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Benjamin Ciaccio

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  • God Said : Let Us Make Man In Our Image Genesis 1:26


    The concept of the Holy Trinity has always been an enigma. Now, through the perspective of the creative process, a formula that permeates throughout creation discovers how a person is created in the image of the Holy Trinity. Here is just a sample where a formula for creation has uncovered this truth:
    The mathematical formula 1+1+1=3
    The mathematical formula 1x1x1=1
    The creative process: mental, physical, spiritual
    Science and the 3 realms of existence
    The 3 types of human knowledge and faith
    The 3 parts of human existence and essence
    The 3 parts to God’s essence and existence
    The 3 branches of government
    The 3 ways parts to good and evil
    The 3 parts to change and time
    The 3 contents in the Ark of the Covenant
    The 3 requirements for divine authority
    Etc., etc., etc

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