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Bernhard Anderson

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  • Contours Of Old Testament Theology


    In this masterwork, one of America’s leading biblical scholars takes a fresh look at the theology of the Old Testament. Anderson cuts his own path and provides us with creative new insights on all the major sections of the Old Testament. He illuminates the nuances of the various covenants and theological shifts in a highly readable style. His conversation partners include the formative contributors from both the Christian community (Eichrodt, von Rad, Childs) and the Jewish community (Heschel, Herberg, Levenson) while interacting with the most recent developments in the field, especially Walter Brueggemann’s Theology of the Old Testament.

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  • Unfolding Drama Of The Bible


    In this concise and accessible volume, newly revised, one of the most revered contemporary biblical theologians introduces the first-time reader to the dramatic sweep of the Bible in eight carefully crafted study sessions, reminding even veteran readers of the Bible’s central messages. Study resources and discussion questions, now carefully updated, make this book the ideal resource for introductory Bible courses and adult inquirer classes.

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  • Out Of The Depths


    1. Songs Of A Pilgrim People
    2. The Poetry Of Prayer And Praise
    3. Narrative Praise
    4. The Trails Of Faith
    5. Psalms Of A Broken And Contrite Heart
    6. Singing A New Song
    7. The Wonder Of God’s Creation
    8. Zion The City Of God
    9. Like A Tree Planted By Waters
    10. Reading The Book Of Psalms As A Whole

    Additional Info
    In this revision of his classic text, Bernhard Anderson takes into account recent developments in the study of the Psalms. Continuing his focus on the poetic forms of the Psalter and the setting of the psalms in worship, he adds three new chapters: on the style of peotry in the psalms, on the penitential psalms, and on reading the book of Psalms as a whole.

    Ideal for use in the classroom by church groups, and by individuals, this book offers a fresh reading of the Psalms and examines their enduring relevance to today’s theological issues.

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