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Shawn Bolz

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  • Encounter : A Spiritual Perspective That Will Shape Your Faith For The Comi


    One of the greatest spiritual battles right now is over perspective–the way you see possibilities, limitations, and what God is doing.

    This book will help you encounter God in such a way that you are able to walk in His original design for you, which is to not only commune with Him through conversation but to be aligned with His mind. When you share His thoughts and perceptions, you will be able to live the abundant, supernatural, super-empowered life God desires for you.

    Humans are unique in that we were not just made in the image of God; we reflect His very nature. If we understood our spiritual, neurological, psychological, and even physical connection to God, we could bring solutions to every problem humanity faces–and many would be practical, even scientific, solutions.

    In this book, Shawn Bolz shares a series of rich, divine encounters that have defined his spiritual perspective so others can be released into new ways of thinking and experience an expansion of their spiritual intelligence. To walk with God, you need to know not only His heart but also His mind. As believers, we were designed to commune with God, sharing not only conversation with Him but also His thoughts and perceptions–to know His mind through His Spirit. When Adam and Eve walked with God in the cool of the day, they didn’t always need the verbal communication that so limits humanity today. They had inner communication from their connectedness.

    This is the kind of connectedness Solomon, Joseph, Daniel, Esther, and the apostle Paul experienced, and this is what God wants to restore to His people today. This book will help readers gain a fresh vision of their faith so they can walk out their spirituality exactly as God intended and take their place in the coming move of God.

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  • Through The Eyes Of Love


    “But now faith, hope, love, abide these three;but the greatest of these is love.”~1 Corinthians 13:13

    Seeing the world through a lens of love is not easy, but when you commit to this practice you will begin to see God’s power move in new ways. Through the Eyes of Love shows us how operating from a place of love is the most powerful way to walk in the Spirit.

    Author and prophetic minister Shawn Bolz wants you to grow in spiritual authority and learn how to speak powerful words.

    As someone who heard God’s voice at a young age, Shawn has been diligent to seek the Lord’s voice for more than two decades. In Through the Eyes of Love, Shawn shares multiple first-person stories of people he has met and spoken to over the years. Whether sitting at a table eating dinner with billionaires or pulling over on the highway to give a construction worker a word of knowledge, Shawn is amazed at how often God wants to speak to people, big or small.

    As you sincerely pray and ask God what He wants to say to your coworkers, your neighbors, and your city, you will be surprised at how often He speaks.As a sought-after international teacher with more than twenty years of itinerant ministry under his belt, Shawn has seen it happen time and again: everyday people blown away by one simple message from God. And Jesus wants us to join him in this endeavor.

    Remember, it is the Lord’s kindness that leads someone to repentance. So, when we try to reach people without kindness, without love, we end up sounding like a clanging brass cymbal. Words of knowledge are a way for God to convey His love for people.

    If you pursue spiritual gifts-especially words of knowledge-you will begin to realize that knowing God’s thoughts shifts the lens through which you see people and culture. In fact, being on the receiving end of a direct message from God will open your spiritual eyes. It’s like seeing a color you never knew existed.

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