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Seng-Kong Tan

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  • Fullness Received And Returned


    1. Communication Of Being Ad Intra
    2. Communication Of Being Ad Extra
    3. Trinitarian Action And Communication In Redemption And The Incarnation
    4. Hypostatic Union
    5. Communication Of Properties Works And Grace
    6. Unio Cum Christo
    7. Self Communication Of The Holy Spirit
    8. Conclusion Of Salvation

    Additional Info
    Seng-Kong Tan argues that human participation in the divine-a classical theological axiom most notably associated with the Eastern Orthodox tradition-is a central theme in the theology of Jonathan Edwards. This notion, Tan contends, is a defining motif for the entire systematic sweep of Edwards’s theology, and it serves to focus and determine the contours of Edwards’s thought. Fullness Received and Returned situates Edwards’s theology within the folds of the classical theological tradition, while arguing that Edwards’s is a unique and creative form of Reformed theology.

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