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Sheila Adams

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  • Teach Me Your Way Oh Lord


    This book is inspiring. The things that happened to Victoria shows us that even though we go through many struggles, we can be encouraged in our spirits to continue in the faith. Every thing that looks bad is not always bad, for all things work together for our good. After reading this, you’re encouraged to continue to pray, to stand, and to hold on to God’s unchanging hand. Thanks for your words of encouragement that were birthed out of your discouragement.
    Eleanor Pressley

    After reading the book, it appears that you were destined to go through much pain, but with each occurrence, the Lord pulled you out. Destined to carry the crosses and yet you’ve made it (suffering for His name sake). It’s not a bad thing; it’s a good thing. He has given you the anointing and grace to overcome every challenge in your life. For His glory – others have seen and felt your need to carry crosses but few have helped you to carry them.
    Jackie Garland

    Jerrod E. Ragins is a man of God first; then, he is an accountant with Jones Lang Lasalle in Charlotte, North Carolina. He is 30 years old, is married to Jessica, and loves the Lord.

    Cecil Bradley, Jr. is a man of God first; then, he is a student in his first year of college in Atlanta, Georgia. He is 24 years old and single. Cecil also loves the Lord.

    Shiela Adams is a woman of God first; then, she is a Juvenile Correction Officer in Charleston, South Carolina. She is 35 years old and a mother of 4. The Lord is the head of her life.

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