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  • Companion Teaching Tool For Gods Speaking 30 Day Devotional And Workbook (Teache


    The facilitator’s manual is designed to assist facilitators, coaches, and group leaders in conducting small group study using the corresponding devotional and workbook.

    It’s a teaching tool to assist you with review, reflection, application, and discussion of each daily devotional topic. As you use the devotional and workbook in tandem, the facilitator’s manual will provide questions to engage your group in discussion and maintain structure for success.

    This manual is organized in an easy to read fashion. It aligns with the seven workbook modules entitled:

    Focus – recaps the devotional lesson for the day.
    Devotional Lesson Reflection – asks questions to help you integrate the daily lesson.
    Aligning Your Plans – makes sure your goals align with the current movement of God.
    Kingdom Thinking – challenges you to think beyond being individualistic to supporting your community.
    Understanding Your Personal Target Area – maps the intersection of your gifts, values, and skills.
    Accountability – Your Commitment to Become Your Best – reflects on your position and posture for change.
    Application – how you are applying the daily kingdom principle reviewed in each devotional lesson to your life.

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  • Gods Speaking A 30 Day Devotional


    No matter where you are in your walk with God, if taken to heart, the words of this devotional will change you.

    This book is a clear, simple and powerful tool that can take you step by step into the fullness of who God created you to be!

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