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Sheila Luck

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  • I Can With I Am


    With God, we can be “somebody.” When we work with Him according to His plan, He will provide the abilities and the means. Discover the possibilities. Be somebody! I will do what I can, where I am, with “I AM.”

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  • My Secret Loss


    We were told it would be easy. We thought it was the best choice; but now we suffer with the consequences, the regular reminders, a sense of guilt, and a sense of shame. Through abortion, we now face the death of our babies, death by choice. We try to hide our choice and we try to escape the emotional pain. We seek forgiveness, acceptance, and consolation; yet, we find no solace. Our fears drive us into a life of secrecy, hiding our loss. We suffer a secret loss.

    My Secret Loss will:
    Enable the reader to accept the truth about abortion
    Provide permission and encouragement to grieve the loss of your baby
    Validate your emotional and psychological harm that has been caused by abortion
    Discover the path to peace, healing that is only possible through the saving grace of Jesus

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  • Upside To Job Loss


    Facing job loss can be a painful experience. Yet, it creates a unique opportunity to evaluate your past, question your present and dream of your future. It’s an opportunity to make your work-life situation better, to discover the work-life path that God has planned for you.

    In the words of the author, “Through this book, I pray that you will find courage and security by building a personal foundation of strength through Christ. This foundation will enable you to confront unwanted work-life change with courage and with a sense of excitement; discover and build upon your passions, strengths, and talents; and pursue with confidence and conviction the next step on the work-life path that God has planned for you. I pray that you will identify a positive, everlasting vision for your future, increase your sense of clarity about who you are, tune your ears to the direction that God is leading you, and take action, coupled with patience. Then you will know the upside to job loss.”

    * How to find a job you love.
    * How to look for opportunities resulting from your job loss.
    * How to find enjoyment in any work-life adventure.
    * How to stop fretting about unemployment and focus on what really matters.

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  • My Babys Feet


    Choice, Death, and the Aftermath
    Fearfully and desperately wanting to hide my mistakes and deny the unwanted, but not totally unexpected ramifications of my earlier choices, I chose what seemed to be the easiest answer. I chose death, and then I moved into the aftermath of my choice. I, for a lifetime and beyond, will live in the aftermath of my choice. Although there is recovery, through forgiveness, there are lasting ramifications. No one told me that the ramifications of my choice would last forever. No one told me what my choice would do to my heart. No one told me that my choice was, in fact, a death sentence for my baby.

    Are you, or someone you know, facing an unwanted pregnancy? Are you wondering if “choice” is the answer, the easiest solution?
    After the “choice” comes the aftermath. A living choice not only gives life to a baby, but results in an aftermath of life. Abortion results in an aftermath forever shrouded in death, death of a baby, perhaps death of your own baby. For those struggling with the aftermath of abortion, you and your loved ones can find forgiveness.

    This book is for:
    Teenage moms wrestling with choice and an unplanned pregnancy
    Loved ones who are seeking resolution after abortion
    Anyone who needs hope and healing after abortion
    This book is a great tool for teen pregnancy educators, pregnancy center advisors, and those seeking to learn more about the emotional struggles, post abortion. It is written out of love and understanding by a woman who thought her choice was the best answer. Whether or not you are a Christian, you will be inspired by the author’s incredible faith, without which it would have been impossible to write this book.
    Through my story, I pray that you will know that a living choice is the only real choice.
    Join me in my story of running from my mistakes, hiding my choice, and slogging through the aftermath. Come with me as I discover a new truth about an old choice. Join me as I struggle with guilt and heartfelt shame, knowing the new truth. Observe the aftermath.

    What choice would you have made? What choice would you recommend?

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