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Becky Dvorak

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  • Prophetic And Healing Power Of Your Words


    Defeat the powers of sickness by prophesying words of healing

    Many Christians believe that in order to receive a miracle, they must have a healing minister pray for them. But what if every believer could receive healing for themselves-or release it to others-by simply speaking the prophetic words that God gives them?

    In The Prophetic Healing Power of Your Words, Becky Dvorak draws from her personal experience and timeless Bible teaching, mentoring every reader on how to prophesy their healing by using words charged with the power of God!

    As a missionary and international healing minister, Becky has taught these principles to multitudes worldwide and has seen breakthrough results. Using a simple strategy, she shows you how to speak God’s words and prophesy your own healing.

    You will learn how to:
    *Understand and operate the law of the spoken word.
    *Release blessings and reverse curses.
    *Create atmospheres of healing through faith-filled words.
    *Open the supernatural prophetic toolbox God has given you
    *Activate the prophetic gifts of the Spirit-words of knowledge, faith declaration, and praying in the Spirit-to flow in the miraculous.
    *Write and speak healing declarations that produce answered prayers.

    The healing miracle that God wants to release to you may be just a word away!

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