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Grief and Consolation

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  • Seasons Of Sorrow


    On November 3, 2020, Tim and Aileen Challies received the shocking news that their son Nick had died. A 20-year-old student at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, he had been participating in a school activity with his fiancee, sister, and friends, when he fell unconscious and collapsed to the ground. Neither students, nor a passing doctor, nor paramedics were able to revive him. His parents received the news at their home in Toronto and immediately departed for Louisville to be together as a family. While on the plane, Tim, an author and blogger, began to process his loss through writing.

    Nick’s death resonated through the evangelical world. His memorial service in the United States and funeral in Canada were watched by thousands. Tim’s blog posts were read by hundreds of thousands as he gave voice to his sorrow and anguish, but also to his faith and hope. Seasons of Sorrow includes a selection of those early reflections, but also many pieces Tim has written since and not shared with the public. Separated into four seasons, from Fall to Summer, and written mostly in the present tense, Seasons of Sorrow shares real-time reflections from the first year of his grief.

    Seasons of Sorrow begins in the Challies living room with the phone call every parent dreads–We did everything we could. It ends exactly one year later as Tim ponders the final first. In a year of many firsts–a first Thanksgiving with an empty chair, a first Christmas with an empty stocking, a first birthday with no gifts, the anniversary of Nick’s death is the final first and, thus, a fitting conclusion. Along the way, Tim shares the poignancy of his early grief, the doubts and fears that plagued him, the faith that sustained him, and the hope that has given him joy even through such sorrow.

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  • God Is Always With You


    Watch God transform sorrow into hope.

    When grief hits and those around you don’t know what to say, it’s easy to feel alone, to think no one understands, and to even question where God is.

    Others have walked the journey of grief before. In God Is Always with You, you will read thirty-one real stories of people who have endured loss and trauma. Through the shared wisdom of survivors, Christian therapists, and pastors, you will:

    *encounter hope, healing, and comfort in loss,
    *discover new ways to walk through pain, and
    *learn how God is present even in grief.

    Let these stories remind you that, whatever loss you’ve experienced, you can find renewed life in God’s enduring peace. You are never alone.

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  • I Am With You Always


    When we are alone, isolated, afraid, and grieving the loss of a loved one, Jesus tells us plainly, “Behold, I am with you always!” It is His presence and constant companionship that brings us comfort, consolation, and hope through all the seasons of our lives.

    I Am with You Always invites the ordinary Catholic to once again “behold Jesus.” In doing so, we will realize with joy and gratitude the wonderful connection between the ordinary teachings and practices of our Catholic faith and the strength we derive from them to weather the storms of life.

    The authors gently invite their readers to respond to Christ’s perennial call to “come and see” and to verify for yourself that:
    *God truly is Love and His mercy endures forever;
    *Christ draws near in order to remain with us;
    *we truly encounter Christ in the sacraments and in the liturgy;
    *we live, even now, in the communion of His saints;
    *Our Lady of Compassion constantly intercedes for us; and
    *God hears our prayers and responds to our heartache and pain.

    This book was written as an act of friendship, as one heart speaking to another about the reality of God’s love for us. It is an act of companionship, a drawing near to a beloved friend in their time of need. It is a gift that reminds a broken heart that there is always hope in Jesus Christ. For He alone is the victory over death that we seek for ourselves and for our loved ones.

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  • Learning To Be Me Without You


    Learning to Be Me Without You is a love story about a diagnosis, one last adventure, a crisis of faith, and a transformed life. With stunning authenticity, Paula Freeman chronicles her journey into widowhood, the club no one wants to join. Yet in the journey, she discovers how God recovers life from loss.

    When doctors confirm that Paula’s husband of forty years has an uncurable lung disease, fear and grief overwhelm her, and she begins to journal. This memoir is a vulnerable and sometimes humorous account-in real time-of a terminal illness, a cross-country move, her husband’s untimely death, and an unscripted road to healing during a set-apart season by the sea. It’s a story of God’s faithfulness in the crucible of grief and what can happen when we say yes to his invitation to Follow me . . . I want to recover your life.

    This book offers gentle guidance and insight toward personal growth through grief and can also be used as a support group, widows’ ministry, or church group resource.

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  • Prayer Map For The Grieving Heart


    The Prayer Map Offers Comfort for Your Grieving Heart

    This unique prayer journal is an engaging and creative tool to help comfort and heal your grieving heart as you experience the power of prayer. Each spread guides your troubled heart to write out thoughts, ideas, and lists. . .creating a specific “map” for you to follow as you talk to God. Each map includes a spot to record the date, so you can look back on your prayers and see how God has worked in your life. The Prayer Map for the Grieving Heart will not only encourage you to share your heartfelt sadness and loss with God. . .it will also help you build a healthy spiritual habit of continual prayer for life!

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  • Hole In The World


    When did we forget how to grieve well?

    When Amanda Held Opelt suffered a season of loss-including three miscarriages and the unexpected death of her sister, New York Times bestselling writer Rachel Held Evans-she was confronted with sorrow she didn’t know to how face. Opelt struggled to process her grief and accept the reality of the pain in the world. She also wrestled with some unexpectedly difficult questions: What does it mean to truly grieve and to grieve well? Why is it so hard to move on? Why didn’t my faith prepare me for this kind of pain? And what am I supposed to do now?

    Her search for answers led her to discover that generations past embraced rituals that served as vessels for pain and aided in the process of grieving and healing. Today, many of these traditions have been lost as religious practice declines, cultures amalgamate, death is sanitized, and pain is averted.

    In this raw and authentic memoir of bereavement, Opelt explores the history of human grief practices and how previous generations have journeyed through periods of suffering. She explores grief rituals and customs from various cultures, including:

    *the Irish tradition of keening, or wailing in grief, which teaches her that healing can only begin when we dive headfirst into our grief

    *the Victorian tradition of post-mortem photographs and how we struggle to recall a loved one as they were

    *the Jewish tradition of sitting shiva, which reminds her to rest in the strength of her community even when God feels absent

    *the tradition of mourning clothing, which set the bereaved apart in society for a time, allowing them space to honor their grief

    As Opelt explores each bereavement practice, it gives her a framework for processing her own pain. She shares how, in spite of her doubt and anger, God met her in the midst of sorrow and grieved along with her, and shows that when we carefully and honestly attend to our losses, we are able to expand our capacity for love, faith, and healing.

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  • Beyond The Darkness


    Sorrow is a dark and painful road. You don’t need to walk it alone.

    The Bible says that “God is near to the brokenhearted,” but what does that look like when you’re lost in the darkness of agonizing grief? How do you engage with your sorrow when the world tells you to shoulder through or move on?

    Award-winning writer and podcaster Clarissa Moll knows this landscape of loss all too well. Her life changed forever in 2019 when her husband, Rob, died unexpectedly while hiking-leaving her with four children to raise alone. In her debut book, Beyond the Darkness, Clarissa offers her powerful personal narrative as well as honest, practical wisdom that will gently guide you toward flourishing amidst your own loss.

    In the pages of Beyond the Darkness, you’ll learn how to:

    *meet and engage with loss in your everyday life,
    *uncover the lies the world has told you about your grief, and
    *point your feet toward hope and find a way to navigate your new life with loss and God beside you.

    Whether you’ve lost someone dear to you or you’re supporting a loved one as they mourn, you can learn to walk with grief. And as you do, you might be surprised to discover the path is wide enough for another companion, the Good Shepherd of your soul. Grief may walk with us for the rest of our lives, but Jesus will too.

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  • Ours : Biblical Comfort For Men Grieving Miscarriage


    This 31-day devotional gives biblical comfort and practical support to men processing miscarriage. The loss of a baby in the womb can leave the father reeling, as well as the mother. He may feel confused, helpless, lonely, deeply sad, or just numb.

    As readers draw alongside Jesus in the pages of Luke’s Gospel, they’ll find help to process their grief and to address questions they may be too afraid to ask. There’s also lots of practical help on how to care both for themselves and for their family in the aftermath of miscarriage.

    Eric Schumacher writes with sympathy and compassion as someone who has experienced the grief of multiple pregnancy losses making this book a great way to reach out to men who are suffering in this way. Includes foreword by Paul David Tripp and contributions from Nate and Lore Wilbert, Jenn Hesse, and Brian Croft. There is also space for journaling.

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  • Soul Care When Youre Grieving


    There is no right or wrong way to face loss. But do you ever feel you could be coping better?

    Grief is difficult. We all experience it-and we experience it differently. But what if you could break down some of the barriers created by grief? What if you could latch onto ways to engage again with the world around you?

    It’s far too easy to be tied to common misconceptions about grief. By reframing those misconceptions, we can learn to give ourselves more grace as we process loss. Each chapter of Soul Care When You’re Grieving is designated by the opposite of one of the five experiences of grief and can help you start that course to reframing through:

    *creative exercises

    God designed you uniquely–including how you process loss. Learn to embrace your own personal blueprint for dealing with grief.

    Grief is difficult. We all experience it-and we experience it differently. There is no right or wrong way to face loss, yet many of us feel we’re doing it wrong.

    In this life, we mourn-the loss of someone we love, the passing of a pet, the changes that come with age, even situations-these cause us to grieve. I wrote this book about the grief of all those situations and more. The exercises contained here aren’t geared to a specific situation, so they are appropriate for all kinds of loss.

    Going through loss narrows my world. I used to believe that was my personal experience, but I’ve discovered it’s a common grief that happens to us all. I’m praying this book helps you break down the barriers created by grief and helps you engage with the world around you.

    Most of all, I pray you learn to embrace your own process of grief and quit judging whether you’re handling things the way they should be handled. God designed each of us uniquely, and that blueprint includes the way we process loss.

    Each chapter is designated by the opposite of one of the five experiences of grief. It’s far too easy to be tied to the common misconceptions about grief, so by reframing them, I’m hoping you’ll give yourself more grace as you process your loss.

    These stages of grief are not steps or levels, they are just some common phases everyone goes through while they process loss. Don’t fall into the trap of believing they come in a certain order or that when you’ve experienced one of them, it won’t crop back up again.

    Use this book to feed your soul when you’re grieving and know my prayer team and I have prayed over your personal journey. Rem

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  • All The Ways Our Dead Still Speak


    What if our dead remain with us? What if closure is not the goal? No matter what you believe about the afterlife, what if the hereafter intersects with the here and now?

    Caleb Wilde, author of the acclaimed memoir Confessions of a Funeral Director, was a skeptic. The baffling stories people told him–deathbed visions of long-dead parents, visits from the other side–must be hallucinations or wishful thinking, he thought. But the more stories he heard, and the more he learned about non-Western understandings of body and spirit, the less sure he was.

    All the Ways Our Dead Still Speak takes readers on a lyrical and tender quest to encounter the hereafter. As Wilde picks up bodies, organizes funerals, and meets with grieving families in a small town in Pennsylvania, those who remain share with him–and us–what they experience in the thin places between life and death. Entwining these stories with his own as a sixth-generation funeral director, and with the findings of neuroscience and the solace of faith, Wilde creates a searching, reverent inquiry into all the ways our dead remain with us. In the process, he takes on prevailing dogmas about death: from a narrow Christian view of heaven and hell, to secular assumptions that death is the end, to pop-psychology maxims that say we all need “closure” after our loved ones die.

    The dead don’t have to be buried twice, once in the ground and again in our hearts. In the pages of this unforgettable book, learn how love and memory and mystery fuse this world to the next.

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  • Game Plan For Loss


    There is always a plan.

    Joe Gibbs has dedicated his life to helping the “average Joe” apply Biblical principles to everyday situations, using the Bible as a game plan. But in 2019, when his son, J.D., lost his battle with a degenerative brain disease at the age of 49, Joe realized that while he did have a game plan for life, he did not have a game plan for dealing with loss.

    Reeling, he set out to find answers to the 5 questions that plagued him throughout J.D.’s illness:

    1. Why didn’t God show up?
    2. Why does God allow suffering?
    3. Why do some people suffer more than others?
    4. Are we living a life of chance?
    5. Do we really reap what we sow?

    Written with the non-Christian in mind, Game Plan for Loss presents Coach Gibbs’ answers to these questions in plain, everyday language, proving once again that the Bible is in fact the ultimate game plan, and even though it may not always feel like it, God is there, He is listening, He does have a plan, and everything does work together for good for those who love and serve Him.

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  • Keep At It Riley


    “This is a story of how Catholic faith accompanied my family through the sickness and death of my elderly parents. What could mistakenly be seen as a downward spiral was actually upward. As my parents were called home to God those around them caught a glimpse of heaven. Ministering to them during this time was challenging, yet a blessing, not a burden… I discovered my source of strength was my Irish Catholic upbringing, the sacraments, and my God. Our family motto, ‘Keep at It, Riley!’ sums it up well. We don’t give up; we give it to God.”

    This is the second book of the Magenta series, edited by Charles Camosy. The Magenta project brings together authors who will treat important topics from the standpoint of Christian conviction without being trapped in a polarized mindset.

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  • Ill Say Goodbye


    Beach days with Uncle Mike always bring something unexpected, like a shiny shell that turns out to be a hermit crab. But Uncle Mike has cancer. Not every surprise is a good one anymore. Soon Uncle Mike starts spending more and more time at the hospital, and the grown-ups start saying “we don’t know” over and over. One day Mom says Uncle Mike is gone. Gone where? What place could be better than his house on the beach? How could he leave without saying goodbye?

    This gentle, evocatively illustrated story addresses illness and loss from a child’s perspective. Though grief, confusion, and anger can be overwhelming, we can find ways to move forward with the memory of our loved ones.

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  • When Mountains Crumble


    How do we make sense of what feels senseless?

    Grief leaves us with empty arms and fistfuls of questions. If we don’t get help processing our loss, we can easily get stuck there. But take heart–there is hope to be found for the way ahead.

    When Mountains Crumble offers you an interactive, healing journey through the big questions and emotions of grief. This book serves as your companion and guide, providing practical wisdom and thought-provoking questions that will help you wrestle with the pain you’re feeling.

    Danita Jenae, a survivor of loss herself, helps lighten your load of sorrow with gripping honesty, reassuring gentleness, and a mild case of dark humor. She braves topics like doubting God’s goodness and wondering why this happened. Danita will help you:

    *Grieve in your own way at your own pace
    *Make peace with the big emotions of sorrow
    *Process your doubts and questions
    *Find peace and laughter, even in the heartbreak

    When Mountains Crumble isn’t a formulaic how-to book because there’s no right or wrong way to grieve. In fact, you’ll find the freedom and permission to feel what you need to feel and ask what you need to ask. Through vivid word pictures, poetry, and illustrations, you’ll begin to understand your grief in a fresh way. By sifting through the ashes alongside Danita, you’ll uncover peace for now and hope for the future. And as you begin to embark on this difficult journey . . . you’ll no longer feel so alone.

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  • Chicken Soup For The Soul Grieving Loss And Healing


    This collection of comforting and encouraging stories provides support in your time of need. Find inspiration in stories about coping with loss, regaining your strength, appreciating life, and finding new joy.

    When you’re hurting, it helps to remember that you are not alone. Losing a loved one, whether a parent, a child, a spouse, a sibling, or a dear friend is a shared human experience. In these 101 true, personal stories, you’ll read how others handled their loss and found their way to recovery, acceptance, and eventually happiness. You’ll feel like you’re holding a loving support group – 101 members strong – in your hands.

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  • Courageously Expecting : 30 Days Of Encouragement For Pregnancy After Loss


    Using Scripture and personal narrative, Courageously Expecting empathizes with and empowers women to face a pregnancy after loss with faith and courage, despite inevitable feelings of grief and fear that accompany life after losing a baby.

    Pregnancy is widely regarded as the most joyful time in a woman’s life, but for the mother who has experienced pregnancy loss, a subsequent pregnancy can feel like she’s holding her breath and hoping for what she can’t control. In Courageously Expecting, Jenny Albers meets women in this difficult season as someone who has also experienced the worst and cautiously hoped for the best. Through the telling of her own story, Scripture, and heartfelt prayer, she encourages readers to cling to faith in the face of fear and guides them to:
    *cultivate hope when doubt weighs heavy;

    *realize that the past does not dictate the present or the future and that God creates a way in the wilderness of grief and loss;

    *flip the script on the what-if, worst-case-scenario narrative in their minds and learn to take their thoughts captive; and

    *find the courage to humble themselves and ask for and accept help from others.

    Regardless of where readers are on their pregnancy after loss journey, Courageously Expecting is a companion to help them through the days when fear overshadows hope.

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  • Hope For The Hurting


    Life is painful.

    Everyone’s story comes with unique challenges, difficulties, bumps, and bruises that leave you lost and drowning in their wake. It could be a financial disaster, a health issue, a broken relationship, or the loss of a loved one.

    Dr. Tony Evans, bestselling author and pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, understands life’s hardships firsthand. In a span of less than two years, he lost his brother, sister, brother-in-law, two nieces, father, and wife. At the same time, both of his daughters received cancer diagnoses. In the wake of all this pain, Dr. Evans had to put into practice, at the deepest levels, the truths he has preached about God for more than forty years.

    God’s Word doesn’t promise us a life free from pain and trouble. It promises us something else-Someone else. Someone who will walk with us through all of life’s trials and troubles.

    There is hope for the hurting: His name is Jesus.

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  • Seeking Answers Finding Peace


    “You are a sorry excuse for a wife. I don’t know why I put up with you.”

    Natalie’s heart broke. What was happening to the kind, compassionate man she had married?

    Several years into their marriage, Natalie’s husband, Michael, transformed into a different person. Plagued with depression, he struggled to regain his normally cheerful and effervescent personality. After the depression came terrifying fits of rage and frenzied behavior Michael couldn’t control, and Natalie was helpless to understand. Unfortunately, Michael’s bipolar disorder eventually led to his suicide.

    Throughout the years, Natalie sought answers and instead found peace-peace that surpasses understanding.

    In Seeking Answers-Finding Peace, Natalie details the tribulations of dealing with the mental illness of a loved one. Debunking stigma and presenting practical advice, she offers hope to readers whose loved ones have dealt with mental illness or suicide.

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  • Navigating Grief : Finding Strength For Today And Hope For Tomorrow


    Sooner or later, each of us journeys through the valley of the shadow of death. Full of compassion and wisdom, Navigating Grief helps readers understand how to come to terms with death, whether expected or sudden. It also walks readers through the process of grieving as we experience life as a series of attachments and separations. Through this journey of grief, readers will learn that God gives gifts of grace and symbols of hope to bring strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow.

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  • Lemons On Friday


    After being married for less than a year, country music legend Alan Jackson’s daughter Mattie was faced with navigating a future that didn’t include her young husband and their lifelong plans.

    Ben Selecman passed away twelve days after a traumatic brain injury-and three weeks before celebrating his first anniversary with his wife. Twenty-eight-year-old Mattie had to find a way to move forward and reconcile herself with a good God, even when He did not give her the healing miracle she prayed for.

    In Lemons on Friday, readers walk with Mattie Jackson Selecman during the first years of grief following Ben’s tragic death as she grapples with her loss and leans on a steadfast God. Based on Selecman’s journal writings, Lemons on Friday will speak to all readers who must carry on without their loved ones and take a hard look at faith when their lives have not gone as planned.

    Lemons on Friday grapples with questions like these:
    *How did I get here?
    *Will this always hurt?
    *Who am I now?
    *How do I move forward?

    “When fundamental parts of our lives are lost, when people and things we thought we’d never lose are suddenly gone, it’s natural to want answers,” writes Selecman. “Why did this happen? Who’s to blame? What could I have done differently? And for many of us in the aftermath of life-shattering change, we also want to know, where is God? Not just where was He when the tragedy happened, but where is He now in my darkest days of hurt, wondering, and longing for comfort? When I am on the floor, writhing in tears with no idea what the rest of my life will look like, where is God?”

    Lemons on Friday offers insight and peace for anyone grieving, but especially for young people experiencing loss and facing a future that feels full of question marks.

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  • Grace Disguised Revised And Expanded


    With vulnerability and honesty, Jerry Sittser walks through his own grief and loss to show that new life is possible–one marked by spiritual depth, joy, compassion, and a deeper appreciation of simple and ordinary gifts. This 25th anniversary edition features a new introduction and two additional chapters, one which provides help for pastors and counselors.

    Loss came suddenly for Jerry Sittser. In an instant, a tragic car accident claimed three generations of his family: his mother, his wife, and his young daughter. While most of us will not experience such a catastrophic loss in our lifetime, all of us will face some kind of loss in life. But we can, if we choose, know the grace that transforms us.

    Whether your suffering has come in the form of chronic illness, disability, divorce, unemployment, crushing disappointment, or the loss of someone you love, Sittser will help you put your thoughts into words in a way that will guide you deeper into your own healing process.

    This revised edition of A Grace Disguised plumbs the depths of our sorrows, asks questions many people are afraid to ask, and provides hope in its answers:
    *Will the pain ever subside?
    *Will my life ever be good again?
    *Will the depression ever lift?
    *Will I ever overcome the bitterness I feel?
    *What is God’s plan in all of this?

    The circumstances are not important; what we do with those circumstances is. In coming to the end of ourselves, we can come to the beginning of a new life.

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  • Grief And Your Child


    When your child faces the loss of someone close, their world no longer feels safe. Grief and its aftermath take us all by surprise, but even more so children, who don’t have the words or tools to face grief and can respond with fear, withdrawal, and other behaviors. How do you help your child with their fear and sadness, especially if you are also grieving? How can you help them see that God is both big and loving?

    Counselor and author Bob Kellemen helps parents understand the challenges their child is facing and guides them in how to navigate with their child the long and difficult road of lament and recovery. Giving a child permission to grieve, practicing lingering listening, and sharing your own struggles and Scripture are all part of the process. As parents help children experience their grief face-to-face with Christ, they will discover that understanding his compassionate comfort is key to finding healing and hope. Because of Jesus’s resurrection, they can have the reassurance that life triumphs over death.

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  • From Pain To Purpose


    Recover from grief and reclaim the joy of life.

    You may have recently suffered the loss of a loved one, a job, a home, or a business. Or perhaps you’re rebuilding after a painful divorce. Major losses like these can sap the joy out of life, trapping you in pain.

    Authors Duane and Cindy Mullett have experienced tragic loss and understand the meaning of suffering. Together with Dr. David Ferguson, they detail a tried-and-true journey from grief to recovery. With interactive prompts and exercises to help process loss and forge ahead,

    From Pain 2 Purpose empowers readers to:
    *receive comfort for past losses,
    *find healing for broken hearts,
    *build your spiritual strength,
    *rediscover emotional wholeness, and
    *enjoy greater peace of mind.

    Embark on your path to recovery and let the hope of God’s promises unlock a renewed sense of purpose for your life and future.

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  • When Jesus Speaks To A Grieving Heart Devotional Journal


    Jesus is Speaking to Your Grieving Heart

    This beautiful devotional journal-written for your grieving heart-will inspire and encourage you as you cope with a loss. Dozens of readings offer just the comfort you need to face the day, along with uplifting little reminders that Jesus has a very special message just for your grieving heart. You will learn that Jesus speaks every day-in every difficult situation-whether you have experienced the loss of a spouse, a parent, a child, a friend, or a beloved pet. Each devotional, rooted in scripture and written from Christ’s heavenly perspective, will leave you feeling perfectly loved and blessed.

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  • Surviving Suicide Loss


    Nothing could hurt worse. But even in the darkness . . . there’s hope.

    The pain of suicide loss is indescribable. It seems beyond survival. Yet with faith, perseverance, and the tools of brain science, there is a way through. It will take time. It will take struggle. But hope is real, for there are things you can do to make it to the other side.

    If you are struggling with suicide loss or you need to come alongside someone who is, Rita Schulte wants to help you move forward. As a suicide loss survivor herself, she understands the pain you’re feeling because she has been there too. Rita, an experienced therapist and expert in traumatic loss, offers a science-based therapy model that also takes into account the role of human spirituality. Chapters in this book include:

    *Making Sense of the Desire to Die
    *The Mind-Body Connection
    *Unfinished Business
    *Making Peace with Ourselves
    *Facing the Dark Side
    *Children-Living Behind the Shadow
    *The Time that Remains

    When it comes to suicide loss, you’ll never have all the answers. But one thing is certain: there are real pathways to help you heal-body, mind, and spirit.

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  • Unexpecting : Real Talk On Pregnancy Loss


    When your baby dies, you find yourself in a life you never expected. And even though pregnancy and infant loss is common, it’s not common to you. Instead, you feel like a stranger in your own body, surrounded by well-meaning people who often don’t know how to support you.

    What you need during this time is not a book offering easy answers. You need a safe place to help you navigate tough issues, such as:
    – coping with a postpartum body without a baby in your arms
    – facing social isolation and grief invalidation
    – having faith when you feel let down by God
    – dealing with the overwhelming process of making everyday decisions
    – learning to move forward after loss, and
    – creating a legacy for your childIn

    Unexpecting, bereaved mom Rachel Lewis is the friend you never hoped to need, walking you through the unique grief of baby loss. When nothing about life after loss makes sense . . . this book will.

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  • Hope Beyond An Empty Cradle


    Tens of thousands of women and families every year lose a baby to miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death. The statistics are sobering–between 10% and 20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage, 1% in stillbirth, and nearly 23,000 babies die before their first birthday–but statistics alone miss the depth of the hurt. Each loss is personal and devastating.

    No woman is prepared to lose a baby, and caregivers are often unaware of how best to help. In Hope Beyond an Empty Cradle therapist Hallie Scott first shares her own story, as a mother whose only child, Abigail, was stillborn, and then leads readers through a healing process that makes space for heartbreak, despair, guilt, questions, and anger. Life is never the same in the wake of the loss, but a new normal is possible.

    The book will be a welcome resource for families who have lost a child, as well as for those seeking to care for them in their traumatic grief.

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  • Either Way Well Be All Right


    Does God have a hope to offer us in times of pain? Can God meet and sustain us even if our circumstances don’t change?

    One of the few guarantees in life is that we will suffer. Everything around us is broken by sin. Each of us has an expiration date. A few years ago, Eric and his wife, Elizabeth, were confronted with this unavoidable reality when she was faced with a terminal cancer diagnosis and he was caring for her and their three children.

    Shattered by grief, they began to wrestle with what it means to follow Jesus when everything around them seemed to be giving way. What this pastor and his wife discovered were a set of truths about God from Scripture that provided the resources they needed to survive-truths too often neglected by the modern world. God meets us in our grief, but not always in ways we expect or even want.Coming from that jumbled place of agony and assurance, Either Way, We’ll Be All Right is a journey through the darkness in hopes of discovering the light on the other side.

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  • Through A Season Of Grief


    If you’ve lost a spouse, child, family member, or friend, you’ve discovered that few people understand the deep hurt you feel.

    Where do you turn for daily comfort and help? Where do you find the tools to move forward? Through a Season of Grief is the first 365-day devotional designed to support and uplift you in that first, most difficult year of bereavement.

    These devotions offer biblical comfort and practical teaching that will enable you to take steps forward toward healing each and every day. You will better understand the grieving process and will receive needed encouragement along the way.

    More than thirty respected Christian professionals-including Kay Arthur, Jack Hayford, and Luis Palau-share their insights on how to walk through the devastation of grief toward wholeness and hope. You will also hear from people like you who lost a loved one and found God’s healing presence in the midst of despair.

    This unique devotional is based on GriefShare , a national grief recovery support group program that has helped more than 100,000 families.

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  • Flood Of Kindness


    Perfect for all children experiencing loss or grief, A Flood of Kindness gracefully confronts difficult feelings and celebrates the healing power of kindness.

    “The night the river jumped its banks, everything changed.”

    So begins A Flood of Kindness, a poignant picture book that addresses grief and loss and demonstrates how kindness can bring hope. Written in spare prose and told from an intimate first-person point of view, the story follows Charlotte, a young girl who watches floodwaters rise in her home and is forced to evacuate to a shelter with her parents. Kind people she doesn’t know give her food, socks and shoes to keep her feet warm, and a place to sleep. As Charlotte adjusts to the shelter–a strange, crowded place that is not home–she grapples with feelings of anger and sadness. But as the days go by, Charlotte starts to realize how grateful she is for the things that she does have–her parents, a cot to sleep on, food to eat–and starts looking for ways to help others in the shelter.

    All children deal with sadness and loss in some way, whether it stems from a natural disaster, the death of a pet, or moving to a new place. A Flood of Kindness acknowledges those difficult feelings and helps readers process them in a healthy way. Children will be encouraged to be kind to those who need a friend and to help others in whatever way they can, no matter how small.

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  • Experiencing The Fathers Embrace Through Loss And Grief


    Run to the Father when your world feels like it’s falling apart.

    Loss impacts everyone. At some point, every human being will walk through the valley of the shadow of death. In the midst of their darkest time, the last thing a grieving person needs is an explanation of what they should feel or a trite response to their deepest questions.

    More than anything, during times of loss, people need to experience the loving embrace of their Heavenly Father.

    Bestselling author and internationally-recognized teacher on the Father Heart of God, Trisha Frost transparently shares her own journey following the death of her husband, Jack Frost. With tenderness and care, Trisha walks the reader through the valley of death’s shadow into the comforting embrace of Father God.

    If you or someone you love has suffered loss, Experiencing the Father’s Embrace in Loss, Grief, and Mourning will be an indispensable resource and a deep comfort through the sorrow.

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  • Getting Through Grief


    In Getting Through Grief, look to the Word to wrestle and watch as God’s promise to make all things new and His promise of life transform hope. While heartbreak will always be a part of our lives, God pursues, draws near, and gives us gifts to get through it.

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  • Getting Through Grief For Youth


    In Getting Through Grief for Youth, young adults will look to the Word to wrestle and watch as God’s promise to make all things new and His promise of life transform their hope.

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  • Prayers And Promises For Grief And Loss


    Many people experience levels of grief and loss at different times in life. For some, the depth of loss causes difficulty in carrying out what we may consider to be normal activities.
    You are not alone. When grief and loss threaten to overwhelm you, pick up this book. Prayers & Promises for Grief and Loss incorporates more than 70 themes to help you receive the assurance, peace, strength, and comfort found in the promises of God’s Word. Uplifting prayers and journaling space offer an opportunity for deeper reflection.

    God is the best source of comfort you will find. He knows your heart and he is full of compassion for you. By staying connected to him, and believing the promises of his Word, you can experience hope and peace in difficult times.

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  • 365 Days Of Prayer For Grief And Loss


    Whether you have made prayer a habit for many years or this is your first prayer devotional, inspiration and comfort is waiting for you in the daily prayers written here.

    Prayer is a conversation with God. You don’t need to use fancy words or recite long passages of Scripture. Just talk to God. Open your heart. Tell him about your depth of loss and express your grief in whatever way you need to in this moment.

    God is the best source of comfort you will find. He knows your heart and he is full of compassion for you. Let his strength be yours as you cry out to him. He is listening to every word you say.

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  • Surviving The Holidays While Grieving


    The loss of a loved one can change our lives forever.

    Healing from the pain of losing a loved one doesn’t happen overnight. Each day can be a battle to keep unpredictable emotions under control-especially around holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, which can bring losses into full focus. Traditions and expectations often add more stress to an already grieving heart. Even simple tasks, such as walking through a store during the holidays, can surface memories that turn on emotions like a light switch. Finding joy may seem impossible.

    Janet Johnson knows. She lost a brother to murder, a son to a car accident, and a brother-in-law to suicide. She has experienced firsthand how the holidays have a peculiar way of activating emotions-and why it’s important to process those emotions, not ignore them.

    In Surviving the Holidays While Grieving, Janet comes alongside readers who have lost a loved one or are journeying with someone dealing with grief. With tenderness and compassion, she offers ideas for managing emotions, hands-on activities for expressing feelings in tangible ways, and tips for communicating those feelings to others. Readers will be encouraged to remember meaningful traditions and create new memories about their loved ones with others.

    Through the pages of this tenderly composed book written from a Christian perspective, readers will find hope for healing and a toolkit for taking steps forward with joy.

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  • Grief The Unwanted Journey


    Grief is no stranger in life. Sometimes it strikes unexpectedly, as in the death of a child or through an accident. At other times, though expected due to age or long-term illness, it still comes bringing with it a multitude of emotions. Janet’s reflections on events that brought grief into her life and the lives of others help the reader understand there are similar emotions we all face, yet no one grieves the same. Through these reflections, readers are encouraged to journey from hurt and pain to find God’s inner joy and peace, recognizing the ability to grieve is a gift given by God to help us heal.

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  • Beyond The Valley 10th Anniversary Edition


    Almost nothing hits harder than the sudden death of a loved one. In June 2002, Dave Branon received the call that devastated his and his family’s world-his 17-year-old daughter, Melissa, had been killed in an accident. “In our theology, we say that God is responsible for Melissa’s death. Why, then, if it is not okay for a murderer to take Mell’s life, is it okay for God to?” And so begins his journey through the valley of grief and wrestling with why.

    Dave provides hope and helps answer the need of the struggling Christian for certainty and assurance of God’s love. This updated edition provides insights from an additional ten years along this road.

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  • Weary World : Reflections For A Blue Christmas


    In A Weary World, Escobar provides twenty-eight daily reflections paired with Scripture and prayer to tackle this difficult season. Weekly resources make this Advent devotional suitable for group study as well.

    During the holidays, so many of us can suffer for all kinds of reasons. The magnitude of our weary world weighs on our hearts and minds. We wrestle with chronic pain, broken relationships, shattered dreams, fragile faith, and unexpected losses. Our grief and sorrow feel particularly acute when compared to the festivity and joy everyone else seems to be feeling. More and more churches are acknowledging this fact with “Blue Christmas” services (also called “Longest Night” services) and offering resources to give particular support and comfort to those struggling during the “most wonderful time of the year.”

    Kathy Escobar has been leading Blue Christmas experiences at her church for nearly a decade and just experienced her bluest season of all following the sudden death of her son. In A Weary World, Escobar provides twenty-eight daily reflections paired with prayers and practices to honor our struggles during the holidays. Weekly resources make this Advent devotional suitable for group study as well.

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  • Beautiful And Terrible Things


    With deep faith, knowledge of Scripture, and the wisdom that comes only from experience, Brady guides readers grieving losses and setbacks of all kinds in voicing their lament to God, reflecting on the nature of human existence, and persevering in hope. Brady finds that rather than an image of God managing every event and action in our lives, the biblical account describes the very real world in which we all live, a world full of hardship and calamity that often comes unbidden and unmerited. Yet, it also is a world into which God lovingly intrudes to bring comfort, peace, and grace.

    Bible scholar Christian Brady, an expert on Old Testament lament, was as prepared as a person could be for the death of a child-which is to say, not nearly well enough. When his eight-year-old son died suddenly from a fast-moving blood infection, Brady heard the typical platitudes about accepting God’s will and knew that quiet acceptance was not the only godly way to grieve.

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  • Little Blue Bottle


    “You have collected all my tears in your bottle…” A child tells her story of losing a beloved neighbor and friend and wonders how God is near when we grieve.

    In this beautiful book for children, a child tells her story of losing a beloved neighbor and friend. A young girl remembers playing with her neighbor’s cat, stories that her neighbor told her, and the special mementos her friend kept on a shelf above her kitchen sink, including a little blue bottle she kept to remind her of Psalm 56:8: “You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book.” A Little Blue Bottle doesn’t provide pat answers or heavy-handed messages about life or death, but allows the grieving child to articulate her loss and her love for the deceased friend, while wondering how God is near when we suffer. A gentle and insightful resource for children who are grieving, and for those who care for them.

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  • Bible Promise Book For The Grieving Heart


    God cares when you’re hurting.

    See how He promises help for your times of grief.

    At some point, everyone will experience grief. Now, The Bible Promise Book(TM) for the Grieving Heart organizes scores of powerful verses under 31 relevant topics to walk you through the toughest times of life.

    You’ll be encouraged by God’s love, challenged to reach out to your heavenly Father, and reminded that He works all things for good for those who love Him (Romans 8:28). Each scripture will draw you more deeply into the embrace of the One who feels your pain most intimately-and can offer a way through.

    Featuring text from the King James, New International, New Living, and English Standard Versions of the Bible, this beautiful book will guide you through the darkest moments, into the light of God’s perfect love.

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  • Road To Joy


    A WIPF And Stock Title

    In The Road to Joy, Kevin McClone invites us to join him in a personal and professional journey exploring eight core psychospiritual pathways that lay the foundation for more joyful living. Inspired by the death of his beloved wife, Grace Chen-McClone, this book seeks to integrate core pathways of psychospiritual transformation. Each chapter explores one pathway in depth, utilizing psychological and spiritual sources, and ends with concrete practical action plans. McClone draws heavily from psychology research and spirituality embedded in various spiritual and mystical traditions including the wisdom rooted in the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

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  • Healing Journeys With The Shepherd


    Healing Journeys with the Shepherd guides readers through the road of painful and desperate times by helping them to experience complete healing through a deeper connection with Jesus, The Shepherd.

    The journey of grief is raw and messy. In those painful and desperate times, travelers need a guide who understands the road and knows intimately the goodness of Jesus, The Shepherd. Healing Journeys with the Shepherd draws from Mary Kay McCauley Stone’s personal experience and journal entries to create a heart to heart connection. In sharing some of the real and often silent struggles of the valley, she serves as a caring guide with practical suggestions to help tender hearts process through the hard questions.

    Together, readers move from the ache of loss to the joyful discovery of bright new life landscapes. Healing Journeys with the Shepherd includes a 40-day devotional and provides practical life coaching for daily care while exploring the restoration process as described in Psalm 23. The goal is to experience complete healing through a deeper relationship with Jesus as the Good Shepherd.

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  • Grief Loss And Pain In Churches


    Bill Merrington is an experienced Anglican priest and counselor. In this book, he provides signposts to guide and aid the bereaved on their journey through grief and loss.

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  • Small Book For The Hurting Heart


    Grief may threaten to overtake us or destroy our joy. In this powerful devotional book, men and women will see Jesus Christ, the Man of Sorrows, who is well-acquainted with grief and sadness.

    Author and pastor Paul Tautges offers our comforting High Priest, sharing how the Holy Spirit ministers to our hurting heart through the healing balm of God’s Word graciously applied to life’s wounds.

    By biblically and transparently addressing the heart and faith struggles in the midst of this grief, A Small Book for the Hurting Heart delves deeply, but gently, into the issues of the heart presenting encouragement and comfort in the character of God revealed in his Word.

    This small but transformative Christian book cultivates anchors of hope, redirecting men and women to the trustworthiness of God who is always for us in Christ. Because all of God’s promises are Yes in Christ, Tautges walks with readers through their grief to see the one who nourishes our faith and heals our soul.

    In fifty brief readings, your hurting heart will find spiritual help, encouragement, and healing as you experience the comfort of God.

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  • Surviving Sorrow : A Mother’s Guide To Living With Loss


    Practical advice from one grieving mom to other grieving moms

    When Kim’s three-year-old son died, she found plenty of resources on grieving. She says what she really needed, though, “was someone who would give me advice for living, not just grieving . . . How do I get through the grocery store without crying? What do I do with my son’s things? When will my mind stop replaying the emergency room scene?”

    Now, ten years later, she’s written that book. With raw vulnerability, a deep well of wisdom, and the practical knowledge of someone who’s been there, she walks grieving moms through the life-after-death process from how to plan the funeral to how to deal with friends, family, holidays, and birthdays.

    This is a profound and powerful resource that’s invaluable for the mom who has lost a child–and her friends and family who want to love her well.

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  • Afterlife : Life Beyond Death For The Departed And New Life For The Grievin


    A Spiritlife Ministries Title

    Eventually death comes calling on us all. When it does, how can the living navigate through the agonising grief that envelopes them at that time? Is there life beyond bereavement? And what of the dead – is there an afterlife for them? If so, what is it like? In this book, you will find the answers to these questions. And in glimpsing a better world ahead, fresh hope will arise that will sustain you through all of life’s trials.

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  • Lets Be Real


    Let’s Be Real exposes the depths of honest grief as a 22-year-old girl says goodbye to her father after holding his hand as her family sang him happy birthday.

    At only 22, Emily Katherine Dalton never imagined her story would take such a turn, losing every sense of family and home she had ever known. The secure faith she had formed felt shattered. In Let’s Be Real, she shares her honest, gritty journey of fighting to believe all she had ever known until her world turned upside down. Fighting to name the depths of new emotions and questions she had never before held, wrestling to somehow let the people around her into the chaos, and relentlessly trying to run toward a God she had to learn to relate to all over again after facing the greatest trauma she had ever known. Let’s Be Real offers readers insight into processing emotional trauma and what authentic friendship really looks like as Emily Katherine relates and reframes stories that taught her the greatest lessons about the faith that follows trauma, grief, and loss–a faith that has to be real.

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  • Life Recovery Workbook For Grief


    The Life Recovery Workbooks meet the needs of people dealing with compulsive behaviors that go beyond alcohol and substance abuse. These workbooks complement The Life Recovery Bible and focus on developing a biblical foundation for both understanding and successfully overcoming specific areas of struggle.

    Each workbook explores how Scripture speaks to a specific issue. The series provides a solid recovery path to many who have never considered working the 12 Steps for a specific problem and for those who have worked the 12 Steps for addiction or codependency but have never homed in on a specific area of struggle.

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  • Learning To Live Again In A New World


    Loss brings with it many layers of grief that need to be addressed. Healing from losses requires more than just talking about our pain; it involves working through the twists and turns of conflicting emotions and confronting questions that often have no satisfactory answers. It is reassembling the pieces of life that have been shattered by assumptions and expectations in order to create a new beginning. Within the process we begin to heal and recover. But as we close one chapter of life, we need tools and information to begin a new chapter and make that transition from what was to what is now. It requires challenging old assumptions and creating a new identity and road map for life going forward.

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  • Learning To Live Again In A New World


    Loss brings with it many layers of grief that need to be addressed. Healing from losses requires more than just talking about our pain; it involves working through the twists and turns of conflicting emotions and confronting questions that often have no satisfactory answers. It is reassembling the pieces of life that have been shattered by assumptions and expectations in order to create a new beginning. Within the process we begin to heal and recover. But as we close one chapter of life, we need tools and information to begin a new chapter and make that transition from what was to what is now. It requires challenging old assumptions and creating a new identity and road map for life going forward.

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  • Comfort For Times Of Loss


    90 Comforting Devotions Will Lead You to a Future of Hope and Joy

    Followers of Jesus have real, eternal hope of a future with departed ones, and that foundational bedrock will sustain us through the most personal of losses–but still, grieving the death of a loved one–a family member, spouse, friend, or infant–is among life’s most difficult challenges.

    These 90 comforting devotions will gently lead you through the stages of grief by relying on sound Bible wisdom. Each entry includes a title, scripture, devotion, and prayer, and will guide you through shock, denial, anger, bargaining, depression, testing, and acceptance.

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  • Finding A New Normal


    Grieving isn’t easy. In fact, it’s one of the hardest things we will ever do. Finding A New Normal was written in the midst of my own grief, following the loss of our home in the Northern California Carr Fire. I want this book to be a memorial stone, a place of refuge, and a roadmap for people like you who find themselves in a season of loss. This is an invitation and a guide to help you be real in your grief, honest about your needs, and equipped to process the trauma of your loss.

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  • Daily Comfort While Grieving


    Every person while lives will experience loss. Who will be a source of strength and solace to see us through? The daily Scripture or quote, brief reflection and the prayer in the 29th book in our Spiritual Life Series will help you respond with hope and faith to the inevitable suffering and sorrow that come our way and help to heal the brokenness.

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  • Embrace : Clinging To Christ Through The Pain Of Pregnancy Loss


    One in four pregnancies end in loss.But there is hope.

    Embrace invites us to explore the grief surrounding pregnancy loss. Sharing her own painful experiences, Liz Mannegren gently creates an open and honest discussion about the mess and heartache such devastation creates. As we allow Christ to redeem each uncomfortable ounce of this journey, we find freedom and hope. Each chapter ends with a series of journaling prompts that encourage reflection, gratitude, and healing.

    As we gather together around this table of loss, there is communion and strength to be found in our shared heartbreak. Drawing from the unique testimonies of mothers who have experienced miscarriage, infertility, recurrent loss, multiple loss, and stillbirth, Embrace challenges the lie that whispers, “You’re alone in your grief” and instead proclaims “You are loved and worthy.”

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  • Good In The Awful


    The reality of life is that death happens. And if you have had the beautiful opportunity of escaping its crippling impact, there is no doubt that you have been jarred a time or two with unexpected losses. This is not a matter of if, but when, as everything we hold dear has the potential to be taken from us.

    Whether you have experienced a loss of the life of a loved one, a dream you have held on to for years, the trust you once shared in a relationship, or a change in physical ability after a diagnosis or accident, you have battled the great darkness that comes flooding into your life. This ever-present heaviness brings with it life-altering questions and settles on your shoulders making perfectly normal situations almost unbearable to face. This loss, this breaking, has the ability to blind us from the Truth and change everything we have built our lives on.

    In her book, The Good in the Awful, Vanessa invites readers to join in on an honest conversation about pain and what it is to look for God in the darkness, using her own story of crippling grief as the guide to discovering if God is still good and at work in our brokenness. Are you up to join in on the challenge? A great expedition through unknown waters and deep pain to find the good that God is working on in the middle of our mess?

    Because despite our feelings of God being distant and indifferent to our pain, He isn’t. He is ever present and still in the business of using our broken pieces to build an even greater story. For our benefit and the good of others, wasting nothing. If any truth can be found let it be this, that our Redeemer (your Redeemer) lives!

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  • Glorious Puzzle : A Personal Experience Of The Sovereignty Of God


    Your loss and brokenness could turn into a doorway of discovering how much the sovereign God cares about you. That’s exactly what Mary experienced in grief when her youngest son died as a result of injuries from a car accident. The tragedy led her to review God’s actions in her life in prior experiences, which enabled her to trust in His demonstration of lovingkindness in the grief the family and community experienced.

    God is the divine Puzzle Maker, putting the pieces of our lives in place, one by one. He is a sovereign God who has the power to plan our lives for His glorious purpose. As we look for evidences of His care and tenderness in very difficult experiences of life as well in the good times, we are drawn in a close love relationship to this awesome God. Grief and loss can be an opportunity to draw us nearer to God.

    Glorious Puzzle is the account of Mary learning to trust and love God deeply through her experiences of infertility, miscarriage, adoption of a special needs child, career changes, the mental illness and incarceration of her oldest son and the death of her youngest son. Her account challenges us to open our eyes to see God’s hand at work in our hard times and then give Him the honor and praise. It is a story of putting Proverbs 3:5 & 6 into action in everyday life and in times of trial. As God is acknowledged, He frees us to experience joy, draw near to Him, and feel His awesome love for us, and we can respond in grateful service.

    “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make straight your paths.” (ESV)

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  • Her Grief Was Heard


    Do you feel like you are alone in your grief?

    Her Grief Was Heard is a unique approach to a devotional using diary entries from Cady’s journal after she lost her husband at age 24. The author doesn’t shy away from hard questions she struggles with during her grief process. The candid dialogue between the young widow and God are not only emotionally validating for any reader, but also show that no emotion is too dark or ugly for God.

    Don’t be surprised if you see chapters titled by questions you wanted to ask God but felt too afraid to say them.

    As Cady vulnerably wrestles with her questions and raw emotions, she finds one thing that is irreplaceable- hope. We believe you will too. Each chapter is woven in Scripture that will tenderly comfort your grieving soul. And in each chapter, you will find that there is only One who can pick up the pieces of your broken heart.

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  • With Her Last Breath


    With Her Last Breath looks for answers of hope for those struggling with thoughts of suicide and their loved ones.

    When Barbara M. Roberts first heard that her niece, Kathy, had taken her life, the pain was so bad she could barely stand it. If only she had called her more often; if only they had taken her to dinner one more time; if only she had taken her ‘suicide talk’ more seriously.

    Suicide happens so often in our society that it now almost seems normal. People used to think that Christians did not commit suicide. But when Barbara read through Kathy’s 26-page journal, written within the last 36 hours of her life, she knew she was experiencing something the likes of which she had never seen in all her years of pastoral ministry. Kathy’s journal not only details the act itself, but her reasoning behind her suicide–a depiction of why she could not stay here on this earth one more day, looking forward instead to her hope of Heaven. Each chapter of With Her Last Breath is tied to a page in Kathy’s journal, intertwining the pages with stories of others and tools to help those who are suicidal or their loved ones, including what to watch for, how to care, and where to turn. Hearing others’ stories of suffering, those struggling with suicide in any manner are able to make more sense out of their own suffering and emerge with a vision of God’s love and faithfulness.

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  • Getting To The Other Side Of Grief Updated


    There is little in life that rocks us like the death of a husband or wife. Whether you’re feeling alone, drowning under an ocean of emotions, or you’ve worked your way through to the darkest nights of the soul and are now wondering how to get on with your life, you’ll find comfort and guidance from the authors of this book. One a clinical psychologist, the other a pastor and professor, both suffered the loss of a spouse at a relatively young age. Their empathy, valuable psychological insights, biblical observations, and male and female perspectives will help you experience your grief in the healthiest and most complete way so that you can move forward to embrace the new life that is waiting for you on the other side.

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  • When Your Child Is Grieving


    “It will never happen to us”

    But it did. Your child is experiencing what one in every five children in the U.S. experience before the age of 18–death of a loved one or an equally painful loss.

    How do you help your child get through this, especially when you might be dealing with your own grief? God sees your family’s pain and longs to ease it.

    Dr. Amy Ford is a licensed professional counselor, professor, and mom who specializes in complex psychological issues, such as trauma and grief. She wants to share the latest research and her expertise with you, to not only help you and your child get through this difficult time, but to fully heal from it.

    Amy will walk alongside you through the healing process with spiritual encouragement and practical advice that addresses your child’s specific needs. You will gain the wisdom, skills, and follow-through you need to mend your child’s broken heart.

    Grief is a scary emotion, especially for a child, but if dealt with proactively, it can be successfully overcome. Your child will get through this…and so will you.

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  • Song Of A Wounded Heart Regaining Hope And Trust After Personal Tragedy


    In November 2004, Lora Jones was a happy wife and proud mother of two beautiful children.
    Lora and her family left for a family vacation, excited to celebrate the holidays, but sounds of music and laughter in their van were shattered by a head-on collision. Lora watched helplessly as, one-by-one, her beloved family slipped into eternity. Awake in a nightmare, all traces of laughter were replaced by the mournful cries of a wounded heart. How in the world could Lora go on alone?

    Song of a Wounded Heart tells the true story of Lora’s journey from death to hope. Unbelievably, God sang to her the night of the accident. “Do not be afraid,” He whispered, “This is for my glory.” How could that be possible? She was crushed under the enormous pain, unable to think. In the months to come, as she struggled to understand, God patiently continued to sing, drawing her gently to His side, daring her to trust Him. Lora shares her personal journal entries, including the Bible reading plan God used to speak to her and stories of people in the Bible who also struggled with faith. Join Lora in Song of a Wounded Heart as she asks God questions, deals with anger and loneliness, and chooses to believe in the goodness of God, in spite of the circumstances.

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  • Christians Journey Through Grief


    Don’t Get Over It. Get Through It.
    This book will give you the tools to walk through the process of grief in a healthy way.

    -Helps readers distinguish between normal and unhealthy grieving
    -Provides practical steps to help readers maintain their physical health, emotional health, and relationships while grieving
    -Offers guidance for working through the crisis of faith grief often brings
    -Gives specific steps the grieving can take toward healing

    The apostle Paul said Christians do not grieve in the same way as those who do not have hope (1 Thess. 4:13). But that doesn’t mean we don’t or shouldn’t grieve. In The Christian’s Journey Through Grief, Dr. Carol Peters-Tanksley explores the difference in the Christian’s grieving process, showing what a healthy grieving process looks like and how to embrace God’s comfort.
    As one who recently experienced the death of her husband, Dr. Carol speaks authoritatively yet compassionately from both a personal perspective and the perspective of a physician and minister. In this book she addresses:
    -What to expect while grieving
    -What is normal and abnormal grief
    -How to deal with the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of grief
    -How grief affects one’s relationship with God
    -Which steps the grieving person can take toward healing
    -How the hope of eternity helps in the journey of grief

    This book will invite grieving readers to embrace the pain of grief without getting stuck in it, and take God with them on the journey so they can experience hope

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  • Good Grief : A Companion For Every Loss


    Timeless wisdom for all who grieveFor more than fifty years Good Grief has helped millions of readers, including NFL players and a former first lady, find comfort and rediscover hope after loss. This classic text includes a foreword by Dr. Timothy Johnson, a leading communicator of medical health care information. An afterword by the author’s daughters tells how the book came to be.Good Grief identifies ten stages of grief–shock, emotion, depression, physical distress, panic, guilt, anger, resistance, hope, and acceptance–but, recognizing that grief is complex and deeply personal, defines no “right” way to grieve.Good Grief offers valuable insights on the emotional and physical responses persons may experience during the natural process of grieving. Reflection questions help readers explore their own experience with each stage.Whether mourning the death of a loved one, the end of a marriage, the loss of a job, or other difficult life changes, Good Grief is a proven steady companion in times of loss.

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  • Finding A Loving God In The Midst Of Grief


    The loss of a loved one is often devastating. And while each person experiences grief in a unique way, for many, finding their way back to a place of wholeness seems impossible. The emptiness and darkness seem to never fade.

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  • When God Says No


    What do we do when deep grief invades our lives? How do we negotiate the unwelcomed journey we find ourselves on? What do we do with our unspeakable pain? Even more, what do we do when we have asked God to spare the life of our loved one and he does not give the answer we hope for?

    In When God Says No, Brenda Smit-James tells the story of her journey with grief following the untimely death of her mother – a journey where she questioned God and his goodness, questioned whether Jesus was worth following, and questioned the relevance of the Christian life.

    In telling her story, Brenda shows us how grief can be engaged and not merely endured and how we can face the darkness of grief with quiet courage and, in so doing, find a way back into the light again.

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  • Louder Song : Listening For Hope In The Midst Of Lament


    Lament helps us hear God’s louder song.

    When you’re in the midst of suffering, you want answers for the unanswerable, resolutions to the unresolvable. You want to tie up pain in a pretty little package and hide it under the bed, taking it out only when you feel strong enough to face it. But grief won’t be contained. Grief disobeys. Grief explodes. In one breath, you may be able to say that God’s got this and all will be well. In the next, you might descend into fatalism. No pretending. Here, you are raw before God, an open wound.

    There is a pathway through this suffering. It’s not easy, but God will use it to lead you toward healing. This path is called lament. Lament leads us between the Already and the Not Yet. Lament minds the gap between current hopelessness and coming hope. Lament anticipates new creation but also acknowledges the painful reality of now. Lament recognizes the existence of evil and suffering-without any sugarcoating-while simultaneously declaring that suffering will not have the final say.

    In the midst of your darkest times, you will discover that lament leads you back to a place of hope-not because lamenting does anything magical, but because God sings a louder song than suffering ever could, a song of renewal and restoration.

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  • Until We Meet Again


    A heartwarming story of loss, unconditional love and hope. This book speaks to pet owners of all ages and deeply and compassionately reflects upon the human – animal bond that underlies each relationship. Warmly illustrated and written from the perspective of a beloved pet who has moved on, readers are guided to feel memories, cry if they wish and then move towards living their life deliberately with joy and love.

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  • I Will Always Love You


    “I Will Always Love You” is a simple, thought provoking and deeply moving story that takes minutes to read and can last a lifetime in your heart. The intention of this book is to bring peace and comfort to those who have lost a loved one or experienced some type of personal loss. It offers hope and a sense of knowing that our loved ones could be somewhere happy and free. It reminds us that our deliberate choices can alter the way we respond to loss and can have the power to bring us a sense of joy and the transcendence that lifts us to a higher place of living. Perfect for children and adults, this unique book is unlike anything available on the market. When words are difficult to find and comfort is needed, I Will Always Love You is a heartwarming gift.

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  • As She Is Dying


    Ask any Appalachian the question, “When is Appalachia most beautiful?” Every Appalachian will answer, “During autumn, when the leaves of Appalachia’s trees are dying.” Appalachians believe the beauty of their landscape is almost heaven. With the honor of officiating nearly 1000 funerals, Pastor Kevin Cain offers life in the midst of death.

    In As She Is Dying, Kevin Cain writes, “I have given my life to bring hope to a people who have little reason to hope. Maybe Appalachians have allowed our hills’ majesty and grandeur to blind us from coal dust and addiction. Yet, I do see hope. I see hope in what is dying. I see hope in what is dead. I see hope in what remains. Yes, death has the keen ability to either clear up, cover up or stir up. Still, sometimes we must descend in order to turn into the clouds. As She Is Dying is a book about death that offers stories of life. In these pages, you will find a little bit of wisdom, some stories of hope, and the eulogizing words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart which I trust have been acceptable in the sight of my strength and my Redeemer. Somehow and somewhere in death, hope must be discovered. Maybe, through the literal metaphor of Appalachians’ deaths, you can see life. Some were reconciled long before their deaths. Some were reconciled just prior to their deaths. And, others were reconciled in the midst of death. There is hope for all…hope’s breath, even in death.”

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  • As She Is Dying


    Ask any Appalachian the question, “When is Appalachia most beautiful?” Every Appalachian will answer, “During autumn, when the leaves of Appalachia’s trees are dying.” Appalachians believe the beauty of their landscape is almost heaven. With the honor of officiating nearly 1000 funerals, Pastor Kevin Cain offers life in the midst of death.

    In As She Is Dying, Kevin Cain writes, “I have given my life to bring hope to a people who have little reason to hope. Maybe Appalachians have allowed our hills’ majesty and grandeur to blind us from coal dust and addiction. Yet, I do see hope. I see hope in what is dying. I see hope in what is dead. I see hope in what remains. Yes, death has the keen ability to either clear up, cover up or stir up. Still, sometimes we must descend in order to turn into the clouds. As She Is Dying is a book about death that offers stories of life. In these pages, you will find a little bit of wisdom, some stories of hope, and the eulogizing words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart which I trust have been acceptable in the sight of my strength and my Redeemer. Somehow and somewhere in death, hope must be discovered. Maybe, through the literal metaphor of Appalachians’ deaths, you can see life. Some were reconciled long before their deaths. Some were reconciled just prior to their deaths. And, others were reconciled in the midst of death. There is hope for all…hope’s breath, even in death.”

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  • Pure Joy : Making The Choice To Rejoice


    Joy is a sustaining force in the Christian life, giving us strength to endure the most difficult of circumstances. Grieving the death of her husband by suicide, and facing other life tragedies, Lorna Hanishewski discovered that great joy can be experienced in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Founded on the truths of the Word of God, this practical book identifies seven keys to accessing true Christian joy. The pages are filled with biblical and personal examples of how to live a joy-filled life, challenging and inspiring readers to take hold of this fruit of the Spirit available to all who believe.

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  • When They Say You Are Going To Die


    A powerful testimony of Carl & Linda Asbury’s fight of faith for Linda’s life after she was diagnosed with a tumor in her heart. Carl & Linda stood firm on the promises in God’s word to emerge victorious in the midst of tragedy.

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  • When Drag Racing Met Country Music


    “Till death do you part.” Words I hung upon and waited for during the first wedding ceremony I attended after my husband died. Instantly our 3-chord unity, that had been tethered together for over 20 years, severed. Was I a free woman? Free to do what? Most certainly a heartbroken woman. After all I did not choose the tearing of hearts and certainly it was not what I had planned on happening at such a young age. No one to check in with upon returning home or to meet for dinner or a movie. Silence.

    Alas, there was One. My Heavenly Father became my best friend and my Husband. Rediscovering my love for writing, along with scripture, the collections inside helped in finding my way back to where my true identity lies. The wife of a Drag Racing Legend was who I had become; identity in Christ is where I am now. Whether you are a widow or searching for more meaning relating to heart issues, welcome. Let us sojourn together.

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  • Walking At The Speed Of Light


    Walking at the Speed of Light is a perceptive offering of memoir and reflections that can be taken one at a time and provide insight and healing for all kinds of darkness. Although many books have addressed grief and depression related to Christian faith, a book that gives readers a Christian perspective on these subjects through forward thinking including organ donation and positive life building offers a unique opportunity. Walking at the Speed of Light begins with the death of Cheryl J. Heser’s thirty-three-year-old son, Joshua, the grief experiences that followed, and the organ donation that affected the lives of over 100 people. Cheryl then provides chapters related to the Light of the World, sharing insight and nurturing for grief and depression as well as an enthusiastic embracing of all aspects of the enlightened Christian faith journey.

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  • Restored And Forgiven


    When Ray and Vi Donovan were awoken in the early hours of the morning to the horrific news that their two sons had been attacked by a gang while returning home that night, they felt as though their world had ended.

    The couple discovered that one of their sons, Christopher, was fighting for his life. He later died from the injuries he sustained in the brutal attack. The Donovans would have been forgiven for holding onto the anger they felt at the perpetrators forever.

    Ray and Vi found it in their hearts to forgive the men who killed their son.

    They not only let go of their anger – but in an extraordinary show of compassion, they have managed to forgive the thugs that beat their son to death. The couple say they could not have done it without their faith and the help of the restorative justice scheme, which allowed the couple the opportunity to come face to face with the men who killed Christopher.

    This touching and often heart wrenching testimony shows how through their faith in God and the restorative justice system, they have been able to forgive the people who murdered their son.
    They have gone on to help many families, victims and also offenders.

    Their powerful story will challenge anyone who is struggling to forgive and to discover the peace that comes with being able to do so.

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  • Buried Dreams : From Devastating Loss To Unimaginable Hope


    At 20 weeks pregnant, Lindsey Dennis and her husband were told the child she was carrying would not live due to a fatal diagnosis. Later, in another stunning blow, they were told the same news with her second pregnancy. They chose to celebrate both lives alongside a community, both local and online, of hundreds of thousands as she carried each child to term only to bury them 14 months apart from each other. Through the crushing of their hopes and dreams, they came to know the kind of resurrection hope that can rise from the grave. This experience of infant loss revealed to Dennis how sorrow and suffering are instruments in the hands of God to forge in us a greater joy and hope than one can ever know. This kind of joy can only be discovered when we walk through the deep pain of burying our most precious dreams. Buried Dreams offers an uplifting perspective, sharing how devastating loss of personal dreams can give way to unimaginable hope and how death can give way to life. Framing her own story of staggering loss and soaring hope with biblical perspective, Dennis highlights that we can never plan for the unexpected turns of this life that sometimes lead to great personal suffering, but we can reach for the One who is there with us in the loss.

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  • Hidden Treasures : Finding Hope At The End Of Lifes Journey


    Many people are facing life-threatening diseases, terminal illness, and the long-term care of elderly parents, but have few resources to rely on in these difficult times. They often keep their challenges private only to suffer in silence with no real support system. This book delivers practical solutions to the problems everyone must deal with when they are experiencing the degradation of the quality of their life or the potential loss of a loved one. Based on experiences derived from 25 years of prayer ministry, Bertram’s Hidden Treasures provides insight and guidance to equip patients, family members, and friends to walk through these challenging times with foresight, looking for and expecting to see God at work in many miraculous ways. It offers sound advice grounded in the truths found in Scripture and the wisdom reveled through real-life stories and case studies. This book helps those who have ever wondered . . . If God is good, why are we going through this? What will our family do during this crisis? How do we fight the fear that is trying to consume us? How can we encourage reconciliation in our family? Where can we find peace in the journey? What happens when we die? Is there life after death? What is heaven like? Hidden Treasures will inspire, motivate, and encourage loved ones to begin to walk the road to heaven without the fear and anxiety associated with death and dying. They’ll discover that the Word of God has answers to the questions that seem to have no answer; and that comfort awaits as they begin to view their situation from a heavenly perspective. Ultimately, it reveals that hope is available, death with dignity is possible, and there are hidden treasures to embrace along the way.

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  • God Help Me Im Grieving


    Have you lost someone–or something–dear to you?

    At some point, whether through the loss of a friend or family member, a decline in health, or the end of a career or a relationship, everyone will encounter grief. After nearly twenty-five years in the mental health field, author and licensed professional counselor Katherine B. Barner is well-acquainted with the ways grief can impact a life.

    While grief is unavoidable, it is also a valuable aspect of the human experience. Utilizing Biblical examples of human grief–and God’s acceptance of its complicated rawness–Barner demonstrates how a person’s response to loss does not indicate a lack of faith but testifies instead to their humanity and the life-affirming choice to love and be loved. Filled with practical tips for handling loss and avoiding contention with those who lack compassion or grieve differently, this valuable resource includes a section dedicated to navigating holidays and events while grieving.

    Crafting this guide from her professional experience as well as from lessons learned during her own seasons of mourning, Barner offers compassion and guidance to those suffering a loss.

    Designed not only to assist readers through the process of grief but to grant them permission to fully experience it, God Help Me, I’m Grieving validates each reader’s unique response to loss, allowing it to become a vehicle of inner change and spiritual and emotional growth.

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  • Fellowship Of The Suffering



    Part 1: Welcome To The Fellowship
    1. Suffering Comes With The Territory
    2. The Worst Suffering: Paul’s Story
    3. Learning To Trust Anyway: Dave And Erin’s Story

    Part 2: Fellowship With Christ
    4. The Sun Comes From The Dark: Prayer Through Suffering
    5. Becoming The Kind Of People The World Needs: Transformation Through Suffering
    6. Not What I Expected: Joy Through Suffering

    Part 3: Fellowship With Others
    7. It’s Our Family: Solidarity Through Suffering
    8. Pain As Common Ground: Neighboring Through Suffering

    Part 4: Fellowship With The World
    9. The Seed Must Die To Multiply: Mission Through Suffering
    10. Are You Really Passionate? Calling Through Suffering

    Recommended Reading

    Additional Info
    “That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings.” Philippians 3:10 (ASV)

    If we follow Jesus, we will experience pain. It comes with the territory. We might face hardship because of our Christian commitment, or we may have challenges just from living in a fallen world. Either way, Christians follow in the footsteps of our suffering Savior and participate in his suffering.

    But that’s not the whole story. Missionary Paul Borthwick and pastor Dave Ripper show how transformation through our personal pain enables us to minister faithfully to a hurting world. They candidly share about their own struggles and how they have seen God’s kingdom advance through hardship and suffering. Though we naturally avoid suffering, Christians throughout church history have become powerful witnesses to Christ as a result of their brokenness.

    Life is painful, but pain need not have dominion over us. Instead, it can propel us in missional solidarity with our suffering world. Come find comfort and renewed purpose in the fellowship of the suffering.

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  • Grace Like Scarlett


    Sharing her own deeply personal story of loss, popular blogger and speaker offers hope and healing for readers who have experienced a miscarriage or loss.

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  • Look For Me


    Look for Me is a book designed for people of all ages. This work of art gives emotional and visual support to those who have lost a loved one. Throughout life, we sometimes need a reminder of hope and peace to encourage us in this journey. It is these simple elements in life that point to the most important things.

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  • Grieving The Sacred Art


    Develop skills of conscious grieving while reclaiming love that transcends death.

    Lisa Irish takes grief out of the too-uncomfortable-to-talk-about closet and invites the reader to participate in the process as a conscious griever. Using creative imagery and current research, she offers the reader an adult understanding of the emotional world of loss and provides tools to mindfully participate in grief’s healing role. Without denying the pain of loss, she offers educational and imaginative insights, which deepen the griever’s understanding of the process of loss and helps the griever generate more compassion for his or her personal experience.

    Primarily intended for those experiencing grief from the death of a loved one, many of the themes are transferable to the human experience of loss in all its forms. Stories from people in all stages of the grieving process serve as waypoints to help the griever navigate loss. Practical exercises and questions for reflections offer support on the tender and sacred journey through grief to healing.

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  • There Is No Normal


    Every flower petal is unique, just as each of our life stories is unique. In the blink of an eye, Anne Alexander’s world was turned upside down and inside out when her thirty-seven-year-old husband suddenly died of a massive heart attack-in a movie theater-and she was left to raise two young children. If you are looking for some realistic guidelines regarding the grieving process, this book is for you.

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  • Praying Through Our Losses


    Grief is the painful process of adjusting to a loss. This collection of meditations is designed for anyone experiencing loss, whether it be the death of a loved one or the loss of health, financial security, or relationships. Each reflection focuses on a different topic, moving readers from acknowledging pain and loss to healing and new life. Using Scripture and prayer, Simsic gently shepherds readers through difficult issues like forgiveness, shock, depression, and the fear of letting go, without ever resorting to shallow sentimentality. This expanded version of the original book, Cries of the Heart: Praying Our Losses, features additional meditations and photographs from nature. A wonderful resource for people going through times of loss as well as for those looking for a gift to comfort family or friends.

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  • Winter Of The Heart


    We can’t really prepare for grief. The only experts on grief are those who have survived it and then helped others do the same.

    Retreat leader, former psychotherapist, and bestselling author Paula D’Arcy is one of those experts. In Winter of the Heart, she shares her life’s work, accompanying you through seasons of grief and the emotions that come with the loss of a loved one or after other major changes in life.

    Winter of the Heart is a companion for anyone early in grieving process-for the person experiencing shock, emotional pain, an inability to move, guilt, intense anger, and a range of other emotions that might be new to you.

    D’Arcy lost her young husband and toddler in a violent car accident more than four decades ago. She understands your grief and can also help you look to what’s on the other side-hope, acceptance, recognition that what you are experiencing is both common and unique, and the essential counsel that you need not ever “get over it.”

    Winter of the Heart is for those who mourn the death of a loved one, but it is also for counselors and pastoral ministers. You’ll find D’Arcy’s words relevant for other occasions when mourning can be painful, including the end of a marriage, job loss, and other major life changes.

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  • Someone I Love Died


    From best-selling and beloved author Christne Harder Tangvald comes an updated and revised edition of her classic book of comfort for grieving children, filled with heart-healing words, fresh watercolor illustrations, and practical resources that help adults guide children through loss.

    First published in 1988, Someone I Love Died has long comforted the hearts of children 4 to 8 who have lost someone close. It gently leads children through grief with age-appropriate words and solid biblical truth that understands a child’s hurting heart. The added interactive resources ensure this book will become a treasured keepsake. Once complete, children create a memory book of the loved one’s life. And it offers grown-ups a tool that turns what could be a difficult season into a meaningful time of healing.

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  • Relentless : Inspiration For The Journey Towards Hope, Joy, And Purpose Aft


    Is it possible for God to turn your crushing loss into spiritual growth and fruitfulness? Is it conceivable that one day new life will emerge from the incredible sadness and heaviness you feel?

    In short, easy to read chapters, designed for those who are mourning the loss of a spouse, Heike shares her intimate story with vulnerability, raw emotion, and transparency before and after the death of her husband Ted. Her relentless pursuit to grieve well encourages readers to embrace courage, perseverance, and honesty in their individual journeys toward personal growth.

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  • Navigating The River Of Grief


    When members of the church experience loss, it can be difficult for pastors to discern how best to care for them. What can spiritual leaders expect in the grief process? What are we to do, to say, to journey with those who have experienced loss? What mistakes might we make that do more harm than good?

    In Navigating the River of Grief, Rev. Dr. Bonnie Bates shares the results of her important research into the grief process. Her concept of grief as a river is inspired by several biblical references to water, both its ability to threaten and give life. Bates uses case studies to present grief not as the neat linear progression of stages we’d like it to be; rather, it is a river that sweeps the bereaved along in unpredictable ways. Its choppy waters cause pain and its depths are menacing, but when we understand the flow of its currentas a spiritual journey we can better help the bereaved navigate toward new life.

    Navigating the River of Griefprovides pastors with invaluable resources when providing grief ministry:

    Evidence-based best practices for spiritual counseling
    Case studies to provide context
    Guidance on the use of specific scriptures
    Explorations of theological conflicts

    Together with the Bible itself, Navigating the River of Grief will inform your ministry with spiritual truth about those hours between the night of weeping and the joy the Lord brings in the morning (Psalm 30:5).

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  • Inheritance : Clinging To Gods Promises In The Midst Of Tragedy


    After the sudden death of their only son, Corey Russell and his family faced unbearable pain and loneliness. God carried them through the ensuing five years with promises from five specific psalms, comforting and awakening them.

    We are all shaken by loss. God promised us His presence when we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, but questions remain. Can I recover? Will my family survive? And is there an eternal purpose? As Corey clung to the Psalms, he heard God’s voice invite him from tragedy to inheritance, promising, “The greatest places of your warfare will become the greatest places of your inheritance.”

    Corey’s honest journey through these five psalms will help readers discover how the Good Shepherd heals His people, makes us into shepherds after His own heart, and calls us to believe in a God who turns the worst circumstances into a profound and eternal inheritance.

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  • My Favorite Color Is Blue Sometimes


    A picture book to guide the reader through different emotions and reactions related to grieving.

    The text and illustrations of this lushly colored picture book guide the reader through different emotions and reactions related to grieving, including shock, tears, anger, and hope. My Favorite Color is Blue. Sometimes. is a children’s picture book by design, but accessible to people of all ages.

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  • Rainbow Tears Of Joy


    One day we will lose someone we love. We will be sad but there is a way to turn our tears into joy. It is not easy losing our loved ones but we can see our way through. I hope this book helps someone as they go through the pain of losing a loved one because we all will have to face this at some time in our lives. It is okay to be sad and shed tears but happy memories will always shine through the rainbow!

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  • Griefs Hermitage : A Book Of Comfort And Consolation For The Bereaved


    Josephone Griffiths

    This original and useful book combines intelligent advice, moving and delightful poetry together with evidence and hope for a life Hereafter. This gentle and kindly book opens up to a wider world view but does not push any particular creed. It is an exceptionally good guide for the bewildered in times of grief and loss.

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  • Griefs Hermitage : A Book Of Comfort And Consolation For The Bereaved


    Josephone Griffiths

    This original and useful book combines intelligent advice, moving and delightful poetry together with evidence and hope for a life Hereafter. This gentle and kindly book opens up to a wider world view but does not push any particular creed. It is an exceptionally good guide for the bewildered in times of grief and loss.

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  • Journey Home : A Companion For Contemplating Life’s Most Important Journey


    Matthew Thiele

    The Journey Home is for those who are in their last days, or who are considering their life’s end. It offers reflections and advice to help prepare gracefully and work through the struggle towards peace. With beautiful pictures to enjoy, reflections to take you forward, prayers and readings. It is simple, easy to follow, and deeply comforting!

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  • Stars At Night


    Paula D’Arcy was only 27 when a drunk driver killed her husband and young daughter. But in the midst of crushing despair, she discovered a presence that responded to her fearful cries with great tenderness and wisdom. In this captivating work, D’Arcy recounts the way night slowly became day again–and the perspective shift that allowed her to find meaning in life again. If you’ve experienced great loss, or if you’re feeling lost in the darkness yourself, Stars at Night can offer reassurance that pain does not have the final say.

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  • Hope Beyond Despair


    There is no heartache equal to that of losing a loved one. Unanswered questions, despair and perhaps self-blame can leave those left behind with feelings of hopelessness. But true hope and help can be found in Christ alone. Julie Gossack shares from personal experience how the truth of Scripture can bring comfort to those who are living in the aftermath of a suicide.

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  • Loved Baby 31 Devotions


    Close to one in four American women experience the silent grief of miscarriage, stillbirth, or ectopic pregnancy loss. Loved Baby offers much-needed support to women in the middle of psychological and physiological grief as a result of losing an unborn child.

    In Loved Baby, author Sarah Philpott gently walks alongside women as they experience the misguided shame, isolation, and crushing despair that accompany the turmoil of loss. With brave vulnerability Sarah shares her own and others’ stories of loss. Using their collective experience, she offers Christ-filled hope and support to women navigating grief.

    This fresh and compassionate devotional offers:
    *Real talk about loss
    *Christ-filled comfort
    *Tips to manage social media, reconnect with your partner, and nourish your soul
    *Knowledge that your child is in heaven
    *Strategies to walk through grief
    *Ways to memorialize your loss

    Whether your loss is recent or not, Loved Baby can be your companion as you move from the darkness of grief toward the light of hope.

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  • Quiet Times For Those Who Grieve


    Let Comfort Find You in the Quiet

    There are no words to instantly take away the deep pain of your loss. Grieving is a personal path-one that takes time to cross. But genuine expressions of comfort and understanding can help you make gradual steps toward healing.

    H. Norman Wright, a respected Christian counselor, offers these daily devotions from a heart that has endured difficult loss-yet found God faithful through it all. In these profound and practical reflections, you’ll find…
    *gentle guidance through the grieving process
    *comforting reminders that you’re not alone
    *hope-and the space you need to uncover it

    When you’re grieving, give yourself quiet moments to receive God’s limitless love and peace.

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