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Bob Passantino

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  • Satanism


    1. Introduction
    2. History
    3. Misconceptions About Satanism
    4. Theology
    5. Witnessing Tips
    6. Selected Bibliography
    7. Parallel Comparison Chart
    8. Glossary
    96 Pages

    Additional Info
    Belief in Satan worship is often viewed as an embarrassing throwback to the superstitions of another time. And “selling your soul to the Devil”? Nothing more than an overworked theme in literature and opera. To the contrary, Bob and Gretchen Passantino show how, in the midst of prevailing attitudes of skepticism and disbelief, Satanism has made unprecedented inroads into our society.

    Why this series?

    This is an age when countless groups and movements, old and new, mark the religious landscape in our culture, leaving many people confused or uncertain in their search for spiritual truth and meaning. Because few people have the time or opportunity to research these movements fully, these books provide essential information and insights for their spiritual journeys.

    Each book has five sections:
    *A concise introduction to the group
    *An overview of the group’s theology-in its own words
    *Tips for witnessing effectively to members of the group
    *A bibliography with sources for further study
    *A comparison chart that shows the essential differences between biblical Christianity and the group

    The writers of these volumes are well qualified to present clear and reliable information and help us discern religious truth from falsehood.

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