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Craig Beeson

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  • How To Hear Gods Voice


    The burning question in the thoughts and on the lips of so many Christians is this: “How do I hear the voice of God?” As someone with decades of experience, Matthew has spoken to God for most of his life. In this book, he unpacks his years of knowledge and wisdom on this subject. God had been leading Matthew to write on this topic for years, yet he did not follow through with that directive until a stranger approached him and offered to pay for the production of the book full of questions about hearing from God. Matthew has now written out these questions along with the answers within these pages. With the help of Craig Beeson, a friend who has only recently begun to converse with God, Matthew produced a book to answer the twenty questions written by Lance and to ultimately help you, the reader, start your very own two-way conversations with God. Do you have blockages in your faith that prevent you from hearing God? Do you fear that Satan will speak to you and that you will be deceived if you try to speak to God? Do you want to know what sort of questions to ask God? Do you want to know how to approach him and what to say? These questions and others along with their answers will take you to a new depth in your relationship with God.

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  • Walking Under An Open Heaven


    You can live so that heaven invades your life. You can live so that seeing angels and conversing with them is natural for you. You can speak to saints from heaven every day as you go for a walk or even when you are just spending time at home. You can regularly meet Jesus in visions. Going to heaven can be commonplace for you.

    This book contains the following chapters:

    Visions of Jesus

    Visions of God

    A Prophetic Atmosphere

    Visions of Angels

    Visions of Saints

    Accessing Heaven

    Portals in my House

    Abundant Money Supply

    Open Heaven in my House and

    Seven Keys to an Open Heaven.

    With his trademark candor and transparency, let Matthew Robert Payne take you on a brief journey of his life. These short chapters describe just some of his many encounters with Jesus, saints, and angels. Each chapter includes questions for you to consider at the end. By the time you finish reading, you will be yearning for similar adventures of your own. Matthew ends the book with a prayer of impartation to encourage you to walk under an open heaven as he does.

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