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J. Sidlow Baxter

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  • For God So Loved


    Part One: The New Testament Truth
    1. Is It Really True?
    2. What About Pain?
    3. The Text Of Texts
    4. The Divine Sonship
    5. The Divine Fatherhood
    6. The Supreme Miracle
    7. The Fountainhead
    8. That Word “Perish”
    9. Eternal Life
    10. What Is Saving Faith?
    Part Two: The Old Testament Type
    11. The Decisive Imprimatur
    12. Old Testament Typology
    13. Away Back To Numbers!
    14. The Type Interpreted
    15. Four Dual Aspects
    16. Life For A Look! Page 178

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    The most loved and memorized verse in the Bible – John 3:16 – is the focus of J. Sidlow Baxter’s in-depth study of the love of God. Dr. Baxter’s exposition focuses on the ten crucial words of the verse in which “the whole written Word of God is comprehended.” They are:
    1. God 6. Whosoever
    2. Loved 7. Believeth
    3. World 8. Perish
    4. Gave 9. Have
    5. Son 10. Life

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  • Other Side Of Death


    247 Pages/9 Chapters
    in 9 Chapters

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    Dozens of cults members commit suicide in order to rendezvous with a spaceship stationed behind a comet. A suicide bomber kills himself and a number of innocent bystanders in order gain entrance into a heavenly paradise. The headline of a supermarket tabloid declares “Hell located beneath Antarctica!” Proponents of euthanasia promise that death relieves all pain suffering. What is the truth about life after death?

    Noted Bible teacher and author J. Sidlow Baxter examines the Bible’s teaching on heaven and hell and addresses the contemporary confusion over universalism, New Age spirituality, and Eastern Mysticism. Some of the specific topics addressed include marriage in heaven, infant death, purgatory, and the location of heaven. This intriguing study offers both guidance and spiritual comfort for readers wanting to understand God’s plan for human existence on the other side of death.

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  • Mark These Men


    1. The Man Who Defiled Baal (Elijah)
    2. The Man Who Played The Fool (Saul Of Kish)
    3. The Man Who Bore The Brands (Paul)
    4. The Man Who Braved The Lion (Daniel)
    5. The Man Who Cursed The Children (Elisha)
    6. The Man Who Came Back From Beyond (Lazarus)
    7. The Man Who Routed The Aliens (Gideon)
    8. The Man Who Was Rebuked By His Ass (Balaam)
    9. The Man Who Went Away Grieved (The Rich Young Ruler)
    10. The Man Who Knew How Long He Would Live (Hezekiah)
    11. The Man Who Led Paul To Christ (Ananias)
    12. The Man Who Helped Carry The Cross (Simon Of Cyrene)
    13. The Man Who Rebuilt Jerusalem (Nehemiah) Page 149

    Additional Info
    The Bible is a treasure house of biographies of people famous and infamous, rich and poor, good and evil. In short, it is full of ordinary people, people just like us. As Dr. Baxter points out in his foreword, “The biographical treasures of the Bible are exhaustless. Again and again we turn back to the figures which move before us in its pages, and find new relevancies, new significances, new applicaitons to our own times and to our own lives. Somehow, these Scripture characters seem to be invested with typologically and representative qualities which live for all time.”
    Included are provocative profiles of Elisha and Elijah, King Saul, Daniel, Gideon, Balaam, and Nehemiah. Also included are such New testament characters as: the Apostle Paul, Lazarus, the rich young ruler, Ananias, and Simon of Cyrene.

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  • Baxters Explore The Book


    Baxter’s Explore the Book — Six Volumes in One — A Basic and Broadly Interpretive Course of Bible Study from Genesis to Revelation. A book-by-book overview of the Bible that provides – an analysis of the structure of each book – a synopsis of the main movements of each book – an analysis of the special features of each book – suggestions for further reading.

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