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Sara Wengerd

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  • Healing Grief : Walking With Your Friend Through Loss


    1. The First Day
    2. The Second Day
    3. The Visitation
    4. The Funeral
    5. Changes
    6. The Second Year
    7. Adjustment

    Additional Info
    Many of us feel awkward and hesitant when talking to a recently bereaved person. We don’t want to say or do the wrong thing. A Healing Grief responds to this problem. Author Sara Wengerd had years of experience with death through work as a hospice nurse and care the for the elderly. Then it happened to her. Beginning with the moment that she heard the news of her husband’s accident, through the first day, the funeral, and the next two years, Wengerd illuminates the grieving process with heartfelt and surprising candor. Practical advice and suggestions at the end of each chapter make this book the perfect gift for the grieving person or a guide for the one who is walking with a friend through loss.

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