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Bill Easum

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  • Execute Your Vision


    Dreams and visions are amazing gifts from God. They are at the heart of God’s plan for our lives. Anyone can have an idea, but not everyone will experience that vision come to fruition. This book explores how to turn visions into reality in a fast-moving world that is changing at an exponential rate. A lot of books have been written the past few decades on how to lead in a rapidly changing world. So why should you read another one? That question deserves an answer. This book focuses on the obstacles that keep most leaders from turning their visions into reality. In consulting with over 700 churches in the past 25 years, one problem clearly stands out above all the rest. Pastors find it hard to execute a vision. Ideas aren’t hard to come by; making them happen is another thing altogether. This book will note how the Church missed out on prime opportunities during the middle of the 20th century in the United States when our culture went through a significant transition. Pastors, especially those who are younger, would do well to learn from these past lessons and apply that to a similar moment of transition in our contemporary society. As you read, you will find Reflection Points. They will help the you apply the concepts to your situation.

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  • Effective Staffing For Vital Churches


    Well-staffed churches grow. But how do churches staff for growth in these rapidly changing times when budgets are tight, mission opportunities abound, and there is a growing shortage of qualified pastors, staff members, and church leaders? Two veteran pastors and church growth consultants offer workable solutions that focus on the four core processes vital to church health and growth: bringing people to Christ and the church, retaining them, discipling them, and sending them back out into the world. They also show pastors how to navigate the leadership transitions they must make to become increasingly effective as the church grows. Pastors will learn how to be leaders who multiply leaders and develop a mission-minded staff that does the same. Foreward by Ed Stetzer.

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  • Preaching For Church Transformation


    You never have as much influence over the congregation as when you are standing in the pulpit; use that time to reshape your church for mission and growth.

    Before he was one of the best-known church consultants in the country, Bill Easum served a lengthy pastorate in San Antonio, Texas. When he arrived at the church it was in serious decline, with the possibility of having to close its doors beginning to loom over it. By the time he left it was the most vibrant, fastest-growing congregation in its city and region.

    Shortly after he arrived, Bill preached a series of sermons on the book of acts that challenged the congregation to become an authentic New Testament church. He called on parishioners to step out of their comfort zones, stop expecting their pastor to be a personal chaplain, and join together to reach their city with the message of Jesus. Preaching for Church Transformation provides updated versions of the sermons Easum preached as he issued this challenge to the congregation shortly after his arrival. Interspersed with the sermons is commentary telling the reader how to adapt them for her or his own situation.

    Anyone wanting to lead a congregation from the status quo to growth and faithful witness will find Preaching for Church Transformation an indispensable resource.

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  • 2nd Resurrection : Leading Your Congregation To New Life


    1. When It’s Not A Matter Of Sickness
    2. Are We Spiritually Dead?
    3. How Churches Die Spiritually
    4. Turnaround Is An Eternal Issue
    5. Leaders: It’s Time To Die To Yourself
    6. A Life Worth Watching
    7. Resurrection Begins With You
    8. Rolling Away The Stone
    9. Life Beyond The Tomb
    10. Pastor, Are YOU Ready For Resurrection?
    Epilogue: The Meaning Of Faithfulness

    Additional Info
    For many congregational and denominational leaders, the goal for churches experiencing declining worship attendance is to turn those congregations around. The “turnaround church” is one that has stagnated or is in decline. The old trends are reversed, new members are added, and everyone rejoices in this story of a congregation restored to health and vitality. But what if the metaphors of decline, stagnation, and loss of health just aren’t getting to the problem? What if the situation is much worse than what those ways of describing it imply? What if the congregation is spiritually dead? The only solution is resurrection. Churches that have lost their sense of mission, that exist only to provide fellowship for the “members of the club,” that expect their leaders to focus solely on ministering to the members’ personal spiritual needs; these churches have died to the purpose of the New Testament church, to make disciples of Jesus Christ. They cannot be turned around; they must come to life again. The key to that resurrection is leaders who are not afraid to diagnose the problem for what it really is, and who realize that resurrection is what being a Christian is about.

    The goal of this book is to guide the leaders of these churches through the painful, yet ultimately life-giving work of leading a church to new life in the Spirit. If you want to find new life for your church, read on . . .

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  • Go Big : Lead Your Church To Explosive Growth


    Bill Easum and Bil Cornelius are two strikingly different, yet surprisingly similar pastors. One undertook to revitalize a moribund mainline church; the other, to plant a new nondenominational congregation. Coming from different generations, their ministries took place under dissimilar circumstances. Yet both have experienced substantial, even explosive, growth in congregational mission and membership. Along the way they learned some important lessons, such as the centrality of strong pastoral leadership, the need for an unhesitant pursuit of excellence in all areas of the church’s ministry, and the requirement that you picture an audacious vision for your church and live into that vision.

    Regardless of the current size of your church, you will find here inspiring, ready-to-implement ideas to help your church go BIG.

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  • UnFreezing Moves : Following Jesus Into The Mission Field


    At the dawn of the third millennium two kinds of churches fill the Western landscape: stuck and unstuck. Most Protestant congregations are stuck in the muck and mire of their institutions with little or no movement toward joining Jesus on the mission field. To these “Controllers,” faithfulness means supporting their church and keeping it open. For churches to be faithful to their God-given mission, they need Dreamers who are freed from their slavery to their institutions, freed to live for others on the mission field, and emancipated to function in a constantly changing world. The same can be said for denominations. This book focuses on how to place disciple – making at the core of a church’s identity. He describes four spheres of congregational culture, and he shows how the Dreams can thaw their congregation by using Nine Unfreezing Moves that will unstick any church.

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