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Steve Turner

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  • Day I Fell Down The Toilet And Other Poems


    Have you ever been punched by a cabbage or fallen head first down the loo?

    Have you ever had fun with a poem? You haven’t? Then this book’s for you.

    Whacky poems that take a roller-coaster ride from the crazy corners of dreams to the big questions of life.

    This collection of over seventy poems for children by Steve Turner is regularly in the best-seller lists. Full of wit and fun, his thought-provoking poetry has been used by teachers in classrooms and entertained children at home over the years. These poems make an instant impact, as the themes and ideas in them offer lots of food for thought for young minds.

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  • Popcultured : Thinking Christianity About Style Media And Entertainment


    1. Leisure Pursuits: Why We Should Care
    2. Popular Culture: Defining The Term
    3. Working It Out: Some Biblical Parameters
    4. Cinematic Art: The Story Of Stories
    5. Journalism: Reading Between The Lines
    6. Celebrity Culture: The Game Of The Fame
    7. Fashion: The Language Of Clothes
    8. Ever-Greater Thrills: The Search For Sensation
    9. Comedy: Laughs, Lies And Truth
    10. Romanticism: Arts Shaping Power
    11. Advertising: The Hidden Persuader
    12. Computers: Rewiring Our World
    13: Photography: The Opening Of The Eye
    14: TV And Movies: The Image Of The Faith

    Additional Info
    There’s no avoiding popular culture-we’ve been enculturated into it. What does it mean to be faithful Christians in a pop culture world? How do we think Christianly about celebrity and leisure? Some Christians try to abstain from “worldly” pursuits, while others consume culture indiscriminately, assuming it has little effect on them. But if Christ is Lord of all of life, then there ought to be Christian ways to engage with and appreciate popular culture. Steve Turner has spent his career chronicling and interviewing people from the worlds of music, film, television, fashion, art and literature. Now he provides an insider’s guide to a wide range of entertainment pursuits, with biblical frameworks for understanding pop culture genres and artifacts. Turner explores how movies use redemptive narratives and parablesways journalistic headlines convey worldview assumptionsdifferences between famous people in the past and celebrities todaywhat ideas are communicated through clothing and fashion designhow technology changes our sense of what is realand much more God entrusts culture to us and gives us the ability to critique it, enjoy it and create it. This book will help you become a better cultural critic, consumer and creator.

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