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Scott Sunquist

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  • Shape Of Christian History


    While understanding history has always been an essential task for God’s people, rapid changes within the past two generations of Christianity have challenged many of our assumptions and methods for studying the past. How should thoughtful Christians–and especially historians and missiologists–make sense of global Christianity as an unfolding historical movement?

    Scott Sunquist invites readers to join him for a capstone course in historical thinking from a master teacher. Highlighting both the continuity and the diversity within the Christian movement over the centuries, he identifies three key concepts for framing church history: time, cross, and glory. These themes shed light to help us discern how the Jesus movement developed from the first century to the present, through an explosion of contextual expressions. Tracing these concepts through the centuries, we learn from the stories of Christians reflecting the glories of God’s kingdom–and from their failures.

    Filled with historical case studies and stories from Sunquist’s teaching around the world, The Shape of Christian History offers a framework for how to read and write church history. Even more, it demonstrates how the study of history illuminates God’s mission in the world and sharpens our understanding of how to participate in that mission faithfully.

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  • Mission After Pentecost


    A leading scholar moves through the entire Bible in canonical order and puts the biblical text in conversation with twenty-first-century questions, offering the church a fresh understanding of its mission and how to pursue it in the decades to come.

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  • Explorations In Asian Christianity


    Asia is the birthplace of Christianity. If Christianity is not usually seen as an Asian religion, that is because the history of Christianity in Asia has long been a difficult one. Whereas Christianity in the West received royal support, Asian Christianity has led a more nomadic and exilic existence. Today it is the least Christianized region of the world. Scott W. Sunquist is a recognized expert on the history of the Christian faith in Asia. Over the years he has published and spoken frequently on this theme. Explorations in Asian Christianity gathers his key writings on the topic and organizes them into four main categories: surveys that look at Asian Christianity in broad perspective, historical investigations that look at how Christianity shapes our understanding of history and historiography, missiological studies that look closely at issues of place, and finally essays on theological education. Topics explored in this volume include Ecumenism in AsiaThe cruciform nature of ChristianityA missiology of placeThe Christian view of timeGlobal migrationExplorations in Asian Christianity sheds light on one of the most important but least well-known areas in Christian history.

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  • Understanding Christian Mission


    This comprehensive introduction helps students, pastors, and mission committees understand contemporary Christian mission historically, biblically, and theologically. Scott Sunquist, a respected scholar and teacher of world Christianity, recovers missiological thinking from the early church for the twenty-first century. He traces the mission of the church throughout history in order to address the global church and offers a constructive theology and practice for missionary work today.Sunquist views spirituality as the foundation for all mission involvement, for mission practice springs from spiritual formation. He highlights the Holy Spirit in the work of mission and emphasizes its trinitarian nature. Sunquist explores mission from a primarily theological–rather than sociological–perspective, showing that the whole of Christian theology depends on and feeds into mission. Throughout the book, he presents Christian mission as our participation in the suffering and glory of Jesus Christ for the redemption of the nations.

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  • Joyful Witness In The Muslim World


    This up-to-date textbook features global perspectives on current Christian engagement with Islam, equipping readers for mission among Muslims. Evelyne Reisacher, who has worked extensively with Muslims in Europe, helps readers move from fear to joy as they share the gospel with Muslims. Reisacher surveys areas where Muslims and Christians encounter one another in the twenty-first century, highlighting innovative models of Christian witness in everyday life. Drawing on insights from global Christianity, this survey takes account of diverse conceptions of Muslim-Christian relations. The book may surprise those who believe mission among Muslims is difficult, challenging, and almost impossible.

    This is the first book in the Mission in Global Community series, which reframes missiological themes and studies for students around the common theme of mission as partnership with others. Series authors draw upon their own global experience and that of their global colleagues to illumine present realities and chart a course into the future. Series editors are Scott W. Sunquist and Amos Yong.

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  • Gospel And Pluralism Today



    1. Introduction: The Legacy Of Newbigin For Mission To The West
    Scott W. Sunquist
    2. Newbigin In His Time
    Wilbert R. Shenk
    3. Newbigin’s Theology Of Mission And Culture After Twenty-Five Years
    William R. Burrows
    4. Community And Witness In Transition: Newbigin’s Missional Ecclesiology Between Modernity And Postmodernity
    Veli-Matti Karkkainen And Michael Karim
    5. Holistic Theological Method And Theological Epistemology: Performing Newbigin’s Plurality Of Sources In The Pluralist Context
    Steven B. Sherman
    6. Honoring True Otherness In A Still-Antipluralist Culture
    Esther L. Meek
    7. Pluralism, Secularism And Pentecost: Newbigin-ings For Missio Trinitatis In A New Century
    Amos Yong
    8. Evangelism In A Pluralistic Society: The Newbigin Vision
    Carrie Boren Headington
    9. What Does It Mean For A Congregation To Be A Hermeneutic?
    John G. Flett
    10. Asian Perspectives On Twenty-First-Century Pluralism
    Allen Yeh

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    Toward the end of the twentieth century, Lesslie Newbigin offered a penetrating analysis of the challenges of pluralism that confronted a Western culture and society reeling from the dissolution of Christendom. His enormous influence has been felt ever since. Newbigin (1909-1998) was a longtime Church of Scotland missionary to India and later General Secretary of the International Missionary Council and Associate General Secretary of the World Council of Churches.

    The first installment in the Missiological Engagements series, the essays in this volume explore three aspects of Newbigin’s legacy. First, they assess the impact of his 1989 book, Gospel in a Pluralist Society, on Christian mission and evangelism in the West. Second, they critically analyze the nature of Western pluralism in its many dimensions to discern how Christianity can proclaim good news for today. Finally, the contributors discuss the influence of Newbigin’s work on the field of missiology. By looking backward, this volume recommends and advances a vision for Christian witness in the pluralistic world of the twenty-first century.

    Contributions from leading missiologists and theologians, including:

    William Burrows
    John Flett
    Veli-Matti Karkkainen
    Esther Meek
    Lamin Sanneh
    Wilbert Shenk

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  • Unexpected Christian Century


    In 1900 many assumed the twentieth century would be a Christian century because Western “Christian empires” ruled most of the world. What happened instead is that Christianity in the West declined dramatically, the empires collapsed, and Christianity’s center moved to Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Pacific. How did this happen so quickly? Respected scholar and teacher Scott Sunquist surveys the most recent century of Christian history, highlighting epochal changes in global Christianity. He also suggests lessons we can learn from this remarkable global Christian reversal. Ideal for an introduction to Christianity or a church history course.

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  • History Of Presbyterian Missions


    SKU (ISBN): 9780664503000Scott Sunquist | Editor: Caroline BeckerBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 2008Publisher: Geneva Press Print On Demand Product

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