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Charles Poole

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  • Between The Gates


    Chapter 1 The Origins Of Jesus Matt 1:1-25
    Chapter 2 The Wise King And The Wicked King Sought By Wise Men Matt 2:1-23
    Chapter 3 Precursors To Ministry Matt 3:1-4:16
    Chapter 4 The First Discourse–The Sermon On The Mount Matt 5:1-7:29
    Chapter 5 Copius Miracles And Costly Discipleship Matt 8:1-9:38
    Chapter 6 The Second Discourse–The Mission Of The Twelve Matt 10:1-11:1
    Chapter 7 Jesus And His Inquisitors Matt 11:2-12:50
    Chapter 8 The Third Discourse–The Paradox Of The Parables Matt 13:1-52
    Chapter 9 Narratives Of Rejection And Acclamation Matt 13:53-17:27
    Chapter 10 The Fourth Discourse–On Discord And Status Matt 18:1-19:1
    Chapter 11 Lifestyles Of The Workers In The Vineyard Matt 19:2-20:34
    Chapter 12 The Triumphal Entry And And The Teachings Of Jesus The Sage Matt 21:1-23:39
    Chapter 13 The Final Discourse–Apocalypse Then Matt 24:1-25:46
    Chapter 14 The Demise And Rise Of The Davidic King Matt 26:1-28:20
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    Index Of Sidebars And Iillustrations
    Index Of Topics

    Additional Info
    Early in the scriptural record, Adam and Eve find themselves cast out through the gates at the Garden of Eden. In the Book of Revelation, Christians are promised entry through the gates into the New Jerusalem. Chuck Poole is known by the many readers of his books as one who speaks to the truth of grace-filled living through the struggles of this world. As with Beyond the Broken Lights and Don’t Cry Past Tuesday, Poole’s latest book will both challenge and comfort as you consider this journey we travel “between the gates.”

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  • Beyond The Broken Lights


    Prologue: Beyond The Broken Lights
    Chapter 1. New Light
    Chapter 2. The Weight Of Pain
    Chapter 3. Living In The Gap: Between What We Dreamed And What We Got
    Chapter 4. Why Doesn’t God Do More?
    Chapter 5. The Stumbling Children Of Abraham
    Chapter 6. To Know The Will Of God
    Chapter 7. The Wide Reach Of Pentecost
    Chapter 8. The Theology Of Extremity
    Chapter 9. Living In The Gap: Between The Sacred And The Ordinary
    Chapter 10. Sinners In The Hands Of An Aching God
    Chapter 11. Let Those Angels Breathe
    Chapter 12. Jesus And God – A Raid On The Inarticulate
    Chapter 13. Jesus And Paul – In That Order
    Chapter 14. If Jesus Came To Town
    Chapter 15. Living In The Gap: Between Jesus And The Church
    Chapter 16. Altars To The Wind

    Additional Info
    Taking its title from a line of a poem written by Alfred Tennyson, Beyond the Broken Lights is a thoughtful and inviting look at our questions and the need for clarity in the depths of the mystery of God. Like Tennyson, we cannot find satisfactory explanations, complete resolutions, or simple take-it-or-leave-it answers. Instead, our systems of theological position, conventional wisdom, and standard orthodoxy have their day and then cease to be. They can be described as “broken lights.”

    Poole examines these broken lights, and tells us that since there are no other lights – no perfect, seamless, unbroken lights that human words can shine on sacred truth – it is the broken lights that become precious to us. These are the lights by which we live. Poole warns, however, that we must not clutch them too tightly lest we cut ourselves on them, or wave them, lest we injure someone; because, after all, they are broken lights.

    Beyond these broken lights is God, somewhere past the place where words run out. The words that wait their turn inside this book seek to recover something that was before the broken lights, and they long to glimpse something that is beyond the broken lights.

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