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Cynthia Tobias

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  • Reclaiming Education : Teach Your Child To Be A Confident Learner


    Are you satisfied that your children’s current educational environment is bringing out their best potential?

    In a world where traditional education systems make little or no accommodation for individual learning styles (such as auditory or visual learning), and they’re failing to teach even the basics, it’s time for parents to take charge of their children’s education.

    In Reclaiming Education, parents are equipped with practical and immediately useful tools to work in partnership with their children to identify and develop their learning styles and strengths. If you want to help learners build the kind of confidence that inspires lifelong learning, get them involved in the solutions for their own success.

    In this book, both parents and children can learn how to:

    *Identify learning style strengths
    *Develop strategies for adapting to less than ideal circumstances
    *Design an effective study space environment that’s tailored to your child’s needs
    *Motivate even the most resistant learners

    A great faith-based parenting resource for anyone who feels like the traditional education system has failed their children, and for anyone interested in homeschooling or simply helping their children to succeed in any type of school setting.

    Say goodbye to a one-size-fits-all education and unlock your child’s full learning potential.

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  • You Cant Make Me But I Can Be Persuaded


    For more than 10 years, this popular resource has been equipping exasperated parents with proven techniques to motivate, discipline, and communicate effectively with even the most frustrating strong-willed child.

    It’s easy to recognize a strong-willed child. Difficult to discipline, at times impossible to motivate, strong-willed children present unique, frustrating, and often exhausting challenges to those who care for them. But now, the miracle parents long for can happen. Offering new hope, achievable goals, and a breath of fresh air to families and teachers, Cynthia Tobias explains how the mind of a strong-willed child works – and how to use that information to the child’s best advantage.

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  • Way They Learn


    12 Chapters

    Additional Info
    Sandee has three kids, none of them are alike. One studies on the floor with papers strewn everywhere, another lies on the bed with the radio blaring, and the third sits at the dinner table with cookies in hand! It used to drive her crazy. After all, this isn’t how she was raised! But it is The Way They Learn.

    In this enlightening resource, Cynthia Ulrich Tobias introduces the variety of learning styles that shape the way students interpret their world. Once these approaches are understood, parents and teachers can become far more effective in helping children grasp confusing concepts, stay interested in lessons, and utilize their strengths.

    For instance, in teaching vocabulary words, some children respond best by using flash cards, while others need verbal drills, and a third group thrives on using body movements to help recall definitions. By recognizing a child’s learning preferences, you can reach them more efficiently and effectively! And with our nation in an educational crisis, there’s never been a better time for this book.

    Tobias’ work is required reading for any parent or teacher who truly wants to see kids succeed in school. These concepts are powerful tools for drawing out the best in a child. Give your youngsters the best chance for success by coming to understand The Way They Learn.

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