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Bill Gillham

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  • Lifetime Guarantee : Making Your Christian Life Work And What To Do When It


    In Lifetime Guarantee (more than 100,000 copies sold), Bill Gillham writes of his struggle to live a life of victory in Christ, After 12 yearsI finally crashed and burned. That was the best thing the Lord could have ever let happen to me. As a professor, counselor, and radio host, Gillham heard countless stories of people who tried to live the Christian life but repeatedly failed. Then he realized that only one person can live like Christ Jesus Himself and that He wants to live His life through each and every believer. Readers will appreciate Gillham’s gut-honest and encouraging tone as they discover:
    the root of their problems
    the techniques they have developed for satisfying their needs for love and self-esteem
    the key to victory
    their true identity in Christ
    God’s goal for their lives
    conformity to Christ’s image as He lives through them

    Perfect for individuals or small groups.

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  • What God Wishes Christians Knew About Christianity


    Harvest House Print On Demand Title

    The Christian life was never meant to be complicated, says renowned speaker Gillham. In this down-to-earth book, he gives you a clearer understanding of 14 points of confusion among believers today, including the roles of law and grace, the need for Christ-esteem over self-esteem, and whether success is related to “having enough faith.”

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