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Bob Yandian

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  • Gods Word To Pastors Revised And Updated


    A Handbook of Questions and Answers for Pastors

    This quick-read handbook, packed with biblical wisdom and practical guidance from the pastoral trenches will equip and encourage you in the midst of ministry.

    Bob Yandian, a veteran pastor of more than 30 years, provides answers to common questions relating to your everyday pastoral duties and personal life.

    In God’s Word to Pastor’s Revised and Expanded, Bob covers topics such as…

    *The first pastors conference in Acts 20
    *Passion vs. calling
    *Daily schedules
    *Living a balanced life
    *Wolves after your sheep
    *The glorious church
    *Pastors need pastors
    *Whose flock do you pastor?
    *Spiritual workaholics
    *Family before ministry
    *The pastor’s heart
    *The bond of peace

    Bob will help you apply timeless biblical wisdom to the issues and dynamics of today’s pastoral ministry.

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  • Grace Of Healing


    Why does God heal some people, but not others?

    Do you have questions about Divine healing? How does it work? What is required? How much faith is necessary?

    In The Grace of Healing, Pastor, author, and renowned Bible teacher, Bob Yandian answers these questions, while revealing the missing ingredient to the healing you’ve been praying for: grace!

    Over the course of church history, the doctrines of grace and faith have been taken to separate extremes as they relate to healing. The result is that many believers struggle to understand or receive healing from God. Those on the side of grace deny the need for faith, believing that God only heals a select few. For those who only see a need for faith, the pursuit of healing becomes a legalistic struggle to change God’s mind.

    But Pastor Bob takes a different approach, offering practical and straight-to-the-point biblical teaching that balances the elements of grace and faith–so your health can spring forth speedily.

    You’ll find the healing you’ve been waiting for when you find the missing ingredient of grace!

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  • Let Gods Will Find You


    Not knowing God’s will for your life can leave you in a wilderness of confusion. How do you know when you have found His will? Or when it seems you have found it, is this really God’s will or just your personal desire? In this book Bob Yandian answers these questions and more.

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  • Galatians : A New Testament Commentary


    After Paul had initially established churches in Galatia, he received discouraging news. Jews from Jerusalem had come to those Gentile churches and were teaching them to follow Jewish law as a means of salvation. Paul was so disturbed by this report, he wrote to confront the Galatians about their foolishness in turning to “dead works” after having received the glorious gospel of grace. The Galatian epistle could be called an unsparing manifesto of grace: a strong declaration of faith and faith alone for salvation, faith not based on any effort or observance, but founded solely upon the grace of God.

    In this in-depth, verse-by-verse study of Galatians, Bob Yandian defines legalism and its effects upon both ancient Galatians and modern Christians. By outlining how legalism infected the Galatian churches, Yandian also exposes modern legalism and discusses ways to overcome this most subtle of Satan’s attacks upon the church of Jesus Christ.

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  • Philippians : A New Testament Commentary


    In his New Testament Commentary on Philippians, Bob Yandian teaches verse-by-verse from his personal study notes. The topic of the book is God?s joy, which is the strength of our Christian life. Paul had a vision in which a man instructed him to go to Macedonia. The man in Paul?s vision came from Philippi, a Roman colony. In this epistle, Paul expresses his thanks and appreciation to those people in Philippi who stood by him with their prayers and financial support. These personal study notes will give you great insight into the church at Philippi and the joy of the Lord.

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  • 1 Flesh : Gods Gift Of Passion Love Sex And Romance In Marriage


    Best Friends–Passionate Lovers! In an open, straightforward style, popular author and pastor Bob Yandian shares God’s exciting blueprint for sex, love and intimacy. “Godly passion is a supernatural gift of God,” he writes. “When you have a strong relationship with your mate’s soul, the relationship with his or her body becomes something fantastic!” Yandian’s practical wisdom on relationships, the story of his own troubled marriage that was restored, and his exceptional insights into sex and the Bible will stimulate both husband and wife to become One Flesh–best friends and passionate lovers.

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