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Bob Larson

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  • Set Your Family Free


    The Modern Family is Under Spiritual Attack!

    The devil is contending for the souls of our children in both our society and our homes.

    In an increasingly secularized culture, Children are bombarded with evil, dysfunction, and death on a daily basis. Even the family itself is a spiritual battleground, where the sins of the parents impact the next generation.

    As a parent, your child’s spiritual wellbeing is your responsibility.

    Bob and Laura Larson have over thirty years of exorcism experience, ministering deliverance to tens of thousands, and also, preserving a spiritually safe atmosphere in their own family unit.

    In Set Your Family Free, you will learn the top ten spiritual warfare strategies parents can use to raise children who are spiritually healthy and equipped to be victorious over the devil’s attacks. These include:
    *Breaking generational curses so that your children can start from a clean slate
    *Speaking blessings over your children with edifying words
    *Praying spiritual warfare prayers over your children
    *Purposefully parenting your children by equipping them with the right warfare tools

    Equip your family for battle so you can all stand victoriously against the powers of darkness!

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  • Dealing With Demons


    How Do You Know When You’re Dealing with Demons?

    Though many of life’s problems have natural causes, in the back of our minds there is one question that must be considered: Is it the devil?

    How do you know if your problem is the result of life choices or a demonic influence?

    With a ministry spanning several decades, exorcist Bob Larson has brought God’s freedom to tens of thousands of demonized people worldwide. Over time, he discovered some of the common traits and key identifying marks of the presence of demons. In Dealing With Demons, Larson shares these insights with you!

    Learn how to:
    *identify the fingerprints of Satan: recognize common symptoms of the devil’s involvement in someone’s life.
    *get answers to questions people are afraid to ask: can Christians be demon possessed; can everyday life choices open doors to demons; how do I discern between natural problems and demonic ones?
    *position yourself for freedom: receive strategies to avoid Satan’s deadly traps and walk under God’s supernatural protection.

    Learn the secrets to identifying demonic tactics and start cracking Satan’s code. You are one step closer to living in victory!

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  • Jezebel : Defeating Your Number 1 Spiritual Enemy


    Experience the Victory, Peace, and Freedom that You Have Been Looking For!

    Jezebel is mentioned 22 times throughout the Bible. More than a sinister queen in the Old Testament, Jezebel is a manipulative, controlling and evil spirit that is on assignment to attack and destroy every Christian. Bob Larson is no stranger to this spirit world. As an internationally recognized exorcist, Larson has confronted Jezebel more than any other evil spirit in exorcism. Jezebel has been responsible for everything from pride, manipulation, and lust to sexual addiction, pornography, and the destruction of families.

    Get ready to fight back and…
    *Recognize when the Jezebel spirit is at work so you can deal with it the right way
    *Avoid the traps that Jezebel sets to destroy your relationships, family and marriage
    *Discover the ten ways to conquer and break the Jezebel spirit in your life

    Get equipped with the blueprint, strategies, and weapons to overcome all of Jezebel’s attacks and engage in victorious spiritual warfare against your enemy!

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  • Larsons Book Of Spiritual Warfare


    Larson’s Book of Spiritual Warfare is a window into a world many Christians have no idea exists. An expert on the occult, cults and supernatural phenomena, Bob Larson provides a comprehensive guide to the motivating factors of much of the deviant behavior occuring in society today.

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