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  • My Baptism Book


    This sturdy little board book is a simple collection of prayers, poems, and Bible verses — the perfect gift for a little child being baptized. Each page features beautiful color illustrations. With its reassuring message of God’s eternal love and care, My Baptism Book is a treasure.

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  • Baptism : Celebrating Your New Life In Christ


    Whether you’re being baptized yourself, offering a child for baptism, or reaffirming your baptism, Dr. Jeren Rowell has laid out everything you need to know about the process.

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  • Baptism Of Your Child 5 Pack


    There are few things more joyous in a congregation than the presentation of a new baby or small child for baptism. But even lifelong Christians can lack an understanding of the theology and terminology surrounding baptism. The Baptism of Your Child answers common questions new parents and new members with small children may have about having their children baptized, and it includes prayers and ideas for helping children grow in their faith.

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  • Lets Talk About Denominations And The Baptism


    Everyone knows that denominations are wrong, but no one is doing anything about it. This book was written for all to read-both Christians and non-Christians. Author Jesse Wilson hopes this book will be a blessing and a wakening for all Christians and an educational tool to the confused non-Christians. He hopes these words will close this centuries-old chapter on how we should baptize. We are followers of the apostles’ doctrine. We should do it according to their doctrine and according to Christ.

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  • Preparing For Baptism In The Episcopal Church


    SKU (ISBN): 9780819231710ISBN10: 0819231711Anne KitchBinding: Trade PaperPublished: August 2015Publisher: Church Publishing Inc. Print On Demand Product

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  • Baptism In The Holy Spirit (Anniversary)


    Baptism in the Holy Spirit is one of James Dunn’s most influential books and has become a classic. Forty years after its original publication it still sparks debate and appears on many Reading lists. In an extensive Preface to this fortieth anniversary edition, James Dunn engages with the debates about the book since it was first published. In Baptism in the Holy Spirit James Dunn argues that water baptism is only one element in the New Testament pattern of conversion and initiation. The gift of the Spirit, he believes, is the central element. For the writers of the New Testament only those who had received the Holy Spirit could be called Christians. For them, the reception of the Spirit was a very definite and often very dramatic experience–the decisive and climactic experience in conversion and initiation–to which Christians were usually recalled when reminded of their Christian faith and experience. James Dunn uncovers the place of the gift of the Holy Spirit in the total complex event of becoming a Christian.

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  • Baptism : Three Views


    In Baptism: Three Views, editor David F. Wright has provided a forum for thoughtful proponents of three principal evangelical views on baptism to state their case, respond to the others, and then provide a summary response and statement. Sinclair Ferguson sets out the case for infant baptism, Bruce Ware presents the case for believers’ baptism, and Anthony Lane argues for a mixed practice.

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  • Baptism : A Users Guide


    To see baptism as merely a ceremony greatly limits the meanings of Christian baptism, says Martin Marty, in this practical and inspirational new look at baptism. Martin Luther recommended that believers should begin and end their day reminding themselves of their baptism and then go to work joyfully or to sleep cheerfully.
    Baptism, says Marty, is at the heart of the everyday, life-long spiritual journey as he explores such questions as:
    How did early Christians understand and practice baptism?
    What difference does baptism make in our daily life?
    How does baptism manifest itself in our relationships, our choices, our faith?

    With great insight and wisdom Marty brings us both the history of baptism and a useful guide to its application for everyday life. The book includes questions for reflection and discussion.

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  • Biblical Critique Of Infant Baptism


    This book looks at the various arguments for infant baptism and critiques them through the use of biblical exegesis. Though gracious in its tone, it does come to the conclusion that infant baptism is not found in the Scriptures. It provides an excellent defense of believer’s baptism. It is clear, precise and well documented.

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  • My Baptism Book


    This delightful keepsake may be the gift-of-choice for children baptized this Easter, and for kids on the occasion of First Communion, as a profound but simple way to remind them of the meaning of Baptism.

    My Baptism Book includes prayers that are easy to commit to memory and to say at bedtime, along with very simply expressed statements of Christian belief that are appropriate for the youngest of children.

    The message of My Baptism Book is one of God’s eternal love and care. For ages 0-8.

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  • Essential New Testament


    The Essential New Testament is a new translation of the New Testament from the Greek text. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that every time the word “baptism” occurs in the New Testament (approximately ninety-five times), it is translated “immersion” or the grammatically appropriate form of that word. This translation should be an asset to pastors who preach immersion as the only form of baptism. It should also be helpful in new members’ classes where immersion is taught. It is so much easier for a baptism candidate to understand why baptism is by immersion if he or she has a New Testament Translation that has the word “immersion” in place of the word “baptism.” I think that pastors and lay leaders who believe baptism is to be done by “sprinkling” should also put together a New Testament, replacing the word “baptism” with “sprinkling.” The good news is that no matter which form of baptism people practice, salvation comes by faith in the Christ of the Bible and not from any form of baptism.

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  • God Should I Be Baptized


    There is nothing more important than the spiritual training of your children. And now there is this one-of-a-kind resource. It is a study for kids ages 8-12 to help them know God’s plan for them and to prepare them for believer’s water baptism. It is an essential teaching tool that answers your questions and so much more.

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  • Living Water


    1. The Seal Of God’s Grace
    2. The Water Of Life
    3. In The Name Of God
    4. A Statement Of Faith
    5. The Ministry Of The Baptized

    Additional Info
    Living Water describes in clear and understandable language what baptism means in a Presbyterian church. Divided into five parts, Davison discusses the sacramental features of baptism, the symbolic meaning of water, the importance of being baptized in the name of God, the recitation of the baptismal creed, and how baptism leads to service.

    Living Water is designed for candidates for baptism and for parents of children who are to be baptized. Pastors will want to give this book as a gift to those preparing for baptism. It can also be used in church school classes, new member classes, study groups, or in any other education setting where Presbyterians desire to understand the biblical, theological, and practical aspects of baptism.

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  • By Water And The Spirit


    SKU (ISBN): 9780881772012ISBN10: 0881772011Gayle FeltonBinding: Trade PaperPublished: January 2000Publisher: Upper Room Ministries Print On Demand Product

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  • What Do Lutherans Believe About Baptism


    How can pastors explain infant baptism using scripture? When John Conrad looked for resources to help him, he found none that addressed the issue from an almost exclusively scriptural viewpoint. And he discovered that couples from differing religious backgrounds (such as Baptist and Roman Catholic) often opted not to baptize their children mainly because they couldn’t come to any point of agreement. So Conrad decided to fill this void — and his research is an excellent clarification of this often murky topic. What Do Lutherans Believe About Baptism? will be useful to pastors as background for a sermon series or as information to share with parents preparing for baptism. It also makes for an excellent short study on baptism for adult classes.

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  • Mystery Of Baptism


    As the Church continues to try to clarify the meaning of baptism, well-known liturgical scholar Kenneth Stevenson provides important insights into the historical issues with which we still wrestle. Is baptism a private or a public act? Is the symbolism of the rite still appropriate? Does the language of the baptismal service remain meaningful in a secular age? In order to answer these and other pressing questions, we must understand the thinking of those who have come before us. Stevenson does just that by looking at the writings of the 17th century Anglican divines such as Lancelot Andrewes, George Herbert, Richard Hooker, Richard Baxter, Jeremy Taylor and others, all of whom have a vital and prophetic significance for our understanding and practice of baptism today. Dr. Kenneth Stevenson is the Bishop of Portsmouth and a leading Anglican scholar. A member of the Doctrine Commission of the Church of England, he is the author of numerous books, including Covenant of Grace Renewed and The Mystery of the Eucharist in the Anglican Tradition, which is available from Morehouse Publishing, and Abba, Father.

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  • Holy Baptism And Services For The Renewal Of Baptism


    SKU (ISBN): 9780664246471ISBN10: 0664246478Binding: Trade PaperPublished: January 1992Presbyterian Supplemental Liturgical ResourcesPublisher: Westminster John Knox Press Print On Demand Product

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  • Eucharistic Manual For Children Rites 1-2


    Help young children understand and participate in the prayers, hymns, and responses of the Eucharist. Includes a step-by-step outline with illustrations suitable for coloring.

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  • Baptism


    Baptism is a gift from God to the church. If it is not, why make such a fuss about it? We may as well abolish the practice and thus put an end to the confusion and competing notions that surround it. Baptism is God’s gift to the church, Christ’s act within the church. This is a fundamental assumption. Now we must try to make sense of such a bold assertion. Few issues within the church are as controversial as baptism. By which method should it be administered? At what age? What if one changes denominations? Laurence Stookey sifts through the confusion and rhetoric to offer this practical, biblically sound guide to baptism. He examines the sacrament from historical, theological, and pastoral perspectives, and looks at how it has been altered through the ages. Stookey also suggests possible reforms, practices that need restoring and proper occasions for the service.

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