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Craig Gay

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  • Modern Technology And The Human Future


    1. Machine Technology And Human Being
    2. The Momentum And Inertia Of Modern Technological Development
    3. The Technological World View
    4. Remembering Where We Are And Who We Are
    5. What On Earth Shall We Do?
    A Personal Conclusion
    Epilogue: On Eucharistic Embodiment
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    Technology is not neutral.

    From the plow to the printing press, technology has always shaped human life and informed our understanding of what it means to be human. And advances in modern technology, from computers to smartphones, have yielded tremendous benefits. But do these developments actually encourage human flourishing?

    Craig Gay raises concerns about the theological implications of modern technologies and of philosophical movements such as transhumanism. In response, he turns to a classical affirmation of the Christian faith: Jesus Christ, the eternal Word of God, took on human flesh. By exploring the doctrine of the incarnation and what it means for our embodiment, Gay offers a course correction to the path of modern technology without asking us to unplug completely.

    The doctrine of the incarnation is not neutral either. It presents us an alternative vision for the future of humanity.

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  • Cash Values


    Few would doubt the central role of money today. Money is the hub around which much of the modern world turns, particularly in those places impacted by capitalism. Given that Scripture frequently addresses the use and abuse of money, and notable figures in church tradition have also done so, it’s clear that the role of money in contemporary society is a subject that deserves serious Christian reflection. Enter Craig Gay. In this new book Gay incisively discusses the huge impact of money on personal and social life. Considering the insights of a number of classical and contemporary social theorists, Gay shows the duplicity of a monetary ethos: capitalism is without question the most productive economic system ever devised, yet the market system also fosters a subtle nihilism that tends to empty the world of substance and meaning. Gay’s analysis encourages readers to rediscover meanings and values that transcend “cash values”–higher values that can free us from the market economy’s grip on our culture.

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  • Way Of The Modern World


    God has nothing to do with the real business of life. In the big picture, he’s irrelevant. This is what Professor Craig Gay calls “practical atheism”—The Way of the (Modern) World—and it’s corroding almost every aspect of our society. So how can a Christian survive in such a godless environment without losing faith? Gay presents a biblical strategy for standing firm, helping you to live a righteous life in the world but not of the world.

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