian Music Group Songs

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  • Holy Roar Study Guide (Student/Study Guide)


    In this four-session video Bible study (DVD/digital downloads sold separately), Chris Tomlin and Darren Whitehead share a fresh perspective from the worship practices of the ancient world to show what it really means to praise God. They explain that in the Jewish culture, something extraordinary happened when God’s people gathered to worship him. It was more than just singing-it was a declaration, a proclamation, and a time for the people to fully embody praise to God for who he is and what he has done.

    In the book of Psalms, the writers used seven distinct words that are translated into English as praise. However, as Chris and Darren point out in this study, each of these Hebrew words actually represents a different aspect of what it means to truly worship God:
    *Yadah: to revere or worship with extended hands
    *Halal: to boast, celebrate, and be clamorously foolish
    *Zamar: to celebrate in song and in music
    *Towdah: to give thanksgiving for things not yet received
    *Barak: to kneel before God and bless him
    *Tehillah: to sing a spontaneous song to God
    *Shabach: to commend, glory, and triumph

    Holy Roar will provide insights and encouragement for group members to deepen their practice of praise and they learn about the deeper meanings of these words and put them into practice.

    Sessions include:
    1. The Shout of Praise
    2. The Posture of Praise
    3. The Music of Praise
    4. The Expectation of Praise

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  • Love Ran Red


    SKU (UPC): 5099908332929Artist: Chris TomlinMedia: Burn on DemandReleased: October 2014 Manufacture On Demand ProductSongs

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