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Texas Pursuit


After no longer being able to wait for the perfect guy, Tanya O’Brien adopted her son, Coty, from Korea. On the return flight, she sat by Maurice Salazar, who dropped numerous innuendoes on the flight and Tanya was thrilled when their twelve hour journey was over. But once she arrived back home in Dallas, Maurice began to stalk her. Even though Tanya insisted he stay out of her life, he persisted in crossing her path, buying her gifts, and leaving voice mails. After she filed a restraining order against Maurice, he still watched her from a distance. Finding little support from law enforcement, Tanya moved. And so far, no Maurice.

Detective Sonny Mansfield is hired by a man to find his “ex-wife.” The man convinces Sonny that Tanya O’Brien has wrongfully divorced him and kidnapped their adopted son. The minute Sonny discovers where Tanya O’Brien lives and gives the information to his client, he senses he may have made a mistake. The man’s eyes take on a crazed gleam as he pays Sonny for his services.

When Sonny watches Tanya with her little boy, he knows he has made a dreadful mistake. Tanya O’Brien seems to be an honest, excellent mother. Sonny expects she’s in danger and thus arranges to keep watch over her by renting out her garage apartment. Tanya feels that Sonny must be a provision from God. She feels so much safer having someone on the premises. But neither Sonny nor Tanya realize what they’re up against.

As they join forces to fight evil, they can’t deny the attraction between them. But Tanya is someone whose relationship with God is the most important thing in her life, while Sonny left church behind long ago. Will this new friendship be the very thing that brings him back? And will Tanya finally have the father figure for her son she’s long desired?

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SKU (ISBN): 9780061493256
ISBN10: 0061493252
Debra Smith
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: May 2010
Lone Star Intrigue # 2
Publisher: Avon Inspire

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