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Seth Dahl

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  • Raising Spirit Led Kids


    With all the responsibilities parents have raising children, one key area is often neglected: helping sons and daughters understand and grow in their spiritual gifting–at any age.

    In this groundbreaking resource, children’s pastor Seth Dahl helps parents minister to and with their children, shaping them into the gifted individuals God designed them to be, while simultaneously doing damage to the kingdom of darkness. He covers important topics such as:
    – creating a culture of faith at home
    – helping your children navigate spiritual realities
    – guiding your children to live out the kingdom in their everyday lives
    – and more!

    By using the practical tools offered here, you will guide your children effectively and confidently. Bring the life-changing power of God into your home–and raise Spirit-led kids.

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  • God Is Really Good


    He’s Better Than You Think!

    From earliest childhood, kids need to know that God is Good. In order for the next generation to walk in the supernatural power and royal identity they are destined for, it begins with laying a solid assurance of His goodness from the earliest age.

    In God is Good for Kids, children will clearly learn to:
    *Recognize the difference between a good God and a bad devil
    *Know what God wants to do based on the Bible stories about Jesus
    *Pray with confidence that a good Father wants to answer their prayers
    *Trust that God is always good, even when the world can be filled with evil and sadness

    This book lays a crucial foundation for a growing faith: the assurance that God is good.

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