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  • Hebrews


    This book, Hebrews, is another of Pastor D. A. Waite, Th.D., Ph.D.’s excellent books. He takes the reader through the entire book expounding the Words verse by verse in a clear and understandable way. In this book, Dr. Waite makes certain that we understand the superiority of the Lord Jesus Christ over angels, Moses, and the Old Testament sacrifices. Christ’s voluntary sacrifice for our sins was acceptable to God the Father for those who genuinely believe on Him and receive Him as their Saviour (John 3:16).

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  • Early Narrative Christology


    Despite the striking frequency with which the Greek word for kyrios (Lord) occurs in Luke’s Gospel, this study is the first comprehensive analysis of Luke’s use of this word. Rowe offers a careful exegetical discussion of all the passages in the Gospel that use kyrios for Jesus in order to trace the complex and deliberate development in Luke’s narrative of Jesus’s identity as Lord. Detailed attention to Luke’s artistry and use of Mark demonstrates that Luke has a nuanced and sophisticated christology. For Rowe, Luke’s use of kyrios for Jesus not only after the resurrection but throughout shows Jesus’s close association with the God of Israel. This book, now available in paperback, was first published in hardcover by Walter de Gruyter.

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  • Discovering Jesus


    1. Preparation
    2. Conflict
    3. Recognition
    4. Tragedy
    5. Triumph
    6. His Body The Church

    Additional Info
    In straightforward language, Barclay takes us through the key events in the life of Jesus. Using maps, charts, tables, and lists, Barclay illumiates the historical background, making it clear, lively, and exciting for readers of all ages. He includes numerous inspirational anecdotes as well, allowing readers to see the story of Jesus not only as history but also as having immediate relevance to their lives today.

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  • Jesus And Judgment


    Preface To The Fortress Press Edition

    The Question In Contemporary Scholarship


    1. Introduction
    2. Judgment In The Hebrew Bible
    3. Judgment In Other Early Jewish Literature
    4. Summary And Conclusion


    5. The Tradition And Message Of John The Baptizer


    6. Introduction
    7. The Judgment Of Israel
    8. The Judgment Of Individuals
    9. Summary And Conclusion

    Bibliography I (Part One)

    Bibliography II (Parts Two And Three)

    Additional Info
    Marius Reiser argues here that the theme of judgement lies close to the heart of Jesus’ proclamation. For Jesus, the certainty of the coming of judgement is the presupposition of the ultimate coming of the reign of God. Judgement and salvation are two sides of the same coin. This book offers a corrective to a one-sided emphasis on Jesus’ message of salvation – to say nothing of the picture of a noneschatological Jesus. This work, originally published in German, features a new introduction in which Reisner engages the current American discussion of the historical Jesus, particularly engaging Marcus Borg and John Dominic Crossan. Reisner goes on to offer and overview of the concept of judgement in early Jewish literature and in the preaching of John the Baptizer. He then concentrates on the teachings of Jesus, both sayings and parables. Included are excurses on important related motifs like the “divine passive” and “conversion.” Marius Reiser is Professor of New Testament at the University of Tubingen.

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  • All The Divine Names And Titles In The Bible


    Chapter One—The Names And Titles Of God The Father
    Personal Names
    Symbolic Designations
    Summary Of Divine Names And Titles In All Old Testament Books

    Chapter Two—The Names And Titles Of God The Son
    His Names And Titles
    Names And Titles Of Christ In The New Testament
    Alphabetical Exposition Of Names And Titles Applied To Christ In The Battle

    Chapter Three—The Names And Titles Of God The Spirit

    1. Actual Names And Titles
    Old Testament Names And Titles
    1. Those Expressing His Relation To God
    2. Those Expressing His Character
    3. Those Expressing His Operations Upon Men

    New Testament Names And Titles

    1. Names And Titles Associated With His Personality
    2. Manifold Names And Titles Given Him
    As Further Evidence Of His Personality
    Titles Combining Him With God The Father
    Titles And Names Expressing His Relation To God The Son
    Titles And Names Expressing His Own Essential Deity
    Titles And Names Expressing His Character
    Titles And Names Related To The Saints

    2. Symbolic Designations
    Symbols Drawn From Natural Life
    Symbols Drawn From Animate Life

    1. The Nobility Of A Name
    2. Qualifying Attributes Of Christ
    3. The Value Of Book Summary
    345 Pages

    Additional Info
    A Unique Classification of All Scripture Designations of the Three Persons of the Trinity.

    In this exhaustive study you become acutely aware that the riches of God’s self-revelation are inexhaustible. This work is a witness to the fact that God–Father, Son, and Holy Spirit–is infinitely glorious.

    Each name reveals some new facet of the infinite being of God and thus also gives evidence of the progressive nature of God’s revelation. The author discusses the theological implications of each of the names so that the reader is stimulated to praise, to trust, to confess his sins, to be comforted, to witness, to take courage, or to respond in some other way.

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  • Interpreting Isaiah : Suffering And Glory Of The Messiah


    Part 1 Introductory Matters
    1. The World of Isaiah
    2. The Authorship of Isaiah
    3. The Structure of Isaiah
    4. The Poetry of Isaiah
    Part 2 An Analysis of Isaiah
    5. Opening Messages and the Call of Isaiah (1:1 – 6:13)
    6. The Rule of Assyria and the Messiah (7:1 – 12:6)
    7. Oracles Against the Nations (13:1 – 23:18)
    8. The Apocalypse (24:1 – 27:13)
    9. Book of Woes and Restoration (28:1 – 35:10)
    10. Historical Interlude (36:1 – 39:8)
    11. Deliverance From Babylon (40:1 – 48:22)
    12. The Ministry of the Servant of the Lord (49:1 – 57:21)
    13. Ultimate Blessing for God’s People (58:1 – 66:24)
    Part 3 Theological Emphases
    14. Christology
    15. Eschatology
    352 Pages

    Additional Info
    This multifaceted volume artfully blends the functions of an introduction and a commentary. Without overwhelming the student with details, it discusses a wide range of issues that are important for the interpretation of Isaiah. The book consists of three parts. In the first part, Herbert Wolf discusses the more traditional introductory questions: the world of Isaiah, the theories of multiple authorship, the structure of Isaiah, and Isaiah’s poetry. The second part is a detailed paragraph-by-paragraph analysis of the prophecy itself. The last part of the book discusses Isaiah’s christological and eschatological emphases. Detailed footnotes and an extensive bibliography facilitate further study.

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