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Christopher Hudson

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  • 3 Minute Devotions To Laugh And Reflect


    A Fun-Filled Way to Draw Near to God

    As believers, we have God as our Father, and fathers love the sound of their children’s laughter. So why not try something a little different for your daily devotions?

    If you want to lighten your mood while drawing near to God, or if you know someone who could use a laugh and a spiritual pick-me-up, this is just what you’ve been looking for. It’s quick, easy, enjoyable–and thought-provoking too! Every day features the humorous cartoon artwork of

    Dennis Fletcher plus a short, powerful message that will uplift hearts and position minds to look for God in the day ahead.

    3-Minute Devotions to Laugh and Reflect is built on the ministry of Jesus, whose teachings were often brief, created great word pictures, and were sometimes punctuated with humor. This is a fun, low-key approach to daily devotions that promises to stay with you and encourage your faith.

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  • Most Important Stories Of The Bible


    Most of us are familiar with the exciting adventures of David and Goliath, Noah, or Daniel in the lions’ den, but we don’t always understand how they fit together. We lack context, and so we sometimes miss the point.

    The Most Important Stories of the Bible will give you a working knowledge of the key events in Scripture and how they flow into one big story. The book’s 75 stories are compact, easy to read, and enjoyable. Each chapter includes a brief introduction that gives historical context to help you grasp the overall narrative of the Bible, and concludes with an explanation of why that story matters in our lives.

    There’s a reason most of the Bible is made up of stories. They speak to us in a deep way, helping us internalize God’s message. And in the end, understanding the stories of God’s Word will help us connect more closely to Jesus, the greatest storyteller of all.

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  • 100 Names Of God Daily Devotional


    Start your day right with a reminder that God is bigger than anything you will face today. The God who made the universe will never leave you or forsake you. He loves you and wants you to know him better. Knowing the names of God and their meanings is one way to do that. There are many names of God in the Bible and each one helps us understand a different attribute. This one-page-per-day Names of God Devotional is simple to use. Each day starts with a Name of God. For example:
    *Adonai – means “The Lord” or “My Great Lord” – God is the Master and majestic Lord. God is the total authority.
    *El Shaddai – “The All-Sufficient One,” “The God of the Mountains,” “God Almighty” – God is the all-sufficient source of all our blessings. God is all powerful. Our problems are not too big for him to handle.
    *Jehovah-Rapha – “The Lord Who Heals” – God heals us. He is the final cure for emotional, spiritual, and physical hurts.

    Each reading explains this attribute in more detail and gives the key thought. There’s even a journaling question, a prayer, or an application to help you remember God’s care for you as you face daily challenges.

    This daily devotional includes 100 Names of God. Each daily devotion includes:
    *Name of God
    *Its meaning
    *Explanation and key thought
    *Other related Scripture
    *An application, prayer, or reflection question.

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