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Scott Moore

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  • Limits Of Liberal Democracy


    Table Of Contents


    1. Introduction: The End Of Convenient Stereotypes
    2. “The End Of Democracy?” The First Things Symposium And Its Critics
    3. American Catholics To The Rescue? Michael Baxter And The Notre Dame Theology Department
    4. Rival Versions Of Confessionalism: Neuhaus And Baxter
    5. Gertrude Himmelfarb And The Priority Of Democracy To Philosophy
    6. Sapere Aude! From Liberal Statecraft To Extraordinary Politics
    7. Extraordinary Politics Beyond The Culture Of Convenience
    8. Hospitality And The Culture Of Life

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    Scott H. Moore offers a bracing critique of the limits of liberal democracy that calls for and points the way toward a more faithful engagement of Christians with public life–a participation that takes seriously the reality of the Christian church and both the private and public moral teachings of its Scriptures.

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