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  • Seedtime And Harvest


    Seedtime and Harvest is a series of lyrical essays exploring the myriad ways that gardening deepens our understanding of the natural world and grows our capacity for care and connection.

    “While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease” (Genesis 8:22).

    All the earth is a garden-full of beauty and decay, untimely ends and new beginnings, promises and possibilities. You are invited to treasure these beautiful reflections on the soul-healing gifts the garden graciously yields, revealing that gardening can be more than a hobby-it can be embraced as a way of life. As you explore how the garden grows roots, connection, wholeness, and hope, you’ll gain greater perspective on what matters most in life.

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  • Sharing Too Much


    The #1 New York Times bestselling author and “king of Christmas fiction” (The New York Times) delivers a charming and inspirational collection of personal essays.

    Before he was the #1 New York Times bestselling author of holiday classics such as The Christmas Box, Richard Paul Evans was a young boy being raised by a suicidal mother and dealing with relentless bullying. He could not fathom what the future held for him.

    Now, in this intimate and heartfelt collection of personal essays, Evans shares his moving journey from childhood to beloved author. With his signature “seasoned finesse” (Booklist), he offers the insightful lessons he’s learned and engaging advice about everything from marriage to parenthood and even facing near-death experiences. This is a charming essay collection that is the perfect gift all year round.

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  • Coming To Faith Through Dawkins


    Richard Dawkins = Christian evangelist?

    Editors Denis Alexander and Alister McGrath gather other intelligent minds from around the world to share their startling commonality: Richard Dawkins and his fellow New Atheists were instrumental in their conversions to Christianity.

    Despite a wide range of backgrounds and cultures, all are united in the fact that they were first enthusiasts for the claims and writings of the New Atheists. But each became disillusioned by the arguments and conclusions of Dawkins, causing them to look deeper and with more objectivity at religious faith. The fallacies of Christianity Dawkins warns of simply don’t exist.

    Spending time in this fascinating and powerful book is like being invited to the most interesting dinner party you’ve ever attended. Listen as twelve men and women from five different countries across a variety of professions–philosophers, artists, historians, engineers, scientists, and more–explain their journeys from atheism to faith. In the end, you may come away having reached the same conclusion: authentic Christian faith is in fact more intellectually convincing and rational than New Atheism.

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  • Works Of John Wesley 28


    The correspondence presented in this fourth volume of Wesley’s letters casts light on the growth of his movement, documenting (for example) the emergence of connexion-wide financial campaigns and continuing debates over the desire of lay preachers for ordination. It covers the decisive split between the Wesleyan and Calvinist wings of Methodism, including the ways in which Charles Wesley drew closer to his brother through these developments. The volume includes over 100 items not found in previous editions of Wesley’s letters. All Works of John Wesley volumes are designed to keep the pages clean and in place for years to come., with casebound non-cloth hardcover, dust jacket, and secure adhesive binding.

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  • Things That Matter Most


    Have you forgotten how wondrous life can be? Chris De Vinck offers a timeless collection of wisdom on family, childhood, God, love, compassion, buttered toast, snowmen, Hamlet, Bugs Bunny, bees.

    For anyone who is caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, weary and perhaps a little jaded by all that seems wrong in the world, this is a book that helps us to see again.

    In essays that are warm, evocative, and often amusing, Christopher De Vinck gives us back the eyes of a child, the fresh vision of delight, and a renewed reminder that we are surrounded with awe that we often take for granted. This is a book about living with a perpetual array of treasures: the voices of people we love, the taste of marzipan, the sounds of October geese. This is a book that reminds us to look, smell, see, touch, and listen to what is revealed to us each morning. Chris invites us to realize life as we live it, every minute.

    Reflecting on the joys of family, writing, and education, Chris doesn’t shy away from loneliness, disappointments and regrets. His is a voice that combines both the joys and sorrows of living, speaking with hope and acceptance, and celebrating the power of simplicity in our modern age.

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  • In The Fullness Of Time


    Cutting-edge reflections on a variety of biblical and theological subjects

    Over the course of his distinguished career Richard Bauckham has made pioneering contributions to diverse areas of scholarship ranging from ethics and contemporary issues to hermeneutical problems and theology, often drawing together disciplines and fields of research all too commonly kept separate from one another.

    In this volume some of the most eminent figures in modern biblical and theological scholarship present essays honoring Bauckham. Addressing a variety of subjects related to Christology, creation, and eschatology, the contributors develop elements of Bauckham’s biblical and theological work further, present fresh research of their own to complement his work, and raise critical questions.

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  • Future Of Brexit Britain


    Essays from both sides of the Brexit debate that explore how British national identity should be understood in the light of the UK’s decision to leave the European Union.

    This stimulating collection of essays brings together a range of voices from different sides of the Brexit debate to draw on the legacy of Anglican social and political theology and offer a rich and nuanced response to the crucial, defining question: after leaving the European Union, what does it mean to be British?

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  • Discovering John : Essays By John Ashton


    This collection of posthumously published essays by John Ashton manifests his ongoing exegetical work at the end of his life. The essays explore themes arising from his groundbreaking study, Understanding the Fourth Gospel, which John Ashton intended to be preceded by an intellectual autobiography contextualizing this study both in the wider context of biblical scholarship and the particularities of his life. This in itself is an unusual contribution and it sheds much light not only on the current state of Johannine studies but also on the situation of those involved with both church and academy in the closing decades of the twentieth century.

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  • When We Pray


    The essays in this volume from liturgists in mainstream Christian churches in Australia and New Zealand gladly acknowledge that when we pray, we join with others.

    We share a history, a way of worshipping, often a common language and established forms, with authorised prayer books designed to retain the theological and liturgical emphases of the various churches. Yet it is a subject that can divide as well as unite; with a variety of experiences, attitudes and aspirations, especially in a world where forms of worship are readily accessible from internet sources.

    If worship and prayer express what we believe, who authorises forms of worship; who determines the authenticity of liturgy; what principles underlie and surround how people of faith worship in formal gatherings? These are some of the issues that inform the essays in this practical and ecumenical resource.

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  • Common Prayer : Reflections On Episcopal Worship


    Why worship? In this superb new collection of essays, lay people, clergy, poets, theologians, musicians, novelists, and scholars offer personal, profound, and provocative reflections on their experience of worship in The Episcopal Church. Through their flesh-and-blood stories of longing, loss, and love, we encounter the God who meets us in common prayer. With contributions from: Rhonda Mawhood Lee J. Neil Alexander Michael Battle Luisa Elena Bonillas Cameron Dezen Hammon Kelly Brown Douglas Rodney Clapp Melissa Deckman Kim Edwards Stephen Fowl Paul Fromberg Kathryn Greene-McCreight Stanley Hauerwas B. J. Heyboer Ian Markham Duane Alexander Miller Amy Peterson Spencer Reece Charles Robertson Sophfronia Scott Lauren Winner Fred Bahnson Rachel Marie Stone

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  • Debunking Christian Zionism And Evolutionary Creation


    In this modern era, many evangelical Christians have adopted two popular beliefs. First is Christian Zionism-the idea that believers should support modern Israel because it is a fulfillment of biblical prophecy. And second is theistic evolution-the idea that God used extensive evolution in the creation of the universe and living things. While these beliefs are popular, unfortunately they are also dangerous to the faith.

    In Debunking Christian Zionism and Evolutionary Creation, author Les Nasserden presents two separate essays where he rigorously challenges the biblical integrity of those evangelical Christians who believe in these false doctrines. In the first essay, Les explains why the Christian Zionist project was one of the biggest mistakes evangelical and Pentecostal Christians made in the twentieth century. In the second essay, he calls theistic evolution a heresy and confronts evangelical Christians with a challenge: Are we going to affirm the Word and power of God? Or are we going to capitulate to both a lingering modernist rationalism that is wedded to naturalism, and a desultory postmodern ethos that denigrates truth, the meaning of texts, rationality, and historical realities?

    Even though many evangelical Christians believe in these doctrines, we need to safeguard our minds against false teachings. But by turning to the authoritative Word of God and studying the scriptures, we can discover the truth and strengthen our integrity.

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  • Gender Violence And Justice


    Gender, Violence, and Justice is a volume of collected essays by an expert in the field of violence against women and pastoral theology. It represents over three decades of research, advocacy, and pastoral theological reflection on the subject of sexual and domestic violence. Topics include intimate partner violence, sexual abuse and trauma, and clergy sexual misconduct; controversial theological issues such as forgiveness; and, as well, positive frameworks for fostering well-being in families, church, and society.

    Framed by a foreword and an introduction that place this work in the context of new and contemporary challenges in theory and practice, these essays show an evolution of issues and frameworks for theology, care, and activism arising over time from the movement to end violence against women (both within and beyond religious communities)-while at the same time demonstrating an unchanging core commitment to gender justice.

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  • State Of The Evangelical Mind


    Foreword By Richard J. Mouw
    Introduction: The State Of The Evangelical Mind-Tales Of Prosperity And Peril (Todd C. Ream, Jerry Pattengale, And Christopher J. Devers)
    1. Reflections On The Past: Evangelical Intellectual Life (Mark A. Noll)
    2. Churches: The State Of The Evangelical Church (Jo Anne Lyon)
    3. Parachurch Organizations (David C. Mahan And C. Donald Smedley)
    4. Colleges And Universities: John Henry Newman’s The Idea Of A University And Christian Colleges In The Twenty-First Century (Timothy Larsen)
    5. Seminaries: Contemplative Posture And Christ-Adapted Eyes-Teaching And Thinking In Christian Seminaries (Lauren Winner)
    6. Prospects For The Future: The Future Is Catholic-The Next Scandal For The Evangelical Mind (James K. A. Smith)
    Conclusion: The Ongoing Challenge Of The Evangelical Mind (Mark Galli)
    Author Index
    Subject Index

    Additional Info
    Two decades on from Mark Noll’s Scandal of the Evangelical Mind, could we now be on the threshold of another crisis of intellectual maturity in Christianity? Or are the opportunities for faithful intellectual engagement and witness even greater now than before?

    These essays invite readers to a virtual “summit meeting” on the current state of the evangelical mind. The insights of national leaders in their fields will aid readers to reflect on the past contributions of evangelical institutions for the life of the mind as well as prospects for the future. Contributors include:

    Richard J. Mouw
    Mark A. Noll
    Jo Anne Lyon
    David C. Mahan and C. Donald Smedley
    Timothy Larsen
    Lauren Winner
    James K. A. Smith
    Mark Galli

    The State of the Evangelical Mind frames the resources needed for churches, universities, seminaries, and parachurch organizations to chart their course for the future, both separately and together, and provides readers an opportunity to participate in a timely conversation as they consider what institutional and individual role they might play.

    This is not a book to define or diagnose evangelicalism broadly, and there’s no fear-mongering or demonizing here, but rather a call to attend to the evangelical mind and the role played by interlocking institutions in its intellectual formation and ongoing vitality. It will encourage-and challenge-those who want to be part of the solution in a time of need.

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  • Being A Chaplain


    Chaplaincy – a place for those who have sold out, can’t hack church ministry and don’t believe in mission? Against the negative stereotypes, this book argues that chaplains are a valuable resource to the Church. Embedded in places as diverse as prisons, hospitals, educational establishments and the armed forces, chaplains often encounter social trends well in advance of the institutional churches. Their experiences and expertise can be very helpful for thinking about ministry, ecclesiology and the engagement with contemporary society. The first five parts of this book gather together stories of 22 chaplains working in a wide variety of contexts and from a range of Christian churches. The final part consists of four essays on key themes: multi-faith issues; the core skills needed by a chaplain; models of chaplaincy; and tensions that can arise in the work. This book is for chaplains, students, clergy and all those who are considering becoming a chaplain or have dealings with people in the role. It will be of considerable interest to anyone who wonders what exactly chaplains do, how and why they do it and what the churches can learn from their experiences.

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  • Contemporary Art And The Church


    The church and the contemporary art world often find themselves in an uneasy relationship in which misunderstanding and mistrust abound. On one hand, the leaders of local congregations, seminaries, and other Christian ministries often don’t know what to make of works by contemporary artists. Not only are these artists mostly unknown to church leaders, they and their work often lead them to regard the world of contemporary art with indifference, frustration, or even disdain. On the other hand, many artists lack any meaningful experience with the contemporary church and are mostly ignorant of its mission. Not infrequently, these artists regard religion as irrelevant to their work, are disinclined to trust the church and its leaders, and have experienced personal rejection from these communities. In response to this situation, the 2015 biennial conference of Christians in the Visual Arts (CIVA) facilitated a conversation between these two worlds. The present volume gathers together essays and reflections by artists, theologians, and church leaders as they sought to explore misperceptions, create a hospitable space to learn from each other, and imagine the possibility of a renewed and mutually fruitful relationship. Contemporary Art and the Church seeks common ground for the common good of both the church and the contemporary art world.

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  • Coming Home : Essays On The New Heaven And New Earth


    The Bible has a lot to say about Christ’s return-it is mentioned more than three hundred times throughout the New Testament. We often downplay this doctrine because the precise details are debated. However, these passages are in Scripture to build our hope and joy in the here and now. This compilation of expository messages from eight leading Bible teachers, including Tim Keller, John Piper, and D. A. Carson, explores the theme of redemption from Genesis to Revelation-stirring up within us a longing for our future home and filling us with joyful hope in light of Jesus’s return.

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  • Pastoral Luther : Essays On Martin Luthers Practical Theology


    Sixteen church historians here examine Martin Luther in an uncommon way-not as Reformer or theologian but as pastor. Luther’s work as parish pastor commanded much of his time and energy in Wittenberg.

    After first introducing the pastoral Luther, including his theology of the cross, these chapters discuss Luther’s preaching and use of language (including humor), investigate his teaching ministry in depth, especially in light of the catechism, and explore his views on such things as the role of women, the Virgin Mary, and music. The book finally probes Luther’s sentiments on monasticism and secular authority.

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  • More Radical Gospel


    Gerhard O. Forde has stood at the forefront of Lutheran thought for most of his career. This new collection of essays and sermons-many previously unpublished- makes Forde’s powerful theological vision more widely available.

    The book aptly captures Forde’s deep Lutheran commitment. Here he argues that the most important task of theology is to serve the proclamation of the gospel as discerned on the basis of the doctrine of justification by grace alone through faith alone. For Forde, the doctrine of justification is not one topic among other theological topics; rather, it is the criterion that guides “all theology and ministry. Throughout the book Forde applies this truth to issues of eschatology, authority, atonement, and ecumenism. Also included are seven insightful sermons that model the Lutheran approach to proclamation.

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  • Strangers To Fire


    This is an anthology of 35 essays edited by Robert W. Graves, President of The Foundation for Pentecostal Scholarship; written by 26 authors of the Pentecostal, Charismatic, and Third Wave movements or non-cessationists of traditional denominations responding to John F. MacArthur’s Strange Fire or cessationism and the abuse of the charismata in general. Foreword by J. Lee Grady.

    Authors include Wayne Grudem, Jack Deere, Craig Keener, Jon Ruthven, Sam Storms, Doug Oss, Mel Robeck, Paul Elbert, Randy Clark, Robert Menzies, J. P. Moreland, Gary Greig, Mark Rutland, Gary Shogren, William De Arteaga, William K. Kay, and Melvin Hodges.

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  • Early Christianity In Pompeian Light


    Editor’s Preface

    Envisioning Situations
    1. Growing Up Female In The Pauline Churches-Carolyn Osiek
    2. Nine Types Of Church In Nine Types Of Space In The Insula Of The Menander-Peter Oakes
    3. The Empress, The Goddess, And The Earthquake-Bruce W. Longenecker

    Enhancing Texts
    4. Powers And Protection In Pompeii And Paul-Natalie R. Webb
    5. Violence In Pompeiian/Roman Domestic Art As A Visual Context For Pauline And Deutero-Pauline Letters-David L. Balch
    6. Spheres And Trajectories-Jeremiah N. Bailey


    Additional Info
    Scholars of early Christianity are awakening to the potential of Pompeii’s treasures for casting light on the settings and situations that were commonplace and conventional for the first urban Christians. The uncovered world of Pompeii, destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 C.E., allows us to peer back in time, capturing a heightened sense of what life was like on the ground in the first century – the very time when the early Jesus-movement was beginning to find its feet. In light of the Vesuvian material remains, historians are beginning to ask fresh questions of early Christian texts and perceive new contours, nuances, and subtleties within the situations those texts address.

    The essays of this book explore different dimensions of Pompeii’s potential to refine our lenses for interpreting the texts and situations of early Christianity. The contributors to this book (including Carolyn Osiek, David Balch, Peter Oakes, Bruce Longenecker, and others) demonstrate that it is an exciting time to explore the interface between the Vesuvian contexts and the early Jesus-movement.

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  • From The Editors Desk


    The Christian Century, the most respected magazine for mainline Protestants in the world, has helped Christians think critically and live faithfully since 1884. The publication’s former editor and publisher, John Buchanan, has compiled a collection of biweekly editorials from the magazine that highlight events, issues, and questions that progressive Christians faced at the turning of this century.

    A must-read for Christian Century fans, From the Editor’s Desk examines twelve key areas from the years 1999-2015, focusing on war and peace, civic engagement, newsworthy events, the Middle East, and congregational life.

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  • Holy One In Our Midst


    1. The Flesh Of Christ And The Extra Calvinisticum
    2. The Flesh Of Christ In Modern Theology
    3. The Logos And The Flesh Of Christ
    4. The Temple Of God And The Flesh Of Christ
    5. (De)Limiting The Flesh Of Christ
    6. Why One Ought To Embrace The Extra Calvinisticum

    Additional Info
    The Holy One in Our Midst: An Essay on the Flesh of Christ aims to defend the doctrine of the extra Calvinisticum-the doctrine that maintains the Son of God was not restricted to the flesh of Christ during the incarnation-by arguing that it is logically coherent, biblically warranted, catholically orthodox, and theologically useful. It shows that none of the standard objections are devastating to the extra, that the doctrine is rooted in the claims of Christian Scripture and not merely a remnant of perfect being philosophical theology, and that the doctrine plays an important role in contemporary theological discussion. In this way, James Gordon revives an important Catholic doctrine that has fallen out of favor in contemporary theology. Also, this project aims to integrate biblical, philosophical, and systematic theology by showing that the tools and methods of each distinct discipline can contribute to the goals and aims of the others.

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  • Pictures At A Theological Exhibition


    In this collection of essays, Kevin Vanhoozer turns from hermeneutical theory to hermeneutical practice through explorations of how theology informs the church’s worship, witness and wisdom.

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  • Works Of John Wesley 27


    Although many of the letters of John Wesley are of value as literature-especially as crisp statements of his views or desires with little attempt at embellishment-their major importance is as a revelation of him as a man and of the people and events of his day, especially those linked with the Methodist movement. They furnish us, in fact, with a portrait through seventy years that is both more revealing in detail and fuller in coverage than any other source. The correspondence presented in this third of seven planned volumes of Wesley’s Letters illuminates critical developments in the Wesleyan movement in the period between 1756 and 1765, including very significant rifts between John Wesley and his brother Charles and between John Wesley and his wife Mary, Wesley’s attempts to deal with radical enthusiasts and separatists (such as Thomas Maxfield) within the Methodist movement, his relationship to Greek Orthodox leader Gerasimos (Erasmus) Avlonites, and Wesley’s activities related to the Seven Years War.

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  • World Upside Down


    As he approached the final decade of his life, Martin Luther observed that the beginning and end of all his theology was simple faith in Christ. This faith in Christ brought peace and joy to his soul, and also turned 1500s Europe upside down through the Reformation. A World Upside Down is a collection of four essays that describe this faith. 1). The first essay describes the intersection of this faith with Luther’s remarkable life, giving him great assurance before God, yet placing him at war with the world. 2). In the second essay, Luther’s Understanding of the Gospel is discussed: what faith in Christ is, the need we all have for the Savior, and the Christian’s humble dependence on the good news of God’s unchanging grace. 3). The third essay, That No Flesh Should Glory in God’s Presence, shares Luther’s teaching that the gospel outlined in chapter two gives all glory to God: a) God’s wisdom revealed in the gospel message humbles man’s pride and wisdom and exalts God alone. b) The gospel produces good works in the believer’s life to the glory of God. 4). The final essay, Christ’s Church, shares Luther’s thought that the forgiveness of sins through faith in Christ is central to the life of the church. The church is made up of forgiven and weak sinners who are dearly loved by God and carried by him through their earthly pilgrimage. This essay summarizes the book, applying Luther’s theology to us in the 21st century. Martin Luther’s life and theology are shared with the hope that we, like Luther, would grow in having simple, uncluttered faith in Christ alone for the glory and honor of God.”

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  • Evangelical Catholic And Reformed


    In this book prominent Barth scholar George Hunsinger presents fifteen essays on Karl Barth’s understanding of Christian doctrine across a wide spectrum of topics, concluding with suggestions as to how Barth’s theology might fruitfully be retrieved for the future.

    Hunsinger discusses Barth’s views on such subjects as the Trinity, creation, natural theology, Christology, justification, and time and eternity. As he delves into Barth’s theological substance, Hunsinger highlights ways in which Barth’s work was Evangelical, Catholic, and Reformed, illuminating the ecumenical aspects of his thought.

    No other volume explains Barth’s views on this range of topics with such scope, depth, and clarity.

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  • God We Worship


    In The God We Worship Nicholas Wolterstorff takes a ground-up approach to liturgical theology, examining the oft-hidden implications of traditional elements of liturgy. Given that “no liturgy has ever been composed from scratch,” Wolterstorff argues that the assumptions taken into worship are key to perceiving the real depths of historical Christianity’s understanding of God.

    Across the liturgies of the Orthodox, Catholic, Episcopal, Lutheran, and Reformed churches, Wolterstorff highlights theologically neglected elements of God, such as an implicit liturgical understanding of God as listener. A dissection of liturgy is not only interesting, Wolterstorff argues, but crucial for reconciling differences between the God studied by theologians and the God worshiped by churchgoers on Sunday.

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  • Heart Strangely Warmed


    John and Charles Wesley generated a heritage that reaches well beyond the worldwide Methodist movement which they founded. This collection of their essential writings shows how they harnessed resources from across the breadth of Anglicanism (and beyond) to forge a distinctive, dynamic and influential approach to religious experience.

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  • Persons In Relation


    1. The Modernist Condition
    2. Theological Conditioning?
    3. The Postmodernist Conditioning
    4. The ‘Trinity’ And The Evaluation Of The Theological Re-conditioning Ambition
    5. Correlation And/as Hierarchism, Or What We Do Not Need
    6. Correlation Beyond Hierarchism
    7. Perichoresis Of ‘Person’ And ‘Relation’ And Trinitarian Theology
    8. Correlation As Relationship Model In/with The World

    Additional Info
    Tracing out the origins of the Trinitarian “revival” in the modern era, particularly on account of the influence of Schleiermacher, Tillich, Barth, Rahner, and Pannenberg, through to the destabilizing effects of postmodernity on Trinitarian discourse, the author provides a critical hermeneutic for the evaluation and implementation of thoughtful Trinitarian theology in the contemporary world. Within this frame, the author argues for viewing the Trinity as the intellectual and conceptual context and interdisciplinary arena of interaction between theology and other forms of intellectual inquiries to generate a robust, multifaceted, and historically fluent doctrine of the Trinity.

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  • Letters To A Birmingham Jail


    On April 16th, 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail was published and soon became the manifesto of the civil rights movement. Dr. King did not pick up his pen and react to hate filled racists. Instead, he found any scrap of paper that he could write on and responded to the passive pleas of white clergy, “Isn’t there another way around this, a more subtle and patient way? Can’t you just wait, Dr. King?”

    Over the half century that has elapsed since the publication of Letter from a Birmingham Jail, much has transpired and progress has been made. Long gone are the burning crosses, biting police dogs and angry mobs; in its place we find passivity, cynicism and avoidance. In God’s sovereignty, voices from today’s church have emerged declaring that we cannot wait. These diverse voices are grateful for the laws that the civil rights movement were able to change, but also acknowledge that while the movement could change laws, it could never change hearts. Only the cross and empty tomb of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ can do that.

    Letters to a Birmingham Jail is a collection of essays written by men of various ethnicities and ages, yet all are committed to the centrality of the gospel, nudging us to pursue Christ exalting diversity. The gospel demands justice in all its forms – spiritual and physical. This was a truth that Dr. King fought and gave his life for, and this is a truth that these modern day “drum majors for justice” continue to beat.

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  • Fullness Of Time


    Alan Tippett’s publications played a significant role in the development of missiology. The volumes in this series
    augment his distinguished reputation by bringing to light his many unpublished materials and hard-to-locate
    printed articles. These books-encompassing theology, anthropology, history, area studies, religion, and ethnohistory- broaden the contours of the discipline.

    Tippett believed his writings on ethnohistory were his most original contribution to the discipline of missiology.
    The wealth of material in Fullness of Time is his best ethnohistory writing-most of which has never been published.
    Explore the methods and models of this captivating field of study. Realize how documents, oral tradition,
    and even artifacts can be used to recreate the cultural situation of a prior time. Learn about the South Pacific,
    Ethiopia, Hawaii, and Australia, both in and through time.

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  • Jesus Research : New Methodologies And Perceptions


    This volume explores nearly every facet of Jesus Research — from eyewitness criteria to the reliability of memory, from archaeology to psychobiography, from oral traditions to literary sources, and from narrative criticism to Gospel criticism. Bringing together a wide variety of topics and perspectives in one volume, this ambitious collaborative enterprise casts light on important debates and encourages creative links between ideas new and old. This distinguished collection of articles by internationally renowned Jewish and Christian scholars originates with the Princeton-Prague Symposium on Jesus Research. It summarizes the significant advances in understanding Jesus that scholars have made in recent years, chiefly through the development of diverse methodologies. Even readers who are already knowledgeable in the field will discover unique angles from well-known New Testament scholars, and all will be brought up to speed on the current state-of-play within Jesus studies.

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  • Pauline Perspectives : Essays On Paul 1978-2013


    This companion volume to Paul and the Faithfulness of God and Paul and His Recent Interpreters brings together N. T. Wright’s most important articles on Paul and his letters over the last three decades. The book begins with Wright’s auspicious essay of 1978, when as a young, aspiring scholar he gave the annual Tyndale lecture in Cambridge, and proposed, for the first time, “a new perspective” on Pauline theology. The book ends with an expanded version of a paper he gave in Leuven in 2012, when as a seasoned scholar at the height of his powers, he explored the foundational role of Abraham in Romans and Galatians. In all, the thirty-three articles published here provide a rich feast for all students of Paul, both seasoned and aspiring. Each one will amply reward those looking for detailed, incisive and exquisitely nuanced exegesis, resulting in a clearer, deeper and more informed appreciation of Paul’s great theological achievement.

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  • Spiritual Progress : Five Inspiring Essays By Mystical Thinkers Of The 17th


    A collection of five inspiring essays by three closely linked mystical thinkers of the seventeenth century-Franois Fenelon, Madame Guyon, and Pere Lacombe-whose focus on the availability of intimacy with God made them scandalous in their day.

    “Christian Counsel” and “Spiritual Letters,” by Archbishop Fenelon, offer wise advice on how to find the keys to true devotion and peace.

    “Method of Prayer” and “On the Way to God”, by Fenelon’s close friend, Madame Guyon, demonstrate the critical importance of constant prayer.

    “Spiritual Maxims”, by Pere Lacombe, the spiritual mentor of Madame Guyon, emphasizes the importance of expressing a passionate love for God.

    Each stirring work is divided into short chapters, making Spiritual Progress ideal for morning or evening devotions, or for Bible study. This treasured collection of classic Christian wisdom is certain to lead readers closer to the heart of God.

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  • Effective Practice Of Ministry


    Few people have made a larger contribution to the ongoing life and health of Churches of Christ around the world than Charles Siburt. During his twenty-four years at Abilene Christian University, Siburt oversaw some fifty DMin theses- a capstone experience designed to recount best practices in congregational life.

    Rooted in Dr. Siburt’s conviction that good theology makes a difference in the lives of people, The Effective Practice of Ministry is a collection of thirteen of those research projects, covering the most critical topics facing churches today: spiritual formation, leadership development, catechesis, preaching, and missional initiatives in the larger community.

    In honor of Dr. Siburt, this anthology is meant to inspire and encourage effective, embodied praxis in the ministry of the church.

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  • For A Church To Come


    Taking a cue from one of the most (in)famous postmodern thinkers, Friedrich Nietzsche, the essays in this book put forth “experiments” in thought rather than arguments for fixed conclusions. Blum brings John Howard Yoder to the same table with Nietzsche, Michel Foucault, and Jacques Derrida, and provides a provocative glimpse of what the resulting conversation might look like.

    As Anne Lamott and others have recently insisted, faith is not the opposite of doubt, but of certainty. Blum’s essays explore some of our commonly held ways of talking about knowledge, meaning, commitment, and action. He suggests that some postmodern theoretical work, often dismissed or assumed to be anti-Christian, is well worth bringing into contemporary Anabaptist-Mennonite conversations about discipleship and corporate life.

    Part of the Polyglossia series, this book is intended for conversation among academics, ministers, and laypersons regarding knowledge, beliefs, and practices of the Christian faith.

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  • Village Hours : Over 27000 Ronald Blythe Titles Sold


    Britain’s best loved rural writer chronicles the progress of the seasons in the Stour valley village where he has lived and worked among artists, writers, farmers and, increasingly, commuters. For all the changes in the contemporary countryside, timeless qualities remain and both are captured here with a poet’s understanding and imagination. The year takes its shape from the seasons of nature and the feasts and festivals of the Christian year. Each informs and illuminates the other in this loving celebration of nature’s gifts and neighbourly friendship. Literature, poetry, spirituality and memory all merge to create an exquisite series of stories of our times. These short essays first appeared in the Word From Wormingford column, a popular back page feature of the Church Times for almost twenty years.

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  • Spiritual In The Secular


    David Livingstone’s visit to Cambridge in 1857 was seen as much as a scientific event as a religious one. But he was by no means alone among missionaries in integrating mission with science and other fields of research. Rather, many missionaries were remarkable, pioneering polymaths.

    This collection of essays explores the ways in which late-nineteenth- and twentieth-century missionaries to Africa contributed to various academic disciplines, such as linguistics, ethnography, social anthropology, zoology, medicine, and many more. This volume includes an introductory chapter by the editors and eleven chapters that analyze missionary research and its impact on knowledge about African contexts. Several themes emerge, including many missionaries’ positive views of indigenous discourses and the complicated relationship between missionaries and professional anthropologists.

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  • Works Of John Wesley 12


    The first of three theological volumes, this volume is devoted to four of John Wesley’s foundational treatises on soteriology.

    These treatises include, first, Wesley’s extract from the Homilies of the Church of England, which he published to convince his fellow Anglican clergy that the ‘evangelical’ emphasis on believers experiencing a conscious assurance of God’s pardoning love was consistent with this standard of Anglican doctrine. Next comes Wesley’s extract of Richard Baxter’s Aphorisms of Justification, aimed more at those who shared his evangelical emphasis, invoking this honored moderate Puritan to challenge antinomian conceptions of the doctrine of justification by faith. This is followed by Wesley’s abridgement of the Shorter Catechism issued by the Westminster Assembly in his Christian Library, where he affirms broad areas of agreement with this standard of Reformed doctrine-while quietly removing items with which he disagreed. The fourth item is Wesley’s extended response to the Dissenter John Taylor on the doctrine of original sin, which highlights differences within the broad ‘Arminian’ camp, with Wesley resisting a drift toward naively optimistic views of human nature that he discerned in Taylor.

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  • Do Historical Matters Matter To Faith


    Equips Christians to defend the doctrine of inerrancy against a culture and academy ever skeptical of the Bible’s historical claims.

    Is historical accuracy an indispensable part of the Bible’s storyline, or is Scripture only concerned with theological truths? As progressive evangelicals threaten to reduce the Bible’s jurisdiction by undermining its historical claims, every Christian who cares about the integrity of Scripture must be prepared to answer this question.

    Do Historical Matters Matter to Faith? offers a firm defense of Scripture’s legitimacy and the theological implications of modern and postmodern approaches that teach otherwise. In this timely and timeless collection of essays, scholars from diverse areas of expertise lend strong arguments in support of the doctrine of inerrancy. Contributors explore how the specific challenges of history, authenticity, and authority are answered in the text of the Old and New Testaments as well as how the Bible is corroborated by philosophy and archaeology.

    With contributions from respected scholars-including Allan Millard, Craig Blomberg, Graham Cole, Michael Haykin, Robert Yarbrough, and Darrell Bock-Do Historical Matters Matter to Faith? arms Christians with fresh insight, arguments, and language with which to defend Scripture’s historical accuracy against a culture and academy skeptical of those claims.

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  • Thy Word Is Truth


    Over the past twenty years or so studies on Karl Barth have become increasingly technical. The ironic result is that although Barth wrote chiefly for preachers, scholars have become the primary gatekeepers to Barth’s rich theological thought. This collection of essays introduces Barth with clarity and depth, providing pastors and other serious readers with an overview of Barth’s views on Scripture. George Hunsinger – a recognized expert on Barth who passionately wants preachers to benefit from Barth’s writings – brings together ten distinguished scholars who cover such topics as Barth’s belief that Scripture is both reliable and inspired, his typological exegesis, his ideas about time and eternity, and more. This book aims to whet the reader’s appetite to read and engage with Barth further.

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  • Essays On Religion Science And Society


    Herman Bavinck: A Eulogy By Henry Elias Dosker
    1. Philosophy Of Religion (Faith)
    2. The Essence Of Christianity
    3. Theology And Religious Studies
    4. Psychology Of Religion
    5. Christianity And Natural Science
    6. Evolution
    7. Christian Principles And Social Relationships
    8. On Inequality
    9. Trends In Psychology
    10. The Unconscious
    11. Primacy Of The Intellect Or The Will
    12. Trends In Pedagogy
    13. Classical Education
    14. Of Beauty And Aesthetics
    15. Ethics And Politics
    Appendix A: Foreword By C. B. Bavinck
    Appendix B: Theology And Religious Studies In Nineteenth-Century Netherlands

    Additional Info
    “Here an amazing nineteenth-century Calvinist mind addresses with much wisdom a twenty-first-century intellectual agenda!”–Richard J. Mouw, Fuller Theological Seminary

    Herman Bavinck, the premier theologian of the Kuyper-inspired, neo-Calvinistic revival in the late-nineteenth-century Netherlands, is an important voice in the development of Protestant theology. This volume, now in paper, is the capstone of his distinguished career. These seminal essays offer an outworking of Bavinck’s systematic theology as presented in his Reformed Dogmatics and engage enduring issues from a biblical and theological perspective. The collection presents his mature reflections on issues relating to ethics, education, politics, psychology, natural science and evolution, aesthetics, and philosophy of religion. Pastors, students, and scholars of Reformed theology will value this work.

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  • Relics And Miracles


    Esteemed translator Boris Jakim here presents for the first time in English two major theological essays by Sergius Bulgakov. In “On Holy Relics,” Bulgakov’s 1918 response to Bolshevik desecration of the relics of Russian saints, he develops a comprehensive theology of relics, connecting them with the Incarnation and showing their place in sacramental theology in general. In “On the Gospel Miracles” (1932), Bulgakov presents a Christological doctrine of the Gospel miracles, focusing on the question of how human activity relates to the works of Christ. Both works are suffused with Bulgakov’s faith in Christian resurrection – and with his signature “religious materialism,” where the corporeal is illuminated by the spiritual and the earthly is transfigured into the heavenly.

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  • Banned Questions About Jesus


    50 Questions

    Additional Info
    Some of the questions discussed in this book include:
    * Why did Jesus have to suffer so much before he died? Or did he have to?
    * What happened during the “missing years” of Jesus’ life unaccounted for in the Bible?
    * Does it really matter if Jesus was born to a virgin or not? What if Mary wasn’t a virgin, or if Joseph (or someone else) was the father?
    * The Bible says that Jesus had siblings. Does that mean that there are people alive today who are from his family’s bloodline? Where are they? Who are they?

    From Christian Piatt: “When I was a teenager, my youth minister threw a bible at my head for asking questions. Too often, for various reasons, people don’t have the opportunity to ask the hard questions they have about faith, religion, salvation and the bible. And when questions are left unanswered in communities of faith, people either seek answers elsewhere or lose interest all together.

    “The purpose of the series is to collect the most compelling and challenging questions from various theological areas and pose them to a panel of “experts” who are challenged with responding in two hundred words or less in plain English. This volume addresses challenging or controversial questions about scripture collected from people on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and other social networking media.

    “Respondents include theology professors, clergy, lay leaders, liberals, conservatives and voices representing a spectrum of views. The idea behind the books is not so much to provide definitive answers as it is to stimulate thought, reflection and discussion. By offering multiple perspectives, readers have the opportunity to arrive at their own questions. Better, they come to understand that questioning faith is not taboo, but rather that it can be at the foundation of a strong and growing faith.

    “The directive given to each respondent guided them to be concise and to speak in plan language, but also not to rely exclusively on “the Bible says it” justifications, or to wax abstract or overly intellectual. Instead, they write from personal experience as much as possible, and provide real-life contexts that will allow the average seeker or churchgoer to apply such ideas to their daily lives.”

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  • Retrieving Doctrine : Essays In Reformed Theology


    IVP Print On Demand Title

    In this volume Oliver Crisp offers a set of essays that analyze the significance and contribution of several great thinkers in the Reformed tradition, ranging from John Calvin and Jonathan Edwards to Karl Barth. Crisp demonstrates how these thinkers navigated pressing theological issues in their historical settings and in what ways contemporary readers can draw important insights from the tradition relevant to current discussions.

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  • Intercultural Theology : Approaches And Themes


    Intercultural Theology offers a set of groundbreaking essays that describe the nature of intercultural theology as a domain of theology that pays particular attention to the identity of non-western forms of Christianity in dialogue with western forms. It is theological discourse engaged in multi-disciplinary dialogue and therefore uses the insights from historical, socio-cultural, inter-religious and empirical studies. Intercultural theology is a development from previous discussions within mission studies, contextual theology, studies in world Christianity and Third World theology.

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  • Book That Breathes New Life


    The purpose of this collection of Brueggemann’s essays is to bring to the fore a much more extensive critical engagement on his part with the current discussion about the Old Testament, its character, its authority, its theology, and especially its God…. Readers of these essays who think they may have grasped what Brueggemann has to say about the theology of the Old Testament from reading his magnum opus will find that he is still thinking, still listening, and still helping us understand the scriptures of Israel and the church at an ever deeper level.

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  • Word That Redescribes The World


    In the last several years, Walter Brueggemann’s writings have directly addressed the situation of Christian communities in today’s globalized context, with its consumerist lifestyles, vast inequalities, and near-imperial exercises of power. His insights, forged in rugged encounters with the texts of the Old Testament, are sharp, painful, and indispensable. In the people Israel Brueggemann finds a model of an alternative community – anchored in YHWH, ever exploring new possibilities, and prophetically bent against empire.

    Part I: The Word Redescribing the World
    Part II: The Word Redefining the Possible
    Part III: The Word Shaping a Community of Discipleship

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  • Yellow Leaves : A Miscellany


    In these original essays, short stories, and poems, the beloved Frederick Buechner reflects on the moments of transcendence in the midst of his daily existence. In a myriad of commonplace activities, he finds the presence of the divine, and he elegantly describes these persons, events, and observations, nimbly transporting readers into these realities. With his masterly crafted prose, Buechner edifies, inspires, and offers a timeless model for approaching our human experience.

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  • Feminist And Womanist Essays In Reformed Dogmatics


    This book is a collection of essays by thirteen feminist and womanist authors who locate themselves within the Reformed tradition. Topics explored include: the Trinity, creation, election, atonement, the church, fear, resistance, and vocation. This book will be of great interest to scholars and students interested in feminist theology.

    The Columbia Series in Reformed Theology represents a joint commitment by Columbia Theological Seminary and Westminster John Knox Press to provide theological resources from the Reformed tradition for the church today. This series examines theological and ethical issues that confront church and society in our own particular time and place.

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  • Fighting The Noonday Devil


    Fragments culled from a life of spiritual adventure

    A thoughtful, literate writer with a zest for physical and theological adventure, R. R. Reno here brings together seven diverse “fragments of life,” rendered in energetic prose. Through these literary stories, vignettes, and reflections Reno shows that the real-life manifestations of love and loyalty – far beyond any intellectual abstractions or theories – are what train us for true piety.

    Reflects on time spent working in the oil fields of Wyoming
    Recalls quests to the heights of Yosemite and the ice cliffs of the French Alps
    Shares poignant reflections inspired by a daughter’s bat mitzvah

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  • Tattoos On The Heart


    How do you fight despair and learn to meet the world with a loving heart? How do you overcome shame? Stay faithful in spite of failure? No matter where people live or what their circumstances may be, everyone needs boundless, restorative love. Gorgeous and uplifting, Tattoos on the Heart amply demonstrates the impact unconditional love can have on your life.

    As a pastor working in a neighborhood with the highest concentration of murderous gang activity in Los Angeles, Gregory Boyle created an organization to provide jobs, job training, and encouragement so that young people could work together and learn the mutual respect that comes from collaboration. Tattoos on the Heart is a breathtaking series of parables distilled from his twenty years in the barrio. Arranged by theme and filled with sparkling humor and glowing generosity, these essays offer a stirring look at how full our lives could be if we could find the joy in loving others and in being loved unconditionally. From giant, tattooed Cesar, shopping at JCPenney fresh out of prison, we learn how to feel worthy of God’s love. From ten-year-old Lula we learn the importance of being known and acknowledged. From Pedro we understand the kind of patience necessary to rescue someone from the darkness. In each chapter we benefit from Boyle’s wonderful, hard-earned wisdom. Inspired by faith but applicable to anyone trying to be good, these personal, unflinching stories are full of surprising revelations and observations of the community in which Boyle works and of the many lives he has helped save.

    Erudite, down-to-earth, and utterly heartening, these essays about universal kinship and redemption are moving examples of the power of unconditional love in difficult times and the importance of fighting despair. With Gregory Boyle’s guidance, we can recognize our own wounds in the broken lives and daunting struggles of the men and women in these parables and learn to find joy in all of the people around us. Tattoos on the Heart reminds us that no life is less valuable than another.

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  • Hearing The Call


    What is the Word of the Lord for a world of injustice? What does it mean to hear the cries of the oppressed? What does liturgy have to do with justice? These questions have been at the heart of Nicholas Wolterstorff’s work for over forty years. In this collection of essays, he brings together personal, historical, theological, and contemporary perspectives to issue a passionate call to work for justice and peace.

    An essential complement to his now classic Until Justice and Peace Embrace, the forthcoming Love and Justice, and Justice, this book makes clear why Wolterstorff is one of the church’s most incisive and compelling voices. Reflections on Justice, Peace, and Liturgy invites us not simply into new ways of thinking, but a transformational way of life.

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  • Tongue Screws And Testimonies


    From the publisher of Martyrs Mirror comes this refreshing, reflective, heartbreaking, humorous-and sometimes irreverent-anthology of poems, creative essays and fiction by new and noted authors with connections to the Anabaptist tradition.

    Featuring writers such as Rudy Wiebe, Di Brandt, Jeff Gundy, Jean Janzen, Julia Kasdorf, John Ruth, Rhoda Janzen and others, Tongue Screws and Testimonies shows how stories from Martyrs Mirror intersect with the lives of writers and their characters-and how these stories continue to have a powerful hold on faith, life and imagination today.

    Collected and edited by Kirsten Eve Beachy, who teaches writing at Eastern Mennonite University, Tongue Screws and Testimonies challenges readers to consider the implications of Martyrs Mirror in their own lives.

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  • With Calvin In The Theater Of God


    Join the great Reformer John Calvin in seeing the glory of God on display in the world. John Calvin saw this world as God’s theater where his glory is always on display. Just as “day and night pour forth speech,” the universe and history are not silent either; they tell the glory of God. Reflecting on over 500 years of Calvin’s legacy, John Piper and this book’s other contributors invite us to join Calvin in the theater of God. Stemming from the Desiring God 2009 National Conference, this volume includes chapters by Julius Kim, Douglas Wilson, Marvin Olasky, Mark Talbot, Sam Storms, and John Piper. It touches on topics such as Calvin’s life, the Christian meaning of public life, sin and suffering, the joy of the last resurrection, and Jesus Christ as the denouement of God’s story. Editors John Piper and David Mathis, along with the contributors, make John Calvin’s Christ-exalting perspective on the glory of God accessible to today’s readers. Both Calvinists and other evangelicals interested in the life and work of Calvin will find these essays refreshing and instructive, leading to a robust understanding of the world as the theater of God.

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  • Globalization And Theology


    Globalization is a catchword of our time, referring to the interdependence that affects us all. But we often meet globalization with extreme ambivalence, recognizing that it has both positive and negative consequences for economics, politics, and culture. Joerg Rieger makes the point that even theology, itself, can be a manifestation of globalization. At its worst, theology can reflect Western intellectual imperialism and at its best, theology can encourage a compelling vision of diversity within unity. The author articulates a theology of globalization as a diverse phenomenon that respects different ways of seeing and knowing, thus encouraging harmony rather than homogeny.

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  • Jewish World Around The New Testament


    Renowned biblical scholar Richard Bauckham believes that the New Testament texts cannot be adequately understood without careful attention to their Judaic and Second Temple roots. This book contains twenty-four studies that shed essential light on the religious and biblical-interpretive matrix in which early Christianity emerged. Bauckham discusses the “parting of the ways” between early Judaism and early Christianity and the relevance of early Jewish literature for the study of the New Testament. He also explores specific aspects or texts of early Christianity by relating them to their early Jewish context. Originally published by Mohr Siebeck, this book is now available as an affordable North American paperback edition.

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  • That They May All Be One


    More than twenty-five revered pastors, theologians, and ecumenists contributed essays for this volume. These writings celebrate what it means to live in unity and communion in the twenty-first century and stress the importance of ecumenism in working for mission and justice.

    Among the many noted contributors are Jane Dempsey Douglass, Michael Kinnamon, Samuel Kobia, Setri Nyomi, Ofelia Ortega, Gradye Parsons, and Iain Torrance.

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  • Life In The Spirit


    Including essays from 2009 Wheaton Theology Conference keynote speakers Dallas Willard and Gordon Fee as well as contributing essays by noted presenters such as Chris Hall, David Gushee, Linda Cannell, Cherith Fee Nordling and Lawrece Cunningham, this book offers a stimulating exploration of the historical, biblical and theological dimensions of spiritual formation.

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  • Letters To Marc About Jesus


    Letters to Marc About Jesus is a beautiful collection of Henri Nouwen’s very intimate and very enlightening writings to Marc, his nineteen-year-old nephew, who struggles to find his true path in a world of confusion and apathy. Written with Nouwen’s characteristic grace and wisdom, these letters bear witness to his conviction that anyone can find lasting spiritual fulfillment if they simply take the time to maintain a daily awareness of Jesus in every aspect of life. Powerful and profound, Letters to Marc About Jesus is Nouwen at his best–teacher, guide, and mentor–and will provide the direction and inspiration necessary for any believer to change his or her life

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  • Jesus Research : An International Perspective – The First Princeton-Prague


    This collection from the first Princeton-Prague Symposium on the Historical Jesus gathers twelve papers from international scholars evaluating the state of Jesus Research, seeking to represent and comprehend Jesus of Nazareth within his historical Jewish setting in Galilee and Jerusalem.

    Each internationally renowned scholar examines different aspects of Jesus’ life and thought both in his historical and geographical setting and also within his religious and cultural context. They then suggest what, therefore, we may learn from Jesus’ teachings. In the process, readers are also made aware of the Palestinian Jesus Movement before 70 ce when Jerusalem was burned by Roman soldiers directed by a future emperor.

    Jesus Research is a comprehensive collection from the luminaries in this area of research and provides a focus to the issues currently confronted by seeking to re-create Jesus in his world.

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  • Gospel In The Global Village


    In this second book by Presiding Bishop Jefferts Schori, she explores issues and challenges of deep concern to the Episcopal Church, the wider Body of Christ, and the world at large. Arranged thematically, her essays reflect on the travel, issues, people, and passions that have driven the first three years of her episcopate. She places particular emphasis on the Millennium Development Goals, plus the turmoil within the Anglican Communion and the Episcopal Church in the United States.

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  • Divine Impassibility And The Mystery Of Human Suffering


    The question of whether or not God suffers – whether his very deity places him beyond the reach of suffering and evil – has serious implications as to how we can correctly perceive human suffering. Though classical doctrine had long held that God is impassible – that is, that he does not suffer – most twentieth century theologians assert just the opposite, declaring instead that God suffers and in so doing shows true solidarity with the suffering of human beings. Some contemporary theologians, however, have begun to once again argue forcefully in favor of divine impassibility.

    James F. Keating and Thomas Joseph White have gathered here a selection of essays that consider how God’s suffering or lack thereof can relate to our redemption from and through human suffering. The contributors – Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox – tread carefully but surely over this thorny ground, defending diverse and often opposing perspectives. Divine Impassibility and the Mystery of Human Suffering is an excellent contribution to the latest stage in this difficult and important theological controversy.

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  • Waiting For God


    Emerging from thought-provoking discussions and correspondence Simone Weil had with the Reverend Father Perrin, this classic collection of essays contains her most profound meditations on the relationship of human life to the realm of the transcendant. An enlightening introduction by Leslie Fiedler examines Weil’s extraordinary roles as a philosophy teacher turned mystic. “One of the most neglected resources of our century “, Waiting for God will continue to influence spiritual and political thought for centuries to come.

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  • MissionShift


    Veteran missionary David Hesselgrave and rising missional expert Ed Stetzer (Breaking the Missional Code) have compiled and edited this engrossing textbook of new essays on missions and missiology suitable for course work as well as vocational and volunteer Christian workers. Major sections include The Mission, Indigeneity and Contextualization, and Issues and Strategies in Mission with chapters on “The Mission Situation at the Start of the Third Millennium,” “Understanding and Exegeting Culture,” “Implications of Globalization,” “Church Planting and Movements,” “The Islamic Challenge,” and more.

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  • Work Of Jesus Christ In Anabaptist Perspective


    How have Anabaptists traditionally understood the work of Christ? How should Mennonites and other Christians think today about the saving work of God in Jesus’ life, ministry, death, and resurrection? In this book, 20 leading theologians, biblical scholars, pastors, and others offer their reflections.

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  • Back To Darwin


    By overcoming the metaphysics assumed in most evolutionary theory, the opposition to faith can be removed. John B. Cobb, Jr. makes this stunning statement the lynchpin of this edited collection. With these essays from some of the most respected minds in several fields – biology, other sciences, philosophy, and theology – Cobb lets us listen in on a thoughtful discussion about evolutionary theory and its relation to religious concerns. The contributors offer ways of broadening evolutionary theory, changing the implications of including human beings in the nature science studies. Intelligent purpose can play a role, allowing for the possibility of God affecting the evolutionary process. Cobb’s goal in offering this discussion to interested readers is to encourage the possibility of teaching evolutionary theory in this open way. He argues that, were that the case, theists and nontheists could both accept it, leading to fruitful, rather than combative discussion.

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  • Study Of Evangelism


    The Study of Evangelism collects thirty groundbreaking essays on the practice of evangelism into a single volume in order to enhance serious theological and contextual engagement with this aspect of the church’s mission in the world. The book lays a solid, scholarly foundation for future discourse, speaking to all who practice and study evangelism from many different Christian perspectives. By offering these thoughtful essays, Paul W. Chilcote and Laceye C. Warner aim to encourage reflective and open dialogue about the practice of evangelism within the community of faith. Contributors: William J. Abraham, Mortimer Arias, David J. Bosch, Carl E. Braaten, Walter Brueggemann, Paul W. Chilcote, Orlando E. Costas, Darrell L. Guder, Stanley Hauerwas, George Hunsberger, Bill J. Leonard, Walter L. Liefeld, Samuel Palma Manriquez, Jesse N. K. Mugambi, Lesslie Newbigin, Mercy Amba Oduyoye, Jerry Persha, Stephen K. Pickard, Dana L. Robert, Letty M. Russell, Ronald J. Sider, John Stott, J. Patrick Vaughn, Alexander Veronis, John H. Westerhoff, Hwa Yung.

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  • Longing For Enough In A Culture Of More


    This collection of thought-provoking essays explores the importance of escaping the liftstyle and attitudes of a “weighed-down” world and provides valuable tools for doing so. Each meditation is followed by a series of questions for reflection or study.
    Ideal for small groups
    Includes a study guide.

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  • Hidden Histories In The United Church Of Christ 2


    Hidden Histories 2 invites readers to enhance their knowledge of history as an important source of spiritual strength for these times. It also examines more deeply what it means for the United Church of Christ to celebrate its unity in diversity. It explores such areas as Lutheran and Reformed Cooperation; German Evangelical Protestants; Origins of the Christian Denomination in New England; Evangelical Pietism and Biblical Criticism; Women’s Mission Structures and the American Board; Religious Journalism; Philip William Otterbein and the United Brethren; From German Reformed Roots to the Churches of God; The Congregational Training School for Women; and Chinese Congregationalism.

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  • Hidden Histories In The United Church Of Christ 1


    Publisher Marketing: This collection of essays expands knowledge about the diversity of the UCC, and connects the UCC with many significant developments in American religious and ethnic history. It explores such areas as Native American Protestantism, black Christian churches, a schism in the German Reformed Church, Armenian congregationalism’s missionary beginnings, German congregationalism, blacks and the American Missionary Association, Deaconess ministries, the Schwenkfelders, the Calvin Synod (Hungarian), women’s work and women’s boards, and Japanese-American congregationalists.

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  • Music And Theology


    This volume explores the major concerns and questions regarding music as it intersects with theology – past and present. Saliers, a senior scholar in this field, addresses in a clear and concise style the scope and contours of these issues as they relate to theological inquiry and application. He sketches the nature and significance of the subject, the history of reflection, the current lines of inquiry, and his own contribution to the discussion. He then opens the broader lines of discussion in suggestive, evocative, and programmatic ways.

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  • Like Trees Walking


    Jane Sigloh interweaves the insights of Scripture, poetry, fiction, and philosophy into her memories and reflections on the challenges and opprotunities that maturity brings. Dip into any of these essays and find a refreshing perspective, a humorous anecdote, or an intimate confession that will ring true to your own experience.

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  • Way Of The Lord


    This careful and profound new work is a collection of previously published essays examining the experience of Scripture in the way it informs a wholly Christian life. With a special focus on the commandments and the Psalms, there is also a generous section on what other parts of the Old Testament have to say to our observations of theology today. In the first section, Patrick Miller is compelling in his portrayal of the rich complexities of the Ten Commandments and convincing in his assertion that aspects of the Decalogue appear and are expanded throughout Scripture. His second section shifts to the Psalms, revealing them to be as much a book of theology as a book of poetry and song, pointing a way of faith and life. The final section expands to consider more wide-ranging topics in theology and anthropology, contemplating the character of God and the nature of the human.”Part of being human, Miller writes, is a slow building up of trust based on experiences of God’s earlier deliverances. . . . It is in insights such as these that Miller is at his best. Throughout the book Miller’s writing is logical and profound. A close but clear reading is possible because Miller walks a reader through to his conclusion. One may not agree with all the conclusions reached, but Miller arrives at them fairly and with both textual and scholarly support. He offers fellow scholars and students alike a wealth of insights based on a lifetime of study. His book provides an excellent tool; it is an up-to-date reference work, particularly on the commandments and the Psalms. It is sure to be cited widely by those writing journal articles. Miller’s work “always outstanding, always reasoned, always well-written ” leaves a reader grateful for the chance to be walked through the richness of topics in the biblical text by one who has so profoundly shaped biblical scholarship for decades.”

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  • Future Of Creation


    In these essays, written during the fertile years between Theology of Hope and The Church in the Power of the Spirit, world-renowned theologian Jurgen Moltmann demonstrates the remarkable depth and rhetorical power so characteristic of his major works. Here collected in one volume are brief, vital articulations of Moltmann’s thought on such topics as eschatology, transcendence, hope, creation, the theology of the cross, the Trinity, development, the practice of liberation, justification, and biomedical progress.

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  • Robert D Preus Essays On Justification And The Lutheran Confessions


    The 18 essays in this volume offer a cross-section of Preus’s research and commentary on the doctrine of justification and on the Lutheran Confessions and their application in the life of the church today. Also included in this volume are 4 reflections on the life and ministry of Robert Preus provided by David P. Scaer, John Stephenson, Kurt Marquart and Daniel Preus.

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  • Reading Scripture With The Church


    Part 1: Essays
    Part 2: Responses

    Additional Info
    Four top scholars wrestle with the hermeneutical issues related to a Christian approach to careful reading and understanding of Scripture.

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  • Love Love Love


    In forty-three brief essays from the life of a philosopher, Charles Taliaferro guides us toward the heart of human being in all of its absurdity and joy. Electrocuted by his coffee maker during class, battling dragons on his rooftop, and accompanying his father to the border between life and death, Taliaferro recommends to us a life vulnerable to silliness, pain, and the depths of love they create in us. Hilarious and sobering, Love, Love, Love investigates what we need most to live humanely, humorously, faithfully, and well.

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  • Philosophy And Theology


    In this clear, concise, and brilliantly engaging essay, renowned philosopher and theologian John D. Caputo addresses the great and classical philosophical questions as they inextricably intersect with theology – past, present, and future.
    Recognized as one of the leading philosophers, Caputo is peerless in introducing and initiating students into the vital relationship that philosophy and theology share together. He writes, “If you take a long enough look, beyond the debates that divide philosophy and theology, over the walls that they have built to keep each other out or beyond the wars to subordinate one to the other, you find a common sense of awe, a common gasp of surprise or astonishment, like looking out at the endless sprawl of stars across the evening sky or upon the waves of a midnight sea.”

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  • Ask Augustine


    More than a simple question and answer book – used to challenge the reader’s attention and to present information in the most effective manner. A series of essays ranging from a sentence or two to several pages.

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  • Proclamation And Theology


    This first volume in the Abingdon Press series Horizons in Theology addresses the major concerns and questions for preaching as it intersects with theology. William H. Willimon, recognized as one of today’s master interpreters of the theology and practice of preaching, explains why, in the words of the Second Helvetic Confession, “The preaching of the word of God is the Word of God.” Drawing from classical theology and practical experience, he provides a cogent, powerful explanation of what it means to live the preaching life.

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  • Black And Tan


    Regenerate But Unreconstructed
    Black And Tan
    Scripture And Slavery
    Southern Slavery And Our Culture Wars
    Plowing The Same Ground
    Black Confederates
    Dabney In Full
    Fragments From The Controversy

    Additional Info
    If we want to understand culture wars on the contemporary American scene, we must first come to grips with the American culture wars of the nineteenth century. That our nation did not remove slavery in a biblical way helps explain many of our contemporary social evils. But who is qualified to talk about such things? What is a biblical view of racism? Why do the biblical answers to such questions so infuriate the radical left and the radical right? This collection of essays lays out some of the answers from a view unashamed of historic biblical absolutism.

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  • Measure Of My Days


    SKU (ISBN): 9781931038256ISBN10: 1931038252Editor: Reuben Miller | Editor: H. Joseph MillerBinding: Trade PaperPublished: December 2004Publisher: Herald Press/MennoMedia Print On Demand Product

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  • Postcolonial Theologies


    A theology in tune with postcolonial theory has the potential to creatively inform and transform ecclesial practice. Focusing on the relation of theology to postcolonial theory, Postcolonial Theologies brings together a wide diversity of authors, many of them fresh and exciting theological voices, in essays that are stunningly creative and prophetically lucid. All essays are theologically constructive, not merely deconstructive or critical, in their visions for Christianity. Forming a sort of doctrinal landscape, they emerge under the themes of theological anthropology shaped by ethnicity, class, and privilege; a Christology that intersects the claims of Christ and empire; and a Cosmology that imagines a postcolonial world.
    Essays and contributors include:
    * Introduction: Alien/nation, Liberation, and the Postcolonial Underground
    * Complacencies and Cul-de-sacs: Christian Theologies and Colonialism, R.S. Sugirtharajah
    * Spirit and Liberation: Achieving Postcolonial Theology in the United States, Mark Lewis Taylor
    * Who Is Americana/o? Theological Anthropology, Postcoloniality, and the Spanish-Speaking Americas, Michelle Gonzalez
    * Monstrosities, Miracles, and Mission: Religion and the Politics of Disablement, Sharon Betcher
    * Who/What Is Asian? A Postcolonial Theological Reading of Orientalism and Neo-orientalism, Nam-Soon Kang
    * Homeland as Borderland: On the Territories of Christian Subjectivity, Michael Nausner
    * Mark and Empire: Zealot and Postcolonial Readings, Stephen D. Moore
    * The Transgressive Power of Jeong: A Postcolonial Hybridization of Christology, Wonhee Joh
    * Divine Commerce: Christology for Times of Neo-colonial Empire, Marion Grau
    * God at the Crossroads: A Postcolonial Reading of Sophia, Mayra Rivera
    * Liberating God-Talk: Postcolonialism and the Challenge of the Margins, Joerg Rieger
    * The Love of Postcolonialism: Theology in the Interstices of Empire, Catherine Keller


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  • Educating For Shalom


    In addition to his notable work as a premier Christian philosopher, Nicholas Wolterstorff has become a leading voice on faith-based higher education. This volume gathers the best of Wolterstorff’s essays from the past twenty-five years dealing collectively with the purpose of Christian higher education and the nature of academic learning.

    Integrated throughout by the biblical idea of shalom, these nineteen essays present a robust framework for thinking about education that combines a Reformed confessional perspective with a radical social conscience and an increasingly progressivist pedagogy. Wolterstorff develops his ideas in relation to an astonishing variety of thinkers ranging from Calvin, Kuyper, and Jellema to Augustine, Aquinas, and Kant to Weber, Habermas, and MacIntyre. In the process, he critiques various models of education, classic foundationalism, modernization theory, liberal arts, and academic freedom.

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  • Radiance : A Spiritual Memoir Of Evelyn Underhill


    With excerpts from both her published writings and private journals, this compilation presents a candid look at the extraordinary spiritual journey of Evelyn Underhill, who is credited with the modern rediscovery of mysticism. Clarifies how her views changed; discusses little-known struggles.

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  • Anglicans And Orthodox


    Elizabeth I deliberately divided her episcopate at the outset of her reign between Geneva reformers and bishops who looked to the Fathers of the Early Church. Thereafter in the Church of England there would always be divines who would be drawn to the Orthodox East. Such men suffered mightily in the 17th century at the hands of the first Puritans and then Whigs when these gained political power, and their suffering impelled them more and more to ‘look to the East.’

    This book traces the fortunes of the quest, through the study of Greek texts, involvement in the intricate politics of the Near and Middle East, deprivation and isolation in the Nonjuror schism, and finally the rejection by the Greek Patriarchs of requests for Orthodox Communion in the 1720’s.

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  • In A Dark Wood


    This book features a diverse group of voices describing unlikely and often moving journeys toward or away from faith – Protestants, Catholics, and Jews; laypeople and professionally religious activists, poets, politicians, and ordinary folk. In dozens of readings, poems, and prayers, the Psalmists, medieval saints, and other poets reflect on belief and doubt, on the loss of faith and its rediscovery.

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  • Building Materials For Life 2


    Seek Meaningful Work
    God’s Rest
    Humble Pride
    Achieve Through Excellence
    Focus Your Power
    Direction In Life

    From Heaven To Earth
    Live Your Faith
    God’s Healing Hand
    Let Your Light Shine
    Taking God’s Name In Vain
    Blessed Are The Meek
    Ask, Seek, And Knock

    Do Something
    Be Responsive
    Go Forth And Make Disciples
    Incarnational Evangelism
    Jesus Is The Idea
    A Bold New Idea

    Life Lessons
    Learn From Mistakes
    Embrace Change
    Anxiety On A Mission
    Fear In The Home
    Anxiety On A Mountain

    Joy Of Children
    True Worth
    Simple Pleasures
    Building Excitement
    Unforgettable Moments
    God’s Grace

    Additional Info
    This collection of forty essays is a continuation of those in Building Materials for Life,
    Vol. I of this series. Volume II continues the series with essays on topics like direction in life, hope, urgency, sorrow, true worth, and simple pleasures. As in the first volume, the topics deal with matters, both religious and secular, that arise in the lives of people everywhere. This second volume provides new building materials that are relevant to issues people face, regardless of station in life, on a regular basis.

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  • ABCs Of Life For Children And Adults


    Abolishing apathetic attitudes, Building biblical behavior patterns, and Choosing Christ-like character-The ABC’s of Life for Children and Adults depicts biblical principles and morals. Through a collection of ten short stories for children and ten essays for older readers, the author portrays values such as honesty, decency, and a strong work ethic. The author proposes that through reminding ourselves and teaching our children healthy attitudes and behavior, as Christians we can make a difference that will impact our world. In addition to the short stories and essays, the author includes a collection of Christian song lyrics and poetry. She concludes the book with a list of positive qualities entitled “ABC’s to Successful Living.”These are qualities the author encourages everyone reading her book to strive for daily.

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  • ABCs Of Life For Children And Adults


    Abolishing apathetic attitudes, Building biblical behavior patterns, and Choosing Christ-like character-The ABC’s of Life for Children and Adults depicts biblical principles and morals. Through a collection of ten short stories for children and ten essays for older readers, the author portrays values such as honesty, decency, and a strong work ethic. The author proposes that through reminding ourselves and teaching our children healthy attitudes and behavior, as Christians we can make a difference that will impact our world. In addition to the short stories and essays, the author includes a collection of Christian song lyrics and poetry. She concludes the book with a list of positive qualities entitled “ABC’s to Successful Living.”These are qualities the author encourages everyone reading her book to strive for daily.

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  • Building Materials For Life 1


    Building a fulfilling and productive life- much like building a solid, durable house-requires the right materials on a solid foundation. Building Materials for Life, a collection of 40 inspiring essays, will motivate you to gather the resources you need to succeed in life. Learning from Failure, Overcoming Doubt, Forgiveness and Peace Within are just a few of the raw materials that will ensure the success of your life’s building project.

    “We are laborers together with God; you are God’s field, God’s building. According to the grace of God given to me, like a skilled master builder I laid a foundation, and someone else is building on it.”

    1 Corinthians 3:9-10

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  • Cut Loose Your Stammering Tongue (Expanded)


    Drawing on slave narratives found in forty-one volumes of interviews and one hundred autobiographies by former slaves, these contributors explore how enslaved African Americans received the often oppressive faith of their masters but transformed it into a gospel of liberation. This classic work demonstrates how an authentic black theology of liberation today must listen to the divine spirit that once fed and continues to feed the black religious experience. This second edition includes three additional provocative essays.

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  • 30 Days To Discovering Personal Victory Through Holiness


    The companion to Set Apart, this book contains thirty encouraging readings, from a variety of well-known Christian pastors and speakers that lead you towards the best life God has for you – the life of holiness. Here is the daily support you need to make your struggle with temptation into a winning battle. Includes study questions after each chapter to apply its principles to your own life!

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  • Hospitality To The Stranger


    The essays contained in this book offer exploratory studies towards a constructive account of “fundamental ethics,” that is, a basic description of the constitutive components of the moral life. Thomas Ogletree sketches out the systematic components of Christian ethics, relating them to symbolic ethics–the mediation of Christian traditions of moral understanding–and practical ethics–the critical appropriation of scientific studies of factors controlling human action.

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  • Jesus Judaism And Christian Anti Judaism


    Current scholarship in the study of ancient Christianity is now available to non-specialists through this collection of essays on anti-Judaism in the New Testament and in New Testament interpretation. While academic writing can be obscure and popular writing can be uncritical, this group of experts has striven to write as simple and clearly as possible on topics that have been hotly contested. The essays are arranged around the historical figures and canonical texts that matter most to Christian communities and whose interpretation has fed the negative characterizations of Jews and Judaism. A select annotated bibliography also gives suggestions for further reading. This book should be an excellent resource for academic courses as well as adult study groups.

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  • You Dont Look Like A Minister


    Here are candid observations and quips from a minister with over 35 years experience. These 36 delightful essays will be instantly recognized by anyone who serves a parish ministry.

    Consider …
    You can never hide the fact that you are a clergyman.
    Maybe it’s the way we usually sit down front it could be the shameless way we sing hymns as though they were meant to be heard. I’ve gone to church in a sport shirt and pastel slacks and had people say to me, “You don’t look like a minister, but you sure do sing like one.”

    Personally, I’ve always thought of heaven as down, like down in the Caribbean in February.

    The ad in the church supplies magazine said, “We put the van into evangelical.” It was from a company that sells buses and other vehicles to churches. If you can’t afford a van look what Peter did with only a pair of sandals and a heart of love.

    During a sermon, a spider dropped down from the end of the microphone. Ordinarily, I can take spiders, but in the middle of a sermon, I don’t need any more distraction. I get enough sirens, coughers and bookdroppers — and people who sit there grinning and I can’t figure out why.

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  • Engaging Anabaptism : Conversations With A Radical Tradition


    13 Chapters In 182 Pages

    Additional Info
    Once called the “deformation of the Reformation,” the Anabaptist tradition has come to enjoy new levels of attention and respect from leading theologians and ethicists. This book gives voice to these new perspectives. Here thirteen Protestant and Catholic scholars reflect on how their understanding of Christian faith has been shaped by their encounter with the Anabaptist-Mennonite tradition.

    Written in an engaging, autobiographical style, the essays balance commendations with incisive critique. This collection, a model of ecumenical conversation, includes essays by Richard Mouw, Nancey Murphy, Samuel Escobar, Stanley Hauerwas, James Wm. McClendon Jr., and others.

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  • Inside The Small Church


    Even as so-called megachurches capture the attention of many church watchers, small congregations continue to dominate America’s religious landscape in both rural and urban settings. Although sometimes obscured by their larger siblings, these small churches play a prominent role and hold a unique place in both local and national cultures. How can leaders help to keep these often at-risk churches alive and to meet their potential for ministry?

    Small-church expert Tony Pappas has gathered a cornucopia of essays into an indispensable book for anyone interested in the rich life of these small but significant congregations. Drawing on classic and updated articles by a variety of writers from his own small-church newsletter The Five Stones; from Alban journals Action Information and Congregations; and adding new pieces developed especially for this volume, Pappas provides timeless ideas on learning to value, pastor, develop, and lead the small church.

    In addition to time-honored articles by the editor, other contributors to this volume include Sherry and Douglas Alan Walrath, Gary Farley, Lawrence W. Farris, Loren Mead, Caroline Westerhoff, Steven Burt, Carl Dudley, David Ray, James Lowery, and a host of others known for their work-and love-for the small church. Readers of Inside the Small Church will come away with a renewed love and appreciation for these vital congregations as well as with new skills for ministry.

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  • Paul Beyond The Judaism Hellenism Divide


    This volume does away with the traditional strategy of playing “Judaism” and “Hellenism” off against each other as a context to understand Paul. This aim is reached in two ways: (1) in essays that display the ideological underpinnings of a “Jewish” and “Hellenistic” Paul in historical and modern scholarly interpretations of him, and (2) in essays that use case studies from the Corinthian correspondence that draw freely on “Jewish” and Greco-Roman” contextual material to illuminate this Pauline phenomena.

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