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  • God Bless You And Good Night Dios Te Bendiga Y Buenas Noches


    God Bless You and Good Night Bilingual Edition is a bedtime story every little one will love. The delightful rhyming story takes children through several scenes of snuggly animals who are getting ready for bed. In both Spanish and English, this board book builds vocabulary in both languages and makes reading as a family even more fun!

    Get your children ready for sleep as they follow along and learn their nighttime routine. God Bless You and Good Night has impacted over 500,000 parents and children, highlighting fun bedtime rituals that share God’s blessing and love.

    Dios te bendiga y buenas noches (Edicion bilingue) es un cuento infantil y juvenil para dormir que les encantara a todos los pequeos. Este maravilloso cuento llevara a los nios a traves de varias escenas de animales arropados que se estan preparando para ir a dormir. Con rimas tanto en espaol como en ingles, este libro de carton aporta el vocabulario en ambos idiomas y hace que la lectura en familia sea aun mas divertida.

    Prepare a sus hijos para ir a dormir mientras sigan y aprendan la rutina nocturna. Dios te bendiga y buenas noches ha impactado a mas de 500.000 padres y nios, destacando divertidos rituales para la hora de dormir que comparten la bendicion y el amor de Dios.

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  • Dios Se Que Estas Alli God I Know Youre There Bilingual


    Dios, se que estas alli, se apoya en el asombro de una fe infantil y celebra tanto a Dios como a su maravillosa creacion. Cada verso ayuda a los pequeos a comprender que hay cosas en el mundo que no podemos ver, tocar, ni escuchar y sin embargo, son reales. E incluso si sienten que esta distante, El es tan real como el viento y el sol.

    Nubes, no puedo apretujarlas.

    Pero se que estan alli.

    Las veo armando formas mullidas:

    Un leon, un pajaro y un oso.

    Luna, no puedo moverte.

    Pero se que estas alli.

    Estas colgando como un farol en la noche plateada.

    En el aire de la tarde.

    Este delicioso paseo por la maravilla de la creacion cierra con este poderoso recordatorio: Dios, se que estas ahi.

    Bonnie Rickner Jensen es una autora galardonada y con exito en ventas con mas de un millon cien mil libros vendidos. Un libro para la hora de dormir es la manera perfecta para que las familias terminen el dia juntas.

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  • Beginners Bible Bilingual


    El best seller de los libros de historias biblicas en la actualidad con mas de 5 millones de ejemplares vendidos ensea a los nios las historias y los personajes de la Biblia en esta edicion bilingue. Ahora, las historias biblicas favoritas cobran vida en un formato bilingue Espaol-Ingles con el nuevo arte vibrante e historias cautivadoras, haciendo de este libro el punto de partida perfecto para que los nios aprendan de la Biblia. Disfrutaran de las ilustraciones divertidas de Noe ayudando al elefante a subir al arca, Jonas orando dentro del pez, y mucho mas, a medida que descubran el tesoro contenido en estas paginas al igual que ya lo han hecho millones de nios.

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  • Legacy Of 50 Years Un Legado De Cincuenta Anos


    The life and work of one of Hispanic theology’s leading voices.Edited by Rev. Stan Perea with contributions from Dr. Stephen Bevans, Dr. Carlos F. Cardoza, Dr. Zaida Maldonado-Perez, and Dr. Marcos Antonio Ramos, this book takes us through 50 years of Dr. Justo L. Gonzalez’ ministry. The book includes a reflection of Justo, his biography and the conferences of the First Lecture Series of The Justo Gonzalez Center for Latino/a Ministries, held in 2012 under the general theme: “Justo: His Legacy to the Church.” The book includes full text in both Spanish and English.

    Editado por el Rev. Stan Perea y con la participacion del Dr. Stephen Bevans, el Dr. Carlos F. Cardoza, la Dra. Zaida Maldonado-Perez y el Dr. Marcos Antonio Ramos, este libro nos resume cincuenta aos de labor en el ministerio de Dr. Justo L. Gonzalez. El libro incluye una reflexion de Justo, su biografia y todas las conferencias de la Primera Serie de Conferencias del Centro Justo L. Gonzalez, la cual fue dedicada al legado de Justo a la iglesia Hispana/Latina y mas alla de ella. El Libro esta publicado en espaol e ingles.

    Highlighting the works of hispanic theologian Justo Gonzalez, this book is the result of the First Lecture Series of The Justo Gonzalez Center for Latino/a Ministries, held in 2012 under the general theme: “Justo: His Legacy to the Church.”

    The Justo Center was established in 2011 by the Association for Hispanic Theological Education (AETH) as a centralized resource for Latino/a Ministries to address the need for accessible and affordable Latino-focused and Latino relevant resources.

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  • Trant Senk Segond


    Trant Senk Segond/Thirty-five seconds is a unique children’s book, written in Haitian Creole and English, about two Haitian boys’ experience with the January 12 earthquake that killed both of their parents leaving them in an orphanage. The book features full-color photographs, illustrated by Haitian artist, Alexandre Dumas, showing the impact of the earthquake and how it changed their lives forever.

    Throughout the book, the two brothers find themselves dealing with a range of emotions, from anger to sadness, shock to grief, reminiscing of the good times they spent with their parents. In the end, however, they grab hold of their spirituality and convince themselves that only God can help them overcome this tragic situation.

    Trant senk segond/thirty-five seconds will help children all over the world understand and share a part of the traumatic earthquake events with Haitian children. Teachers, counselors, therapists, and psychologists will utilize the book to help children express their experience and process the information in a meaningful way. There is a page with discussion questions for facilitators, at the end of the story, to help children process the information in order to help them discover their own strength.

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  • Prayer Diary Diario De Oracion


    This book is thought for helping any Christian to develop a stronger relationship with God, by helping to organize different spiritual disciplines, like praying habits, studying bible, fasting and other ones. Prayer Diary will also let you save a written memory of how God has helped and answered when you call him, growing your faith as you use it. Este libro permitira a cualquier usuario Cristiano desarrollar una mejor y mas fuerte amistad con Dios, ya que le ayudara a organizar su vida devocional a traves de distintas disciplinas espirituales, como el ayuno, los habitos de oracion y estudio de la Biblia; asi como llevar un registro escrito de la forma maravillosa en que Dios ha oido y contestado sus diversas oraciones, lo cual llevara al lector a poseer una Fe en constante crecimiento.

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  • Biblia Para Ninos Historias De Jesus The Jesus Storybook Bible


    In The Jesus Storybook Bible, every story whispers his name. It tells the story beneath all the stories in the Bible.

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  • My Spirit Speaks Mi Espiritu Habla


    In January 1999, a few days shy of his twenty-first birthday, Christopher Michael committed suicide in a haze of depression, self-loathing, and drug addiction. He left behind a loving family, which is still trying to understand what happened to this promising young man, and why. Evocative poetry, alternated with short autobiographical vignettes written from Christopher’s point of view, as if in his own voice, reveal a soul in torment, a young man who knew deep within that he was loved and who loved in return, but who was unable to trust in God to do battle with the outside forces of evil which had taken over his life. Christopher’s book is not his story but his message, “Choose Life!” After numerous requests for a Spanish translation we have included it in this publication.

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  • Leading Intercessions : Prayers For Sundays Holy Days And Festivals Years A


    This tried and test collection is a must for anyone leading intercessions in the Church of England. It provides prayers for every Sunday, Holy Day and Festival, Years A, B and C that can be easily adapted to local contexts. The prayers reflect the Bible readings of the day, creating a more integrated act of worship. This expanded edition also contains forms of intercession for numerous extra occasions:

    o Principal Feasts u e.g. The Presentation of Christ in the Temple, the Transfiguration
    o Other Holy Days u e.g. The Birth of John the Baptist, Holy Cross Day
    o Red Letter Saints Days
    o Pastoral occasions in the context of a Eucharist u baptism, confirmation, marriage, funeral, healing service, Remembrance
    o Installation of a new incumbent

    A trusted liturgical resource for many years, regularly used in hundreds of parishes, this continues to be the essential handbook for Lectionary-based intercessions.

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  • Bible Code


    0n September 1, 1994, I flew to Israel and met in Jerusalem with a close friendof Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, the poet Chaim Guri. I gave him a letterwhich he immediately gave to the Prime Minister.

    “An Israeli mathematician has discovered a hidden code in the Bible thatappears to reveal the details of events that took place thousands of years afterthe Bible was written,” my letter to Rabin stated.

    “The reason I’m telling you about this is that the only time your full nameYitzhak Rabin is encoded in the Bible, the words ‘assassin that will assassinate’cross your name.”

    On November 4, 1995, came the awful confirmation, a shot in the back from aman who believed he was on a mission from God, the murder that was encodedin the Bible three thousand years ago.

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