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Chris Folmsbee

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  • Faith Of Their Own


    1. The Common Cry Of Today’s Preteen And Young Teen
    2. The Origins Of The Common Cry
    3. What Happens If We Don’t Regard The Cry?
    4. How Do We Patents Guide Them Well?
    5. On The Move
    6. The Virtues Of Jesus As A Way Of Life
    7. Help For Parents On The Journey
    8. Why The Common Cry Matters

    Additional Info
    If you are the parent of a preteen, you may feel as if you are the only person in the world trying to deal with this almost-grown stranger in your home. You might describe your preteen as opinionated, sometimes defiant, seeking independence one day and totally dependent on you the next, inquisitive, and–above all–seeking to break the world record for the number of text messages sent and received in one day. How, with all that is going on in the hearts and minds of preteens, can we parents help them develop A Faith of Their Own?

    Chris Folmsbee is an experienced youth worker, an author and speaker, and a dad. He understands that you the parent of a preteen is learning as you go.

    Understanding the Common Cry of Preteens is the first piece of a three-part series designed to help you help your teen develop spiritually as he or she develops physically and mentally. The ultimate goal is to prepare you as you lead your child to conform to the image of God through Jesus Christ.

    By encouraging, inspiring, and equipping you, Folmsbee gives you practical and realistic tools to help you accept and meet the challenge to guide your preteen into spiritual formation for the mission of God.

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  • New Kind Of Youth Ministry


    This book guides you on the way to discovering, developing and practicing a new youth ministry design. As your youth ministry’s principal architect, you have the opportunity to realize a rhythm of disciple-making that more effectively engages youth with God, through Jesus, as they journey toward a life of continual spiritual finding and evolution. This resource will provide you with a ministry design that more influentially encourages students to live, lead, and love in the way of Jesus.

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