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Bob Benson

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  • 100 MPH With My Hair On Fire


    Bob Benson was not a smoker and was neither obese nor inactive. He saw no warning signs to alert him to the problem that was developing in his chest. 100 MPH With My Hair On Fire explores the factors that caused it and the changes it brought about in his life.

    The attack jarred him into a reevaluation of his priorities. He realized that his attitude toward work on the job had left insufficient room for him to relax and fully enjoy his family. The attack and his struggle to recover also brought changes in his spiritual life.

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  • Journey Home : A Walk With Bob Benson


    1. A Place Called Home
    2. The Journey Begins
    3. You Made Me What I Am
    4. Letting Things Grow
    5. Children
    6. The Fine Print
    7. Reading Deep
    8. Who’s Got The Urn?
    9. The Fellowship Of Suffering
    10. Home At Last

    135 Pages

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    “The sin is not in breaking rules-it’s in holding back…”

    Those who walked closest with Bob Benson say he knew how to get the most out of life. The Journey Home is for people who need to hear Bob for the first time. And for people who need to hear him for the first time – again. You’ll look at life differently after you hear Bob talk. He’ll help you hear the unspoken lessons your families, your circumstances, and the world around you are teaching. He invites you into the wonder of the ordinary.

    In commemoration of the 10th anniversary of Bob Benson’s death, his wife, Peg, and family friend and writer Karen Dean Fry offer you a rare opportunity to share intimately in the life journey of this special man. In addition to the very best selections from Bob Benson’s writings, The Journey Home includes reflections from many whose lives Bob touched, including James Dobson, Amy Grant, Gloria Gaither, and others. Their words are a tribute to his legacy.

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