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Trust English Spanish 2 CD Set


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SKU (UPC): 000768687529
Artist: Jaci Velasquez
Media: CD
Released: March 2017
Integrity Music

1. Trust You
2. I Will Call
3. God Who Moves The Mountains
4. Great Is Your Faithfulness
5. Its Never As Dark As It seems To Be
6. Great Are You Lord
7. Lay It At The Cross
8. Rest
9. Praise The King
10. Sound Of Your Kingdom
11. Confio
12. Clamare
13. Dios Que Mueve Montes
14. Cuan Grande Fidelidad
15. Nunca Es Tan Mal Como Aparenta Ser
16. Grande Eres Dios
17. Llevalo A La Cruz
18. Descansare
19. Gloria Al Rey
20. Sonido De Tu Reino


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