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Shilo Taylor

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  • Brand New : A 40 Day Guide To Life In Christ


    What’s the Bible really about? What’s God like? And what does all this mean for how I live?

    Especially when you’re new to the Christian faith, these questions surface again and again. Brand New is a brief and practical 40-day devotional for new believers to help them reflect on and answer these questions themselves.

    Readers will learn:
    The basics of the Christian faith
    The story of the Bible
    The character of God
    The practices of the Christian life

    Each day an important topic is discussed alongside insightful Bible passages. Reflection questions help readers respond to what God might be showing them. Each devotion ends with a prayer paraphrased from the Bible to learn how to use God’s word in personal prayers.

    Brand New will launch readers into an exciting adventure of trusting God and growing in faith!

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