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Iva Carruthers

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  • Blow The Trumpet In Zion


    1.The Continuing Legacy Of Samuel DeWitt Proctor
    2.The Sheep And The Goats: Black And Christian In A Global Context
    3.From Vision To Action: Principles Of Organizing A Theologically Grounded And Vision-driven Church To Effectively Implement Ministries At The Local, National, And Global Levels
    4.Piety And Liberation: A Historical Exploration Of African American Religion And Social Justice
    5.Loving God With Our Heart, Soul, And Mind
    6.Liberating The Ancient Utterances Of African People
    7.The Prophetic Imperative: Reclaiming The Gospel By Speaking Truth To Power
    8.Freeing The Captives: The Imperative Of Womanist Theology
    9.The Biblical Basis For A Political Theology Of Liberation
    10.And The Bible Says: Methodological Tyranny Of Biblical Fundamentalism And Historical Criticism
    11.The Priestly Faithful And Prophetically Courageous
    12.Running The Race For Future Generations: Can You Handle The Faith Without The Fulfillment?
    13.Keep The Pressure On: When You Are The Only One In The Watchtower
    14.Communion: An Act Of Revolution And A Call To Solidarity
    15.A Prophetic Witness In An Anti-prophetic Age
    16.Born To Be A Witness
    17.Just Load The Wagon
    18.Black Church Leadership In The Age Of AIDS: What Must We Do To Be Saved?
    19.At The Table: The Next Generation
    20.The Black Church In The Age Of False Prophets

    Additional Info
    This volume’s contributors – dynamic and progressive African American church leaders – advocate the prophetic powers of black theology, preaching, and evangelism in support of community and economic development, ministerial and lay leadership, and enhancement of church life.

    Among the writers are Charles G. Adams, Randall C. Bailey, James H. Cone, James A. Forbes, Jacquelyn Grant, Obery Hendricks, Asa G. Hilliard, Dwight N. Hopkins, Cecil Murray, and Gayraud Wilmore. All were presenters in 2004 at the first Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference, established to reinvigorate the social justice agenda of America’s black churches.

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