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J. P. Moreland

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  • Theistic Evolution : A Scientific, Philosophical, And Theological Critique


    Winner of the ECPA Book of the Year Award for Bible Reference Works

    Many prominent Christians insist that the church must yield to contemporary evolutionary theory and therefore modify traditional biblical ideas about the creation of life. They argue that God used–albeit in an undetectable way–evolutionary mechanisms to produce all forms of life. Featuring two dozen highly credentialed scientists, philosophers, and theologians from Europe and North America, this volume contests this proposal, documenting evidential, logical, and theological problems with theistic evolution–making it the most comprehensive critique of theistic evolution yet produced.

    *Explains why theistic evolution is not congruent with a biblical worldview
    *Features nineteen essays written by well-known experts in their fields
    *Designed to be used as a textbook for courses on religion and evolution
    *Accessible for those without expertise in the subject

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  • Simple Guide To Experience Miracles


    Does God Still Do Miracles Today?

    A Simple Guide to Experience Miracles will give you confidence in and awareness of the supernatural realm as you learn how to flourish spiritually by experiencing more miraculous interventions in your life and ministry. Internationally renowned philosopher J. P. Moreland looks at the nature of miracles and explains why bearing and receiving credible testimony to God’s miraculous acts is a crucial feature of a mature Jesus-follower. He also shows how to distinguish a real miracle from a mere coincidence. Miracles bring comfort to believers, strengthening faith in God and creating boldness in our lives.

    While miraculous healings have occurred frequently throughout church history, Moreland provides data showing how the last fifty years have seen a massive outbreak of miracles and supernatural activity. Today, he argues, the church should humbly expect to see more of these miraculous works of God than we do.

    Moreland looks at topics like:
    *The relationship between sickness and suffering, along with two different ways to pray for healing

    *How to discern clearly the difference between a genuine miracle and a mere coincidence

    *How to increase your faith that petitionary prayer really works and what to make of unanswered prayer

    *Six ways God speaks to us and advice for hearing God wisely and biblically

    *The role angels play in our lives, how they appear to us, and how to combat demonic influence

    *The biblical basis for most Near-Death Experiences and what we can learn from them

    A Simple Guide to Experience Miracles increases your expectation and hope that God can and often does miraculously intervene to bring help and comfort. Moreland shows that it makes rational sense to step out and engage in employing Kingdom power and to strengthen courage to witness and act on behalf of the gospel of Jesus. Filled with inspiring, credible, motivating accounts of miracles, he covers five different kinds of supernatural activities and provides practical wisdom about how to begin practices such as healing prayer and learning to deal with the demonic.

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  • God Question : An Invitation To A Life Of Meaning


    What does it take to live a meaningful life?

    Why are so many people in affluent nations so anxious and unhappy? What difference does believing in God really make? And does belief in the God of the Bible truly make sense today? In this revised edition of The God Question, philosopher J. P. Moreland invites us on a journey to a rich, ?ourishing life. He digs into the causes of our cultural crisis of unhappiness and considers how the God revealed in Jesus provides the most rational solution to our deepest needs. With special sensitivity to skeptics, seekers, and Christians who are disenchanted with their faith, he helps us see the Christian story–its reasonableness and its relevance–in fresh ways. For anyone wrestling with big questions about life and faith, Moreland provides insight from his many years of philosophical studies and his own experience as a Christian. Filled with personal stories, this book explores evidence for the existence of God, the reliability of the Gospels, essentials of a flourishing Christian life, the reality of miracles, and more. This edition also features a new section on overcoming anxiety and depression. Wherever you are on your journey, The God Question will help you see anew what difference Jesus makes in a human life.

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  • Philosophy Made Slightly Less Difficult Second Edition


    Philosophy is for everyone. We think philosophically whenever we ask life’s big questions:
    *What is real?
    *How do we know what we know?
    *What is the right thing to do?
    *What does it mean to be human?
    *How should we view science and its claims?
    *Why should we believe that God exists?

    Philosophy is thinking critically about questions that matter. But many people find philosophy intimidating, so they never discover how invaluable it can be in engaging ideas, culture, and even their faith. Garrett DeWeese and J. P. Moreland understand these challenges, and in this book they apply their decades of teaching experience to help to make philosophy a little less difficult. Using straightforward language with plenty of everyday examples, they explain the basics needed to understand philosophical concepts–including logic, metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, philosophical anthropology, and philosophy of science. This second edition includes new chapters on aesthetics and philosophy of religion, as well as updated content on some current issues in philosophy. Ultimately, DeWeese and Moreland argue, developing a philosophically informed worldview is absolutely critical for Christians and for the future of the church. Students, pastors, campus workers, and ordinary Christians will all benefit from this user-friendly guide.

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  • Finding Quiet : My Story Of Overcoming Anxiety And The Practices That Broug


    In May 2004 prominent philosopher, author, and professor J. P. Moreland awoke in the middle of the night to a severe panic attack. Though often anxious by temperament and upbringing, Moreland had never experienced such an incident before. Thus began an extended battle with debilitating anxiety and depression.

    More than a decade later, Moreland continues to manage mental illness. Yet along the way he’s moved from shame and despair to vulnerability and hope. In Finding Quiet Moreland comes alongside fellow sufferers with encouragement and practical, hard-won advice. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, nearly 20 percent of Americans suffer from mental illness, and people in the pews are not immune. Moreland explores the spiritual and physical aspects of mental illness, pointing readers toward sound sources of information, treatment, and recovery.

    Bracing and honest, Finding Quiet will validate the experiences of believers with mental illness, remind them they are not alone, and provide reassurance that they can not only survive but thrive again.

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  • Until Christ Is Formed In You


    Because Transformation Is Possible

    At a popular level, Dallas Willard wrote with remarkable clarity about spiritual formation. But his writings also addressed academic concerns such as shifts in modern moral philosophy, the nature of education, and the psychology of the human self. Until Christ Is Formed in You brings together ten authors who knew Willard well to introduce his wide-ranging vision and consider again the overall significance of this one-of-a-kind teacher.

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  • Philosophical Foundations For A Christian Worldview


    Outline Of The Book
    An Invitation To Christian Philosophy

    Part I: Introduction
    1 What Is Philosophy?
    2 Argumentation And Logic

    Part II: Epistemology
    3 Knowledge And Rationality
    4 The Problem Of Skepticism
    5 The Structure Of Justification
    6 Theories Of Truth And Postmodernism
    7 Religious Epistemology

    Part III: Metaphysics
    8 What Is Metaphysics?
    9 General Ontology: Existence, Identity, And Reductionism
    10 General Ontology: Two Categories?Property And Substance
    11 The Mind-Body Problem Part IA: Consciousness And Property Dualism Or Mere-Property Dualism
    12 The Mind-Body Problem Part IB: Alternatives To Property Dualism Or Mere-Property Dualism
    13 The Mind-Body Problem Part IIA: Arguments Regarding And Versions Of Substance Dualism
    14 The Mind-Body Problem Part IIB: The Main Physicalist Alternatives To Substance Dualism
    15 Free Will And Determinism
    16 Personal Identity And Life After Death

    Part IV: Philosophy Of Science
    17 Scientific Methodology
    18 The Realism-Antirealism Debate
    19 Philosophy And The Integration Of Science And Theology
    20 Philosophy Of Time And Space

    Part V: Ethics
    21 Ethics, Morality, And Metaethics
    22 Ethical Relativism And Absolutism
    23 Normative Ethical Theories: Egoism And Utilitarianism
    24 Normative Ethical Theories: Deontological And Virtue Ethics

    Part VI: Philosophy Of Religion And Philosophical Theology
    25 The Existence Of God I
    26 The Existence Of God II
    27 The Coherence Of Theism I
    28 The Coherence Of Theism II
    29 The Problem Of Evil
    30 Creation, Providence, And Miracle
    31 Christian Doctrines I: The Trinity
    32 Christian Doctrines II: The Incarnation
    33 Christian Doctrines III: Atonement
    34 Christian Doctrines IV: Christian Particularism

    Suggestions For Further Reading
    Name Index
    Subject Index
    Scripture Index

    Additional Info
    Winner of a 2004 ECPA Gold Medallion Award! Winner of an Award of Excellence in the 2003 Chicago Book Clinic! What is real?What is truth? What can we know? What should we believe? What should we do and why? Is there a God? Can we know him? Do Christian doctrines make sense? Can we believe in God in the face of evil? These are fundamental questions that any thinking person wants answers to. These are questions that philosophy addresses. And the answers we give to these kinds of questions serve as the the foundation stones for consrtucting any kind of worldview. In Philosophical Foundations for a Christian Worldview J.P. Moreland and William Lane Craig offer a comprehensive introduction to philosophy from a Christian perspective. In their broad sweep they seek to introduce readers to the principal subdisciplines of philosophy, including epistemology, metaphysics, philosophy of science, ethics and philosophy of religion. They do so with characteristic clarity and incisiveness. Arguments are clearly outlined, and rival theories are presented with fairness and accuracy. Philosophy, they contend, aids Christians in the tasks of apologetics, polemics and systematic theology. It reflects our having been made in the image of God, helps us to extend biblical teaching into areas not expressly addressed in Scripture, facilitates the spiritual discipline of study, enhances the boldness and self-image of the Christian community, and is requisite to the essential task of integrating faith and learning. Here is a lively and thorough introduction to philosophy for all who want to know reality.

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  • Kingdom Triangle : Recover The Christian Mind Renovate The Soul Restore The


    Western society is in crisis, the result of our culture’s embrace of naturalism and postmodernism. At the same time, the biblical worldview has been pushed to the margins. Christians have been strongly influenced by these trends, with the result that the personal lives of Christians often reflect the surrounding culture more than the way of Christ, and the church’s transforming influence on society has waned. In Kingdom Triangle, J.P. Moreland issues a call to recapture the drama and power of kingdom living. He examines and provides a penetrating critique of these worldviews and shows how they have ushered in the current societal crisis. He then lays out a strategy for the Christian community to regain the potency of kingdom life and influence in the world.

    Drawing insights from the early church, he outlines three essential ingredients of this revolution:
    *Recovery of the Christian mind
    *Renovation of Christian spirituality
    *Restoration of the power of the Holy Spirit He believes that evangelical Christianity can mature and lead the surrounding society out of the meaningless morass it finds itself in with humility and vision.

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  • To Everyone An Answer


    In a society fascinated by spirituality but committed to religious pluralism, the Christian worldview faces sophisticated and aggressive opposition. A prior commitment to diversity, with its requisite openness and relativistic outlook, has meant for skeptics, critics and even many Christians that whatever Christianity is, it cannot be exclusively true or salvific. What is needed in this syncretistic era is an authoritative, comprehensive Christian response. Point by point, argument by argument, the Christian faith must be effectively presented and defended. To Everyone an Answer: A Case for the Christian Worldview offers such a response. Editors Francis J. Beckwith, William Lane Craig and J. P. Moreland have gathered together in this book essays covering all major aspects of apologetics, including:

    faith and reason
    arguments for God’s existence
    the case for Jesus
    the problem of evil
    religious pluralism and Christian exclusivism

    Preeminent in their respective fields, the contributors to this volume offer a solid case for the Christian worldview and a coherent defense of the Christian faith.

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  • Love Your God With All Your Mind


    We know that faith means “being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see” (Hebrews 11:1, niv).

    Love Your God with All Your Mind explains the importance of using your mind not only to win others to Christ but also to experience personal spiritual growth. Author J. P. Moreland challenges you to use logic to further God’s kingdom through evangelism, apologetics, worship, and vocation.

    This revised edition includes expanded appendices and three new chapters that outline how to argue for the reality of God and the historicity of Jesus’ life teachings, death, and resurrection.

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  • Recalcitrant Imago Dei


    The Veritas Series brings to market original volumes all engaging in critical questions of pressing concern to both philosophers, theologians, biologists, economists and more. The series aims to illustrate that without theology, something essential is lost in our account of such categories u not only in an abstract way but in the way in which we inhabit the world. The Veritas Series refuses to accept disciplinary isolation: both for theology and for other disciplines. The Recalcitrant Imago Dei offers a critical discussion of naturalism, the idea that all phenomena can be explained by the physical sciences.

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  • Jesus Bajo Sospecha – (Spanish)


    Jesus Under Fire is an answer to the attacks against the historic Jesus. It is put together by a team of evangelical experts.

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  • In Search Of A Confident Faith


    There are many obstacles that can get in the way of having a healthy Christian faith. J. P. Moreland and Klaus Issler team up in this book to helpfully clear away the barriers to faith by helping you gain a clear grasp of what faith is, identifying the various obstacles to it and providing guidance for growing in your trust in God through Jesus Christ.

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  • Escape From Reason


    SKU (ISBN): 9780830834051Francis Schaeffer | J. P. MorelandBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 2007IVP ClassicsPublisher: InterVarsity Press

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  • Lost Virtue Of Happiness


    NavPress Print On Demand Title

    The Lost Virtue Of Happiness offers a fresh, practical, motivating, and meaningful look at the ancient spiritual disciplines – resources for focusing on Christ and pursuing a transcendent purpose in life. With concrete examples and illuminating stories, the authors show how the disciplines can help shape a life that truly satisfies.

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  • Body And Soul


    In this careful and thoughtful treatment J.P. Moreland and Scott B. Rae provide a reasonable and biblically accurate depiction of human personhood, relating it to crucial ethical concerns that affect each of us.

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  • Creation Hypothesis


    IVP Print On Demand Title

    For a century the reigning scientific view has been that God is not necessary to account for the existence of the world and of life. Evolutionary theory is said to be all that is needed to explain how we got here. In addition, many theistic evolutionists contend that God likely used many of the mechanisms of evolution to achieve his will. In this book J.P. Moreland and a panel of scholars assert that there is actually substantial evidence pointing in a different direction. First, they consider philosophical arguments about whether it is possible for us to know if an intelligent designer had a hand in creation. They then look directly at four different areas of science: the origin of life, the origin of major groups of organisms, the origin of human language, and the origin and formation of the universe. Experts on this panel were: Stephen Meyer, William Dembski, Hugh Ross, Walter Bradley, Charles Thaxton, Kurt Wise, John Oller, John Omdahl, John Ankerberg, and John Weldon.

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  • 3 Views On Creation And Evolution


    For Christians, the issues raised by the different views on creation and evolution are challenging. Can a “young earth” be reconciled with a universe that appears to be billions of years old? Does scientific evidence point to a God who designed the universe and life in all its complexity. Three Views on Creation and Evolution deals with these and similar concerns as it looks at three dominant schools of Christian thought. Proponents of young earth creationism, old earth creationism, and theistic evolution each present their different views, tell why the controversy is important, and describe the interplay between their understandings of science and theology. Each view is critiqued by various scholars, and the entire discussion is summarized by Phillip E. Johnson and Richard H. Bube.

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  • Scaling The Secular City A Defense Of Christianity


    1. The Cosmological Argument
    2. The Design Argument
    3. God And The Argument From Mind
    4. God And The Meaning Of Life
    5. The Historicity Of The New Testament
    6. The Resurrection Of Jesus
    7. Science And Christianity
    8. Four Final Issues

    288 Pages

    Additional Info
    C. S. Lewis once wrote: “To be ignorant and simple now-not to be able to meet the enemies on their own ground-would be to throw down our weapons, and to betray our uneducated brethren who have, under God, no defense but us against the intellectual attacks of the heathen. Good philosophy must exist, if for no other reason, because bad philosophy needs to be answered.”

    SCALING THE SECULAR CITY is not just another apologetics book. This is a fresh, up-to-date defense of the Christian faith by a bright mind. J. P. Moreland musters new arguments, tackles new problems, and reveals penetrating insight as he gives reasons for the historic Christian faith. His rich background in philosophy, science, and theology is manifest in the helpful way he operates on the borders of these disciplines. His insights into the contemporary philosophical issues make him one of the ablest young apologists in America. This book not only will help the average Christian, but also will challenge the best scholars. It is another good example of the renaissance of classical apologetics in a day that refuses to either capitulate to the philosophical skeptics or give a reason for our hope.

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  • Jesus Under Fire


    Who is Jesus? What did he do? What did he say? -Are the traditional answer to these questions still to be trusted? – Did the early church and tradition “Christianize” Jesus? – Was Christianity built on clever conceptions of the church, or on the character and actions of an actual person? These and similar questions have come under scrutiny by a forum of biblical scholars called the Jesus Seminar. Their conclusions have been widely publicized in magazines such as Time and Newsweek. Jesus Under Fire challenges the methodology and findings of the Jesus Seminar, which generally clash with the biblical records. It examines the authenticity of the words, actions, miracles, and resurrection of Jesus, and presents compelling evidence for the traditional biblical teachings. Combining accessibility with scholarly depth, Jesus Under Fire helps readers judge for themselves whether the Jesus of the Bible is the Jesus of history, and whether the gospels’ claim is valid that he is the only way to God.

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