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Sarah Shin

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  • Beyond Colorblind : Redeeming Our Ethnic Journey


    Part I: Redeeming Our Ethnic Stories
    1. Beyond Colorblind
    2. Ethnicities Made For Good
    3. The Cracks In Our Ethnicity
    4. Ethnicities Restored For Better
    5. Redeemed Ethnic Identities Sent Out To Heal

    Part II: Stewarding Our Ethnic Identities
    6. Trust-Building With Ethnic Strangers
    7. Crosscultural Skills In Community
    8. Responding To Crosscultural Conflict In Community
    9. Prophetic Ethnic Justice
    10. Culture Re-creators


    Additional Info
    For a generation or so, society has tried to be colorblind. People say they don’t see race. But the reality is that this approach has its limitations. In our broken world, ethnicity and racial identity are often points of pain and injustice. We can’t ignore that God created us with our ethnic identities, and he made them for good. We bring all of who we are, including our ethnicity and cultural background, to our identity and work as God’s ambassadors.

    Ethnicity and evangelism specialist Sarah Shin reveals how our brokenness around ethnicity can be restored and redeemed, for our own wholeness and also for the good of others. When we experience internal transformation in our ethnic journeys, God propels us outward in a reconciling witness to the world. Ethnic healing can demonstrate God’s power and goodness to others and bring good news to the world. Showing us how to make space for God’s healing of our ethnic stories, Shin helps us grow in our crosscultural skills, manage crosscultural conflict, pursue reconciliation and justice, and share the gospel as ethnicity-aware Christians.

    Jesus offers hope for healing, both for ourselves and for society. Discover how your ethnic story can be transformed for compelling witness and mission.

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