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  • Why College Matters To God 3rd Edition


    A trusted first-year text at Christian colleges and universities

    Why College Matters to God is a brief, easy-to-read introduction to the unique purpose of a Christian college education. It has been widely used by Christian colleges and universities over the past decade because of its unsurpassed ability to be substantive yet accessible. The book draws on the insights of a wide range of Christian philosophers, theologians, historians, and scientists, but communicates key concepts in straightforward language that connects with a general audience. Brief enough to be paired with other texts, Why College Matters to God is an ideal introduction to the why and how of Christian learning for students, faculty, staff, and parents.

    The third edition preserves the qualities of the previous editions along with updated illustrations and new material on important topics such as:

    – Christian learning and the challenges of technology
    – Christian vocation, career preparation, and the liberal arts
    – Diversity and civility on campus
    – The habits of the highly effective college student

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  • Ecologies Of Faith In A Digital Age


    Technological innovation has changed nearly everything about human life, including how we teach and learn.

    Many Christian professors and institutions have embraced new technologies, especially online education. But as followers of Jesus Christ, we face the same call to grow in our faith. So how should we think about and approach Christian education in light of new technologies? Is it possible for us to grow spiritually through our digital communities?

    Steve Lowe and Mary Lowe, longtime proponents of online education, trace the motif of spiritual growth through Scripture and consider how students and professors alike might foster digital ecologies in which spiritual growth-even transformation-can take place.

    IVP Instructor Resources forthcoming.

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  • Listening To Sexual Minorities


    Students arrive on campus with various boxes of belongings to unpack, some heavy, some tidy, some more valuable, some more private. For many students, two of these boxes could be labeled “My Faith” and “My Sexuality”-and these two can be among the most cumbersome to handle. How to balance the two without having to set one down? How to hold them both closely, both securely, but still move forward to settle in with new friends in a new environment? How to keep from dropping one or the other, spilling its embarrassing contents for all to see?

    Such can be the struggle for any student, but especially for any sexual minority who identifies or struggles with an LGB+ identity or same-sex attraction on a Christian college campus. For these students their faith and their sexuality often feel both tender and in acute tension. Who is God making them to be? What do they need to grow in to develop faithfully, and what might they need to leave behind? How can they truly flourish?

    The research team of Yarhouse, Dean, Stratton, and Lastoria draw on their decades of experience both in the psychology of sexual identity and in campus counseling to bring us the results of an original longitudinal study into what sexual minorities themselves experience, hope for, and benefit from. Rich with both quantitative and qualitative data, their book gives an unprecedented opportunity to listen to sexual minorities in their own words, as well as to observe patterns and often surprising revelations about life and personal development both on campus and after graduation.

    Listening to Sexual Minorities will be an indispensable resource not only for counselors and psychologists but also for faculty, student-development leaders, and administrators in higher education as well as leaders in the church and wider Christian community who want to create an intentional environment to hear from and contribute to the spiritual flourishing of all.

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  • After College : Navigating Transitions Relationships And Faith


    Author’s Note
    Why This Book?

    Part I: Real Faith//Faithful To Christ
    “Go To An Unknown Land”: Trusting A Familiar God For Unfamiliar Times
    In Transition: Facing Change
    Take Up Your Cross: Embracing Adversity
    The Tyranny Of Choice: Making God-Honoring Decisions

    Part II: Real Life//Faithful In Community
    Beyond The Quad: Finding Friends
    No Perfect Church: Choosing Community
    People Are Strange: Preparing For Diversity
    Family Matters: Relating To Parents
    Twenty-Something Relationships: Navigating Sex, Dating And Marriage

    Part III: Real World//Faithful To Our Calling
    On Purpose: Stewarding Every Area Of Our Lives For Kingdom Good
    A Faith That Works: Adjusting To Our Jobs, Connecting Them To Christ
    Financial Faithfulness: Managing Money
    Conclusion: “The Land Is Good”: Trusting A Constant God For Dynamic Times

    Additional Info
    The first year out was one of the hardest years of my life. -Curt The years after college can be some of the most uncertain, unstable times of life. Recent graduates grieve the loss of community, question their place in the world and struggle to find meaningful work. It can be shocking to discover that college did not fully prepare you for the challenges you now face. “It’s much rougher than I thought. I thought things would just play out, and they didn’t. I don’t have friends, I don’t have a job and I hang out with my parents every night.” -Kate But you are not alone. For more than a decade, Erica Young Reitz has specialized in helping college seniors and recent graduates navigate the transition to post-college life. Drawing on best practices and research on senior preparedness, she offers practical tools for a life of faithfulness and flourishing during a critical, transitional time. This practical guide addresses the top issues graduates face: making decisions, finding friends, managing money, discerning your calling and much more. Discover how you can thrive beyond your undergraduate years. If you feel lost in transition, here are resources to help you flourish as a Christ-follower in a complex world.

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  • From Topic To Thesis


    Every theology student has to write a research paper, but many do not know how to go about doing theological research. In this brief guide, Michael Kibbe introduces students to the basics of academic research, including how to gather and engage different sources. Provides information on online databases, bibliography software and common mistakes.

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  • Making A Difference


    Are you ready to make a difference?

    Resident assistants are key leaders on a Christian college campus. They build a sense of community, serve as peer-counselors, and embody the mission of the university. Making a Difference shows how this journey of service can be a rewarding and even life-changing journey.

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  • How To Stay Christian In College


    How do you stay open about your faith in the face of potential ridicule? A must-read for every college student, How to Stay Christian in College will guide you through the maze of campus realities, including dating, sex, honesty, and more.

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  • King Of The Campus


    “Does the Kingship of Christ matter for your college experience?
    What would it look like for the kingdom to come to your university?

    What does it mean for shalom to reign on your campus?

    The message you hear when heading off to college is usually a series of “Do’s and Don’t’s”: Read your Bible. Go to Church. Don’t drink beer. Don’t have sex. While these are important, they are neither big enough nor compelling enough to warrant your attention and energy for four years but the kingdom of God is.

    KING OF THE CAMPUS is a conversation about faithfully engaging God’s mission of love in your local college context. From author Steve Lutz’s experience as a college minister at Penn State comes a book about living counterculturally and with purpose in the midst of academia. Themed chapters and discussion questions make this book is perfect for college small groups.”

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  • Surviving Your First Year Of College


    Are you worried about Surviving Your First Year of College? Or are you so excited about new friends, new freedom, and dating that you haven’t even begun to think about classes, all-nighters, and ten-page papers? Whichever side of the spectrum you fall on-or maybe somewhere in between-this book is for you.

    Author Michael A. Kipp, who attended four different universities in four years and now teaches at a private Christian university, has seen it all and is here to help you navigate the worst parts of college and succeed at the best parts. With help from his wife, Sandy, he covers everything from roommate troubles to class attendance to cash flow to visiting the campus nurse. Whatever you’ve got a question about, this book covers it-because nobody wants more than us (except your parents, maybe) to see you not only survive college but actually thrive during your first year. So put down that summer reading, take a break from packing, get your mind off that upcoming goodbye to your significant other-and settle in for a few laughs and a lot of great tips about Surviving Your First Year of College.

    You’re college years have the potential for the heights and depths of human experience which is what can make this experience such an exhilarating and exciting adventure. Welcome to the journey of entering college!

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  • Campus Survival Guide


    The Campus Survival Guide, from the editors of the popular Student to Student and Campus Voices books, features sixty student essays on topics ranging from communion sacraments to super heroes. Like its popular predecessors in the series, each devotional includes a list of Scripture readings for the week, along with a companion article offering helpful, humorous, or inspirational information. Articles coincide with events commonly occurring during the academic year, with seasonal entries focusing on holidays, semester exams, spring breaks, and summer vacations. A perfect gift to keep Christian college students focused on what matters most!

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  • Yes I Can


    This book “YES I CAN” is designed to help the high school students in their academic, career and social life so they can become scholars and achievers in future . It shows how students can become personal in their studies by having their own timetable, strategies on how to learn, effective means of using their time, planning their future career and destiny and other social issues relevant to their well being.

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  • College Adventure Handbook


    Leaving home for college can be both exciting and scary, especially for young Christians who want to succeed academically, socially, and spiritually.The College Adventure Handbook provides what every college student needs most: practical tips blended with spiritual commentary designed to help faith-filled students stay on track. Most college advice books don’t talk about how to make a student’s faith a natural part of the college experience. Or they’re so focused on faith, they don’t deal with practical matters. The College Adventure Handbook is different.

    It’s packed with useful tips for every aspect of college life, from passing classes and dealing with roommates, to avoiding temptations, stressing out, even finding a church that fits – all spiked with humor and presented in a format that can be referenced on a need-to-know basis.

    College students don’t need one more textbook to read, and most of them don’t want one more inspiration-packed devotional. What they need most in this extremely nerve-racking, life-changing time is some down-to-earth advice and practical strategies on how to walk a God-inspired life with as few missteps as possible. The College Adventure Handbook delivers all that and more.

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  • Word In The English Classroom


    If you teach at a faith-based college or university, you’ve probably heard much about integrating faith and learning. But what does that actually look like? What do you do when you walk in the classroom door? In this book, editors Jamie Dessart and Brad Gambill have brought together English professors from across the spectrum of Christian higher education, inviting contributors to reflect on how faith and scholarship intersect in their particular academic areas and Christian traditions. The authors represent a broad range of Christian faith and a variety of specializations within the field of English, including composition and rhetoric, creative writing, literature, and media studies. They write honestly and specifically about their work, confessing successes and failures, intentional plans and accidents that flopped or initiated new ways of thinking. As you read each chapter, you’ll gain another view of what it can mean to negotiate faith in the classroom, as the authors share reflections on courses and lessons they’ve taught. Many of us are still working to understand how faith and scholarship should collaborate in our classrooms. This volume offers an important look into current practice in order to promote even further development for the future.

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  • College Conquerors Handbook


    The College Conqueror’s Handbook provides rock-solid advice on how to: * study for college level exams * write papers * choose courses * balance academic and social life * manage money, time, and resources It clearly explains the needs and benefits of establishing and maintaining an ambitious outlook, a positive attitude, and taking the right actions while in college. This easy to read book walks students through the steps required in order to conqueror college. After all, why survive college when you can conquer it?

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  • Readers Guide To Calvins Institutes


    2009 marks the 500th anniversary of John Calvin’s birth, and throughout the year scholars from around the world are gathering to discuss Calvin and his influence. Calvin’s Institutes is one of the great classics of Christian theology. Here a leading Calvin expert offers an affordable guide to reading the Institutes (keyed to the McNeill/Battles translation).

    The book includes annotations to selected readings that offer readers a streamlined introduction to the heart of Calvin’s theology. Dividing the Institutes into thirty-two portions, the author has chosen an average of eighteen pages to be read from each portion to cover the whole range of the Institutes and provide readers with passages critical to understanding Calvin’s theology. The notes guide readers through the text, concentrating on the sections chosen for reading, summarizing the material, and drawing attention to the most significant footnotes in the McNeill/Battles edition. An introduction and questions at the beginning of each portion direct the reader’s attention to important points, and a brief guide at the end of each portion suggests further reading. The book will serve professors and students of the Institutes; courses in Calvin, Reformed theology, and historical theology; and readers seeking a guide to the Institutes.

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  • Pray Or D.I.E.


    Product Description
    PRAY or D.I.E. provides a charge to this generation to engage in spiritual warfare for their campus through the power of prayer. This book reveals that there is a spiritual climate in every campus and this is the hour for youth across America to enforce the presence of God on their campus. You will be equipped for strategic prayer that will usher you into another dimension of intercession and receive a measure of faith that will launch you into a dynamic position of spiritual authority on your campus. Get ready to experience a militant move of God in your campus! Josh Rubio is the founder and President of Prophetically Releasing Apostolic Youth (PRAY) Network, a youth ministry equipping students across America to occupy their campus for the kingdom of God through intercession and spiritual warfare. In addition, Josh continues to speak and teach as an evangelist to youth ministries throughout the country with a message and anointing to equip, mandate and father the youth of this generation. In the years prior to starting P.R.A.Y. Network, Josh was a youth pastor in San Jose, CA and launched a campus prayer ministry called Campus Lighthouse of Prayer. Josh makes his church home at Covenant Church in Dallas, TX with his lovely wife, Raquel, and their three handsome sons, Joshua, Isaiah and Ezekiel.

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  • Ask Me Anything 2


    NavPress Print On Demand Title

    Can you prove Christianity is true?
    What’s the big deal about stem cell research?
    How do you choose which faith to have?
    If I’m forgiven, why am I still being punished?

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  • Waking The Giant


    College campuses of the world have historically been the premier place where laborers for the nations have been fashioned by the hand of God. These individuals have most often been influenced by powerful and united student mission movements in their college communities. Now it’s this generation’s turn! Waking the Giant envisions and provides practical tools for individuals and ministries among the emerging generation to be set aflame through a grassroots mission movement. God is on the move in extraordinary ways. The time has come!

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  • Freshman : The College Students Guide To Developing Wisdom


    Nav Press Print On Demand Title

    There’s a lot more to wisdom than good grades and clever ideas! Popular youth speaker Matlock shows your grads how to be wise in all aspects of life—from making smart choices to thinking critically about motives and values. The end result is a a mature faith in Christ that can affect an entire campus!

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  • Gift And Task Of Lutheran Higher Education


    Why should Lutherans care whether there are any ”Lutheran” colleges and universities? Why should people who study, teach, and work in colleges and universities care whether they are ”Lutheran” or not? And, maybe most significantly, what does the continued robustness of Lutheran higher education have to contribute to the church and to life and work in the broader public arena? Tom Christenson has thoughtful and persuasive answers to all these questions, and more.

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  • Faithful Learning And The Christian Scholarly Vocation


    Christian scholars and teachers everywhere are exploring ever more fully the relationship between Christian faith and the various academic disciplines. “Faithful Learning and the Christian Scholarly Vocation” makes a singular contribution to this ongoing endeavor. Leading voices in the Christian academy here provide a solid theological foundation for understanding the aims and practice of faith-and-learning integration, especially within church-related institutions, and also pointedly discuss some major challenges and opportunities facing Christian higher education in the twenty-first century.

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  • As You Go To College I Hope You Have This Knowledge


    This book is filled with practical and inspirational advice and covers a wide range of topics. It was written with love from a mother’s heart. As our oldest child was near the end of her junior year of high school, I began to realize that we had little time with her before she would leave for college. I also felt a sense of urgency to remind her of the things that her dad and I have taught her over the years. I decided to write down some important reminders for all three of our children. It is my prayer that the book will not only guide my own children but will also be helpful to everyone who reads it.

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  • If Jesus Were A Senior


    1. Dream Preparation: Participating In God’s Drama
    2. Travel Preparation: It’s Not The Road You Travel
    3. Calling Preparations: Discovering Our Uniqueness
    4. Healing Preparations : Moving Toward Wholeness
    5. Pacing Preparation: Holy Wholeness
    6. Success Preparations: Mustard Seed Conspiracies
    7. Wardrobe Preparations: Whom To Impress When We Dress
    8. Community Preparations: Why We Need Others
    9. Portfolio Preparations: Other World Investing

    Additional Info
    The final years of college can be a difficult time for students committed to a life of Christian discipleship. How does a student begin to prepare for the “real world,” so that it will not end in a collapse of faith or a slow series of compromises? Noted youth leader Bruce Main suggests that students should imagine how Jesus might have used his final years of college. This, he argues, will assist readers in making the necessary preparations for post-college life.

    With study material and chapters such as “Calling Preparations” (How to determine who will be the ultimate authority in your life), “Pacing Preparations” (Avoiding the rat race), and “Portfolio Preparations” (How to keep money from becoming a driving force in your life), this book is ideal for both personal and group study.

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  • Debt Free College


    “We shouldn’t have to prove this plan works-but we have proved it.” Five college students Fifteen years of college between them One plan: no debt IT CAN BE DONE.

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  • Survival Guide For Christians On Campus


    1. How Do I Know If I’m A Christian
    2. How Can I Read The Bible And Get Something Out Of It?
    3. Do I Have To Go To Church To Be A Good Christian?
    4. Am I A Sinner?
    5. How Do I Know What’s Right?
    6. Am I Supposed To Try To Convert People To Christianity?
    7. How Can I Listen To A Sermon And Get Something Out Of It?
    8. What’s The Point Of Worship?
    9. And What About Sex?
    10. What About Pentecostalism?

    Additional Info
    The contemporary college campus is filled with spiritual surprises, daily dilemmas, and difficult questions. Can the Christian faith survive the scrutiny of the new knowledge and ideas that bombard students on the college campus? Tony Campolo and Will Willimon – college professors and seasoned authors and speakers – insist that the Christian faith is not threatened by tough questions. They maintain that some of the greatest minds the human race has produced have put hard questions to Jesus and come away more firm in their faith and more convinced of its truth than ever before. Whether you are committed Christian or one who is still exploring the Christian faith, this book will provide sound answers to difficult questions. Open this book and find the help and heart to walk into the jungle of campus life and walk out more than a conqueror.

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  • Chris Chrisman Goes To College


    Chris Chrisman, a young Christian, goes to college only to have his world turned upside down. On campus he finds the challenges to his faith-both intellectual and personal-almost more than he can bear. Then he meets Bill Seipel and Bob Wong. Together, the three young men, two of them Christians and the other self-styled atheist forge a common bond in the quest for truth. In the process they confront some of the dominant ideologies of the secular university.

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  • Losing Face And Finding Grace (Student/Study Guide)


    Face and grace. These are the themes that weave through Tom Lin’s journey and the lives of many Asian-American Christians. How do we escape the trap of trying to earn our salvation? How do we handle the expectations of our parents in light of God’s calling in our lives? What do we do with the shame that threatens to overtake our self-image? The inductive Bible studies in this guide explore these question and much more. You’ll find help and hope in Scripture – and you may even find yourself.

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