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Shep Hyken

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  • Be Amazing Or Go Home


    Want to amaze your customers, impress the people you work with, and outshine your competition? Going from average to amazing isn’t an out-of-reach goal. In fact, amazement is a habit that anyone can master–and Shep Hyken knows the tricks to making it your own.

    In Be Amazing or Go Home, Shep shares the secrets behind making his motto “Always Be Amazing!” an everyday lifestyle and shows how you too can become exceptional in business and in life. Drawing on the routines of incredible people, Shep demonstrates simple practices that can elevate your game, including:
    *Showing up ready to be amazing
    *Being proactive
    *Craving feedback
    *Taking responsibility
    *Embracing authenticity
    *Focusing on excellence
    *Turning misery into magic

    Once you master these habits, you’ll be able to create trust, build stronger relationships, make sales, advance your career, and more. Now is the time to step out of the ordinary and step into amazing.

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