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Return Of The God Hypothesis


The New York Times bestselling author of Darwin’s Doubt and Intelligent Design scholar presents groundbreaking scientific evidence of the existence of God, based on breakthroughs in physics, cosmology, and biology.

In 2004, Stephen C. Meyer, one of the preeminent scientists studying the origins of life, ignited a firestorm of media and scientific controversy when a biology journal at the Smithsonian Institution published his peer-reviewed article advancing the theory of Intelligent Design. Then, in his two bestselling books, Signature in the Cell and Darwin’s Doubt, he helped unravel a mystery that Charles Darwin did not address: how did life begin? and offered further scientific proof to bolster his arguments on the history of life and our origins, concluding that life was designed.

In those previous books, Meyer purposely refrained from attempting to answer questions about “who” might have designed life. Now, in The Return of the God Hypothesis, he brings his ideas full circle, providing a reasoned and evidence-based answer to the ultimate mystery of the universe, drawn from recent scientific discoveries in physics, cosmology, and biology.

Meyer uses three scientific points to refute popular arguments put forward by the “New Atheists” against the existence of God:

The evidence from cosmology showing that the material universe had a beginning.
The evidence from physics showing that, from the beginning, the universe was been “finely tuned” to allow for the possibility of life.
The evidence from biology showing that since the universe came into being, large amounts of genetic information present in DNA must have arisen to make life possible.
In analyzing the evidence from these three fields, Meyer reveals how the data support not just the existence of an intelligent designer of some kind-but the existence of a theistic creator.

The Return of the God Hypothesis features 20-30 black-and-white line drawings, charts, and photos.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780062071507
ISBN10: 0062071505
Stephen Meyer
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: July 2019
Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers


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